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An online service offering fast and secure exchange of electronic money and cryptocurrencies in manual mode at affordable rates.
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+7-960-91-02-951daily, from 5:00 to 20:00 Moscow time
English, Russian
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Advcash, Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, ForteBank, Litecoin, Mastercard, Monero, Payeer, Perfect Money, Qiwi, VISA, Bank Card, Debit Card, Credit Card, Sberbank, Yandex.Money
Withdrawal methods
Advcash, Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, ForteBank, Litecoin, Mastercard, Monero, Payeer, Perfect Money, Qiwi, VISA, Bank Card, Debit Card, Credit Card, Sberbank, Yandex.Cash
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To 10 minutes
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Affiliate Program
RegistrationWith each transaction made by the referral, the partner receives a personal discount from 5% to 50%, as well as profits from customer exchanges from 5% to 50%
A large number of exchange directions
Safe operations in manual mode
Small commissions
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    F-Change is it a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: September 2, 2019 Updated: July 29, 2022

    Exchange Service F-Change has been working in the field of electronic money and cryptocurrency transfers for more than 3 years. The project is called a reliable and safe exchanger, which allows quick and easy financial transactions in popular directions. Users appreciate the modern software, which guarantees the speed of transactions and confidentiality of personal data. The service offers optimal working conditions:

    • favorable rates;
    • small commissions;
    • Many avenues for exchange;
    • a cumulative system of discounts;
    • affiliate program;
    • safe operations in manual mode;
    • bonuses without registration.

    Despite these features and a lot of positive reviews, users are worried. They fear that F-Change might be a scam or a fraudulent scheme. To find out, check out this detailed review exchanger.

    Is F-Change a scam? Reviews


    F-Change currency exchange platform

    Internet users have long been accustomed to conducting financial transactions online. It saves time and simplifies life. That is why more and more exchangers and new payment systems appear every day, which help to make purchases and pay for services online from anywhere in the world and at any time regardless of the time zone. Each service cares about its customers and tries to offer the best conditions, differ from its competitors and have their own advantages.

    F-Change exchanger has been earning its reputation in the foreign exchange market for more than 3 years. The main advantages of the service are a lot of exchange directions, discounts for savings, quick applications and receipt of funds to the specified account. Users also note the intuitive website with an attractive design.

    At the top of the home page f-change.biz there is a work schedule, phone number, email, buttons for switching languages, registration and logging into your account, as well as the main menu items. There is also a transaction request form with two columns with directions and a calculator that will appear after selecting payment systems. Below there are the latest exchanges, reviews, reserves, number of registrations and transactions, as well as links to exchanger monitoring. In the "About the service" block the administration describes its work and advantages in detail.

    F-Change benefits
    The "Rules" section contains a user agreement with F-Change, in which you can study in detail the conditions of work with the project. To save users' time, the administration has given answers to popular questions in a separate block. If you read before exchanging the user agreement and this section of the menu, you can understand the scheme of the service and quickly carry out the necessary operation.

    f-change.biz questions and answers

    In the "Partners" section there is information about the referral program and its levels. In the "Feedback" section you can find customers' opinions about the exchanger. On the right there is a column with the latest comments, under which there is a "Leave a review" button.

    F Change reviews.


    E-money exchange

    F-Change works with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Dash (How to make money on cryptocurrency). Also exchanges are made between Yandex.Money, Perfect Money, QIWI, Advanced Cash, Exmo, Payeer. You can withdraw money to Visa/MasterCard. Exchanger works around the clock, transactions are made in manual mode.

    Acceptance of F-Chenge applications

    To apply for an exchange at F-Change, you have to go to the main page of the site. The form contains two columns: "Give" and "Receive". On the left you choose the system from which the funds are withdrawn. Above this column you can see the filter by currencies for quick search of the necessary payment system. On the right side the direction in which funds are transferred is marked. Under the name of the PS the currency reserve is written.

    After selecting the system for the exchange, a calculator will open on the right. In it you should specify the amount, taking into account the minimum possible, wallets and personal data (e-mail and phone number). If the selected payment system charges its own percentage for the transfer, this information will be indicated under the line with the amount. After checking all the details, press the "Perform the exchange" button and follow the instructions.

    F-Chenge online calculator

    F-Change Commission

    F-Change commissions are included in the exchange rates at which the automatic amount of funds received in the exchange calculator is calculated. Individual systems and banks charge their own percentage commission for such transactions. Information about this will also be indicated when making a request for a transfer.

    Currency of operations

    F-Change works with rubles, dollars, hryvnias, euros, Kazakh tenge and popular cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrency trading training).



    To take advantage of cooperation with F-Change, you can register on the website. In the cabinet there will be access to personal data, history of operations, balance (in this tab you can order withdrawal of funds or set up automatic withdrawal). There is also all information on the affiliate program - levels, conversions, earnings. Possibility of saving details on any payment systems is offered, which provides accelerated creation of applications.

    F-Change registration

    There is a separate tab with feedback. In it you can leave your opinion about the project in the appropriate form and read the comments already added. For site owners there is also a convenient service of payment on their resource - the merchant service F-Chenge. When creating it, the client indicates in which system he wants to receive funds and connects the merchant to the site. Its visitors will be able to pay by any payment system available on the exchange service, and the partner will receive funds on the internal account in his office at F-Change. Verification of wallets and identity on the site is not provided.


    F-Change bonuses

    F-Change offers an affiliate program and a savings discount.

    Affiliate Program

    F-Change offers a tiered program to attract users. To participate, you need to register and create a personal account. It will contain all the information you need to work with the project: materials and links for placement. From each operation made by a referral, a partner earns a profit from the volume of the service's income. The percentage depends on the level of the partner, which is determined by the total volume of transactions (personal and invited clients) according to the following formula: Total Volume = Personal + Client / 3. Advertising of bonus distribution is not forbidden, but partner can receive profit only for transactions made through the service, not for visits to the site. Sending emails to advertise the exchanger is forbidden.

    F-Change affiliate program

    Accumulative discount

    There is also a cumulative discount on F-Change. Its amount is also calculated based on the affiliate level. The minimum amount for earning money is $5. In your personal cabinet you can order withdrawal to the required wallet (the minimum will be calculated according to the exchange rate for each currency) or set up automatic withdrawal, after which the money will come in the chosen direction after reaching the specified balance.


    Complaints about f-change.biz

    The site F-Chenge has many reviews on the work of the project. All of them are positive, users like the efficiency of work, round-the-clock processing of applications and the ease of exchanges with the site f-change.biz. Customers also like the cumulative discount and not having to go through the registration and verification procedures.

    There are similar comments on the monitoring exchangers. In the first reviews there were customer complaints, but later the problems were solved and now users have almost no complaints about the service. Affiliate program, cumulative discounts, the ability to connect the merchant, saving details for quick requests also are among the advantages of F-Change. Clients also note the loyal technical support team, which is always ready to promptly answer any questions and resolve any disputes.

    If there are any reviews about F-change, we will definitely publish the information in social networks. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!

    F-Change regulation and licenses

    To transfer funds between different systems, bank cards, and to buy or sell cryptocurrency, you need to know whether the exchanger has authorization documentation. Online services performing such operations must have the WebMoney Attestat. This document allows them to exchange currencies.

    License and regulator

    On the site f-change.biz The presence of the WebMoney Certificate is not indicated, which does not speak in favor of the project. Before you start working with him, it is better to find out this point from the administration of the service.

    Where can I complain about F-Change?

    To complain about F-Change or leave a comment about working with it, contact the project's technical support by phone, email, or via online chat on the website. There is no information about communities in social networks and exchanger accounts in messengers. You can also leave your opinion about F-Change on this page.

    Customer Service

    F-Change provides technical support in the following ways:

    • Phone: +7-960-910-29-51 (from 5:00 to 20:00 Moscow time);
    • email: [email protected];
    • online chat.

    User Agreement f-change.biz

    The User Agreement with F-Change is spelled out in the "Rules" on f-change.biz. The document contains all the terms and subject matter of the agreement. The agreement is concluded on the terms of a public offer. There are also additional terms explaining the nuances of working with the project.

    f-change.biz user agreement
    The user undertakes not to violate the legal rules and regulations, not to tamper with the communication flows used by the exchanger and not to disrupt the operation of its program code. The details of force majeure situations, warranty obligations and dispute resolution procedure are described.

    F-Change Dispute Resolution
    The administration warns that it may add to or change the agreement at any time. It may also refuse any customer without giving a reason.


    Is F-Change a scam?

    Exchange office F-Change for 3 years of work in the market of cryptocurrency and electronic money transfers has become a popular service, as evidenced by the large number of reviews of satisfied customers. Many users appreciate the speed of applications and transactions, small commissions and available exchange rates, the availability of many popular transaction directions. Clients also like the opportunity to save money with a savings discount and affiliate program. Administrators and site owners note the possibility of connecting a merchant to pay on their resource through the exchanger.

    Customers hardly ever complain about the service. If problems or errors arise in the processing of applications, the administration helps to sort them out and quickly resolves any situations. There are not many channels for communication. It is possible to contact the operators only by telephone, e-mail and online chat. There is no need for verification and registration, saving details in the office, all this helps to save time. Reviews on the site of the service and on the monitoring of exchangers talk about the reliability of the project. Despite the fact that it is not known whether the company has the WebMoney Attestat, the features and advantages of working with the site say that F-Change is not a scam and not a scheme of swindlers. The clients assert that the exchanger's services can be used without fear when money transfers between payment systems and banks are required.



    F-Change works in the field of digital money and cryptocurrency exchange for more than 3 years. The project offers users:

    • a simple site with the necessary information for transactions, answers to questions;
    • quick processing of applications and the ability to save details for greater efficiency;
    • the opportunity to participate in the referral program;
    • a cumulative discount;
    • many areas of exchange;
    • personal discount and bonuses for invited referrals;
    • connecting a merchant on the site for payment;
    • bonuses even without registration;
    • No need for verification;
    • round-the-clock operating hours.

    There are almost no shortcomings in the work. A large number of comments shows that the service is reliable and honest. If you exchanged e-money and cryptocurrencies with F-Change, write on this page if you liked working with the project and how quickly the funds arrived. Feedback will help other clients to choose a reliable service for financial operations or make sure a particular exchanger is safe. Comments may also change the rating and help administrators of the projects to correct problems and improve the quality of their work.

    Deposit and withdrawal
    Transaction speed
    Customer Service


    • We have studied F-Change reviews and noticed...

      We have studied F-Change reviews and noticed that many users like the exchanger. They note the fast crediting of funds, 24/7 processing of applications, the accumulative discount and support work. Also to the pluses of the service include the presence of an affiliate program, a large number of The main features of the program are the absence of mandatory registration and verification and the fact that you can save your requisites (which helps you quickly fill out applications).

      At the start of the job. There were complaints about the exchanger. But now most of the comments are positive. There are few complaints, they concern delays in crediting funds. But there are comments are few. Perhaps our readers can tell us about other problems. Please write your feedback about the service in the comments.

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