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An educational platform with a wide range of free and paid courses and the possibility of subsequent employment in leading companies in the country and the world.
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121205, Moscow, Skolkovo Innovation Center Territory, Bolshoy Boulevard, 42, bld. 1, floor 3, room. 1199, place 5
Date of foundation
The owner of the company Group
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Feedback form on the site
Help Center
Support by phone
8 (800) 700-68-41Free call within Russia from 10:00 to 19:00 Moscow time
Social media
Cost of training
Paid, Free
Web development courses / From 3879 RUB per month
Web Design / From 4847 RUB per month
Game Development on Unity / From 4152 RUB per month
Motion Design / From 4847 RUB per month
HR / From 3458 RUB per month
Department of Product Management / From 3877 RUB per month
Interior Design / From 3458 RUB per month
Internet Marketing / From 4847 RUB per month
Targeted advertising / From 2069 RUB per month
Python development / From 4987 RUB per month
Software testing / From 4152 RUB per month
Big Data analytics / From 4987 RUB per month
Data Science in Medicine / From 4365 RUB per month
Minecraft: Programming / 18000 RUB
Methods of replenishment
Webmoney, VTB 24, Russian Standard, Alfa Bank, Sberbank OnLine, Qiwi, VK Pay, Bank Card (Visa/MC/MIR), UMoneu
Buying on credit
For RF citizens only
Categories of training programs
IT and digital courses, Creativity and art, Marketing and sales, Foreign language courses, Business courses
Languages being studied
Web Development, Testing, HR and HR Management, Blockchain Developer, Internet Marketing, Interior Design, Web Design, Project Manager, Targeted Advertising, Data Science, IT Lawyer, Video editing
Programming languages
Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, C#, Unity, C++
Project Features
Educational portal from Group helps to start a career in IT and Digital spheres
Number of courses
Course Types
Short-Term, Medium-Term, Long-Term
Additional education
Webinars, Intensives
Additional services
Online courses for schoolchildren
Jobs and internships
Corporate training
Free help in choosing a profession
Starting the training
By calendar, By set
Course completion documents
Certificate, Diploma
Age restrictions
From 11 years
Mobile applications
No mobile apps
Affiliate Program
Registration10-13% for each paid order
High quality education from the largest educational portal
Large selection of courses and webinars, unique training programs, including for schoolchildren
Free testing
Participation in closed school events
Training from scratch at affordable prices, including free
You can pay for the courses on credit or in installments
Guaranteed internship and portfolio building, as well as employment opportunities
Strong faculty, personal mentor
Additional courses of partner companies
Employment for top students only
There are scheduling glitches
Regulatory agencies and laws
Department of Education and Science of Moscow
Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service No. 14 in Moscow
Company requisites
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    Reviews of GeekBrains

    12 February 2020

    Educational portal GeekBrains appeared in 2010. At that time it was a programming school with training courses for programmers. Over time, this small portal has grown into an entire community. Since August 2016 the portal became a part of Group. More than 3 million people are already registered in the community.

    The portal team trains users from scratch. There are online courses and free master classes in four areas. With the educational portal you can start a career in programming, management, marketing and design. Modern training programs allow users to start a career in Digital and IT without previously having any special skills and knowledge. After training, students are helped to get a job here. Starting a career in the Digital profession is easy. But is it really so and not a scam online school GeekBrains? Let's try to figure it out.


    Why GeekBrains

    On the Internet you can learn almost any profession, but in order to become a true professional, you need to choose a proven and reliable training portal. This project belongs to such schools, it guarantees its students not only training, but also employment. Its main advantage is project-oriented learning. Here you will learn by doing. All programs are created with the cooperation of specialists from a company of market leaders. In the process of learning the profession you will create 4 projects and work both independently and in a team.

    The average period of study for the profession lasts about 2 years, this time will be a real development experience for your resume. Throughout your training, the university provides you with a personal tutor. This person will solve all your problems, answer your questions and give the necessary recommendations. The mentor's help will greatly accelerate the speed and quality of your learning. School benefits:

    • Strong faculty. The courses for mastering the profession are taught by professional practitioners, as well as by employees of major Russian companies. Each of the teachers has a specialized education and a long work experience.
    • Additional courses of partner companies. You will gain invaluable knowledge of the tools and technologies used by real big business to create products. This knowledge will allow you to navigate market trends and understand methods of creating and promoting products.
    • Certification. The school provides training on the basis of a state license. This means that the company is regulated by the Ministry of Education. After completing the course, the graduate receives a certificate of established form and a personal certificate in electronic form. These documents will complete your resume.

    Is GeekBrains a scam? Reviews

    How to study online

    To study online on the educational portal, you need to register your personal account. You can register through any of your social media accounts. You can register through the registration form by e-mail.

    GeekBrain registration

    After you press the "Register" button, you will receive an e-mail with a link to activate your account. By clicking on this link, you will find yourself in your personal account, where you can choose a profession and start studying. The GeekBrain service offers several formats: free intensives, webinars, and courses in different areas.

    Taking a free intensive course will allow you to learn the basics of your chosen profession. Next, choose a program: paid or free courses. After choosing a course, you will be trained on the portal The duration of the study depends on the chosen direction. If you choose to master a profession, the period of your training will be 1-3 years.

    Personal Cabinet

    A student's personal account allows you to receive distance education in a convenient format. In the personal office you can choose courses, communicate in forums, read interesting information in the blog, take tests, and view vacancies and internships. Here you can manage your profile, view your orders, create a resume, participate in the referral program, and receive bonus discounts. personal account

    Mobile application

    The online school does not yet have an official mobile app, but there is a mobile version of the website.


    Courses on the portal

    Geekbrains Online School regularly updates and expands its educational programs, since most of the training sections are related to emerging business niches. Each of the current courses consists of theoretical and practical sessions, which include repetition of the material learned with a tutor, as well as additional master classes.

    The school also takes into account students' time, so students can join group classes with teachers, or watch recorded lectures and webinars. One of the main criteria for the success of the course is further employment and obtaining useful practical skills. At the end of the program, Geekbrains experts will help you write a "catchy" resume and offer to consider open positions. At the same time, at the request of the student the school can give advice on positioning yourself at the interview and proper communication with the employer.

    Thus, the platform provides a comprehensive set of services, training students "from scratch" without prior experience and giving a confident step to enter the job market. Below we take a look at the popular courses that are available at Geekbrains.

    Department of Product Management

    This type of manager is considered an important link in the company's structure, as he is responsible for new product development, business analysis, and promotion. His competence also includes KPI planning, pricing policy, and the structure of product requirements. The program at Geekbrains complies with professional standards of the profession and all FSES, and at the end the student receives a diploma along with an electronic certificate.

    Hickbrain Product Management

    Interior Design Department

    An interior designer translates ideas and the client's terms of reference into finished concepts, drawings and visualizations. For this, experts use the popular programs ArchiCAD and 3ds Max+ Corona, experience with which significantly affects the salary level. At Geekbrains online school, students will master the necessary software, design theory and create four projects of varying complexity to fill a portfolio. The course lasts for one year, 2-3 classes a week, which includes project work and homework.

    Hickbrain's interior design

    Internet Marketing Department

    This course will help aspiring marketers learn the ins and outs of the profession for comprehensive product promotion and market needs analysis. An Internet marketer creates and oversees the digital strategy, develops the business, and owns the right set of tools. The average salary of an expert with no experience is 60 000 rubles, and personnel with successful cases can claim the level of 100 000 rubles. Training at the digital marketing department at Geekbrains lasts 14 months, including preparation for certification and an interview. internet marketing

    The Faculty of Targeted Advertising

    A popular course at Geekbrains that teaches the student the comprehensive launch of targeted social media advertising. Along with this, experts will talk about proper traffic analysis, budget management, and project curation. A future targeting expert can work for a company or promote a business on their own, working without being tied to a location. According to, the average salary for a targeting expert is 80,000 rubles. The program is suitable for marketers, SMM specialists, business owners, and newcomers to the field of digital.

    Hickbrain's Targeted Advertising

    Python Development Department

    In this department, online school teachers will teach the basics of the Python programming language from scratch. At the end of the educational program students will be able to write complex code and create web applications, as well as defend 7 practical works for a personal portfolio. The course includes interactive webinars, internships, team development and a quick start in the IT field. According to, the salary of Junior developers in Python can be up to 120,000 rubles per month. Python-development

    Software Testing Department

    QA engineering is a popular specialization that allows you to enter the IT field without advanced programming skills. In Geekbrains classes, students will learn manual testing, Java automation along with writing bug reports. An experienced QA engineer oversees the correctness and quality of digital products, including applications as well as various interfaces. The course lasts for 1 year with 2 classes per week and a portfolio with 5 finished works.

    Hickbrain software testing

    Big Data Analytics Department

    Big data experts help companies analyze information thoroughly and discover patterns. Against this background, businesses create hypotheses and make decisions for further development, which also includes launching products along with solving crisis situations. Geekbrains will teach students fundamental analysis, processing algorithms and analytics based on Kafka + Apache Streaming. The course will also be led by practitioners from Sber, Group, and Magnit. analytics Big Data

    Department of Data Science in Medicine

    A promising educational program that only GeekBrains Online University has. The course is aimed at an in-depth study of Data Science together with practical experience in solving problems in the field of medicine. Students will learn how to process data on SS diseases, EEG signals, and monitor X-rays. From this information, the expert will identify non-obvious patterns and can prescribe personalized treatment. The average salary for a Data Science analyst in Russia is 105,000 rubles according to open vacancies. The course consists of 18 months of basic theory, six months of medical profile, and 15 papers for the portfolio.

    Geekbrains Data Science in Medicine

    Developer Course

    Starting in September, a new Developer program will begin, where for the first time students will be able to choose their field of study directly during the program. The following areas are available: analytics, project/product management, or programming. During the first 3 months, students will learn the basics of IT.

    The duration of the program will be 15 months: general block - 3 months, specialization - 9 months, employment or gas pedal - 3 months. This program is designed for people with zero IT experience. You can watch the lessons online or record them whenever you want. Besides teachers, a team of specialists will work with students during the training, who will make the training as productive as possible and answer all questions. Developer course

    Artificial Intelligence Department

    If you enter the Department of Artificial Intelligence, you can pursue professions such as machine learning, AI, neural networks, data analysis, and Data Science. School knowledge is all you need to get into the department. You will be provided with the necessary resources and tools, as well as an entire program in higher mathematics. Unlike regular universities, higher mathematics from GeekBrains is built on practice, which means that you will not get unnecessary knowledge, but will learn only what you need to solve specific business problems. GeekUniversity allows you to get a profession with employment. The university has more than 30 faculties. to enroll in the AI department

    Faculty of Web Development

    In the Web Development Department, you will learn layout and Java Script. Already in the first quarter you will create your first interactive interface for an online store. In the second quarter, web development students learn Linux.

    The result of the quarter is the completion of your online store. At the end of the 6th quarter, you will have created your final project, prepared for an interview, and be able to find a job. web development course

    Faculty of Design

    After training as a designer you will be able to work as a graphic designer, web designer, interface designer, product designer and UX/UI. The term of training will be 6 quarters, at the end you will receive a diploma project, 5 projects in the portfolio, employment. Lessons are taught by professional practitioners and employees of large companies. design courses

    Faculty of Human Resources Management

    The training will allow you to explore all functional areas, from recruitment and hiring to internal communications and training. You will learn how to select specialists quickly, manage projects, study analytics, and assemble a portfolio. The course lasts 12 months, classes are held twice a week in the form of online lectures, group lessons and video recordings. human resources management

    C++ Development Department

    This department is suitable for anyone who wants to start from scratch in C++ development. After the training you will learn how to create mobile applications and implement graphical interfaces. 80% classes are held in the form of webinars, where you can ask questions to the experts and immediately get answers or help on the project. The course goes on for 18 months. At the end, you will collect a portfolio of 9 works.

    GeekBrain's Department of C++ Development

    Unity Game Development Department

    Another department that offers an education for a profession in the game industry. Here students study C#, work with Unity and implement ideas in their games. At the same time you don't need a basic technical education, you master the Unity engine, you can create 2D and 3D games of different genres for smartphones and PCs. to become a game developer

    Department of iOS development

    Faculty students will be able to create apps for Apple right away during their studies, even if they haven't programmed before. Apple is a popular platform used by more than 1.5 billion people around the world. This audience needs new solutions, so if you don't know what you want to learn yet, look into iOS development. You can create apps for iOS devices like smartphones, tablets, TVs, and smart watches. On the course you will master development in Swift, create 7 projects for your portfolio and prepare for an interview.

    GeekBrains iOS development course

    E-commerce Faculty

    The training program includes the theoretical basics of the profession and practical assignments. As part of the training, you will learn how to make presentations, how to work properly in a team, and how to organize the work process as efficiently as possible. The website states that all students who complete this course get a job in their specialty.

    GeekBrains e-commerce

    Department of Editing and Copywriting

    Every company needs texts and this is a well-known fact, which is why editing and copywriting are so relevant. If you have an education, the necessary knowledge and experience, you will always find a well-paying job with texts. Here you will learn how to write texts for any audience, to write beautifully, clearly and so that your text was impossible not to read. You'll learn about content strategy, conversions, design specifications, editorial work, and how to find work at top companies. editing and copywriting course

    SMM Management Faculty

    Students of this department become specialists responsible for competent promotion in social networks. At the faculty you will learn how to work with infopromotions, generate ideas, design an account, find clients, develop a promotion strategy and make your account memorable. You'll get acquainted with the subtleties of working with different social networks: Instagram, Telegram, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube. SMM-manager is a topical digital profession, he works with texts, images, videos, targeting, analytics tools, feedback. SMM management department

    There are a total of 26 faculties in demanded Digital professions: development, promotion, analytics, as well as training in the art of photography and directing. This is a whole educational ecosystem that is ready to offer you everything you need to get off to a successful start. Here you will find your dream profession!

    After receiving additional education, you will be able to get a job at one of Russia's leading companies. No specialized knowledge is required to enter an online university. You will be able to master your profession from scratch. Before enrolling in any of the faculties, you can look at the recommendations for taking preparatory courses. This preparation will be enough to get you into university.


    Free courses

    On the website of the online school There is free training in the form of intensives, webinars, articles and video courses. New free materials appear daily. Students can also study for free for the first six months or get a discount. The company strives to make education accessible and it succeeds!

    Free courses

    The school has more than 30 free courses and intensives to gain additional knowledge in a specific area.

    Creating a personal blog on WordPress

    This is a free video course on the basics of working with WordPress. Even without any experience with HTML, after learning the course you will be able to create a blog that is an independent website. During the course you will learn how to work with site themes, add pages and articles, place panels and feedback forms, install your site on hosting and domain, etc. The number of lessons in the course is 13 video lessons.

    Promotion on Instagram

    This course is needed for those who sell their products or services on the Internet. The video course will teach you safe and dangerous promotion methods, targeting settings, and collaborative PR. Classes are held in a format of 15 video lessons.

    Internet Marketer

    This is an introductory course to the profession. You will get acquainted with the main areas of online promotion and learn about the tools of Internet marketing. After the training, you will be able to pass the qualifying stages and get an internship. The course consists of 6 video lessons.

    Free Intensives

    You can also sign up for free intensives, which differ from courses in the way the information is presented. The intensives are designed for beginners and include theory and practical assignments.

    Fundamentals of Programming

    The intensive lasts only two hours, but during this time you will have time to start mastering the code, understand the principles of the language, apply the acquired knowledge, understand if you like the programmer profession. After 2 hours of lessons you will have already written your first program, and will be able to get answers to your questions from one of the leading developers.

    Web Design Basics

    The intensive lasts two hours, during which you will create your first landing page. In one lesson, you will learn all the principles of web design and create a landing page from scratch under the guidance of a teacher. This course will help freelancers move up the ladder and start selling one-page website layouts.

    Java for Beginners

    Java is the programming language used by more than half of the world's programmers. At the 2-hour intensive Java for Beginners you will take your first steps under the guidance of a professional. By the end of the intensive you will have created your first simple game and will appreciate the simplicity and usability of Java. This is just a small part of the free courses available on

    GeekBrains intensives

    Free webinars

    The online school also offers a large selection of free webinars on various topics. Thanks to this solution, you can dive into the profession you're interested in for free and see if it's exactly right for you. free webinars

    Free articles

    Articles are available on the blog in different areas: programming, design, marketing, etc. The articles will help you learn a lot of useful and relevant information in your area and, most importantly, you don't have to pay for it. free articles


    Additional services of GeekBrains

    The online school has additional services. Let's talk about them in more detail.

    Free help in choosing a profession

    Have you not yet decided what profession you are interested in and what you want to do? Do you need advice and support? Contact the school manager.

    Fundamentals of Internet Safety for Children

    The course was created as part of a special project by GeekSchool, an IT and digital skills school for children and teenagers. It is offered to parents, who will be able to understand how to make the Internet safe for their child.

    The course will be taught by Anton Petrenko, a system administrator with impressive experience, who teaches the basics of cybersecurity to schoolchildren and adults. He will use his own parental experience in the course as well. Parents will learn about the basics of online safety, how to prevent personal data leaks, and how to resist cyberbullying - online bullying. At the end of the course you will know about modern means of controlling your child's Internet, how to make their stay online safe, how to protect them from cheaters, bullying and inappropriate content. basics of online security

    Online courses for schoolchildren

    The GeekSchool project offers education for adults and schoolchildren from 11 to 17 years old. The portal has several interactive online courses for teenagers on game development and programming. Classes for teenagers are held in a webinar format, where students can ask their questions, and the instructor explains the topic in detail. You can watch the lessons in the recording, and ask your questions to the teacher in the chat room. At the end of the course, each student will receive an electronic certificate confirming the skills and knowledge gained. Consider the most popular courses.

    Minecraft: Programming in Python

    An interactive educational program in which children under 14 can learn the basic fundamentals of Python in a playful way. Geekbrains will teach how to model three-dimensional universes, control artificial intelligence, and interact with game objects. In addition to Python, kids will develop creative thinking and solve hands-on tasks with new friends, improving communication skills. At the end of the course, the child defends the final project, receives a diploma and completes their portfolio. Classes are held in the format of online seminars with the support of communication in Discord. Minecraft programming Python

    In-depth Python course for kids

    Suitable for children 11-14 years old who have no programming experience. The child will learn to create exciting games, beautiful websites and functional chatbots. Training lasts for 9 months. Each lesson lasts 90 minutes. There will be a maximum of 15 children in total in the group. At the end, kids who have completed the course will receive a certificate.

    Geekbrains python for kids

    Developing Unity games for kids

    Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, students will create a 3D game during the course: they will develop the plot, design and mechanics. The course is designed for children aged 11-17. The training develops the child comprehensively. Thanks to the course a child will learn to set goals, concentrate and work for the result. The course also trains creativity, logic, ability to communicate with other children and adults, and determination. unity for children

    Web design for kids

    The kids will get acquainted with web design: they will start designing interfaces in Figma, create websites in Tilda and Redimage, and learn how to manage people's attention. In 3.5 months they will immerse themselves in the web design profession and create a project for their portfolio.

    GeekBrains web design for kids


    With the certification service you can take any test for free and confirm your level of knowledge. According to the test results you get an electronic certificate confirming your level of professionalism. The following services are also available for students:

    • Blog.
    • Vacancies and internships.
    • Communication on the forum.
    • Corporate training for companies.
    • Free help in selecting a profession. free testing

    Guaranteed employment

    In addition to the fact that the school offers an impressive selection of quality courses, which you can learn from scratch, you can also find a job here. Many vacancies from well-known companies are published on its portal. The school guarantees that you will be employed after the training. find a job


    Cost of training

    The cost of training on the educational portal directly depends on the curriculum. The average cost of a one-month course is 12,000 rubles.


    How to pay tuition

    To pay for the training, you need to add the course to your cart. You will then be able to access the training material. When selecting a course, look for upcoming streams that you can enroll in.

    Payment in your personal cabinet

    It's easy to pay for training in your personal cabinet. You need to go to the cart, select the deferred course and method of payment. You can pay for the classes in the online cabinet by bank card or by e-money. After selecting the payment method, follow the system prompts. tuition fees

    Other ways to pay for online courses

    You can pay for your studies at the educational portal by taking out a loan or installment payment. In order to get the terms of payment for credit or installment payment programs you need to personally contact a GeekBrains manager on weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00 Moscow time. Then a manager will contact you and select a payment option for you. Loans and installment payments are available only to citizens of the Russian Federation.


    GeekBrain Bonuses

    The school offers its students various bonuses, promotions, discounts. The main goal of the service is affordable education and guaranteed employment after study. Let's look at what bonuses are received by students of this educational platform.


    You can see popular courses with discounts of up to 30% for the entire period of study in the menu of educational programs of the online school. Each discount works only up to a specific time, so you should make sure it is active before applying. The bonus will be applied automatically after you submit your request and consult with a Geekbrains manager.

    Geekbrains discounts

    Free training

    In the online school you can study for free in the chosen direction for the first 6 months! This is convenient and profitable. In order to take advantage of the offer, choose a course on the portal and apply for training. According to the terms of the promotion, you don't have to pay when you enroll in the course, you just start studying and pay only after 6 months. study for free

    Year without worries" campaign

    GeekBrain together with Alfa-Bank offers to get an IT specialty and pay for the course in a year. During this time you can find a job and pay the full amount for the course from your salary. Leave the financial issues for later. The program has no down payment and no payments in the first academic year, and is only available to citizens of the Russian Federation. IT courses


    Once students apply for a course and enroll in the department, they receive a bonus from Geekbrains partners:

    • A 90-day paid Premium subscription to the Lingualeo language app. It includes grammar courses, vocabulary practice and video lessons;
    • A key from JetBrains products to connect a free 4-month subscription to any IDE platform;
    • Three-month trial version of antivirus software from "Kaspersky Lab., as well as a 30% discount on a 365-day subscription at the end of the promo code.

    GeekBrain gifts

    Referral program

    Any registered user of the university can take part in the referral program and earn money from it. When you register in your personal account, a unique referral link will be generated for you to invite your friends to the project. You can tell your friends about the project in any social network, personal blog or via messengers. The money earned in the referral program, you can withdraw to your bank card or pay with them up to 100% the cost of your chosen course. There is also an affiliate program for webmasters from the spa network Admitadwhich will allow you to get additional income on attraction of clients to the online school. For each course you purchase, you will receive 10-13% of the payment amount. affiliate program


    Complaints about GeekBrains

    GeekBrains is an educational portal that includes a school for teenagers, a service for taking courses and intensives, and an online university. It is a whole system of education, in which you can study from the age of 11. When you get an education at the university, you will not only get an established diploma, but also a guaranteed job. The educational platform is a popular place to get additional education among Russians and residents of the CIS.

    Students note that online courses on the portal have such advantages as live communication with the teacher and the group, control over the pace and intensity of learning, as well as the opportunity to study without interruption. Most users state that they found disadvantages in learning on this site. However, among the satisfied students of the service there are those who complain about the platform. Let's look at the complaints about GeekBrains and understand what individual users are dissatisfied with.

    GeekBrains reviews

    The main number of complaints about the school is addressed to the service administration. Some users are unhappy that there is still no good mobile version that supports all the functions of the main site. Users also note the rather high cost of the courses, and the lack of installment payments for non-residents of the Russian Federation. In addition, some users are dissatisfied with the fact that the training period may be delayed, because the transition to the next course is possible only after passing the test of the module being studied. However, such comments are rare. reviews

    Otherwise, students note that the portal is very responsive teachers, there is a full analysis of errors, assignments are given to consolidate the material, the availability of records of the course. Students also say that even at a fairly high cost, training at the online school is available to almost everyone, because at the portal there are frequent discounts, bonuses and gifts. Also there is a lot of free information on the portal, which helps to understand what profession suits you best and understand its basics.

    GeekBrains reviews

    If there are reviews about GeekBrains, we'll be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Regulatory agencies and laws

    Educational portal operates in accordance with the license issued by the Department of Education and Science of Moscow on December 3, 2019. The portal has the right to provide educational services for the implementation of educational programs.

    GeekBrain details

    User Agreement

    The administration of the online school strongly recommends that you read this user agreement before you start using the service and its software. Registration on the educational portal will mean your agreement to the terms of this user agreement. If you do not agree with any clause of the agreement, do not register on the portal.

    GeekBrain's User Agreement

    When reading the user agreement, pay special attention to the paragraph "Disclaimer". According to this paragraph, the service does not provide the user with software tools to display the site correctly on the user's device. All software tools of the site, including a personal account, is provided as is. The service does not guarantee that access to the site and personal account will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably, and error-free. responsibility

    Under the terms of the user agreement, all disputes, controversies and claims that may arise in connection with the execution or termination of the agreement, the parties seek to resolve by negotiation. Under the terms of the agreement, the party that has a claim must send the other party a message indicating the differences that have arisen. In case the answer to the message is not received within 30 working days or the parties do not come to an agreement, the dispute shall be resolved in court at the location of the service.

    Customer Service

    According to user reviews, this educational platform is distinguished by the promptness and professionalism of the support service. The support service will answer any of your questions, help to understand unclear situations and become a real helper for the duration of the training. You can contact the support team on weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00. You can ask your question using the following means of communication:

    • Chat on the portal If you have any questions you can ask a consultant in the chat, and you will get an answer within minutes.
    • Feedback form. To send your request through the feedback form, go to the help-send your request page. Here you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire, describe your problems and attach files, if any. After that, click "submit" and the support team will receive your request. Questions sent through the feedback form are processed during working hours, the answer is sent to the user's e-mail.
    • By phone: 8 (800) 700-68-41 you can contact the manager of the company during working hours. The phone call is free for all residents of Russia. When you make a call, be prepared to give your name and ask a specific question.
    • E-mail: [email protected] Also, if you have any questions, you can contact customer support via email. The answer of the customer support specialists will be sent to your e-mail.


    The administration of the project pays special attention to the protection of users' personal data. The site does not store payment data, which can be used by fraudsters. All user's personal data is stored on the site in a secure directory and only in encrypted form. The service uses modern encryption methods, which allow to reliably protect all personal data from hacking.


    Is GeekBrains a scam?

    Service GeekBrains is not a scam. First, the project is part of the Group, which already speaks of the quality and reliability of the service. Secondly, the educational platform has a state license to carry out educational activities, issued by the Department of Education and Science of Moscow. Thirdly, all the students of the online university receive not only electronic certificates, but also a certificate of the established form, which proves the reliability of the educational institution. In addition, at the online school you can start training with free opportunities: webinars, intensives. After training at the school, it is possible to get a job at leading companies; to do this, students can explore job openings on the website



    If you have decided to learn an in-demand profession, register on the educational portal GeekBrainsIn this case, in 2-3 years, you will be able to earn as much as you want yourself. Every year, there is a growing demand for Digital-professionals amongst employers in Russia and the CIS. Programmers, designers, developers, etc. are in the greatest demand today.

    The main advantage of such professions is the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the world. That is, if you get a profession that is in demand, you can get a job in a company from anywhere in the world and work in the comfort of your own home. As the demand for Digital professions grows, so do the salaries for specialists. For example, a novice web designer today can receive up to 100,000 rubles per month, and the salary of an experienced specialist can reach 500,000 rubles per month. Undoubtedly, investments in education today are the most profitable.

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