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    Crypto Robot 365 is it a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: 26 July 2018 Updated: 1 August 2022

    Crypto Robot 365 is an ambitious service, which appeared a while ago in the field of investments in digital coins. It will allow you to configure the automated trading of cryptocurrencies easily and receive a stable income from one of the most profitable markets. The platform offers for the user a lot of advantages, attracts him with unique openings.

    And yet, is Crypto Robot 365 a scam and a fraudulent resource created to deceive traders or a reliable and honest project that will allow you to earn money in automatic trading mode and withdraw it without problems? You can learn it from our review.

    Crypto Robot 365 Review

    Crypto Robot 365 is an unique platform offering stable earnings on investments in cryptocurrencies around the clock for 365 days. It is a part of ARG Media Ltd., registered in the UK. The organization includes developers who have joined the project in order to provide the average person with alternative options to increase profits from trading.

    Today, most professional investors trade in digital assets, characterized by high volatility and unlimited incomes (how to make a decent income on cryptocurrency, read here). Automatic trading has a number of advantages, so attracts the attention of traders. The manual trading is not an easy way to get money: a lot of time goes into learning how to work in the market, testing strategies, finding signals that will increase your income. Often users with a base pay simply cannot find enough time to fully immerse themselves in trading. In this case, a real chance to profit from financial markets are trading robots.

    After passing a quick registration, replenishing the deposit with the broker and performing simple settings, it remains to simply launch a system that will independently trade in the market, yielding revenue. Auto trading avoids uncertainty, fears of losing funds that accompany investors, especially inexperienced players. Crypto Robot 365 is a promising development in the field of cryptography, which attracts investors’ attention with profitable strategies and high productivity. It is based on the use of reliable algorithms, which are aimed at increasing the size of the deposit.

    How to register in Crypto Robot 365? In fact, it’s very simple, just do the following:

    1. Register in the project by visiting the site, specifying here the necessary data in a special form, select a broker from the list.
    2. Next, you need to register with the broker, replenish thedeposit.
    3. Your personal account is ready, it remains to perform automatic trade settings (choose a strategy, coins, etc.).

    At registration, the trader is quickly redirected to the broker’s platform, where he needs to replenish the account. The program automatically generates accurate signals for the purchase and sale of altcoins. Here you can invest in the most popular crypto assets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. According to the developers, the number of coins will grow.

    On Crypto Robot 365 you can invest in the most popular crypto assets

    At the moment the service is in great demand in the market, it has positive feedback from such resources as Investoo, Invezz, Snipe the Trade, etc. While the minimum deposit for working with the platform is $ 250, but professionals say that the best results are achieved with an amount of $ 1,000 in the account. The system guarantees earnings both with growth and fall in the cost of crypto assets. It is safe to cooperate with it because here much attention is paid to the safety and security of personal data and funds.

    The innovative platform has a thoughtful design, an intuitive interface that will allow you to understand the system quickly and immediately start earning here. Thanks to the tutorial, it is easy enough to understand the rules of the project. The availability of a free demo account is supposed to be considered as a great advantage, which will help to understand how effective is the system. Using the program is completely free; the project earns money from commissions for the positively completed transactions, so, effective trading is profitable to it first.

    The advantages of Crypto Robot 365 are:

    • High profitability (more than 90% of successful transactions),
    • No fee for the use of a robot,
    • Availabilityof a free demo account,
    • Proven strategies minimizingthe risks of loss (Classical strategy, Martingale, Fibonacci),
    • Reliable indicators generatingaccurate signals,
    • Simplicity and convenience of program settings,
    • Mobile and tablet versions of the platform,
    • 24-hour support by managers.

    Among the shortcomings of the resource, we point the need for its manual configuration, not quite simple for beginners, who have not studied the training  guide for working with it. It is important to remember that the project will generate revenue only if there is a stable connection to the Internet.

    The project suggests choosing a strategy from the list of proven trading techniques

    The project suggests choosing a strategy from the list of proven trading techniques, and it is allowed to use different methods of work, which will allow testing their profitability. Thanks to a large number of settings, you can configure the platform for convenience and efficiency (asset selection options, stake size, strategy, etc.). To analyze the transactions conducted by the robot, you can study the history of trading. A free application is available that can be installed on mobile devices to track the results of trades in any user-friendly place. In case of any problems, you can contact the 24-hour support service, which is always happy to offer the quality assistance to traders on any issues.

    Deposit and withdrawal

    To run a real trade with Crypto Robot 365, you need to replenish the account with the broker. To withdraw the capital, all you need is to select the appropriate section on the website of the company the user cooperates with.

    Complaints against Crypto Robot 365

    Studying the feedback of traders about the Crypto Robot 365 project, we found out that the platform is popular with foreign investors and we were able to get acquainted with their feedback on the network. So, more often as advantages are pointed: simplicity of work of the project, fast registration, convenience of the interface, absence of a payment for using the program, high profitableness, possibility of testing the system on a free educational account, choice of indicators and strategies, etc.

    There are also negative comments, which mainly concern such problems as constant calls of platform representatives, long verification, lack of communication with support managers, etc.

    Regulation of Crypto Robot 365

    The project has a legal registration in the UK, due to the increased attention to the issue of security of bidding guarantees the security of the clients’ capital of the platform. There is no information on its regulation at the moment, but we hope that this issue will be resolved favorably.

    In addition, the resource offers those brokers only that have the FCA license (when registering in the system, you can choose, for example, AVATRADE or eToro).

    Crypto Robot 365 – is it a fraud?

    Crypto Robot 365 is a revolutionary and audacious project that aims to facilitate the process of trading, the possibility of getting high earnings from cryptocurrency to an ordinary person who does not have experience and special knowledge of the financial market (read the whole truth about the cryptocurrency here). Today, this still young platform attracts attention of investors, is interesting for beginners and trades, guarantees an easy return, and makes real passive income from digital coins.

    The ambitious project has a large user base, continues to evolve, increasing the number of unique options for comfortable trading. In addition, it offers for its customers only those Forex brokers who are licensed by the FCA. This confirms in many respects that the platform does not care how reliable is the client’s cooperation with it. Note here again, the site has no regulation and this reduces the level of confidence in it. Developers of the resource pay great attention to the security of the site, which ensures the safety of the media and information.

    Crypto Robot 365 provides users with a thoughtful service, where it’s simple and easy to gain insight on the current rules. Having studied the documentation and options of the system, it remains to go through the fast registration procedure on the site and that’s it – you can start to get a decent income from automatic trading. Here you need to configure the robot: select assets, strategy and other parameters in order to adapt the system to the user’s goals as much as possible. Resource offers a choice of several trading techniques and indicators, which will optimize risks. At the moment there is not much cryptocurrency available for investment, but the developers claim that they plan to increase their number.

    A promising project with a simple work principle attracts with its capabilities. At the same time you don’t need extra money to start cooperation with the robot the program is absolutely free. Authors of the project receive the profit from the commission, which is paid from each positively completed rate, so effective trades are beneficial first for the platform itself. This increases the credibility of the system participants, ensures that the resource does not deceive its client. As advantages, worth noting are the fast registration (and the opportunity to choose a reliable broker at the registration stage), minimum deposit size for a start, stable 24/7 communication with support managers, etc.

    The network has different feedback on the project. Usually customers praise the convenience of its settings, the availability of the free training account, round-the-clock support, etc. There are negative aspects, for example, the lack of a the communication with managers is slow, etc. And yet, shall we call Crypto Robot 365 a scam and a fraudster? Having studied the project and its unique capabilities closely, today we will answer this question with no, because this platform continues to develop, provides high-quality and safe service for automatic earnings from investments in the crypto currency, guarantees round the clock support, variety of assets, cooperation with reliable brokers etc.


    Crypto Robot 365 is a promising and even a revolutionary project that allows an inexperienced trader to get a stable profit with automatic trading of cryptocurrencies. And although the platform is still quite young, but even today it attracts new users who want to get their most from investments in digital coins.

    For cooperation with the resource, no special knowledge or trading experience is needed, moreover, the newcomer of the market can easily understand with the system. Among the advantages of the ambitious project worth noting are the availability of different strategies, indicators, other settings that will allow you to experiment with the site and profit from it. In addition, we note here a free study account, no fee for using the program, fast registration, etc. – all this is in line with the goal set by the author-developers: to create an Internet project that would allow gaining the real profit from crypto trading to a simple person who does not have the trading experience. At the moment we will not say that Crypto Robot 365 is a scam, but real comments from users of the system will help not only to compose a true idea of the project, but also warn traders about its possible problems.

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