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Cryptocurrency trading robot simplifies and automates trading of popular cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others.
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1000 5th St., Suite 200 Miami Beach, FL 33139
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From 250 USD
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Mastercard, VISA, Crypto Wallet, Electronic Wallets
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Mastercard, VISA, Crypto Wallet, Electronic Wallets
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EUR, USD, Cryptocurrency
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    Bitcoin Profit is it a scam? Reviews and description

    23 March 2020

    Bitcoin Profit - that cryptocurrency trading robotwhich appeared on the market in 2016. The creators of this project assure that with the help of their automated system for cryptocurrency trading you can make a fortune. You can use the money to travel around the world, and it only takes a few minutes of work on your laptop every day to earn an income.

    Software developers offer clients free basic education on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as well as trading in all kinds of financial markets (including Forex). But is everything really as perfect as the creators of Bitcoin Profit assure us? Or is it just another scam trying to "siphon off" money from gullible Russians? Let's answer these questions in our detailed review!

    Is Bitcoin Profit robot a scam? Reviews


    Register Bitcoin Profit

    To start working with Bitcoin Profit, you only need to follow 3 simple steps:

    To do this, you need to enter your first name, last name and e-mail in a special form, and then click on "Get Access". After registration, the user automatically becomes a new client of Bitcoin Profit and from that moment can use the trading system for free.

    • Replenish the deposit.

    Start-up capital is required to get started with the software. To start making profit with the Bitcoin Profit system, you need to invest from $250. However, it is recommended to start with an initial investment of 500€, because with this amount of investment the Bitcoin Profit system starts testing the market trend through 3 advanced systems combined with the top 6 indicators. This is how it finds the most profitable trading strategy for earning.

    • Autotrading in the cryptocurrency market.

    To start accurate automatic trading, created by a winning algorithm, it is necessary to click on the "Trade" button. If you like to trade cryptocurrencies by yourself, then you can switch the system to manual mode (How to make money on cryptocurrency?). The Bitcoin Profit app is capable of working in safe, medium and aggressive mode. Set the mode and click on Auto-Trading - that's it!

    Bitcoin Profit registration


    Bitcoin Profit trading platform

    Trading platform features a simple and user-friendly interface, it is available in Russian and English. The application is provided on 100% for free, costs $0. But at the same time the system wins trades with a probability of 99.4%. Let's highlight the main advantages of Bitcoin Profit robot:

    • 100% is an automated application for cryptocurrency trading;
    • cooperation with reliable brokers (for some reason they are not listed on the site);
    • work from any device, without downloading the application;
    • does not require users to have experience in trading cryptocurrencies;
    • A wide choice of methods and currencies for deposit and withdrawal of funds. reviews

    The Bitcoin Profit program is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. This "time jump" allows the system to be the most accurate and fastest in the world. The Bitcoin Profit app has won numerous awards. The company recently won the "#1" award in the trading software category from the US Trading Association. Bitcoin Profit is a revolutionary auto-trading software for the Crypto market. It allows you to earn on bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies when markets move UP or DOWN. With this robot, you can make millions on bitcoins even when financial markets collapse! The Bitcoin Profit system will suit both experienced and novice private traders. After all, you can trade on autopilot here. The robot will do everything you need while you sleep or go about your business. With the Bitcoin Profit app, you can get passive income anytime and anywhere (cryptocurrency trading training).

    Registration on takes literally a minute. After passing it the user opens incredible opportunities, because the software simplifies and automates trading of popular cryptocurrencies - such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others. The Bitcoin Profit system was created from scratch. That's why it differs from other similar platforms. In fact, it is one of the most advanced and comprehensive automated trading systems for earning on cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Profit's patented algorithms constantly scan financial markets, searching there for ideal trends and optimal entry points into trades. Thanks to cooperation with honest brokers (it is not specified which ones), cryptocurrency trading becomes safe. In addition, all transactions are encrypted and client funds are protected.

    Bitcoin Profit benefits

    The site has no hidden information, no catches, no vague fine print, no commissions, and no fees. All that is required from the user is to register, fund a trading account and start earning a stable income. According to the creators of the project, many of their clients are earning more than $ 1000 a day, and some are even able to receive $ 6,000 per day. In order to earn $1,100 a day, you need to spend only 15-30 minutes a day. In trading, the hardest part is analyzing and knowing when to buy and sell assets correctly. With Bitcoin Profit, such difficult tasks become easy. The system's proven algorithm eliminates those difficult tasks that can take a lot of time. Just a few clicks and the software will do everything for you!


    The creators of the project assure us that their signals to enter the market is accurate. No intensive analysis is required, the robot does all the hard work for users. They claim that we can trade the cryptocurrency markets with incredible accuracy and get a guaranteed income. But they do not disclose information about providers of ultra-accurate trading signals.


    Demo account Bitcoin Profit

    There is not a single word about demo account on Probably, the partner brokers have demo accounts. However, the Bitcoin Profit website does not list the brokerage companies it cooperates with either. Perhaps, they change frequently and can be viewed on the trading terminal directly at the moment of autotrading.

    Bitcoin Profit how the robot works


    Mobile application

    Both on the Internet and on the website of the robot itself, we came across an offer to download the software. But we couldn't find any links to download a mobile application. And it has been said before that you don't need to download anything to use the system.


    Bonuses from cryptocurrency trading robot

    There is no information about any bonus programs or promotions on the site. Apparently, the creators of Bitcoin Profit do not provide any "pluses" to their clients. Probably, only broker-partners of Bitcoin Profit can offer bonuses.


    Deposit and withdrawal

    You can refill the balance of Bitcoin Profit with the help of:

    You can withdraw funds from your account instantly, without delay, using one of the same methods.


    Complaints about Bitcoin Profit

    There are both positive and very negative reviews about Bitcoin Profit on the net. Some users write that they manage to earn with this cryptocurrency trading robot. Others claim that they registered and replenished their deposit, but immediately lost it. They argue that this is a fraudulent office, which is created to defraud private traders, and no 1,100 dollars a day on this site can be earned.

    However, the creators of the project themselves assure that with Bitcoin Profit profit has no limits. They write that some of their clients earned the first million in just 61 days. Whether the project is really fraudulent and positive reviews are written to order, or the competitors seek to oust the company from the market. You can check this only if you understand cryptocurrency trading and are ready to try out the platform by making a deposit of at least $250.

    If there are any reviews about Bitcoin Profit cryptocurrency trading robot, we will definitely publish the information in social networks. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!

    Bitcoin Profit robot regulator

    Bitcoin Profit does not have a license for financial activity. But the creators of the project do not hide the fact that they do not advise customers on investment issues. To trade or not with this robot is everyone's business! As far as we know, all types of trading carry risks. Therefore, before funding your account, you need to understand that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and prices are constantly fluctuating. However, the profits on the cryptocurrency market can be very high. It takes advantage of these regular price fluctuations to generate income, even when prices are falling.

    We also want to note the fact that the Austrian FMA warns private traders about the dangers of the Bitcoin Profit service. According to this regulator, the company conducts unlicensed activity (the creators of the project do not hide it). Speculators who sign up for Bitcoin Profit services are redirected to a little-known cryptocurrency exchange. Perhaps Bitcoin Profit is just a branch of that exchange. Trading cryptocurrencies involves a high degree of risk, which can lead to a total loss of funds. If you don't have enough experience in trading, it is recommended to contact specialists in this field and consult before investing money in the project. Also, do not forget to read the "Terms of Use" on the robot's website. It will help you to understand if the web product offered is suitable for you. User Agreement

    The Bitcoin Profit site has a "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Service". However, instead of the "User Agreement" we see the document "Disclaimer". And this already suggests the rationality of cooperation with this company. In the "disclaimer" it is stated that the creators of the project are not responsible for any damages that may be caused to the user while using materials from their site. In addition, it also contains recommendations regarding investment advice: responsibility

    Presented here and information about the return of funds if the client has already deposited, but has changed his mind to cooperate with the company:

    Bitcoin Profit refunds


    Is the Bitcoin Profit cryptocurrency trading robot a scam?

    System Bitcoin Profit was created by leading financial experts and experienced software developers. It is presented by the creators as an innovative automated program for cryptocurrency trading, which is capable of making transactions with a high degree of accuracy - up to 99%. We are assured that it does not require much experience in online trading for stable earnings, because the Bitcoin Profit app will do all the hard work for us! Thanks to this robot, users can buy and sell assets quickly, which means increased profits. In addition, they can reinvest faster than ever before. That is, rapid portfolio growth is achievable with less capital.

    Bitcoin Profit simplifies time-consuming tasks. The automated software requires no human intervention. The robot trades on behalf of the user, even if the user is not at the computer. In fact, with you can literally make profits out of thin air. The creators of the project claim that some of their users were able to earn their first million in just a couple of months. But is it worth believing this? After all, reviews of Bitcoin Profit are very diverse, and many of them are negative. And the company does not have a license. In addition, the site does not provide any contact information, there is only the location address of the company. But is it worth sending a letter there? First of all, it's abroad. Secondly, there is no guarantee that the address is real.

    And also on the portal constantly appears a window with an appeal not to miss your chance and join the project. This advertising is so obtrusive that it appears everywhere and does not allow to read the information presented on the resource. The site also has a video which tells that many famous people such as Dima Bilan and Sergey Druzhko earn with Bitcoin Profit. Personally, we did not trust this video. We consider this project doubtful and do not recommend to invest in it. But if you do not believe us, open a personal account on robot portal and make a deposit. And what if you are lucky!



    Bitcoin Profit - is an automated system for trading cryptocurrencies, using which you can get a stable passive income. This robot exists on the market for several years, but opinions about it are mixed. Therefore, we believe that it is everyone's business whether to work with this software or not.

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