No Deposit Bonuses on Forex 2021

Bonus as a gift from forex broker

On the market forex trading brokers are relentlessly competing for practically every client. One of the strongest techniques of this struggle is the no deposit bonus, which is credited to the account of newcomers when registering on a trading platform Forex broker.

No Deposit forex bonus has different names - welcome bonus, free forex deposit, registration bonus and so on. The essence is that it is a kind of monetary gift of the broker to the client, which can be used on certain conditions, in principle, favorable to the client, but even more favorable to the brokerage company.

The no deposit bonus on Forex is credited by the broker to the client once and it is, in most cases, a very small amount equivalent to 5-15 dollars (Fig. 1), which can be used only within certain limits. Most often the client can withdraw only the profit from the bonus, which he got as a result of trading actions. But in some cases the client can cash out the bonus itself.

no deposit bonuses forex brokers

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Bonuses can be granted, basically, under these conditions:

  • No deposit: when a broker provides a bonus, the profit of which, in the case of a successful transaction, can be withdrawn without commissions and without additional deposits of money to the account by the client. Such bonuses most often have no time limit, but the amount of remuneration is very small, the equivalent of about 10 dollars.
  • With deposits: this bonus can be large, several hundred dollars, but has a time limit, that is, it must be used necessarily within the specified period, otherwise it "burns out" (Trading on Forex with a Minimum Deposit). In this case, to withdraw the profit, the client must deposit a certain amount, often not less than the bonus.
  • No identity verification: forex brokers usually require quite detailed information about the trader's identity, but some of them allow trading anonymously and credit the bonus when registering an account, however, if the trader needs to withdraw profit, then he will have to confirm the identity. Verification also prevents the reuse of the welcome bonus (The whole truth about forex).

There are also non-deposit bonuses for investors, when a broker provides accounts with credited bonuses, the profit can be withdrawn only after performing trading operations on a certain volume. Also, brokerage companies credit bonuses when a client deposits money, and in this case, the more money a client deposits, the bigger bonus he gets.

When bonuses first appeared on the forex market, they were very small, but competition has led to the fact that now you can find bonuses of hundreds of dollars, but none are provided under strict conditions of use and withdrawal of profits.

Bonus rules

To receive a bonus, in most cases the following conditions must be met:

  • Register an account on the broker's website (fig. 2);
  • Verify your account: provide your phone number and a scan of your ID card;
  • Read the terms of the bonus;
  • Find out how the bonus depends on trade figures;
  • How the bonus is withdrawn from the account and whether it is withdrawn at all;
  • Fill out a special application if necessary (often the bonus is credited immediately to the account).

forex bonuses rules

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The bonus can be credited not to a personal active account, but to a special account for no deposit bonus with mandatory verification. This information must be clarified when registering. It is also necessary to clarify the information about whether the conditions of bonus receiving are not tied to the competitions held by brokers, to the number of closed lots, whether the broker can limit the bonus profit withdrawal, whether it is necessary to open a second account and so on.

Forex bonuses and terms of work with them

Consider the specific bonus programs and conditions that brokers offer.

For example, a broker FXOpen (site) credits $10 as a welcome bonus. To do this, you must be verified, you can withdraw profits only after having traded 2 lots.

Broker SuperForex (website: offers a no deposit bonus of $50, subject to verification, and profits can be withdrawn if the trader trades 1 lot for every dollar of profit.

AGEA (website: offers a 5%-th bonus, which, again, is not exactly a no deposit bonus, because you still have to deposit the minimum amount of $10, - if trading is supposed to be done through MT4. When trading via Streamster, the bonus is indeed non-deposit. It is possible to withdraw any profits earned by the bonus.

FXB Trading (website: offers a no deposit bonus of 25 dollars, but to withdraw the minimum allowed trading profit of 25 euros, you need to open a second account, deposit it and trade 3 lots.

TenkoFX (site) credits a bonus of $30, for which the client must be verified by crediting $3 to the account. To withdraw the profit it is necessary to trade 10 lots, the withdrawal is possible only to the personal bank account.

Also a welcome bonus of $30 is credited by the broker Tickmill (site) on the terms of trade for 90 days and the minimum amount of profit withdrawal of $ 30. But in order to withdraw you need to fund your account.

FXGiants (website: offers a no deposit bonus of $35, but to withdraw profits you need to trade 4 lots, verify and open an account of a certain type.

forex broker bonuses: what should I pay attention to?

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FBS (site) credits a $100 no deposit bonus without verification, but only for 30 days, then the bonus is no longer valid. During the 30-day period, the bonus can be traded up to five lots. Under the terms of the broker, the bonus can be withdrawn up to $100 of profit.

ForexChief (website: also offers a bonus of $100 for a certain trading turnover and with a withdrawal of no more than $100. With the bonus the platform also promotes the application, because in order to get the bonus you need to download and install the program on your smartphone (Fig. 3).

GrandCapital (site) presents clients with a bonus of $500 for seven days. This bonus is only for new clients of the platform. To withdraw the profit, you must deposit an amount not less than the amount of profit and trade a lot for every $5 of profit during the term of the bonus. You can get the bonus only after verifying the client's identity.

InstaForex (site) offers a no deposit bonus up to $1,000 on the terms of a certain volume of trades. In this case, the client can withdraw the entire amount of profit, partial withdrawal is prohibited. Plus to this, the broker may limit the profit on 10% of the withdrawal amount and require the client to replenish the account. Also InstaForex offers a no deposit bonus up to $100 on application, the specific amount of the bonus is determined by the broker. It is of course possible to get profit after making a certain volume of trades.

TeleTrade (site) accrues a bonus subject to the number of lots closed - the amount of bonus depends on the number of lots. The trader can withdraw the profit made by trading on the bonus amount. To receive the bonus, you must participate in the broker's contest.

RoboForex (site) offers a welcome no deposit bonus of $30 just for new customers. The bonus is not exactly a no deposit bonus, you must deposit $10 into your account and be verified to receive it. Profits can be withdrawn after trading a total turnover of 0.5 lots or 1 lot.

Another no deposit bonus option is a free forex trading account with a balance. ForexMart (site). But, of course, it is not easy to withdraw this amount and profit from it. To withdraw the profit, you need to deposit money in an amount not less than the profit. The bonus itself is also withdrawn on certain conditions. The bonus amount is determined by the broker.

Social forex bonuses

Social no deposit bonuses are credited by the broker for activity, useful for the broker, on social platforms. For example, for communicating on forums, social networks, for articles, reviews, and so on. At the same time, this form of actually working for the broker does not exclude restrictive conditions, and the bonuses are mostly very small.

For example, RoboForex gives a small bonus for the forum posts, which depends on the client's position on the forum, and the bonuses accumulate. To withdraw the bonus, you need to trade 1 lot per dollar of bonus, and the profit is withdrawn without any restrictions. No deposit bonus is paid for communication on the MT5 forum. The amount of bonus is up to 30 Russian rubles for one post of at least two lines, the bonus is cumulative. Profit from it can be withdrawn without any restrictions.

The broker pays up to 3-4 cents per message for chatting on the FXOpen forum, bonuses of $10 are paid to the client's account at the end of the week. But in order to withdraw the profit from trading bonus, the client must make at least one trade for $2 bonus.

FreshForex (site) "pays" a bonus of $30 per article (fig. 4). The bonus is valid for 60 days, it is possible to withdraw a profit not exceeding the amount of the bonus.

FreshForex: article bonus for traders

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Thus, the variety of no deposit bonuses on the Forex market is very large, the amounts and conditions are different. A broker with the help of no deposit bonuses attracts new clients, demonstrates its loyalty, honesty, motivates beginners to permanent trading. As a rule, a broker has several bonus programs designed to reach the maximum potential audience.

Traders position bonuses as a way to test professional skills on a real account, without fear of losing money in any case, and with a favorable set of circumstances even get profit from the bonus (Forex Trading Training). Bonuses can probably be of practical use to the novice player, but one should not expect much from them. And often the broker conditions of bonuses are such that they are more likely to lead to losses than to profits. Besides stringent conditions for receiving and withdrawal of bonuses they also have a number of specific disadvantages. For example, bonuses psychologically bind a Forex market beginner to a certain broker, which prevents the progressive development of the trader. Profitable Forex Trading without Risk - a Myth or Reality?

Lack of fear of losing money as a result of trading leads to carelessness, non-compliance with the rules of money management and in the vast majority of cases the bonuses are simply "drained", not bringing profit. But still, for some beginning traders, the welcome bonus may even become the only start-up capital. For more advanced traders the no deposit bonus can be a good way to test a new strategy without unnecessary losses.

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