Forex without Investment and Risk

The beginning of work on Forex implies a certain amount of money, which should be deposited into the account when registering on the trading platform. This amount of money is then used for forex trading and, with a properly lined up strategiesThe market is multiplying. But it is unlikely to be profitable from the start, so you need to choose a way to enter the Forex market that would not be too costly (The whole truth about forex).

Knowledge is the best investment

The best way not to pay for the training with your own money is to register on a trading platform of a broker and learn to trade on forex demo account with virtual money or CFD contracts. By practicing on a demo account, you can learn to avoid gross errors, develop an initial strategy, and prepare for the transition to a real account.

Brokers have a sufficient amount of training material, which is available for free (Forex Trading Training). But even after gaining basic knowledge and skills, you don't have to put your own money into your account right away. Forex Brokers The numerous programs that minimize the trader's expenses, which, however, should be evaluated critically from the beginning, because they are not aimed, of course, at simply giving the trader money.

Tuition money

Perhaps the best way to get money from a broker without cost is to take an introductory course in trading, for which some traders pay a small amount to the trader's account. The benefit is twofold - new knowledge and money. Specifically, Olimp Trade (site) offers bonuses after training and performing tasks on the demo account. After learning the strategies the client also receives a bonus, but in order to trade he must make some payment in the system for a small amount. Theoretically, it is possible to imagine that with the help of the knowledge received from the broker it is possible to increase the deposit with the money received from the broker.

Forex: start without investment and risk

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Welcome Bonus

The most common method to quickly involve the trader in trading is the welcome bonus. When opening a trading account and registering an account on the trading platform, the broker may encourage the novice trader with a certain amount of money, which is most often added to the funds that are already on the trader's deposit.

In order to get the welcome bonuses, you must register in the trading broker's system, log in and verify your account.

Amarkets welcome bonus for forex trading

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Brokerage companies can also give bonuses on each subsequent deposit. The higher the deposit amount, the bigger the bonus. Welcome bonuses can be used only for transactions, you can withdraw to your accounts only profits from transactions, which were carried out with the means of the bonus. In any case, it is necessary to study the conditions of the broker's bonus program carefully.

A no deposit bonus is given to a novice trader virtually free of charge, allowing him to start trading without any investment. But such bonuses are very small and can be used only under certain conditions, more often under the obligation to start trading. One has to realize that in spite of active advertisement of such bonuses they do not decrease the risk level for trader, that is why they are too small and their use is limited. The task of bonuses is to attract the trader and motivate him to continuous trading.

When making a deposit for the first time, some binary brokers allow you to make a number of transactions without risk, in forex trading risk-free deposits are offered less frequently.

Risk-free trades, to be more precise, are trades with compensation: if a trader has made several trades with a loss, the broker compensates the loss on the deposit. The terms of such transactions are different, but as a rule, the larger the deposit, the more trades with compensation the trader can conduct. Risk-free transactions can be offered as part of the shares, for example, for one day, during which the losses incurred are compensated on the trader's deposit.


Another way to really get money without your own investments or with minimal investments is to take part in some competition offered by a brokerage company. This can be a tournament on a demo account, a trading tournament on a real account, some other form of competition.

Winning a tournament, in addition to bringing money right after winning, is not a bad investment in the future, since the winner, if desired, can convert his achievements into real money as a trading expert. In any case, a tournament is a good way to test your own trading skills. There are, however, contests that do not require special skills and abilities.

One way to get money from a broker is to participate in affiliate or referral programs, that is, to invite traders to the platform and get paid for it. In principle, in this case, it is possible to receive funds on the deposit without trading, but the referral must have a deposit in order to receive a commission.

Contests from InstaForex

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Forex brokers bonuses

Welcome bonuses are in the company TeleTrade (site), and there are programs under which bonuses are awarded not only to the trader, but also to acquaintances whom they have convinced to register on the platform. Also, the broker credits new traders with 10% on their deposit, subject to making trades.

TeleTrade Beginner's Bonus on the Broker's Account

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RoboForex (site) has several bonus programs. One of them is accrual of up to 50% deposit subject to transactions. Withdrawal of bonus funds is possible only if a certain volume of turnover is carried out. According to the other program bonus is accrued when depositing in the account, it can be done repeatedly. The amount of bonus depends on the deposited amount, but is limited to $30000. To withdraw the bonus you need to conduct a certain amount of transactions. The broker may credit up to 10% to the balance for new clients, depending on the trading turnover.

Amarkets (site) offers 100% bonus when you open an account, in order to withdraw the bonus, you need to generate a certain amount of turnover.

The $1000 no deposit bonus offers InstaForex (site), but the conditions of its use are limited. It is possible to withdraw profit from the bonus after conducting transactions in a certain volume, and only the profit can be withdrawn. At the same time, the broker has the right to fix and limit the profit to the amount equal to 10% of the bonus amount or request the account replenishment, though charging a bonus of 30% on the replenishment.

Forex Club (site) accrues bonuses of a fixed amount on deposit for the invitation of the trader, but these bonuses can be used only directly for trading. New traders of Forex Club Ltd get welcome bonus if they deposit more than $100 - the same amount is credited as bonus with a limit of $10000. The bonus can be used in trading.

Forex Club promotions and bonuses forex broker

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BCS Forex (site) is a good example of the conditions under which brokers offer bonuses. To get a bonus you need to deposit not less than $500. The bonus on deposit is charged once, its size depends on the sum of deposited and withdrawn funds from the moment of registration of the trading account in the promotion: 10% - on deposit from $500, 30% - on deposit from $1500, 50% - on deposit from $5000.

Brokers offer a huge range of tournaments and contests for traders. To take part in the contest, you have to register on the broker's platform, see the schedule of tournaments, choose the appropriate one and - get ready to beat everyone and get the deserved reward. And sometimes you just have to wait for your luck and get your "lambo".

So, RoboForex holds a tournament every week on demo accounts lasting a day. In order to join the fight, you need to verify your personal account and prepare a deposit of $1000 with a leverage of 1:1000 on an MT4 Demo Pro account.

RoboForex Tournament on Demo Accounts

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The company Alpari (site) holds weekly contest on real accounts "Formula FX" with a prize fund of $1620. Another competition, "King of the Mountain", also on real accounts, lasting one week, the prize fund is $26875. Another contest, on demo accounts, "Virtual Reality". The contest has 4 rounds, traders' achievements are evaluated by profit percentage, relative drawdown percentage and profit factor. Prizes are money from $70 to $500. Another format of the Alpari tournament is the Analyst Contest. As part of the contest, you are invited to write one or more analytical reviews of the market to be evaluated by experts, and winners are announced every two weeks, who receive a cash prize.

Sometimes brokers hold contests with more serious prizes, but with less tension, for example, Instaforex promotes the drawing of Lamborghini Huracan car, and the winning depends not on the skill of the trader, but actually on the number of accounts - the more accounts, the higher the chance of winning. Brokers may impose some restrictions on contest participants. For example, prohibit to use advisors, trade from one IP-address on different accounts, prohibit to use prize money in any way, except for trading on the same platform.

Affiliate programs are a traditional way to attract clients. In particular, Alpari offers up to 50% commissions for trades and investments of referred clients depending on their activity.

Alpari affiliate program for forex traders

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Whenever a broker offers something risk-free and free, you have to study the terms: how free and how risk-free the offer is. The truth is that the trader, indeed, can take advantage of the offers for his own benefit. But that only applies to the experienced trader, not the novice trader. The novice trader will, at best, gain trading experience.

The broker has no goal to enrich the trader, the main task is to attract as many traders to trading as possible and motivate them to continuous trading. That is why brokers' offers always have certain restrictions. In most cases it is not allowed to withdraw the bonus from the account, it can only be used in trading. Brokers can change the conditions of bonus issue, and in case of suspicion in some unspecified actions with bonuses the trader can be deprived of both bonuses and results of trading.

It is necessary to clarify what currency pairs are subject to bonus conditions, what trading instruments can be used, whether there are any additional costs and whether brokers can impose restrictions on the maximum profit to be withdrawn from the account. If we are talking about the most competent way to start trading forex without any investment, it is most likely to be education and training on a demo account. For experienced traders participation in professional contests is promising.

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