Profitable Forex Trading without Risk – a Myth or Reality?

Published:5 February 2019 Updated:4 January 2024

Working on the currency market, a trader counts on profit, but one can only dream about guarantees here. Naturally, every trading system has its advantages and disadvantages, but in the overwhelming majority of cases all experienced traders are of the opinion that there is no trading without risk. Let’s try to get to the bottom of this question.

Any trader, who works in the Forex market, dreams to earn as much as possible and without risks. How realistic is a safe Forex Trading? When starting any business, you should always understand that there is a certain risk. It does not matter what you trade – currency or raw materials, there is always a risk to lose everything. Even if you invest your money in a bank account, no one will give you a complete guarantee, because there is a probability that the bank will go bankrupt.

It is necessary to understand that there is no option where you are always in the black, and stock trading is no exception. However, many newbies take it the wrong way. Most of them consider Forex as roulette and think that you just have to play (The whole truth about forex). Many people bet based on luck. Such an approach is fraught with a high probability of losses. Disappointed, many leave negative feedbacks about forex, but the blame lies entirely with them. The risk for the trader must be reasonable. You should think over every step in advance, set yourself realistic goals and leave greed aside.

Ways to reduce risk

The first thing to do is to prepare scrupulously for each transaction. Here the investor needs to apply all the tools at his disposal: technical and fundamental analysis, price charts, indicator signals.

Use the principle of diversification of funds, according to which trades are held on several currency instruments, and the trader uses various strategies.

Hedging can also help to reduce risks. This term implies opening trading positions in two directions at once. This method is most often used when the market is highly volatile and sudden price movements are expected. It is more than a reliable trading method, but the profit size will not be large. With this method it is necessary to be able to close the order in time for the profit to constantly grow.

The trader can use the possibilities of the trading terminal to limit the probable losses. For this purpose there is a stop loss, which limits the drawdown. If the quotes turn and go in a different direction than expected, then as soon as the stop-loss level is reached, the trade will close automatically.

You can use the advice of professional analysts. Everyone Forex broker has an analytics department that makes analytics freely available. Choose a few large companies, read each company’s analytics, monitor the accuracy of signals. For example, the analytical department AMarkets has been making accurate forecasts for years. They come out every day and you just need a little time to read them in the morning and make a conclusion: it is worth or not worth trading today.

Some brokers give paid signals, they are more accurate, but they are unlikely to suit us now, because we want to start trading with minimal costs.

Stocks of brokers with a risk-free deal

Inexperienced beginners are usually unsuccessful in the beginning, so many companies offer risk-free trading. The brokerage company protects the player’s trades from losses, and if they occur, it compensates them. Thanks to such trades, the risks of loss are reduced to zero.

So, let’s identify a number of brokerage companies that have this type of transaction.

First on the list is the broker Olimp Tradewhich offers the following offer: all clients who have VIP status can take advantage of risk-free trades. To get VIP status, a trader must have at least $1000 or 50,000 rubles on their deposit.

Next is the FiNMAX dealing center, which offers clients only one risk-free trade. It is available to all clients, but can only be the very first. The size of the deposit can reach $1,000 and if the investor’s forecast is wrong, the amount will automatically return to his account. There is only one condition – the size of the bet cannot exceed the amount specified in the rules. It can be used on any type of account. There are no restrictions on the withdrawal of profits.

The company Migesco offers an interesting option – “no deposit deal”, which allows traders to earn without risk to capital, because losses on insured transactions will be returned to the client. It is up to the client to choose how many trades he will save from losses.

I Grand Capital another offer. Traders can conduct risk-free trading all day long. In case of a loss, all the money will be returned to the client. It should be noted that you can take advantage of this promotion once a month, and you yourself choose the day on which the promotion will be active. All your losses will be returned to you in the form of bonuses. To withdraw the money, the volume of your transactions must exceed 40 times the amount of the bonus.

Trading without initial capital

To safeguard your capital, you can try your hand at the real market without investing money. You will experience all the delights of a real account, on the one hand, and completely save your money, on the other. You can use your broker’s money for this purpose, such as bonuses, promotions, contests, as a result of which you can receive a prize in the form of money, which you can withdraw or trade with. For example, such an opportunity is offered by AMarketswhich gives $10 for each invited friend. All new clients of the company will get a trading bonus 25% for each deposit within 1 month from $100 or the equivalent of this amount in another currency.

Let’s look at another company, this time we’ll take a broker Forexstartwhich immediately gives you an account with $100 waiting for you, for this you only need to complete a simple registration.

By the way, there is another real way to get money into your account without having to fund it. You can find a lot of forex forums on the Internet, which pay those who want to write posts. To be precise, this money is transferred to the trading account of a particular broker. Writing a dozen other articles will give you a start-up capital to start your trading activity.

Tournament on the demo account

Another way to fund your account without investing is to participate in the broker’s contest on a demo account.

For example, Finmax clients have an opportunity to take part in tournaments on demo accounts and not only participate, but also win cash prizes. Anyone can take part in such a competition and win real money without depositing in their account. You can either withdraw the money or use it to trade.

The company Alpari holds a “Virtual Reality” tournament. Here traders compete on demo accounts for 11 weeks. The prize for the first place is impressive and reaches $2500. The broker offers 15 prizes.

Broker LiteForex conducts a similar contest called “Best of the best. The contest is held every month, and there are five prizes. The first place prize is $4000.

We gave an example of only three brokers, in fact, tournaments and similar promotions have dozens of companies.

There are several other options for trading without risk

Affiliate programs. This way you can earn good money on forex without much difficulty. Investments are not needed and there is no need to take part in various events either. It is only necessary to involve new potential clients for the broker. If there will be a thematic site, you can conduct a proper attraction and make money.

Once again, let’s take AMarkets as an example, which increased its affiliate bonus 8-fold and now gives you the opportunity to get an additional bonus of up to $4000! Just think about it – $4000, becoming a partner of the company and starting to find clients for the broker. You don’t even have to think about trading!

No deposit bonus

Another way to keep your savings intact is to use a no deposit bonus. This bonus attracts new clients who can immediately start trading on a real account, not on a demo account.

This service is often available only once. To get a bonus, you have to register and verify your personal data. Since no broker offers bonuses for free, you cannot just withdraw them, you will have to fulfill a number of requirements, and each broker has its own.

For example, Grand Capital (site) there is a 25% no deposit bonus available. The money received can be used in a real account or withdrawn. You can use the bonus only once, the money can remain on the client’s account for six months.

The company Instaforex also offers such a bonus, which can be obtained after registration. You can withdraw your earnings after making transactions for 25 lots. $1000 dollars STARTUP bonus can be received by every new client. It is available for dollar accounts, except for cent accounts. To get the right to withdraw the profit, one must earn 10% of the total amount, and then replenish the deposit for the amount equal to the profit.

Broker Alpari (site) has developed a whole loyalty program for its clients. The broker is all about points, which the investor accumulates in order to exchange them later for real money. If Alpari Cashback had a motto, we would call it: “More points, more money”. The cashback points can be used in trading or cashed out. To earn points, the trader must actively trade on a demo account and take part in Alpari contests.

Trading without losing – work on a demo account

There is another option, which can be very useful for beginners. It is offered by AMarkets and it is efficient trading forex on a demo account. Such an account will help a trader to acquire trading skills, learn to understand the market, use a variety of tools, practice strategies, study indicators etc. The work on the “demo” will help to prepare well for real trading.

Forex with no investment is an attractive option, but don’t think you can get free benefits. A dealing center is not in the business of charity and if it offers any rewards, it is in pursuit of a profit.

Investing in forex without an initial deposit is attractive because there are no risks. But it is very difficult to earn that way, and even if you manage to earn something from the broker, it will be trifles.

Trading on own funds

There is always a risk here, although it can be mitigated by calm, non-aggressive trading. And, of course, it is good to be able to understand the nuances of the markets, take the time to analyze and read the necessary literature.

You can start with a small account to get a feel for small amounts. It will be enough to deposit $50 or $30 and trade with minimal volume. Don’t chase the profits, remember, your first and main task is to learn how to trade in the real market.

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