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Published:9 November 2017 Updated:4 January 2024

Forex bonuses today is an opportunity to get a successful start in trading without the risk of losing your own investments. Various promotions, special offers such as gift, educational, no deposit forex bonuses with and without withdrawal will be useful for newcomers forex tradingThe most important thing to do is to get a good start in this type of investing and not yet ready to risk personal funds. A successful start is usually hindered not only by the fear of losing money, but also by insecurity about one’s abilities and insufficient trading experience.

Modern Forex broker In the difficult conditions of competition it is important not only not to lose your client and give him the opportunity to comfortably familiarize himself with the platform and the market, but also to interest him in more interesting and profitable offers. Professional traders are also constantly looking for serious brokers who keep their promises for long-term cooperation. Today there are a lot of profitable actions and special offers available, which allow traders to trade productively with bonus funds and feel more confident. There are both deposit bonuses (credited when making a deposit), and more popular, no deposit forex bonuses, to use which the trader can immediately after registration on the broker’s platform, for this purpose it is not necessary to replenish the deposit.

No deposit bonus forex

No deposit bonus forex (what is forex?), perhaps this is one of the popular types of bonuses among traders, these are funds that are credited to the user’s account when specific conditions are met, most often for this trader needs to go through the registration procedure, to be a newcomer to the forex broker platform (most such bonuses apply specifically to new customers of the company). Forex bonuses without deposit are also interesting for professional market players.

To get your bonus, you just need to register, fulfill other conditions, for example, one of the common conditions for granting such a bonus is the full verification of the user. On the official website of the forex broker you can read the detailed conditions of no deposit bonuses. A trader who has used the no deposit forex bonus with withdrawal, subject to the conditions of its withdrawal, can withdraw funds from the platform. Such way to get real earnings without personal investment is especially attractive for traders today. Forex no deposit bonus 2017 is a unique opportunity to try your abilities in trading without spending your money.

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If forex trading brings you income and you feel confident in it, you can transfer money to the deposit and trade further. If you realize that such work is definitely not for you, the no deposit bonus will be burned and you won’t lose a penny of your money. And yet, Trader reviews about brokers on the Internet often testify to the inattention to such bonuses, the fact that users, having been interested in an attractive offer, take part in it and then cannot withdraw the funds that they seem to have earned. What is the problem here?

Behind an attractive offer there are always conditions for its use (mandatory withdrawals, etc.), which traders, especially inexperienced beginners, initially do not notice and do not study. And so you trade bonus funds and are about to withdraw them to your card. Problems arise, the broker refuses the withdrawal request and it is not his fault that you are not familiar with the terms of the bonus.

Modern brokers, no matter how client-oriented they are, do not work at a loss, no deposit bonus forex simply cannot be withdrawn, you can withdraw the income from trading with these funds, but only if you comply with the conditions of the bonus. All brokers have different conditions of bonuses, there is even a possibility to withdraw the bonus itself, but only after the necessary turnover is achieved. Some of the forex brokers’ bonuses have time limitations and after a certain period of time it is no longer possible to withdraw funds.

Because of the ambiguous reviews of traders about brokers, many users are skeptical about such offers. Nevertheless, it is worth to appreciate forex trading with bonuses and adequately estimate your possibilities. If you are looking for a great offer for forex trading, our top tip for you is to read the terms and conditions carefully. You should not be fooled by attractive slogans. Get to know more about the offer, it might be a trap that hides complicated withdrawal and payout conditions.

Examine the company providing you with the no deposit forex bonus as well, behind interesting and super profitable offers there can be a scammer who wants to get the client and his funds. The trader who is interested in the bonus starts trading, unaware that the profit is already programmed into the system. Inspired by success, he begins to transfer his personal funds and loses them. This is quite a common scam scheme, so it is worth to study the brokerage firmsOtherwise, you might just lose your time, money and desire to trade forex.

Forex signup bonus up to 100% from Alpari

Advantageous offer from a broker Alpari. To use it, all you have to do is:

  • Open an account on the official website of Alpari Broker (follow the special link by clicking on the promotion banner on the homepage company website),
  • Deposit a real account for any amount from 100$ for 7 days,
  • That’s it, the bonus is yours.

The offer can be used only once, it applies to the accounts of the company standard.mt4. To withdraw funds from the deposit, it is necessary to make a volume of transactions equivalent to the bonus amount within 30 days. If the necessary trading turnover is reached before 30 days, the trader can withdraw the bonus funds at once.

Get signup bonus

Alpari Cashback Program Bonuses from Alpari

This broker’s loyalty program is one of the most unique in the Forex industry. To become a member of the program, you only need to register using a special at.

Thanks to the program, the trader can trade, deposit, invest and receive bonuses in the form of points (alps), which can be used in any convenient way: exchange them for real money, use them to refund money that was spent on various commissions (that can be spreads, negative swaps). Points are also issued for simple actions: for example, registration on the broker’s platform, opening an account, depositing. The more active you are on the Alpari platform, the more points you earn and the more money you can withdraw.

Participate in the Alpari Cashback Program

Cashback from AMarkets: get up to 14$ per lot back to your account!

International AMarkets online broker launched a loyalty program with attractive conditions for clients. To become a member of the program, you need to submit an application in myAlpari.

By becoming a participant of AMarkets’ Cashback program, the trader will be able to get back funds from executed trades – up to $14 per lot! The broker created 5 levels of the program. In order to move to the next level, you need to make the required volume of trades within 30 days. From time to time it remains the same – 5 lots. From each lot a certain amount of money is returned to the client, which increases depending on the level. The longer you trade, the more money is returned to your trading account!

Learn more about AMarkets cashback at company website.

Welcome Bonus 250% from InstaForex

Registration bonus 250% is one of the most advantageous offers of the broker InstaForex, a unique opportunity to increase your deposit amount by 250%. More capital in your account means even more opportunities to earn income from forex trading. To participate in the bonus, you must:

  • To be a new user of the company,
  • Open an account and complete verification with a broker,
  • Fill a real account,
  • Make a special application on the website for a bonus.

You can withdraw all profits from trading bonus funds, you need to reach a certain trading turnover (it is calculated as follows: X*3 lots, X = amount of bonuses).

Get bonus 250%

Forex deposit bonus 55% from InstaForex

Attractive company bonus is valid with each deposit, it gives you the opportunity to automatically receive additional funds and to trade with a deposit of 1.5 times the amount. To take advantage of the bonus, you must:

  • Open an account with the company (the offer is not combined with other bonuses),
  • Replenish it,
  • Send an application saying that you would like to participate in the bonus.

Thus, bonus funds will be credited to each deposit you make, regardless of trading results. Allows you to trade large volumes to any trader (newcomer to the platform, existing client). You can withdraw all income from trading with bonus funds, but first you need to reach a certain trading turnover (calculated by the formula: X*6 lots, X here = volume of bonus funds).

Get bonus 55%

Forex 101% deposit bonus from FreshForex

Advantageous offer from a broker FreshForex – the opportunity to increase the amount of funds on the deposit by 2 times, and this is even more opportunities to make a profit from forex trading. Bonus is valid for each deposit. To take advantage of the offer, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Open an account (bonus is valid for ClassicMT4 or Market Pro MT4 accounts),
  • undergo the verification procedure,
  • Deposit at least 100$.

Get bonus 101%

Day of risk-free trading from Grand Capital

Beneficial forex bonus for users Grand Capital will allow you to trade the whole day without loss. To participate in the bonus you must:

  • Open an account,
  • Complete identity verification by providing supporting documents,
  • Then, in myAlpari (in the section devoted to promotions, select this bonus), specify the account and the date for which you would like to return the funds,
  • The bonus will be credited as soon as your application is submitted.

Bonus can be used by any client of the company (trading on Real Options, Real Options Pro accounts). The bonus is valid for those traders who deposited the account at least once a month. To withdraw the bonus, you must work it off completely, performing 40 times the amount of transactions that were received bonus.

Take part in the bonus

Forex no deposit bonus 500$ from Grand Capital

The no deposit forex bonus 500$ from Grand Capital is one of the biggest such offers among the brokers of the market. It can be used by any existing client of the company and new users. Bonus participants receive 500$ for real trading for 7 calendar days. When the bonus expires, the bonus is automatically deducted, leaving only the profit that the trader earned by trading the bonus on the account. This amount becomes a real account and can be used to trade or withdraw. To activate this real account, you must deposit at least an amount equal to the profit received from trading bonus.

This no deposit forex bonus is given to a trader only once. To take part in it, you only need to:

  • Open a training account,
  • Verify your identity (you only need to upload a scan of your passport to your personal cabinet and confirm your cell phone),
  • Submit an application to participate in the program.

Get bonus 500$

Cashback up to 7$ on each lot from NPBFX

Beneficial cashback from the company NPBFX – is an opportunity to get paid when making trades while trading forex. To become a member of the offer, you must:

  • Transfer to the deposit money, with a minimum amount of 100$,
  • Send an email to the broker’s email address about wanting to participate in the promotion.

The forex bonus allows you to get up to 7$ for each trade made. Scalping, automatic trading by robots and advisors is allowed during trading. Cashback is available for withdrawal from the platform, as well as for trading operations.

Get cashback up to 7$

Forex competition on Tickmill broker demo accounts

Competition on demo accounts from Tickmill with an opportunity to try your skills in a risk-free trading environment and get one of the cash prizes (total prize fund – 3000$), including the grand prize of 1000$. The winner, who took the first place, except for a decent cash prize, will also get a free VIP account. Forex contest is held every month, any user (both newcomers to the platform, and current clients of the company) can participate.

To participate in the competition you need:

  • Open a demo account,
  • Fill out an application to participate in the competition,
  • Next, you can start trading and get the prizes you deserve.

Participate in the demo competition

Forex bonus +10% for review from NewForex broker

Forex broker bonus NewForex will allow you to get additional 10% on your deposit to trade, both new platform users and regular customers are allowed to participate.

Any trader can take part in the bonus:

  • Open a First Stream or New Grade account with the company,
  • Leave three reviews about the broker on the thematic sites and forums dedicated to forex,
  • Write a letter to the broker with links and screenshots of the reviews.

The maximum amount of the bonus is 100$. The broker accrues a bonus regardless of the success of the trade. Bonus funds can be fully withdrawn.

Get your feedback bonus

Forex sign up bonus

Registration bonus on the broker’s platform is a forex bonus without a deposit, an opportunity to get an easy and risk-free start in trading. To take part in it, you only need to pass the registration procedure and that’s all, you can start trading. If you are not satisfied with the broker, the quality of the terminal, etc., you can change the platform without losing your money. If you want to withdraw funds and change the forex broker, keep in mind the terms of bonuses.

Wagering registration bonus

To get income from no deposit forex bonuses with withdrawal of profits, you need to keep in mind the conditions of their withdrawal. Forex Brokers are not willing to give you money for nothing. If you want to withdraw the bonus money, you have to fulfill a number of requirements. For example, confirm your identity by providing scans of documents, all of which are usually specified in the bonus terms and conditions. This is done so that you could not take part in the bonus again. Then, having received the funds on the account, you need to achieve, for example, 30-50-fold turnover during trading.

Often attractive registration bonuses are an illusion of “free cheese in a mousetrap”, aimed at attracting customers. In such a case, even if you meet all the necessary conditions for withdrawal, the fraudster will definitely find a reason to deny you the withdrawal. To avoid such an outcome, choose the broker you are going to work with attentively, do not believe in promising slogans of the companies, study the traders’ reviews about the brokers.

First deposit forex bonus

Such forex deposit bonus is provided by almost all modern brokers. When depositing an account forex broker transfers the client a welcome bonus, which can be up to 100%. Most often this amount does not exceed 30-50%. Here again, you will not be able to withdraw this money immediately. They will also have to be worked off by reaching a turnover of bonus funds, for example, 20-50 times. This is done again so that the trader does not immediately withdraw the bonus received, (considering himself the most thoughtful), but on the contrary, after completing a number of actions, he deservedly could transfer it and spend it the way he wants.

The whole truth about forex is that brokers do not agree to give money for nothing, it is not profitable for them, because the trader, having suddenly received money, can leave the platform forever, then it is funds wasted. Companies think through their policy of working with the client, encouraging those who are determined to trade forex and achieve more. Therefore, if you are going to seriously master the trading profession, you have nothing to fear. But that’s not all. If you take part in the welcome bonus, you must know that you cannot withdraw your bonus or your own money until you have worked off the broker’s funds. But what to do if you would like to change the platform, if the terminal does not suit you, or the service quality? You have to work off the funds, and then you can change broker.

Forex tournaments: how to earn the bonus?

Forex tournaments are held by brokers in order to encourage active users, they contribute to the improvement of experience in trading and allow to get good money in case of winning. Competitive events are constantly held by brokers and are popular among traders because very valuable prizes are offered for participation. Often competitions allow a brokerage company to see promising traders, which it can include in its staff.

Such Forex contests are held both on demo and real accounts. By participating free of charge in contests on a demo account, a trader gets an opportunity to earn money without investing. All kinds of Forex bonuses are offered to the winners of contests and tournaments: valuable gifts, cash prizes, which you can either withdraw immediately, or first wager a certain number of lots. Before taking part in any Forex tournament, it is worth studying the conditions of participation in it.

What does the term turnover mean?

This term means to try not to go into deficit for the entire volume of trades. Can a beginner forex player trade profitably without losing? It is unlikely. That’s why it’s not always worth using Forex bonuses for beginners, only if you have positive experience of real trading on Forex. If you have extensive trading experience, then reaching the required turnover, according to the terms of your bonus withdrawal, will be realistic. Forex beginners will find it difficult to achieve the necessary bar, respectively, you will have to leave all the money to the broker, find another brokerage company, where everything can happen again only because you have not calculated your strength and capabilities.

Forex gift bonuses

Gift bonuses Forex brokers are also known as temporary, offered to traders in honor of a high-profile event, holiday, or promotion. Gift offers especially entice users with various prizes, including valuable ones, and may promise an impressive percentage on the bonus. Such bonuses are carefully imposed on the user by company managers, who will call repeatedly and insistently urge you to top up your account as soon as possible, because the promotion is only valid until tomorrow morning.

Be careful when taking part in such bonuses, do not fall for the enticements of managers who are only interested in getting money from you and get lost, the rest you will have to sort out on your own: and most often you can expect unprofitable, unrealistic conditions of withdrawal of funds. In addition, forex gift bonuses are offered all the time, and before taking part in them you’d better think a few times.

Special forex bonuses

This is one of the types of forex gift bonuses. For example, the brokerage company will offer to double your income during the promotional period. So, if you can make 10-15 bets with the same amount, the broker will double your income on them. Bonuses work on special conditions, which you’d better find out in advance, otherwise among them there might be the need to make their 500-fold turnover (and this happens too, so be careful).

Risk-free forex bonuses

Risk-free transactions are also popular among traders today. Brokers offer them both to new users and professional market players. Most often on the market there are such variations: “three (four-five, etc.) first trades without risks”, “Day of riskless trade” (that is a whole day of lossless trade). As the broker promises, all funds lost as a result of trading will be returned to your deposit. It sounds interesting and attracts many traders, as it seems that you can trade as much as you want – there is no risk. It is worth paying attention to the terms of such bonuses: the funds that you will be returned will automatically become bonus funds and will need to be worked out, otherwise they cannot be withdrawn. Another bonus needle? It turns out, yes, beware of such “gifts” from your broker.

Deposit insurance

Another kind of risk-free bonus. If your bet was unprofitable for you, the broker will automatically return it to your deposit, all your capital will turn into a bonus and you have to work on your turnover to withdraw it. It turns out you’re back on the bonus needle.

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Educational forex bonuses

Educational bonuses from forex brokers are not uncommon in the market. Participants of such bonuses are offered as a gift various free educational materials – books (often they will be useless for you) or access to seminars and webinars. All you need to do is make a deposit. Webinars which are offered to a trader as a gift bonus can be either useful or just useless garbage.

Forex contests and competitions

Forex contests and various competitions cannot be considered as full-fledged bonuses, because in order to get a prize, you must participate in the contest. Today Forex Brokers The Forex market is always offering different contests, both on demo accounts and on real accounts. There is such a scheme of Forex contests, in which a trader is given an account with virtual money, and after the game, it turns out, it is necessary to work off the bonus, making the required amount of turnover of funds. In this case, the conditions may or may not be favorable. However, large companies prefer to make realistic conditions for working off the prize money, for example, a turnover of about 3-5 times. Often traders are offered Forex contests on demo accounts, while the broker gives real prizes. In this case you should also carefully study the conditions of participation in the contests, otherwise it can be so that the withdrawal of the prize money becomes a difficult task.

VIP forex bonuses

VIP forex bonuses 2017 are also not uncommon in the market. VIP traders in principle bring good income to the broker, so to attract such users there are special programs, promotions and forex bonuses, forming separate privileges for profitable clients. To become a participant of such bonuses one does not need much: only have a round sum of money (often from $30,000 to $100,000 and more) which should be transferred to the deposit for trading. Then a personal manager will contact the user with a whole list of exclusive offers and opportunities and do everything to make trading much more comfortable.

Forex bonuses: good or bad

Forex bonuses 2017 have earned the most contradictory reputation among traders. On thematic forums there is a lot of negative feedback from traders about the bonuses of different brokers: the broker does not fulfill the promise, the money cannot be withdrawn, the conditions for working off the bonuses are unfeasible, etc. And yet, “honest” forex bonuses exist, and with a thoughtful approach they will be useful to you. If for the professional player of Forex market bonuses are a real opportunity to increase his income, the beginners just “leak” their money to the broker, who is happy to take advantage of their naivety. Professionals have experience in trading, take the process of trading more seriously and will be able to perform the necessary turnover to withdraw the bonus funds, this is understandable. What about beginners? Here everything is simple and expected.

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Not knowing, what is forex and having no experience forex tradingThe new players of the market do not think twice and take part in the most profitable and interesting bonuses. It seems to them that bonus funds are given for nothing. But in the meantime it turns out that they can’t withdraw them, because the “crafty” broker asks to make a turnover. This is where the hapless traders lose all their money, because the terms of the offers turn out to be unprofitable and difficult to implement. There are a lot of such reviews of traders on the Internet and market players often complain that the broker allegedly did not explain them the terms of the bonus, even deliberately hid them. What can I say, Forex is the kind of work where you have to be for yourself and if you are ready for serious productive work no “noodles” are afraid of you.

We can say that the unspoken purpose of forex bonuses (the whole truth about forex here) is tying the trader to the trading terminal and until you work off the bonus, you don’t get the funds. The advantage of such approach for the company is that the broker really gets the client who is trying to work off the funds. If you don’t want to work off the bonus – the broker will be happy to, because he keeps the money anyway. So how to avoid falling for another broker’s tricks in the form of bonuses? It’s very simple: read the terms and conditions of bonuses and before you take part in them you should think carefully whether you need them or not.

Re-deposit forex bonus

Forex re-deposit bonus is another one of the most popular bonuses among traders. It would seem that the broker obviously appreciates its user and therefore gives another bonus for repeated replenishment of the deposit with real funds. Sounds interesting, traders take advantage of it. But even here it is not so simple. This is another way to “bind” the client to the trading terminal by making him work off the bonuses. As a rule, repeated bonuses are smaller in size than welcome offers at registration. If you are confident in your abilities, the honesty of your broker (learn how to choose the right forex broker, hereIf you are not sure of anything yet, think very carefully about why you need such a “needle” and whether it would be better to gain experience by trading in your standard account. If you are not sure about anything yet, think very carefully why you need such a “needle” and whether it is better to gain experience by trading on your standard account.

Cashback Bonus from Forex brokers

Cashback is a special program for returning a portion of the money that the trader has used in transactions. Such programs can be oriented both to new users and to the company’s regular clients. The reimbursement is usually made for both loss-making and profitable trades. The amount of cashback and the terms of the program are different for each broker, it is worth carefully studying this information. Usually you do not need to perform additional steps to get cashback, everything happens automatically.

Forex bonus for invited friend

Forex bonus for an invited friend (or recommendation bonus) is another of the common offers of brokers. To take part in such a promotion and receive bonus funds, it is necessary to bring new clients of the company. In this case the bonus amount may be up to 100$. But here, too, you need to read the terms of the program carefully – if you want to get the cash, you need to have a friend you bring not just inquire about the broker’s platform, but also actively work on it, making bets.

What are forex bonuses for?

After getting acquainted with the main forex bonuses 2017 every trader should clearly understand why they are needed and whether they are needed. Of course, bonuses are necessary and their benefits are undeniable. In today’s highly competitive environment it is not easy for brokerage companies to win their clients and various bonuses are designed to attract the attention of the audience of both new and professional traders.

Bonuses allow you to increase the amount of funds on the deposit or even begin trading forex without investment; they are needed for traders in the following cases:

  1. Start forex trading without investing personal funds. So, the user does not risk his capital and has the opportunity to earn and withdraw real money, without spending his personal capital;
  2. Minimize the risks of possible losses by increasing the size of the deposit. The more funds on the account, the higher is the probability to get income. In this case, if the trader has experience in trading, he will be able to manage the capital correctly and achieve good results;
  3. Overlap the negative balance, in the case of unprofitable trades, and continue trading on forex, getting the opportunity to earn money;
  4. To get acquainted in practice with Forex brokerThe trading conditions, its trading terminal, and the conditions of work. Trading with the virtual funds of the no deposit bonus, sometimes it is quite easy to see in a broker a scammer who does not keep his promises. In this case, you can protect your funds and simply leave such a company.

How to use Forex bonuses correctly?

If you are interested in a forex broker bonus, you should:

  • Study the reputation of the broker (reviews of traders on the Internet, etc.) and choose a forex broker,
  • Explore the terms and conditions of the forex bonus with withdrawal of capital,
  • Study the peculiarities of the withdrawal of money (which turnover should be done to be able to withdraw funds),
  • Prepare for a serious attitude during the bidding,
  • Do not rush into seemingly lucrative bonuses (especially if they are offered by dubious brokerage organizations).

You should not take part in seemingly lucrative offers of brokers right away, because the bigger your deposit size, the harder it is to trade, it’s easier to get confused in the process and lose everything. Start with the minimum deposit (for example, up to 100$) and minimum bonuses, which do not exceed 20%.

Money management for forex bonus turnover

Often, traders believe that in order to succeed in forex trading (The whole truth about forex) They only need a profitable strategy and they search for it around the clock, testing it, but still can’t avoid losing it. Why does this happen? Because they do not take into consideration money management – simple understandable rules, which help trader to decrease risks and always have profit, even in case of losses. The difference between a professional market player and a beginner is that he or she works consciously with the deposit. So, what are the rules of money management?

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  • The size of one transaction should not be more than 5% of the amount on your deposit.
  • Use stop losses, protective orders, which will save you from possible losses.
  • In the case of 2-3 losing trades, it is better to stop trading and leave the market.

Don’t try to break even and recoup your losses. Then what to do if the work only brings losses:

  • Stop work because you either don’t understand the market or you make mistakes in forecasting, etc.
  • Return to the stage of trading on a demo account (record the results on paper, in the trader’s diary).
  • If you achieve positive results, you can go back to the real market.

Money management helps to organize the work with the deposit so that its size increases smoothly, and losses became less.

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