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An online hypermarket of low-priced goods from China, mainly engaged in international wholesale trade.
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518000, China, Guangdong Province, 9/F, Shenzhou, Bei Er 2, Bantian Ave.
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TVC Mall
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English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German
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PayPal, JCB, American Express, Bank Transfer, Bank Card (Visa/MC)
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Auto goods, Goods from China, Tools and garden equipment, Sports, Beauty and Health, Digital and household appliances, Music and sound
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Online store of wholesale goods from China at low prices
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All countries in the world
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Courier delivery, Transportation companies
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FedEx, UPS Express, DHL, ePacket, China Post, AIR, Air Mail, Sea Freight
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From 3 daysDepends on the destination country
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Registration8% for a paid new user order and 6% for subsequent ones
Wholesale goods from China at low prices
Convenient payment and delivery methods
Round-the-clock technical support, promotions and discounts
Affiliate Program
Quality goods and a wide range of products
Easy site navigation and many search filters
Fast ordering and tracking
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PRC law
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      518000, Kitay, Guandun province, 9/F, SHenychzhou, Bei Er 2, Bantian pr-kt, r-n Lungan

      TVC-Mall is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: July 29, 2020 Updated: February 14, 2023

      The company TVC-Mall was founded in the summer of 2008, and in 2009 already appeared a full-fledged online store TVC, which is engaged in international cross-border trade of digital electronics, accessories, and related products. This Chinese online store stands among the leaders in the sale of phones, spare parts and accessories.

      Today, TVC is represented in many countries around the world, including the Russian Federation. We will tell you, is it safe to shop online or is TVC-Mall a scam?


      Why TVC-Mall?

      The online store has been operating for more than ten years and during this time has reached certain indicators, which undoubtedly attracts the attention of the consumer, from the good side. At present the number of regular customers of the store has exceeded one million. These are both individuals ordering for personal use, and wholesale customers, organizations ordering a large number of electronics units at once for further resale.

      The store is trusted by more than a thousand suppliers, among which are well-known global brands. The company specializes more in wholesale sales, defining low competitive prices for customers, but can also sell piece goods at a wholesale price. TVC provides round-the-clock support and constantly applies various discounts and promotions for new and regular customers. Website is available in seven languages, and you can pay in two dozen different currencies.

      What can I buy at TVC-Mall?

      Among the store's products you will find many accessories for cell phones, consumer electronics, computer products, items for home and garden, toys, goods for outdoor recreation and accessories for cars. There are several thousand items in total.

      Cell Phone Products

      The store allows you to buy everything you need to repair phones and tablets. There are all kinds of screwdrivers, fine drills, various gauges, and emergency universal batteries. It also sells screens and glue for them, touch sensors, buttons, boards, and wiring for some phones.

      Consumer Electronics

      This large category includes sports camcorders, digital microscopes, smart home devices, smart bracelets, memory cards, microphones, virtual reality devices and other interesting gadgets.

      Computer peripherals

      It consists of memory storage devices, flash drives, portable hard drives, wireless keyboards, programmers, routers, mice, printers (including 3D ones). In this section you can also choose a case for your laptop or tablet.

      Tools and electrical appliances

      The assortment includes screwdriver and drill sets, heavy-duty ultra-thin tweezers for gripping and holding the smallest parts, various flexible and semi-rigid endoscopes with illumination, multimeters and tools for soldering technology.

      Home and Garden

      A huge category where you'll find cleaning supplies, interior decorations for the holidays, home decor, bags and suitcases, textiles, stationery and gardening products.

      Sports and outdoor recreation

      Mostly there are things you need for camping and cycling. But in addition to these items, you can also find everything you need for diving or surfing, sports headphones, binoculars and tent accessories.

      Automotive Accessories

      In the car accessories section, you can buy cigarette lighter chargers, compressors, GPS navigation and tracking systems, video recorders, car alarms and audio systems. It is worth noting that the availability of goods is not in all categories. That is, you can go to any section, but it will be empty. It's possible that these are recently added product groups, and the site administration hasn't had time to fill them up yet.


      How do I find the right product at

      To find the right product on the website tvc-mall.comThe TVC offers a choice of categories. There are a total of 16 categories, which in turn are subdivided into several more groups. The site is designed to look like the famous AliExpress. In addition, if you know the exact name of the product you're looking for, you can type it into the search bar above the catalog, and the system will give you all the matching options in just a couple of seconds. For a quick search of spare parts or accessories, links to frequently requested phone models are highlighted below the search bar.

      And if you know only part of the characteristics you are looking for, on the right side of the search bar you are prompted to specify part of the data to see grouped sentences from which you can later find what you need.

      Product card

      By clicking on a product, the user will be redirected to its card. The card has several high-quality photos, with the ability to enlarge them for a detailed consideration of the possible future purchase, a detailed description of the product, where its characteristics, materials, dimensions and other data are written. An important point is the presence of the section for reviews. The uniqueness is that here the comments are written not by specially trained people who get paid for leaving good or bad reviews, but by regular customers who received the goods and experienced it in action. TVC does not delete or edit reviews, so you can get an honest opinion from honest people. From the product card, you can add the item to your cart or wishlist. You can also make a bulk purchase at an even lower price.


      How do I order from TVC-Mall?

      Place an order online is very simple - go to its card, specify the desired number of units and choose one of the options, namely you can buy immediately, in one click, or add the item to the cart to select something else and then order all at once. Anyway, it is possible to place an order only after creating an account on the site or logging in to the previously created personal account, but you can also fill the cart with the necessary items before registration.

      How do I register at

      To create a personal account, find the word "Registration" at the top of the main page on the right and click on it. The system will take you to a new window, where you will need to fill out a special form, indicating your e-mail address, full name and the country where you live. You must also come up with a password of at least 6 characters and duplicate it. The registration gives you the opportunity to subscribe to the website newsletter, which allows you not only to get the latest information about products in the store, but also to participate in periodic marketing events and get discounts and other benefits. Registering on the site, the user agrees with the current personal data processing policy and the rules of use of the Internet resource.

      Personal Cabinet

      The personal account of the site consists of several sections, each of which is responsible for specific actions.

      My account

      Viewing general information: Here you can see the trading site's operating hours for different countries, as well as a calendar of working days. Although orders can be placed at any time of the day, they are only placed during working hours. Additionally shown is the available balance for payment of orders. It is possible to replenish the internal account and write off money for the goods from there, not from the card. This is done to make it easier to place orders.

      My orders

      The section for controlling purchases. Here goods appear already from the moment they are added to the cart. In this case they get the status "Pending". Each order is given a number, thanks to which it can be tracked during the movement of the parcel. Unnecessary items can be deleted here or only a part of the items added to the cart can be made out.

      Next are the sections that may be useful, mostly after the order has been placed. We will list them, but will not describe them in detail. Names of some sections are not clear, because of low-quality translation of the site into Russian. There are also the following sections in the Personal Area:

      • My recommendations. What you have recommended to other users after purchase.
      • Wish List. Goods added to your favorites list.
      • My projects. Ability to add their own products for sale. Approval of the site administration is required in advance.
      • Notifications. Various system alerts on orders and not only.
      • My Reviews. All comments you leave about the products.
      • My coupons. Bonus certificates and coupons from TVC promotions.
      • My scores. Bonus points for further payment of goods.
      • Messages. Correspondence with customer service and with sellers.
      • My Rewards.. Referral program.
      • Shopping Service. Feedback form to search for a product according to its description.
      • Security Center. Change your password and confirm your email address.
      • My profile. Edit your personal data, edit your data as a wholesaler for more convenient cooperation with TVC-mall (if required). Here you can also upload your photo or company logo as an avatar.

      How to place an order?

      To place and then pay for the order, go to the cart by clicking on the appropriate button. Then you are offered to look through the selected items once again, unnecessary items can be removed, and the missing quantity can be added. This window shows the total weight of all orders and the total price. At this stage you can apply a coupon code to get an additional discount, as well as place the order as a bulk order at a lower cost.

      Additional features

      In addition to the standard shopping experience, TVC offers its users the opportunity to become a merchant on the marketplace. To do so, you need to provide the site with the legal data of your store and submit the corresponding request via a support request. In this way, it will be possible to sell your assortment worldwide. Details on this should be obtained from the technical support. Let's take a look at what additional features are offered to all users.

      Notifications about promotions and special offers

      By subscribing to the newsletter, you'll receive regular emails and personal account messages. Since there are over a thousand sellers on the site, and each of them is competing for customers, you will be notified about discounts and promotions almost every day. All you have to do is wait for the promotion for the product you want and take advantage of the discount offered.


      Mobile application

      The service has not yet created its own mobile application, guiding people to make purchases from the desktop version of the site. It's more convenient if a wholesale buyer sells goods whose external characteristics are important, because it's more convenient to review the purchase from the computer screen than from the phone. And paying bills, if it's a legal entity, won't be particularly convenient if it's done through a phone. Nevertheless, having a mobile app would be a powerful argument in attracting retail private customers.


      Payment and delivery at TVC-Mall

      TVC-mall provides several options for paying for orders - they are both online and offline wires:

      • Mastercard, Visa, JCB and American Express bank cards.
      • Electronic payment system PayPal.
      • Bank transfer according to details (for legal entities).
      • Online banking from Citibank.

      When selecting any of the payment methods, the line below in small print indicates the commission of the payment system. So, to pay by plastic card, the commission is 3.3% of the total amount of the order, and when paying by PayPal the commission is less and is equal to 2.4%.

      How do I pay for my order?

      After specifying the number of items and eliminating unnecessary items in the cart, click on the "Checkout" button. Then you will be redirected to a new window where you have to specify the delivery address (if you have not done this before in the settings of your personal account) and select the payment method. If you choose bank transfer, you need to ask the seller for payment details, and after receiving them to go to the bank.

      Ways to deliver the product

      TVC-mall delivers goods by land by air and sea. The Marketplace currently cooperates with a number of transportation companies listed below:

      • FedEx.
      • UPS.
      • AIR.
      • EMS.
      • DHL.
      • E-packet.
      • China Post.
      • Shipping.

      The longest delivery is by sea. It takes 30 to 45 days. For each delivery service on the website there are approximate terms, which may be changed due to different conditions, such as delays at customs or bad weather that does not allow transportation. Separately for European countries there is a rail delivery, you can receive the parcel in 30-40 days after it has been cleared.

      Return Policy at

      To return a defective product and your money you need to send the support service photos of defects detected after opening the package. TVC informs that it will compensate the loss with a discount on the next order, replace the defective product or refund the entire amount spent to the same details from which the purchase was paid for.


      Bonuses at TVC-Mall

      In addition to discounts from different merchants, the site has its own motivational programs that attract new users from all over the world.

      All at $0.99 has a separate category with items priced at 99 cents. You can buy bumpers and cases for popular smartphone models here. The range is made up of plastic, rubber, silicone and combination cases.

      Best sellers

      Another separate category in which you can buy the most popular and best-selling items at the lowest price. Many of the items in this selection cost less than a dollar. Here you can find cables, protective glass, tablet cases, coasters, and even a posture corrector, definitely useful for those who spend a lot of time in the same posture at the computer.


      On the page with the same name, you can find coupons that give a discount on purchases for different amounts. To get it, you need to click on the button "Grab now". The coupon will be added to your personal account, and from there you can apply it before you pay. The discount on the coupon will only work when you spend the minimum specified amount.

      Subscription discount

      Sign up for special promotions and receive a 3% discount for subscribing to the newsletter.


      In this section, you can buy items already with a bigger discount, the amount of which is limited to 50% of the cost of goods. These are electronics and various accessories with tools for repairing equipment.


      For its 12th anniversary, TVC is offering everyone to buy all sorts of items at discounts of up to 40%, allowing them to save a significant amount.

      These promotions are presented on as separate events, but clicking on the image of any of them will take you to the same page. Apparently, the store administration decided not to bother creating separate promo categories, but just made several different approaches to the same catalog.

      Referral program

      By distributing on your personal resources referral link received in your personal cabinet, you can earn extra income by attracting new customers. On the referral program from the Spa Network Admitad you will receive 8% from each retail order of a new referred customer and 6% for all subsequent payments. The store will also provide you with promotional materials, access to coupons, and other merchandising benefits.


      Complaints about TVC-Mall

      It is quite difficult to find comments about an online store on the Internet. In most cases, when you ask for reviews of TVC-mall, there are links with reviews of people about specific products bought, not about the marketplace. Still, it is possible to find something. There are no reports that the site conducts fraudulent activities, on the contrary, the goods come with quality. If, nevertheless, you have to make a return, it is not much of an inconvenience.

      If there are any reviews about TVC-Mall online store, we'll be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Supervisory authorities

      TVC-Mall online store is the property of the Chinese organization of the same name with the registered office at 9/F, Shenzhou, Bei Er 2, Bantian Prospect, Lungang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, zip code 518000. The Chinese authorities are the only legitimate regulator. Before making purchases, it is advisable to study the site's terms of use, which, by the way, are not available for review, and the policy on processing personal data. User Agreement

      Although the main user document is not available, you can explore the other sections that govern the relationship between the store and the user. To do this, find the "About TVC" line at the bottom of the site, click on it, and go to the "Support and Policy" section. Under these policies, the company may change any information on the site without first informing users. A customer of the store can be a person over the age of 18. If he or she is younger, making orders must be under the supervision of a parent or other guardian.

      The store's responsibility for the order is lost as soon as the shipping company receives the order. In other words, if your order is lost in transit, TVC is not responsible for it. All claims to the shipping company.

      TVC-mall may, at its sole discretion, terminate a user's access to the personal account at any time. The account may be blocked or deleted with or without all personal data. This may happen if the administration detects a violation of these rules.

      Customer Service

      There are several ways to get advice from representatives of the trading floor. This can be a feedback form or email messages. In addition, it is possible to communicate online using Skype or WhatsApp. For those who know Chinese at a conversational level, hotline support is available. Managers answer the phone from 09:30 to 18:30 (GMT +8) from Monday to Saturday.


      Is TVC-Mall a scam?

      TVC-Mall sells hundreds of thousands of items daily worldwide, except in the U.S. (due to political misunderstandings). Customers place single retail orders as well as large bulk orders for sale in their own stationary or online stores. The organization has been in business since 2008, which speaks to the extensive experience of TVC management.

      Reviews on the Internet report good quality of the goods sent, which means that works with reliable suppliers. Carrying out international trade for millions of dollars, it is simply not profitable for the store to cheat its customers. That's why it works honestly and doesn't cheat users at all.



      TVC-Mall offers a huge variety of products for electronics repair, accessories for phones, tablets, laptops and other equipment. On the site you can buy equipment for professional photography and video recording, quadcopters and even some equipment for tourist diving.

      The site constantly applies various promotions and special offers, which allow you to buy many products at a discount. And for wholesalers, the cost of goods is even further reduced, allowing you to buy a large batch at a bargain price.

      Assortment of goods
      Easy ordering
      The work of the store delivery service
      Convenience of returning goods


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        Assortment of goods
        Easy ordering
        The work of the store delivery service
        Convenience of returning goods
        As for the range, price and quality...

        As for the range, price and quality of the products at TVC-Mall, there are no complaints about these points. And the constant discounts and promotions help to save even more. I would like to know if our readers have tried ordering from TVC-Mall. You can leave your feedback in the comments below.

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