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0.0 is an international online store of designer clothes and shoes with settlements in different currencies. Profitable discounts and the possibility of free delivery.
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Suite 31a, Philpot House, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7HH, United Kingdom
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CHICV UK Limited
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English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc.
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Bank card (Visa/MC), PayPal, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, Discover
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The store cooperates with Afterpay installment service
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Clothing, Footwear and Accessories
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Online store of designer clothes and shoes with worldwide delivery
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Online shipment tracking
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The whole world
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Courier delivery, Transportation companies, Self-delivery
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Round the clockDepending on the company chosen
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From 109 USD
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Registration12% of the amount of the paid order of the attracted user
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Free shipping option
Huge catalog - 22,000+ products
Fast shipping
Lots of great deals, sales and other bonuses
Original, high-quality and exclusive products from independent designers
Returns are paid by the buyer
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UK government
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      Suite 31a, Philpot House, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7HH, United Kingdom

      Lilicloth is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: March 18, 2021 Updated: February 14, 2023

      Lilicloth is an online shopping platform that brings together products from international designers. Orders are delivered all over the world. Judging by the reviews, the production is Chinese.

      Is it safe to wire prepaid purchases to a vendor? - a scam or a reliable vendor? These are the questions we will try to answer.


      Why Lilicloth?

      The Lilicloth catalog contains more than 22,000 products. The site is easy to navigate thanks to the multi-level catalog, filter system, and sorting. Other advantages online store are:

      • The 15-day return period. It's frustrating that you have to ship the order back to the company at your own expense. However, the seller also offers compensation without sending the order back, with a partial loss of money.
      • Sales, discount coupons, gift for subscription and first order, seasonal promotions and other bonuses. There are several promotions on the site all the time. And subscribers to the promotional newsletter receive personalized offers.
      • Free shipping from $109.
      • The delivery is fast enough. The expedited rate is 2 to 5 business days, the normal rate is 7 days.
      • Good user reviews. Ratings on major international reviewers range from 3.7-4.5 out of 5.

      What can I buy at

      Lilicloth collection - men's and women's closet items, selected according to the season and demand. Annual arrivals are at least 1,000 new items.


      Models with floral prints, animals, European classics, ethno, inscriptions and other styles - there are 5,600+ items in the catalog. The price tag starts at just over $5 per item. You can customize your choice of pattern, color, and size.

      Hoodies and Sweatshirts

      Trendy things with holographic or 3D design, winter, demi-seasonal and summer sweatshirts with and without hood, different sleeve lengths and models in general. Fabrics are natural and man-made.

      Blouses and shirts

      Presented in the current collections. In this case it is spring 2021, so the models are light, mostly free cut and with floral motifs. Although there are also single-color blouses and shirts, polka dots, stripes, etc. There are a lot of models with embroidery. There are about 500 products in this section.


      This includes all closet items that are worn below the waist (except underwear): pants, skirts, breeches, leggings, jeggings, shorts, etc. At, there are about 600 such garments.

      Products for Men

      Men can buy T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, shoes, hats and accessories in the online store. The collection assembled for them includes 608 items. Costs range from $7.99 to $55.17.

      Shoes and Accessories

      The assortment of the section is about 1000 items: jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, etc.), hats, scarves, scarves and polo shawls, gloves, socks shoes and much more.


      Only female paraphernalia: bathing suits (one-piece and separate), tops and bottoms (shorts, bikinis, tankinis, etc.). Only 32 variants at the moment. Cost starts at $9.86 and ends at $30 per model.


      How do I find the right product on the Lilicloth website?

      Goods on the site are assigned a unique code - the article code. By it, as well as by the name, you can search for an item using the search bar above the top menu. Also for the choice of products catalog is used, divided into groups of things (swimwear, blouses, shirts, etc.), collection (new seasonal items are placed in a separate item) and popularity. In each of the sections added filters by characteristics and cost, as well as sorting results - by popularity, newness, descending/escalating price and seller's recommendations, based on ratings (we'll come back to this).

      Product card

      Lilicloth's product cards contain detailed specifications of items, from available sizes and colors to composition and washing conditions. The seller has added size charts so that there is no confusion due to differences in national standards in different countries. And a large number of enlargeable photos. In addition to the above, the cards allow you to explore:

      • Terms of payment, delivery and return.
      • Available bonuses.
      • Feedback from other customers.

      You are free to leave a comment or go to the recently viewed items - their list is displayed at the very bottom.


      How to order from the Lilicloth online store?

      Ordering at is done only by adding items to cart. You can use the button "Add to cart" and fill out a detailed questionnaire with contacts. Or you can click "Buy now" and leave out some of the fields. In the latter case you will be able to make a payment only through PayPalto which the payment details and other personal data are linked. This is the so-called express cash register.

      How do I register at

      Registration for is mostly for keeping track of your purchase history. It is not offered to you when you place new orders. To register, select "Sign in / Join for free" in the site's header and fill out the form on the right with an e-mail address and password.

      Personal Cabinet

      The user account includes 3 sections:

      • "Order List. This is the purchase history with details and information on current orders.
      • "Address." It is saved in the database and is automatically inserted in the corresponding fields of new online applications.
      • "Change Password". Reset the current password and create a new one.

      How to place an order?

      The first step of ordering at is to add an item to cart. Go to it by clicking on the "View cart" button in the window that opens. You check the list of items and, if you want, add something from the seller's recommendations.

      The system will offer you to place an express order with payment via PayPal - it is a short form, most of the data is taken from the payment system, to which your bank card, address and contacts are linked. Or fill in the form on the site, specifying all the necessary information yourself.

      You will then proceed to selecting the delivery method (standard or expedited rate) and payment (PayPal or bank card). When the money arrives to the seller's account, he will transfer the order to the delivery service. All changes will be displayed in your personal account on (if you have one) and will be sent to the email specified in the application.

      Additional features

      To these we referred the blog, named by the seller Community, subscription to advertising newsletter, the option of online order tracking (tracking) and reviews with ratings in the product cards.

      Subscription to the newsletter

      This is done through the form in the footer of the site (you must enter your email address and confirm it by clicking on the link in the letter) and during the registration phase of the personal account (you check or uncheck the box next to the seller's offer). You receive notifications about promotions and special offers in the letters from the merchant. The option is free and can be deactivated at any time.

      Blog (community)

      It publishes selections of interesting products, clothing design ideas, novelty reviews, and simply entertaining information. It has been published several times a week since the end of January of this year. There aren't many yet, but the blog is gradually growing.

      Online shipment tracking

      A form has been added to the Tracking order section (from the footer of the online store). In it you enter your e-mail address, to which your personal account or order is connected, and the number of this order - it will be assigned immediately after checkout. The system will display the current data about the parcel: what stage of processing it is at and what is the approximate time of arrival to the address.

      Product reviews and ratings

      In product cards the option to leave a comment about it is available. This can be done even by an unregistered (unauthorized user), but each message is moderated. In addition to the text (review), the item is rated on a five-star scale. Taking into account all the scores, ratings are generated, with the help of which you can then sift out items in a search.

      Size charts

      Because size labels and units (inches, centimeters) can vary from country to country, there is a possibility of error when ordering remotely. Therefore, the seller has added size tables to the cards with deciphering what each of the designations means in the description.


      Mobile application does not have a downloadable application for mobile devices. If you use a phone and a tablet, you open the mobile adaptation of the web version of the online store. The functionality on the narrow format is the same as on the desktop, the buttons work correctly, the text is readable, and the design elements do not "overlap" each other.


      Payment and Shipping at Lilicloth

      The online store operates on a prepayment basis. You can pay for your order by VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, American Express, Diner Club, Discover and via PayPal. The seller cooperates with Afterpay installment service and offers payment in 4 stages. After the store confirms the payment, the order is sent to the logistics department. Its processing, according to the information on the site, takes from 3 to 5 working days. After that the parcel with the order is given to the carrier. Calculations are made in different currencies. There is a choice of American, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand dollars, Euros, and British pounds. So holders of other currencies have to pay a conversion fee.

      How do I pay for my order?

      Payment is the final step of the checkout. If you selected PayPal, the system will redirect you to the authorization page of the payment system and will ask to log in to your account or register in it, and then confirm the payment. If the credit card - right on the site you will need to enter its number, expiration date, CVC/CVV code and the name of the holder in Latin letters. And then enter the code from the SMS sent by the bank as a verification of the transaction.

      Shipping methods

      He does not name the carriers the seller works with. Only the rates and estimated delivery times are listed on the site:

      • Standard - 7 to 30 working days.
      • Expedited - from 2 to 5 working days.

      Free shipping is available for orders over $109.

      Ways to return merchandise

      If the item has already been shipped to you, you cannot cancel without receiving it. You have to wait for delivery first. From that point, you have 15 calendar days to submit a return request to customer service - this is done by email. The item will need to be returned, with the cost of shipping borne by you. The money will be transferred to the account from which the payment was made.


      Lilicloth Bonuses

      The seller's bonuses are mostly discounts on promo codes (coupons). In addition, every season there are sales, there are gifts for subscribing to the newsletter and discounts on the first order. Let us tell you more about it.

      10% discount on first order

      If you're a new customer, you can expect a 10% discount on your first order. To do this, enter promo code SUN10 in the special field in your shopping cart when you check out. Note that the bonus does not add up to the rest and does not apply to promotional items that are already available at a discount. For example, as part of the sale of the winter collection.

      A gift for subscribing to the newsletter

      Those who sign up for a free subscription to receive the seller's promotional notifications (we talked about it just above), the seller gives a 15% discount on the next purchase. The promo code will come in one of the emails from after you confirm your email address.

      Discounts of up to 50 USD for St. Patrick's Day

      The British holiday, which is celebrated on March 17, has become an occasion to organize another sale. Things are offered at a discount of up to $50. And in addition, there is a system of promo codes:

      • For orders of 89 $ or more, there's a 10 $ discount with promo code SD10.
      • For orders of 139 or more $, discount 30 $ with promo code SD30.
      • On orders of 209 $ or more with promo code SD50.

      Discounts on designer clothes

      Designer T-shirts, tops, dresses, pants, skirts, jeans, home and other clothes on are on sale now at good discounts. For example, a denim jumpsuit is $39.99 instead of $65.

      4+1 offer

      Several thousand items, which the seller has included in the Bestseller section, participate in the promo: when ordering 4 items from the section, the buyer gets the 5th one as a gift. Detailed conditions - terms, limitations, compatibility with other promotions - are not spelled out.

      T-shirts on sale with a print

      The seller's sale also includes T-shirts, which can be purchased at half price or at a lower discount. Say, for $14.67 instead of the usual $18.57.

      Up to -50% on winter collections (recycling)

      The Winter Clearance section of the site's main menu contains 600 or so items from the winter collection. They are sold out at minimal cost. The size of the discount reaches the same 50%.

      Discounts in "quick deals

      Similar to AliExpress and other similar sites, has so-called "quick deals" - flash deals. This is a selection of offers put up for a limited time. Such items are much cheaper than their counterparts. In this case, prices can be reset to 50%.

      Gift on orders of $99 or more

      When you order more than $99 worth of merchandise online, you can count on a gift: a cloth shopper bag. It will come with your order, even if you don't mention in the comments that you want to participate in the promotion.

      Affiliate Program is included in the affiliate network Admitad. Therefore, the partners of the store can earn by attracting new customers to his site. The rate is 12% of the amount of the order paid by such customers. To participate in the program you need to register and leave an application on the page of the offer on the site partner networks. After it is approved, you will be sent a unique link and will be given access to the advertising banners.

      All of this will be allowed to be posted on third-party resources - only the cashback traffic is allowed. Each user who clicked on the link will be considered a subscriber of the partner. His purchases will be used to calculate the percentage reward. The statistics of conversions and money accruals are displayed in the Affiliate LRC on Admitad.


      Complaints about

      The online store has good ratings on international reviewers like Trustpilot or Scamadviser. The average rating ranges from 3.7-4.5 out of 5. However, the administrators of some resources have noted that they have found fake reviews (comments that have not been verified and contain praise for the seller).

      They have been deleted, but the very fact makes you wonder. Anyway, a lot of good things have been written about Customers say that it is a pleasure to choose on the site, and the goods come well packed and are delivered within a few days on the exact date. Customers criticize the cheapness of the clothes: the material, the tailoring, the cut. And they write about problems with returning things they don't like: you have to pay for return shipping to China to receive compensation, and that, more often than not, costs more than the goods themselves.

      If reviews of the Lilicloth online store come up, we'll be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Supervisory authorities

      The owner of the online store is CHICV UK Limited. The organization is registered in the UK, as evidenced by the entry in the public register. Its business registration number is 11746793. The company registration date is January 2, 2019. In the event of disputes that cannot be resolved at the company level, consumers can turn to both local legal systems and the independent dispute resolution regulator, ODR.

      Lilicloth User Agreement

      The User Agreement, Terms of Service, is written in English. This language version is the primary version - all translations are of secondary importance when it comes to legal proceedings. Let's look at a few points in the document. Paragraph 2 says that you can be refused an order without notice and without giving a reason.

      The information on the site (product specifications, photos, etc.) may be inaccurate or outdated. When you rely on it when placing an order, rather than discussing the details with the manager, you act at your own risk (point 3).

      The operation of the site, as well as the blocking of the user account, is possible at any time. So can product prices. In this case, the company will not be liable for the consequences caused by these changes (clause 4). You are obliged to provide accurate information about yourself and keep it up to date (clause 6).

      The services of the site are provided on an "as is" basis, without warranty as to their uninterrupted availability, suitability for the user's personal purposes, merchantability of the products, or any other warranties (clause 13). The user agrees to compensate the company for any costs and losses caused by its service and interaction with it (clause 14).

      Customer Service

      There is no telephone communication with the seller. Customer support for the online store is provided:

      • Email [email protected]
      • Through the feedback form on the website
      • Chat at (online consultant 24/7).
      • In the company's communities in social networks (through administrators).

      There is also an office in Great Britain, but you cannot send correspondence there.


      Is Lilicloth a scam?

      Online store Lilicloth is owned by a company registered in the UK. The main problems customers have with returning products. They have to send it to China, and this usually comes out more expensive than the product itself. As a compromise (again, if you believe the user comments on reliable reviewers) the supplier offers 15% of the cost of the product, which does not have to be returned anywhere.

      With the mandatory prepayment it turns out that you order blindly and risk buying something that won't fit you. And yet the seller's reputation is not bad. Even with the suspicion that some of the reviews are written to order, which are published on Trustpilot. It is doubtful that is a scam.



      В Lilicloth you choose your clothing, shoes and accessories from 22,000+ options. The site constantly has sales, discount coupons, and gifts for subscriptions or volume fulfillment. There is an affiliate program with a rate of 12% on the amount of purchases attracted users - the site is registered in the CPA-network Admitad. Free shipping is available with a check of $109 or more. There is an installment system (in 4 payments from Afterpay service).

      Orders arrive quickly, although the company does not name its partner carriers. The user agreement and other documents are in the public domain. We didn't find any bonded or non-standard terms in them. Lilicloth as a whole enjoys the trust of buyers. Some people complain about the quality of sewing, but most are satisfied with cooperation with the platform. Of the minuses - the lack of direct communication with Lilicloth by phone and unfavorable conditions of return (you have to pay for return shipping to China).


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