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An online store of licensed software for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS operating systems from a well-known developer.
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Greater New York Area, East Coast, Northeastern US
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Tenorshare Co., Ltd.
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[email protected]Feedback form on the siteFacebookTwitter
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English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, etc.
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JCB, PayPal, American Express, Discover, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Card (Visa/MC)
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Software and Games
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Online software store for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS
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All countries in the world
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Electronic delivery
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From 5 minutes
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No mobile apps available
Affiliate Program
Registration42.85% for a paid order
Large selection of software for popular operating systems
Reasonable prices and the opportunity to try the free version
One hundred percent purchase security and a 30-day return period
Prompt support service
Convenient payment for software purchases
Modern solutions for the most complex system errors
Writing off money from the card without warning, low efficiency of the software (according to reviews on the Internet)
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U.S. law
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      Greater New York Area, East Coast, Northeastern US

      Tenorshare is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: December 2, 2020 Updated: February 15, 2023

      Tenorshare - is an international company specializing in software development for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS. The developers pay much attention to the research of new technologies and offer users products for device content management, data recovery, system and password recovery, as well as other products necessary for the operation of mobile devices and computers.

      Today the company is trusted by more than 10 million users worldwide. But isn't it a scam online store Tenorshare? Let's try to find out.


      Why Tenorshare

      Tenorshare was founded in 2007. Over 13 years in business, the company has proved itself as a reliable supplier of state-of-the-art software for computers and mobile devices. Today Tenorshare offers five-star data recovery software, as well as other products necessary for mobile devices and computers. On the website of the online store tenorshare.com you will find system recovery software, data recovery software, data management tools, and additional tools to help you restore your device in just a few minutes. Among the advantages of the online store are:

      • Large selection of software.
      • Reasonable prices.
      • The opportunity to try the free version.
      • One hundred percent purchase security.
      • 30-day return period.
      • Operational support service.

      Today, Tenorshare products are used by more than 10 million users in over 160 countries. The products are designed to make digital life better.

      What you can buy in Tenorshar

      The following products are available at the Tenorshare online store.

      Data recovery software

      In this category you can buy iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac data recovery software.

      WhatsApp Transfer

      This software will allow you to transfer WhatsApp business data between Android and iOS, make a backup or restore your data in just one click.

      System recovery software

      In this category you will find products for system recovery iOS, Android , Windows download, as well as repair iTunes .

      Tools for iOS data management

      Here you will find free iOS backup tools as well as a password manager.

      Unlocking passwords

      In this category of software you will find programs to unlock iPhone password, unlock iPhone activation, unlock Android screen, etc.

      Additional tools

      This section contains programs for changing the location of iOS, photo repair and video repair.


      How to find the right product at tenorshare.com

      Find the necessary software on the website tenorshare.com simple. You need to open the product catalog and select a category by the purpose of the software and click on the name of the program that suits you. After that you will get to the page with a detailed description of the product.

      Product card

      The product card is a page with a detailed description of the software functionality, tips, reviews and instructions. In the product card you can download a free demo to evaluate the features of the software or buy the product with instant download and access.


      How to order from Tenorshare

      Anyone can order from Tenorshare without prior registration or restrictions.

      How to register at tenorshare.com

      No registration is required to purchase software from Tenorshare. After your purchase, your data will be stored on the site tenorshare.com in accordance with the policy on personal data.

      Personal Cabinet

      The Tenorshare website does not have a personal user account. If you have any questions, you can contact customer support.

      How to order at tenorshare.com

      Ordering from Tenorshare is easy. You just need to choose a product and click on the "Buy Now" button on the page with the description. After that, you will see an order form. Here you should choose a subscription period, specify your name and email address, and your country of residence. You will also need to specify the method of payment. After payment, you will immediately receive a link to download the software and a secret access code to your email.

      Additional features

      The Tenorshare online store is not just a platform where you can download and buy the software you need for your computer or mobile device. It is a huge knowledge base where you can get useful advice from professionals on how to repair your device. The Tenorshare knowledge base opens up the following possibilities:

      • Fixing iOS/Android system errors.
      • Bypassing the iPhone/Android lock screen.
      • iOS data recovery.
      • Backing up iPhone data.
      • Searching for the iTunes backup password.
      • Restore forgotten iTunes backup password, etc.

      You can also find detailed installation and usage instructions, as well as helpful feedback from users on each product page of the company.

      Service mailing list

      By purchasing Tenorshare products, you agree to receive system notifications to your email account. In the emails you will receive access to download the purchased products, information about license expiration dates, new product announcements, invitations to participate in promotions, and discount promo codes.


      Mobile application

      Tenorshare does not have an official mobile app. To download demos to your mobile device, use the mobile version of the site.


      Payment and Shipping at Tenorshare

      When you buy software from Tenorshare, you will always be able to pay for your purchase in a convenient way within minutes.

      How to pay for the order

      After selecting the program and clicking "Buy Now" you will be taken to the payment page, where you can select one of the available payment methods:

      • PayPal. By selecting PayPalYou will be able to pay with the system's wallet, credit or debit cardsas well as by online banking. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, JCB cards are accepted for payment.
      • Credit Card. Payments are accepted credit cards Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, JCB.

      Please note that after you purchase a subscription, the service reserves the right to charge your card for the license renewal. To avoid being charged if you want to cancel the product, you must unsubscribe.

      Ways to deliver the product

      The software is delivered by sending a link to download the software and an access code to the specified email address. After downloading the software, you must activate your subscription by entering the requested information. The email with the download data and access code is sent immediately after payment confirmation. In rare cases, we may delay the sending of the email up to 24 hours. If you do not receive an email within this period, contact support.

      Ways to return merchandise

      You may request a refund within 30 days of the purchase of any Tenorshare software. To request a refund, please contact Customer Support by submitting your request on the feedback form. You can request a refund in the following cases:

      • Double Buying.
      • Mistaken order followed by ordering the correct product on Tenorshare.
      • Unrecoverable technical problems with the software that could not be resolved within 30 days.
      • Unauthorized transactions.
      • Orders related to the right of the user from the EU.

      Please note that you cannot get your money back if you just changed your mind after payment, bought the wrong program and want to buy another one from another company, used the software incorrectly, did not receive the access letter and did not try to contact the support team.


      Bonuses in Tenorshar

      First of all, I would like to note that in Tenorshare, before purchasing any product, you can download a free demo version to evaluate the functionality of the software. The demo version will familiarize you with the main advantages of the product and will help you to understand whether this software is suitable for you. Also, there are regular promotions on the site, through which you can get discounts and bonuses.


      You can win a Tenorshare product on the Tenorshare website. To participate, buy any Tenorshare product and enter the lottery up to two times a day.

      The second product is free

      Buy one of these products on Tenorshare and get a second one for free. To view the gift sets, visit the website.

      Discounts up to 70%

      In honor of Thanksgiving, Tenorshare is having a big sale! Go to the promotion page and choose any software at a super price.


      You can get Tenorshare promo codes on partner sites, as well as in the mailing list of the online store. Subscribe to the newsletter, and you will always be informed about new promotions and discounts.

      Affiliate Program

      Tenorshare invites bloggers, webmasters, influencers and e-commerce entrepreneurs to join. You can join the affiliate program absolutely free in just 1 click. If you wish, you can select one of the available ad networks and sign up in a few minutes. Tenorshare's affiliate program is represented in affiliate networks such as Affiliate, Impact, Link Connector and AWIN. You can earn up to 65% in commissions when you join the Tenorshare affiliate network. From the affiliate network Admitad you can get 42.85% for a paid order.


      Complaints about Tenorshare

      Researching reviews of Tenorshare online store products, we found both user complaints and positive statements. Most often, users complain about charging their cards for subscription renewal and the ineffectiveness of the software. The administration of the online store replies to these complaints that the subscription fee is charged automatically, and if you don't want to renew it, you just need to unsubscribe from it by telling the support team about your wish. Regarding the ineffectiveness of the software, the administration states that to evaluate the software, each user is given the opportunity to download a free version, with which you can understand whether this program suits you or not. Satisfied customers, on the contrary, note the high efficiency of the programs, a large selection of products, modern solutions for the most complex system errors, responsive support service and pleasant discounts.

      If there are reviews about Tenorshare online store, we'll be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Supervisory authorities

      According to the information on the website, Tenorshare is registered in the United States and operates in accordance with the laws of that country. However, we did not find this company in the public registries of U.S. companies. Also on the site there is no information about the legal address.

      View Tenorshare's user agreement

      Tenorshare.com User Agreement

      Tenorshare's User Agreement is referred to as the Terms and Conditions. Pursuant to this document, Tenorshare provides users with information and products on its web site. Any action you take on this site, such as installing and downloading software, is deemed to be agreement with this document. All materials and products, including the trademark, text, and images on Tenorshare's site are owned by Tenorshare and are protected by copyright law. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish or transmit any information without Tenorshare's prior written permission.

      The site administration makes no warranties about the completeness and accuracy of the information on the site. By purchasing and downloading Tenorshare products, you should fully understand all the risks before downloading any software. You are solely responsible for any infection of your computer system or loss of data that results from downloading the software or using the site.

      Customer Service

      The easiest and fastest way to contact Tenorshare support team is the feedback form on the website. You can contact the support service 24/7 if you have any questions. Please note that the support service processes requests received via the feedback form or at the company's mailbox within 24 hours. During this time, the administration of the website asks you not to duplicate your queries and wait for the answer. You can contact the support service in the following ways:

      You can also get answers to your questions in the Help section. This section contains the information that users are most often interested in. You can also get information on each product page in the Instructions and Answers section.


      Is Tenorshare a scam?

      The company Tenorshare is presented as a leading developer of software for fixing various system errors on different platforms. On the company's website you will find data recovery software, systems, data management tools, software for unlocking passwords and transferring WhatsApp messages to another platform. After studying the service and the services it provides, as well as reviews on the Internet, we came to the conclusion that Tenorshare is not a scam. Some users are really happy with their purchases, as evidenced by the positive reviews of the company.

      However, before you purchase the software, you should read the instructions carefully and download a trial version to help you understand whether you need the product or not. Please note that if you purchase the software and it does not work due to non-compliance with the instructions or specifications, you will not be able to get your money back. Also, taking into consideration that the company declines all responsibility to the user for the software provided, as well as lack of any legal information and presence of negative reviews on the Internet we can advise customers to be really careful when purchasing and before paying for the order to read reviews of the product you've chosen on other resources. Also, keep an eye on your subscription, because if you don't unsubscribe from the license, your card will be charged for subscription renewal without warning.



      Online store Tenorshare offers its customers a variety of software for fixing errors in computers and smartphones. However, if you are not an experienced user of such software, we do not advise you to buy these products and use them yourself. The Tenorshare online store is more suitable for service centers and experienced craftsmen who, with the help of software, can really fix the system of a smartphone or computer for their customers.

      But if you are confident in your abilities and knowledge, you can always download a trial version to evaluate the effectiveness of this or that product, and then decide to buy it. The online store also offers regular promotions and discounts that allow you to buy a license on favorable terms. If you would like to earn money from Tenorshare products, you can join the affiliate program and earn up to 65% of affiliate commission.

      Assortment of goods
      Easy ordering
      The work of the store delivery service
      Convenience of returning goods


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        Assortment of goods
        Easy ordering
        The work of the store delivery service
        Convenience of returning goods

        Do not buy this product. The product comes with a subscription, like you can unsubscribe from it, in fact they just ignore you. In the future, you just have to block your card, so that they do not write off money.

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        • MORE
      • 1
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        Assortment of goods
        Easy ordering
        The work of the store delivery service
        Convenience of returning goods

        You can only cancel a subscription by email, to which they do not respond

        • no
        • A scam to get a paid subscription
      • 1
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        Assortment of goods
        Easy ordering
        The work of the store delivery service
        Convenience of returning goods
        A scam to get a paid subscription

        Money removed, the program to restore the android system on the phone samsung laptop 20 ultra just finished the phone system finally. Do not mess with this company!

        • No
        • The software is useless, it's just a scam to extort money and trick you into paying for a subscription.
      • 4.5
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        Assortment of goods
        Easy ordering
        The work of the store delivery service
        Convenience of returning goods
        Having analyzed user comments about the Tenorshare...

        Having analyzed user comments about the Tenorshare store, we noticed both complaints and positive reviews. In the first case, there are problems with cancelling subscriptions, charging money from the card, and the effectiveness of the software. Satisfied customers note that they like the ease of use… Read more

        • Urmas Ott 6 March 2021 in 11:08
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          I bought a 1 month license from this company for the program 4uKey for Android for 2156.4 rubles to reset the screen password on the Samsung A125F. Not only that, that the program failed, so it turned out they signed me up for a monthly license renewal fee. For this money the program gave out I was told how to enter the recovery and reset the data to the factory settings, which I already know about. When I contacted customer service the answer was offer me a refund of 30% of the money paid and use the rest of the money to buy any other product from them. After my demand for a full refund they stopped responding. Now I want to find out how I can get my money back and unsubscribe from their fucking license renewal. It’s my understanding that they fraudsters, but not programmers.

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