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StyleWe - Chinese online store of women's clothing and accessories from independent designers with a wide range of products, worldwide delivery, a large number of stocks and discounts.
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Suite31a, PhilpotHouse, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7HH
Date of foundation
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Xingjian Yang
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[email protected]Feedback form on the siteFacebookInstagram
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English, German, French, Russian, 30+ languages
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Bank card (Visa/MC), PayPal
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Clothing, Footwear and Accessories
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Chinese online store of women's clothing from independent designers from around the world
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The whole world
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Transportation companies, Courier delivery
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Depending on the delivery region
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Depending on the delivery region
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Round the clock
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From 5 daysDepending on the delivery address
Free shipping terms
From 119 USD
Mobile applications
There are mobile apps (Android / iOS)
Affiliate Program
RegistrationPaid order - 12%
A wide selection of designer women's clothing
Quick ordering
There is an expedited delivery service
A large number of regular promotions and sales
There is an affiliate program
Complaints about problems with returns and long delivery times
Inconvenient catalog
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China Revenue Service
Chinese law
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      Suite31a, PhilpotHouse, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7HH

      StyleWe are this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: April 8, 2021 Updated: February 15, 2023

      StyleWe - a Chinese online store of women's clothing and accessories, registered in London, in 2019. In the catalog of goods the user will see a lot of designer clothes from little-known fashion designers, including handmade jewelry and casual summer shoes.

      Today we will study in detail the work of the online store and find out if it can be trusted, and if it is not a scam?


      Why StyleWee?

      Despite the apparent shortcomings of the site (poor localization, poor architecture of the catalog), online store has its strengths, they can be highlighted theses:

      • a large selection of women's clothing;
      • quick ordering;
      • expedited delivery service;
      • regular promotions and sales;
      • its own affiliate program.

      What can I buy at StyleWe?

      Since we have online store there are often technical problems with localization, then the user needs to make the initial setup. In the upper left corner there are two items where you select the current region and the currency in which prices will be displayed on the site. The dollar can be used to navigate the store.

      The user interface of the site is made in the standard style used in many foreign companies. The main menu of StyleWe is located above the logo, where each category is highlighted by the type of women's clothing. By clicking on the section, the customer opens an additional menu and selects a narrower product group. Most of the items are divided into clothes by style and by trends, which is a standard sorting without reference to a particular collection or series of new models release.

      The online store catalog is updated daily, so the main menu has a separate tab with new arrivals. Closet items are ordered by date and there are no additional filters for their type. Another category, Bestsellers, has been created for frequently viewed clothing models. It has no difference in assortment between other sections, as it gathers popular closet items from other subgroups. If the user moves the cursor over the preliminary product image, the picture will automatically change to the same model in a different color.


      This product category is marked as "Hot," which alerts the user to the increasing number of hits and specials on specific garments. Here the shopper can find casual monochrome looks, holiday, spaghetti dresses, with added designer patterns and geometrics. StyleWe sells rare pieces of elegant clothing, including vintage models and dresses with hemlines. You can sort items by color, price and size.


      The next subset of the main menu, which is divided into three qualifying categories: "Blouse and Shirts," "Tanks and T-shirts," and "Outerwear and Coats. The customer will see elegant straight-cut tops, vintage single-color blouses, designer sleeveless vests and classic cotton shirts in the product list. If you first go to the "Outerwear and Coats" subcategory, here you can see longsleeves, asymmetrical jackets, cardigans, sweaters and more.


      Separate category in stylewe.comwhere only T-shirts are published. The standard product filtering includes sifting by size, color, and price range. Here you can see classic samples of white and black T-shirts, beach models with abstract patterns, with V-necklines and short sleeves. If a T-shirt is available in other colors, a button with a preview of the model in another color will be placed under its photo.


      In this section of the main menu the buyer will see the current list of all the bottom closet items. To begin with you need to select a specific subcategory ("Pants", "Shorts", "Overalls and kits"), then the site will display the appropriate clothes. StyleWe offer to look at wide single-colored pants, straight cut variants, shortened and with prints, shorts made of different materials. Also in this section there are jumpsuits, midi skirts, stretch pants and basic lightweight suits.


      In the "Accessories" section the user will see several versions of costume jewelry, vintage style paraphernalia (bracelets, bags, pendants), rings and amulets. From additional clothing StyleWe sells bini hats, insulated wool socks, shoulder bags and button sets. If you go to the footwear subgroup, you'll find sandals, mesh sandals, holiday shoes and work slippers.


      The last product category put into the general catalog of the online store. The closet items are ordered by the "Vacation" and "Elegant" collections, with the possibility to apply additional filters. Here are published clothes that are produced by young designers in limited quantities, so the prices of the presented models are a bit different. In addition to the main categories, you can find swimwear in the StyleWe store by going to the list of models through banners on the main page.


      How do I find the right product at

      The search for the right piece of clothing on the site is poorly implemented, because the search algorithms don't learn the customer's language. If the client wants to use this method of navigation, he needs to write the name of the garment in English ("Dress", "T-shirt", "Bags"). The "Search" button is located to the right of the logo of the store, near the account sign-in panel. Tapping it opens a window at the bottom with a line and quick tags that are generated based on frequently viewed categories.

      Another navigation option is by catalog. While scrolling the product ribbon you can use filters and change the way of ordering the closet items (StyleWe recommendations, by date of arrival, price, etc.). Some product categories are not included in the general menu, so to view other items you need to find the corresponding banner on the home page.

      StyleWee product card

      When going to a particular product the user gets to its card. Here is the basic information about the clothes, the discounts that apply to them, along with the opportunity to add them to cart. Product card in the store standard and in many ways similar to other foreign online platforms. On the left, the buyer will see an album of photos with the ability to enlarge them and a macro shot of the material from which the current model is made. On the right is the current price, a brief information about the bonus (if any), available sizes and quantities. Just below, the customer will see a product description, materials, washing tips and reviews from other users. For some items in StyleWe a list of similar clothing models is also created.


      How to order at Stylewe Com?

      It is possible to form an order before ordering in StyleWe online store only online, using the catalog. At the first stage the buyer searches for the necessary goods in the catalog and goes to their card, where he has to choose additional parameters and confirm adding to cart. Then the site asks for authorization in the system or to fill out a form for further transfer to the transport company.

      After that, the customer pays for the order and receives a letter describing brief information about the purchase and a tracking number for tracking. If the item on the site is marked with the status "Pre-order", then the buyer only leaves a request and books the closet item before it arrives. The rest of the ordering procedure is carried out after the arrival of the item at the warehouse. Information on changes in the status will be sent by e-mail.

      How do I sign up for the Style V site?

      Creating an account on the site is possible in two ways: the standard form filling and quick authorization through social networks. To start, the client should click on the tab located in the upper right corner "Sign in and join for free". The page will display two active forms, where the first is the authorization panel, and the second is needed to register an account.

      In the second window, the user enters a valid email address and comes up with a password, and after successful registration the page reloads and the client is taken to the main page. Here, instead of the "Sign in and join for free" tab, the "My account" button will be displayed to go to the personal account. Authorization on the site using social networks is provided for users of Google and Facebook. In the login window the client clicks on the desired network and gets authorized. The system automatically transfers the contact data and creates a new profile. There's no need to confirm email address in StyleWe store.

      Personal Cabinet

      The buyer's account on the site performs a minimum of functions that are often found in other online stores. In the personal account the client can add a current address to automatically fill out a form when placing an order, and see the history of past purchases.

      How to place an order at StyleWe?

      The initial step of placing an order is to find the product you want. The customer can use the catalog or the English-language search bar, applying filters and the function of changing the order of items. Then it is necessary to go to the card, study the description, choose the size and quantity. After that you need to add it to the cart by clicking on the appropriate button. A pop-up window will appear on the right side of the page, which will inform the buyer about the successful creation of the order with an opportunity to proceed to checkout. Here the user enters contact information for the delivery service and pays for the goods.

      Filling in the contact information can be skipped if the buyer has previously created a personal account and saved the delivery address, or transferred data from PayPal, which are entered automatically. Pre-registration on the site is not obligatory, so you can buy clothes in guest mode. Notifications of the current status of the order will be displayed in the personal account and will come in an email.

      Additional features of Style V

      More often than not, similar online stores have a number of additional options and tools that simplify the product search, increase user engagement and inform the customer about related services. The platform did not get a lot of useful tools, however, the current options should be explored in more detail.

      Size chart

      Before placing an order in the product card a buyer needs to choose the size of a closet item that fits his parameters. Most manufacturers deviate from the general norm of the standard decoding, that is why StyleWe have their own size grid for exact determination of the parameters of the complex and the choice of size.


      A standard tool of online stores, which involves receiving promotional and newsletters by email. You can agree to subscribe before registering or through a form in the lower right corner of the site. There is no unsubscribe function in myAlpari, so you can do it only through a letter from StyleWe.

      Order Tracking

      On the "Order Tracking" tab, the buyer can enter the track number of his order and see the current status of the shipment. This service does not require registration, and you need to add a valid email address to check the parcel.

      The mobile app

      In the bottom menu of the online store there are interactive buttons to go to mobile marketplaces to download the mobile app. However, when you click on the banner, the site reloads and opens the home page. We found the "Shop for SWe" app in the stores, but we can't claim that it's StyleWe's app.


      Payment and delivery at Style V

      Internet-shop StyleWe delivers goods to all countries using international logistics companies. Delivery time will depend on the type of shipment, and on average the route time of the parcel is up to 25 days. The site has a notice of free shipping, which is automatically applied if the total amount of the order is more than 119$.

      How to pay for my order at Stylewe Com?

      The customer pays for the order at the time of its execution by selecting one of these methods:

      • by bank card online (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro);
      • via the service PayPal.

      Ways to deliver the product

      The shipping center chooses the route and type of shipping. When placing an order, the buyer only approves the type of delivery (Standard and Express). The second shipping option will be more expensive, as it provides an expedited shipping option (5 to 10 business days).

      Ways to return merchandise

      The site of StyleWe store has a separate tab with information about returns. It says that the company has a special department that checks goods for defects before shipment. If a defect is detected when the parcel arrives, the user has the right to return the clothing within 15 days. Before sending it back, you need to check the safety of all documents, the appearance of the goods and the integrity of the packaging. Some products in StyleWe are not returnable if the reason for refusal of purchase was not a factory defect. The store does not accept return of swimwear and underwear sets. To make a return, the customer should write to the support service and attach photos of the product with the reason. If the request is approved, managers will send a letter with instructions for further action.


      StileWeek Bonuses

      Since on the site the user will not find the "Promotions" section, it is necessary to search for valid bonuses in the online store on their own. The company's promotional events come in different types, among which one can see the classic seasonal sales, bonuses in the form of free delivery, distribution of discount coupons and flash sales. Before you buy anything at StyleVee, you need to study all the active bonuses in the store.

      Sales hits

      The clothes in this category have the best price.

      Big sale

      In the main menu of the site the user will see the tab "Big sale", where all the current discounts on various clothing are arranged. Hovering over it the cursor will open an additional menu under the tab, and using it you can go to a specific event. The online store StyleWe conducts such sales:

      • Special Deals (discounts up to 20% on T-shirts, T-shirts, shorts and jewelry);
      • Exclusive Deals (up to 40% off dresses, jumpsuits, suits and boots);
      • Crazy Deals (up to 50% off vintage sweatshirts, pants, bags and accessories).

      Flash Sale

      Another discount option at StyleWe that features a limited activity period. Participating items will be marked with a special timer that displays the discount's validity time. At the time of checkout the buyer will add the item to the cart and the discount will be applied automatically. As part of the flash sale, clothing bonuses can go up to 70%.


      For new customers provides a promo code that gives a discount of 10% of the total order amount. There are also accumulative coupons in the online store, which become effective after a specific amount of goods in the cart:

      • basket from 109$ total - coupon for 8$;
      • from 159$ - coupon for 18$;
      • purchases from 229$ total - 38$ discount.

      A similar cumulative discount applies to the amount of clothing that has been added to the cart. When buying the fourth item, the customer can buy the fifth item at a discount of 60%, and the sixth item has a coupon for 100%.

      Discount on first order

      For the first order the online store provides a discount of 10%.

      StyleWe affiliate program

      The company has developed its own affiliate program (collaborates with the CPA-network Admitad), within which you can get up to 12% for each confirmed order on the site. To start cooperation with StyleWe webmaster should write to the support service and offer his conditions.


      Complaints about StyleWee

      We found fewer than a dozen recent comments on TrustPilot, and most of them come with a low rating. Users complain en masse about long delivery times, lack of support responses, and problems with refunds. Speaking of earlier reviews, StyleWe received only positive feedback through the end of 2019, from which its rating solidified at 3.9 out of 5 points. Nevertheless, TrustPilot's website has a notice of suspicious activity, but the platform does not specify when exactly the rating manipulation was noticed.

      If there are any reviews about StyleWe online store, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Supervisory authorities

      In the Privacy Policy of the online store The organization's current registered address is Suite31a, PhilpotHouse, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7HH. In publicly available sources we were able to find information about the company, which owns the StyleWe platform. The online store is being run by CHICV UK LIMITED, an organization which has its registered office in London, 2019. The organization's status is active, and Xingjian Yang is listed as the CEO. The registrar has been acted on by executive agencies in UK, so no further information about the controlling authorities is available in public registries. User Agreement

      Legal information for users is published in the "Terms and Conditions" section, which can be seen in the bottom menu. The document describes the 13 main points of the rules for using the platform, delivery terms, registration procedure and return policy. The agreement is written in English and is governed by English law.

      Clause 7 of the Agreement stipulates that once the order is handed over to the transport service, StyleWe shall be released from liability for the goods. All risks during transportation will be borne by the buyer, and the relevant complaints should be submitted to the legal address of the logistics organization. Managers of the company collect personal data of the user for correct processing of the order and feedback. The handling of confidential information in StyleWe is carried out in accordance with the laws of the UK. The store uses the information to personalize the user and marketing emails.

      Style V Customer Service

      You can contact StyleWe managers through these channels:


      Is StyleVee a scam?

      StyleWe positions itself as an intermediary between independent fashion designers and customers, providing comfortable communication for both sides. The company is more focused on Western and European markets, but delivers goods to almost every country via international shipping services. StyleWe is a classic version of a store native to China, which attracts its audience with constant discounts and bonus offers.

      The site features a large catalog of women's casual and holiday clothing, including shoes and accessories. Today we looked at the StyleWe catalog, available shipping options, additional tools and current promotions. On top of that, we found legal information and analyzed recent online reviews. We recommend being cautious about buying clothes from this store, as there have been too many complaints about it in the previous year.



      Platform StyleWe has a standard user interface, but some users experience discomfort when navigating the site. This is affected by poor localization, limitations in the search for goods and the lack of consistency in the catalog. Of the additional tools we can highlight the size grid, an order tracking function and a subscription to the newsletter. The positive sides of the store include regular sales and promotional events, as well as a large selection of designer clothes. If you've bought anything at StyleWe before, write about it below in "Reviews".

      Assortment of goods
      Easy ordering
      The work of the store delivery service
      Convenience of returning goods


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        Assortment of goods
        Easy ordering
        The work of the store delivery service
        Convenience of returning goods
        The return is deliberately made more difficult and causes horrendous additional costs!

        Systematic rip-off! The return can only be made if you contact customer service directly. And even then, the communication leaves a lot to be desired and you can’t speak of customer service. The return address is also communicated only after requesting the return. The costs (return shipment to China)… Read more

        • Return is made as difficult as possible. And you have to pay for it yourself. And indeed vast sums! This has a system and I will definitely never order anything from this site again!
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