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An educational project from Skyeng with courses in programming and financial literacy. Discounts, promotions, and career guidance.
The company
Head Office
109004, Moscow, Alexander Solzhenitsyn St., 23a, bld. 1
Date of foundation
The owner of the company
OANO DPO "Skaeng"
Types of support
Feedback form on the site
Support by phone
Social media
Cost of training
Paid, Free
Python Developer / 2973 RUB per monthPrices include discounts
Data Analyst / 3020 RUB per month
Java Developer / 3489 RUB per month
Test Engineer / 2228 RUB per month
Web Developer / 3489 RUB per month
Researcher / 2113 RUB per month
Python for data analysis / 24000 RUB
Excel for data analysis / 6320 RUB
SQL for data analysis / 24000 RUB
Financial literacy / 5000 RUB
Sales analytics / 5358 RUB per month
B2B marketing / 29900 RUB
Methods of replenishment
Bank card (Visa/MC/MIR), Wire transfer, Tinkoff
Buying on credit
Installment from Tinkoff Bank up to 36 months
Categories of training programs
IT and digital courses, Marketing and sales, Art and creativity, Business courses
Web Development, Testing, Web Design, Internet Marketing, Targeted Advertising, Contextual Advertising
Programming languages
Python, Java, Javascript
Project Features
The online programming academy, whose courses pay a lot of attention to the technical part, the development of skills
Number of courses
Course Types
Medium term, Long term
Additional education
Webinars, Skills, Digital Library, Homework
Additional services
Employment Assistance
Starting the training
By calendar, At any time (you can join at any time for the course)
Course completion documents
Age restrictions
From 10 years
Mobile applications
Has mobile apps (iOS)
Affiliate Program
Registration27% for each course purchased
The platform from the famous Skyeng school
Quick feedback to teachers
Opportunity to pay tuition in installments or after getting a job in the new specialty
Vocational guidance and job search assistance
Discounts, promotions and affiliate program
Additional classes, webinars, professional development
Regulatory agencies and laws
Inspectorate No. 9 of the Federal Tax Service in Moscow
Company requisites
Overall assessment
Date of update

    Skypro is it a scam? Reviews and description

    30 July 2021

    Skypro - is an educational platform from the company Skyeng. The platform offers programming courses, webinar recordings, and tutorials. The curators of the platform are in touch with the students.

    Начать учиться можно в любое удобное время, согласно утвержденному расписанию. Чтобы выяснить, не развод ли online school Skypro, let's get to know her better.

    • Промокод 9YC9Y1D8 — скидка 6% на любой курс и профессию;
    • Промокод AdmitadSkypro22 — скидка 6% на любую профессию;
    • Промокод ADMITAD22 — скидка 5% на все профессии.


    Why Skypro?

    Skypro service started not so long ago. There are not many courses yet, mostly technical specialties: programming, web-programming and other areas. Skypro offers students:

    • offline and online events;
    • preparatory classes for children;
    • quick feedback from teachers, homework is checked in 24 hours;
    • the opportunity to pay tuition in installments or after getting a job in the new specialty;
    • career guidance and assistance in finding a job;
    • discounts;
    • additional classes, webinars, professional development.

    The project team promises curriculum updates and innovations with more hands-on activities.

    Is Skypro a scam? Reviews

    How do I study online at Skypro?

    You can begin by choosing a course or continuing education. You can register immediately on the page of the selected program or through the function of logging in to your personal account on the site If you have not found the direction in which you would like to study, you can leave your phone number and a consultant will contact you for help. Verification of the account is done through a code sent to the specified phone number.

    Skypro course selection

    Personal account

    Registration on the site is required to participate in Skypro events, in the affiliate program. You can send your homework to the tutor and get an answer only after registration.

    Skypro Registration

    Mobile application

    Skypro has a mobile app for iOS only. In the Skypro mobile app you can take courses: watch video lessons, do hands-on exercises and view useful materials. The platform also has an adaptive design and user-friendly interface of the personal account to work in the browser version via smartphone or tablet.

    Skypro mobile app


    Courses on the Skypro website

    The Skypro platform positions itself as a startup with ambitious missions, moving smoothly away from the standard concept and principles of basic online schools. The university staff includes only practitioners and experts in programming. They know how to implement their theoretical skills and know all the subtleties of project implementation. At the same time it is necessary to take into account regular changes in the labor market and new requirements for working with updated software.

    Popular professions are constantly evolving, so programmers, analysts and testers need to avoid outdated theoretical base and get only new information. On top of that, Skypro emphasizes the ease of learning. User experience and opinions about the platform strongly influence the quality and willingness to learn. This is well illustrated by the statistics that only 12% students complete courses to completion. According to these principles Skypro created its project, placing 11 technical and 1 economics course on the platform.

    Python Developer

    The program allows you to learn a new profession in 10 weeks. The schedule and information about teaching materials can be found on the course page. Upon completion, all students will receive a professional retraining diploma. During the training you will master the syntax, understand the architecture of the language, and be able to apply for a junior developer position. developer in Python

    Test Engineer

    The profession starts as scheduled, with classes lasting nine months. A test engineer finds bugs in code and vulnerabilities in websites and web projects. The price with the current discount is 9,000 per month. The company offers a refund during the first weeks of training if something goes wrong and the opportunity to pay for the course in installments. Much attention is paid to practical tasks.

    Skypro Test Engineer

    Data Analyst

    According to, the number of open positions has almost crossed the 7,000 threshold, where the maximum salary for a senior-level employee reaches 160,000 rubles. A data analyst collects, analyzes and processes a large volume of information. It helps the business to form a problem and find ways to solve it within a specified time frame.

    Collecting dry statistics is an important part of company development, as it helps to see trends, the result of successful cases, or possible difficulties. For novice experts, analytics also gained a number of strengths, including a high salary and an easy way to enter the IT market without a technical background. data analyst

    Java Developer

    The average number of applicants for one vacancy for a Java specialist is three, which indicates the lack of personnel in the IT field in Russia. The low percentage of competition here is a plus. A novice developer can get a job and raise the level of practical skills to Senior and claim a salary from 200,000 rubles. Media giants YouTube, Instagram, Netflix, Yandex services and other successful digital projects were created with the help of this programming language.

    At Skypro University, experienced instructors can teach a student with no experience in this field in 11 months. This period also includes the help of a personal mentor and a number of interesting practical assignments. The course portfolio includes 440 hours of theory and project work, as well as 2 ready-made portfolios for resumes.

    Skypro Java Developer

    Web Developer

    At the heart of a web developer's work is the creation of a creative and properly configured visual so that it is user-friendly and understandable for users. The task of a specialist is to bring the web designer's layout to life, visualize his idea and build a properly working interface. At the start of training and practical experience at the Junior level, developers can earn from 50,000 rubles. This is confirmed by open vacancies on job search sites and annual general statistics.

    Experts with more than 3 years of experience can claim a salary of up to 250,000 rubles, which motivates students to continually develop. In Skypro developer course consists of 9 modules, which include the development of your project and preparation for employment with a technical interview. course web developer


    Short-term educational programs from Skypro, which will help to understand the work of specific software or improve skills in one of the areas of sales. Skills courses last for 5 weeks - 2.5 months, which provides continuous training with the combination of your main job. The practical experience gained after completing the courses will be one of the strong points on your resume and will increase your chances in monitoring a suitable vacancy. Skypro regularly analyzes the aspirations of job seekers and requirements of the labor market, so the project gathers popular practical skills that are needed in most of the open offers:

    • "Python for Data Analysis.". An educational program for quickly learning how to solve typical analysis problems. Experts use the Python programming language to simplify the task. This skill will be useful for analysts, executives, and experienced marketers who need to respond quickly to changes in various business sectors;
    • "Excel for Data Analysis.". A simple course for a comprehensive study of the popular Microsoft Excel software that helps you analyze data, work with metrics, perform calculations, and understand business problems. Training in this tool is suitable for accountants, economists, managers, and market experts;
    • "SQL Basics for Data Analysis". A two-month program to master the SQL query language with which to collect, process, and analyze data. In the course, students will learn how to work with different amounts of information, calculate metrics, and find insights. The program consists of 10 general lessons and writing a term paper;
    • "Sales Analytics.". A comprehensive educational program for sales managers, department managers and prospective startups. As part of the course, Skypro instructors will talk about business processes, metrics for control, dealing with deviations and ready-made analytics. This "skill" consists of theoretical and practical lessons based on a similar module in Skyeng, provides communication with a mentor and homework assignments;
    • "B2B Marketing.". After the training on this program the student will learn to determine the specific place of marketing in the business environment and build a clear promotion strategy. Skypro experts will talk about marketing funnels, basic tools for working with B2B sales, as well as increasing conversions. The program also includes a personal consultation before signing up for training;
    • "Financial Literacy.". The duration of the program for 4 weeks. Price: 5 thousand rubles. Intensive will help build a personal budget, assemble an investment portfolio, start working with brokerage accounts. skills


    Free courses

    Free courses on the website no. But when you register, the company gives you a course on career guidance.


    Skypro value-added services

    There are few additional services.


    Under this program, the company assumes the risks of training and further employment of the apprentice. I.e. the person pays for training only after he/she gets a job, paying 17% of salary for several years.

    Skypro installment payment

    Employment Assistance

    The Education Center helps you find a job after training. A career guidance service has been launched. The company helps to write a resume and find convenient options with decent pay.


    Webinars are frequently held on the center's platform. The schedule is published on the website and on social networks.

    Skypro webinars

    Corporate training

    Skypro works with corporate clients. To get a proposal for training you need to apply or leave a phone number on the website. The consultants of the educational center will select the plan according to the application, make a schedule.


    Tuition at

    The price of your training will depend on the chosen format and duration of the course. The average cost: intensive - from 5 thousand rubles, the course - from 7.5 thousand rubles per month.


    How do I pay tuition?

    You can pay for lessons with a bank card or transfer details.

    Paying for training in your personal account

    You can pay for the lessons immediately after registration, the card is added to your personal cabinet.

    Other ways to pay for online courses.

    The company offers a 12-month installment plan or a student loan, when you can make the payment after employment. Loan services are provided by the bank Tinkoff.


    Bonuses from Skypro

    Despite the absence of a bonus program, Skypro regularly updates seasonal and short-term discounts, information about which is published on the school's website. You can find out about the new bonus after you go to a specific educational program, or you can leave a request for a call-back from a consultant. The manager will describe the course structure in details and notify the student about the current bonus incentives.


    There are periodic discounts on educational programs at Skypro. The bonus will be activated automatically after consultation with the manager at the time of application and course ordering. The school also promises a welcome discount for enrolling in the first stream, the amount of which will be named by the consultant after sending the request. At this moment the discounts are 40-50%, hurry up while the offer is valid!

    Discount promo codes

    В данный момент у онлайн-школы действует три скидочных промокода:

    • 9YC9Y1D8 — скидка 6% на любой курс и профессию, промокод действует до 1 марта 2023 года;
    • AdmitadSkypro22 — скидка 6% на любую профессию, промокод действует до 1 марта 2023 года;
    • ADMITAD22 - 5% discount on all professions, promo code is valid until February 28, 2023.

    Affiliate Program

    The Academy has launched an affiliate program, in which not only students, but also companies can participate. The commission for each purchased course 27%. In addition, all partners receive gifts, discounts and the opportunity to participate in new projects. It is also possible to cooperate with the company through the CPA network Admitad. affiliate program


    Complaints about Skypro

    The platform was launched not so long ago, as a targeted educational project, but we were able to find feedback from students. Almost all the comments are positive.

    Skypro reviews

    There are also negative comments, in which they write about the overlap with the training and lack of theoretical background.
    Skypro reviews

    For students on the site, there is an opportunity to leave a comment. The reviews, almost all positive, but the plus of this section is that you can read about specific majors. reviews

    If there are any reviews about Skypro, we'll be sure to post them on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Regulatory agencies and laws

    The Online Academy was opened by OANO DPO "Skaeng", registered as a legal entity in 2018 in Moscow. Certificate of registration: 1187700001686.

    Skypro details User Agreement

    Your work on the Skypro platform is governed by the offer agreement, a copy of which is available at the link in the basement of the site. If you do not want to read the full version, the academy has prepared a summary, highlighting the talking points. Only adults can use the company's services. The platform gives access to the course materials for a year. But as an exception can open it permanently.

    Skypro Offer Agreement

    The contract spells out the minimum requirements for students' PCs. requirements for PC

    Access to the study materials is opened within 24 hours after payment. The document is very detailed. But it is better to clarify many technical issues with the managers of the platform.

    Skypro duties

    Customer Service

    The website has a hotline phone number and e-mail. It is also possible to leave a message through social networking groups and the feedback form in your personal account.

    Site security

    The site is protected by an R3 network security certificate. Payments are made through the bank's acquiring.


    Is Skypro a scam?

    Online Academy was launched relatively recently. The site offers courses in programming specialties with flexible schedules and practical tasks. Teachers: employees of technical companies, developers.

    Skypro is not a scam. The company helps students with further employment, career guidance and resume writing. One of the pluses is that it is possible to pay the tuition fee after getting a job. We were able to find a lot of positive feedback from students who liked studying at the online academy.



    The online academy has Skypro there are many advantages, which we have already told you about. The company is open for cooperation and new offers. If necessary, the course supervisors will select individual offers for corporate clients. Skypro actively maintains pages in social networks, where they publish information about new webinars, to sign up for which, you can also use the main page of the portal. Teachers are available for communication, they answer within 15 minutes, and the homework is checked in 24 hours.

    Ease of learning
    The level of knowledge obtained
    Training prices


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      I’m studying to be a tester, I really like the way the material is taught, I’m satisfied with everything.

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