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The broker offers customers a modern solution in the field of online trading - a platform for profitable investments in bonds.
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Date of foundation
Head Office
117638, Moscow, Odesskaya Street, 2, room 6
The owner of the company
OOO IK Septem Capital
Types of support
Support by phone
8 (800) 300-30-00for free calls from the regions of Russia
Yango Author Platform
Min. first deposit
From 1 RUB
Broker fee
From 0.3% per transaction
Authorized capital
23 million RUB
Free Demo Account
CENTRAL BANK OF RUSSIA№077-13898-100000
Types of accounts
Methods of replenishment
Bank transfer, Bank account
Withdrawal methods
Bank transfer, Bank account
Types of assets
Account currencies
Reliability Rating
Mobile Trading
Has mobile apps (iOS / Android)
Weekend trading
Tournaments / contests
Trader training
Trust management
The recommended amount of assets: 5 million rubles.
Fee for the use of the terminal
Withdrawal fees
Trading robots
Asset management
Managerial assistance
Trade ideas
Single account
Margin Trading
Available Exchanges
Moscow Exchange
Whose shares you can buy
GAZPROM, Lukoil, MVideo, Magnit, Polymetal, Sberbank
Affiliate Program
The organization has a license of a professional securities market participant
High level of security and reliability
Low yield
High commissions
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    Septem Capital is it a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: March 26, 2019 Updated: 15 November 2021

    "Septem Capital offers clients the services of investing funds in bonds. The company strives to be modern and high-tech, and does not stop working to improve the quality of customer service. The factor of successful work at stock market for her is technology.

    And yet, is it worth trusting this brand? Septem Capital - is it a scam or an honest project for investment? We will answer these questions in this article.


    Terms of trading with Septem Capital

    Septem Capital investment company was founded together with the Finnish brand Septem Partners. Septem Capital, providing its clients with bond investment opportunities, became the Moscow representative office of this Finnish investment bank. It is no coincidence that the Russian organization has chosen the debt market as its main direction, as it is predictable and stable.

    Buying securities is always relevant, especially now, when there is an increased development of the bond market, which has replaced deposits. The company tries to comply with this trend and already now successfully competes with stockbrokers, traditional banks and their intermediaries, providing customers on the website high-quality financial services. The brand offers several investment options: trading, work with Individual Investment Account, trust management option, issuer services, etc.

    Is Septem Capital a scam? Trader reviews


    Septem Capital Platform

    It is offered to buy and sell bonds through the Yango application (Apple, Android). The project is designed more for conservative traders, but newcomers to the market can work with it without problems. Shares are not planned to be added here.

    Septem Capital reviews Yango platform

    The service is a mobile application, which allows you to remotely open an individual investment account. Using it, the investor has an excellent opportunity to return 52,000 rubles of personal income tax paid from the budget each year. It is advantageous to buy bonds with these funds. This instrument is more understandable to the average Russian than the same stocks, futures, etc.

    The application allows the client to manage their account around the clock. It can be easily downloaded and installed on your smartphone. If you want, you can get acquainted with it in demonstration mode. Then the user proceeds to conclude a contract and open an account online on the website The contract is concluded through the State Service. The whole procedure does not take much time. reviews

    Before making a decision about choosing an instrument, an investor should assess the level of its reliability. The user is recommended to choose companies of the first tier to invest in their securities (training in stock market trading). The data on assets in the application is visually presented in a convenient form. In the personal cabinet the client will always see the income from investments: these are coupons and tax deductions. All trading operations for sale of assets and withdrawal of funds are automated.

    Septem Capital Advantages

    There is an automated process to collect bids from all clients to sell assets. At the end of their collection, a major deal is identified, which takes place at the best price on the stock market. Yango's task is to find and provide users with a price close to the market price. The bonds are sold to Septem Capital's clients at this price. The user has no possibility to set his own conditions - either he agrees to the proposed condition or refuses to buy.

    Septem Capital investments in bonds

    There is a zero commission for trading bonds on IIS. You can trade securities with no additional fees for transaction volumes. The Yango app makes it easy to save money and earn income. advantages of an individual investment account


    Demo account

    The application can be studied in the demo mode in order not to risk your own money, but to make sure that the project works and is reliable. The user-friendly platform will be of interest to investors of any level - it is easy to work here, and it is easy to track trading results.

    Septem Capital Investments in Bonds


    Deposit and withdrawal

    You can deposit funds to your account at a Septem Capital office. You can also remotely replenish your account by bank transfer only. In the purpose of payment you should specify the number and date of the contract. Funds are credited to the account within a few hours, but sometimes it can take up to three days. Withdrawal of funds is carried out online. The project plans to add a card top-up option, which, of course, will be convenient for traders.

    You can make an initial deposit to an IIP at any time. It does not have to be done at the time of opening the account. The minimum deposit amount is not limited. During the year, the maximum amount of investment may not exceed 1 million rubles.


    Complaints about Septem Capital

    The investment company Septem Capital is a relatively young organization on the market of financial services. There are no documented complaints or negative comments about it on the web. There are minor attempts by competitors to somehow smear the project, but they are completely devoid of evidence.

    On the thematic websites one can mostly see feedback from hesitant users who ask questions to the staff about the benefits of investing in securities. Citizens still have little confidence in IIMs, despite the government's best efforts in this sector. All questions are answered in detail by project managers. Employees of the company name clear advantages of bonds as a trading instrument over deposits, real estate, stocks or the forex market.

    If there are any complaints about Septem Capital, we will be sure to post on social media. Sign up to stay up to date.

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!

    Regulation and broker's license

    In order to ensure the integrity of the project, it is worth investigating whether it has a license.

    The license of broker Septem Capital

    The company has a license to operate, which was issued to it by the Central Bank of Russia, which included it in the list of bondholders. Today the young project has 4 perpetual licenses of this regulator:

    • №077-13898-100000 (брокерская);
    • No. 077-13899-010000 (dealer's);
    • №077-13901-000100 (депозитарная);
    • No. 077-13900-001000 (trust management).

    In addition, Septem Capital has been registered with the Federal Tax Service No. 3 in Moscow since April 18, 2014. Moscow. To view all certificates of the company, please visit the website

    User Agreement

    Before beginning to cooperate with any investment company, a user should know its rules in advance. This is also important because he must be sure of the reliability of the organization to which he entrusts his money.

    Septem Capital, in offering its services to clients, relies in its activity on a set of rules - "Regulation on Brokerage Services for Clients in the Securities Market". Detailed information about it can be easily obtained on the site in the subsection "Documents". Here you can find free access to the general regulations, data on the transactions, information on the exchange of messages and documents, the brokerage fees, the reports, etc. The regulations are subject to mandatory examination, as they also pay attention to the issue of default of the parties to the agreement. Thus, for example, clause 37.1 states that the company is responsible for the losses incurred by the client due to the broker's fault:

    Septem partial responsibility of the parties

    The regulation also specifies the responsibility of the client, who has caused losses to the broker by failing to provide him with the most important documents or by providing false data:

    Septem Capital Liability

    The circumstances in which the company is not liable for the client's losses are also specified: broker liability

    The investor should also care about what will be the actual reaction of the broker in a force majeure situation. The document specifies that in such situations, the party for which it was impossible to fulfill its obligations under the contract due to force majeure circumstances, must notify the other party within 5 working days:

    Septem Clement force majeure situations


    Is Septem Capital a scam?

    Stock broker Septem Capital with Home Credit Bank have designed a unified service for investing in debt securities. Using the Yango platform, investors can invest their funds and remotely manage their accounts in real time from anywhere in the world.

    The absence of negative reviews on the network eloquently testifies to the absence of any fraudulent scheme of work on the part of the company. Its employees are always open to dialogue with any of the users. Being in the media space, representatives of Septem Capital explain the advantages of investing in debt market securities in an easy-to-understand language, answer any questions from users. All this is reflected in the positive comments from the broker's clients, as well as feedback from many participants in forums, chats and webinars. The question of whether the broker Septem Capital should be considered a scam can be answered unambiguously - no. It is, in addition, an officially registered organization with a license from the Central Bank of Russia.



    In the area of financial services Septem Capital works for almost 5 years. The unique mobile service for investments, excellent technical support service, analytics, openness of the staff and absence of negativity in the network are the real pluses of the broker. Its offers are very popular with conservative investors who prefer to keep their savings on bank deposits. That's why the broker's solutions today, at a time of instability in the banking structure, are more relevant than ever. Stable profits on the clients' accounts will be the real proof of that.

    Trading tools and assets
    Fund Deposit and Withdrawal
    Customer Service


    • IK Septem Capital / Yangoo do not contact!

      I’m processing the acceptance of an inheritance. All documents with personal information and a million details are forwarded by email, correspondence has been going on for three months now. They don’t give advice over the phone, they don’t meet with clients in person. I asked for an appointment for personal data security reasons. I was told that the issue could be resolved through the mail. After receiving the letter, I still have 30 days to respond. So the decision The question stretches for at least 5-6 months, while all lending institutions act in a similar situation for a maximum of 7 days. Disgusting service and customer service, I strongly advise against using the services of this broker!

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    • Opherists

      Scam artists

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    • I do not advise anyone to play...

      I do not advise anyone to play with these papers! You will lose your hard-earned money instead of buying it! Better would have put on the account, at least some savings would have been, and here I lost a decent amount of money!!! Scammers, do not mess with!!!!

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    • Stupid app!!! Tried to withdraw part of...

      Stupid app!!! Tried to withdraw part of the funds back on April 01, but automatically got the name of another person!!! Tried to update the app. and…. the same!!! To questions via e-mail and watsapu NO ONE ANSWER!!! I opened a new account at the bank, and still the same, automatically gets up After I deleted the app completely on my phone and re-downloaded it, it seemed to work on Monday, April 05. But it didn’t. Well, there it was!!! The money is still gone!!! It’s already April 09, it’s Friday evening, the weekend is ahead, which means no one is working again. I DON’T RECOMMEND IT! They — cheaters!!!

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    • One of the features of Septem Capital...

      One of the features of Septem Capital IC is its own mobile application Yango, which can be used by anyone, from a schoolboy to a pensioner. Plus many traders trust the company not only for its high level of reliability, but also personally thanks to the experienced project manager Igor Laukhin. The broker has official license, trust management and much more. On the other hand it is noted that the application is unfinished, and the tools for investments are much smaller than in other stock market brokerages. Clients also note the long withdrawal times and high commissions broker. If you have used the services of this broker, write your comments and share your experience of competent investments with minimal losses.

      Reply to this review
      • Tatyyana Yuryeva 9 April 2021 at 13:53

        Read my review!!! Septem are MORNERS!!! I will withdraw and the rest of the funds and leave them!!! God forbid they get anything back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Neither by watsapu nor by e-mail NOT ANSWER!!! Who gave money to this office, Urgent, withdraw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Pavel Morozov 17 October 2021 at 17:39

        Have you tried calling? And there's no watsap on the site as a way of contact.

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