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    Papa Change is it a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: July 11, 2019 Updated: July 30, 2022

    Papa Change - is a service for the online exchange of electronic currency, operating in the CIS countries, the CIS and non-CIS countries. The platform is relatively young - it began its activities only in September 2017. The more impressive is the fact that in less than two years the exchanger has already earned a positive reputation and earned a lot of positive feedback.

    Papa Change users note the following positive aspects of the platform: a wide range of currencies, including cryptocurrencies, 24-hour operating mode, fast processing of requests, prompt responses of technical support and bonuses for regular customers. Another nice detail - Papa Change provides an opportunity to use the exchanger as a merchant service for accepting payments on websites, as well as offers users to become members of an affiliate program on favorable terms.

    But how trustworthy is this service? Are there cunning fraudulent schemes behind the lucrative terms of cooperation? Right now we're going to answer the question: Is Papa Change a scam?

    Papa Change reviews


    Papa Change currency exchange platform

    The service began its work in the second half of 2017. The purpose of the project was originally electronic currency exchange. Currently, the project also deals with bank card transactions and provides merchant services that allow registered users to accept payments on their site through Papa Change. Moreover, the administration of the platform even provides users with an official plugin for accepting payments, created on the basis of CMS WordPress.

    The list of currencies the platform works with is quite impressive: it includes Perfect Money, Yandex.Money, Payeer, Advanced Cash, QIWI and Exmo. Also Papa Change actively works with cryptocurrency: the list includes two variations of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum. The service also supports transactions with banks Tinkoff, Privat24, Alfa-bank and Sberbank.

    Users who have chosen Papa Change as an exchanger note the high quality and low processing time. The round-the-clock operation of the exchanger is also highly appreciated - at any time of the day the client can count on quick exchange or withdrawal of cash. This is convenient if you use the services of Papa Change online exchanger in another time zone. exchange information

    All information about currencies, exchange rates and special features of the exchanger can be found on the official website of the platform. From the very first page it makes a pleasant impression - it is designed quite stylishly and tastefully, and, at the same time, provides comprehensive data on currencies and signs, with which the platform works, and also offers the user to calculate the exchange rate by using a special calculator. There you can also make an exchange without registration.

    All information about the exchanger is placed in the appropriate sections of the site. A client of the service can get information about the affiliate program, read the answers to the most frequent questions, read the feedback from other clients and contact the technical support service via e-mail, widget on the website, Facebook message or a phone conversation. The page contains information on reserves, data on the last exchange and the number of recent transactions. You can also register on the home page to get access to other Papa Change bonuses.


    E-money exchange

    Papa Change works with such international e-currencies as Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash and Exmo. Currency of signs - USD for all of the above and additionally RUB for Payeer. Other e-money signs with RUB currency are Yandex.Money and QIWI. Also Papa Change works with Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH), but only in cooperation with Privat24 bank. Other banks - Sberbank, Tinkoff, Otkrytie, Avangard, Alfa-bank, Gazprombank, Rocketbank, Promsvyazbank, RNKB, Russian Standard, Raiffeisen and VTB24. The service also works with VISA, MasterCard and Kukuruza payment cards.

    Papa Change is different from other exchangers because it actively works with cryptocurrency. The service operates with Bitcoin and its variation Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero and Ethereum. It is possible to withdraw funds into cryptocurrency and vice versa from any signs that Papa Change supports. Given the popularity of cryptocurrency in today's stock market, it's hard to call the exchanger's strategy wrong.

    The regulated processing time is 10 minutes; however, depending on the payment system, bank or signs used, this time can vary up or down. Special conditions of cooperation with cardholders of Great Britain, the USA, Canada and Germany should be mentioned. The cooperation conditions stated on the official website say that the administration will not carry out any operations with cards until the holder's identity will be known. This condition was introduced to more effectively counteract fraudsters.

    Papa Change exchange calculator


    Receiving applications

    Applications for Papa Change are accepted and processed around the clock. Regardless of the time the request is placed, the speed of the exchange will remain within the regulations. You can also contact the exchanger at any time of the day, except for the phone number - it only works from 8 am to 8 pm Moscow time. However, even without a phone number, contacting the exchanger is quite easy - just write them in Facebook messenger or in the chat on the main page of the site. This is especially convenient for customers in other time zones and gives an additional advantage to the exchanger, which positions itself as an international one.



    The commission at Papa Change, like at many other exchangers, is included in the exchange rate. Unfortunately, I could not find information on the size of the commission on the site itself, but if we believe the reviews of the service customers, its size is very small and almost imperceptible, even when exchanging large sums.


    Currency of operations mainly works with two types of currencies - the United States dollar (USD) and the Russian ruble (RUB). It is this currency that most of the title signs of the electronic currency with which the service works. The banks that the exchanger cooperates with are predominantly Russian, and all transactions with banks are made in rubles. The only bank on Papa Change working with foreign currency is Privat24, it performs operations with Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH). The rest of the currency on the service is various cryptocurrencies, which, as indicated above, is represented by Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DOGE, Ethereum and Monero.



    Papa Change users do not need to register to perform currency exchange, cash deposit and withdrawal operations. There is a form on the main screen for quick exchange. However, when registering and creating a personal account, user gets access to interesting bonuses: affiliate program, control of finances, connection of Papa Change to their site as a merchant and a VIP account. Only registered users can leave reviews on the site, while all users have access to read reviews.

    Papa Change exchange form


    Papa Change bonuses

    Let's turn to the bonuses that Papa Change provides to its users.


    Affiliate Program

    For registered users of Papa Change, the Papa Change administration provided for participation in an affiliate program. The essence is simple - the user downloads one of several banners from his personal account and places it on his site. The user places a referral link on the banner, and clicking on it raises the user's affiliate status. affiliate program

    The second option is to give out an affiliate link to acquaintances and friends. It works in the same way as a referral link and is tied to an affiliate's personal account.

    Papa Change affiliate link

    When registering a new user can also enter the name of the affiliate who invited him. This field will be filled in automatically when the referral link is clicked.

    Papa Change referral link

    Papa Change partners have access to special discounts. To view the size and terms of the discount, please see the "Partner Program" section. affiliate program levels


    Papa Change Merchant

    Another advantage of being a registered user is the ability to connect your site to the Papa Change fundraising option. The client specifies which payment system (among those available on the site) he would like to receive funds and connects the merchant to the site structure.

    Papa Change merchant

    Connection is made in several steps - first you need to get a list of currencies and exchange rates. To do this, the user creates a request in the console of his site. Then it's necessary to create a payment form. After that the user specifies the address for payment notifications.

    To connect the merchant to sites on the WordPress platform, the service offers to download the official plugin, which will greatly facilitate the installation. The plugin can also be found in the user's personal account in the appropriate section.


    VIP account

    Users with the total turnover of more than 100 thousand USD in their account get access to a VIP-account. Users with this status receive round-the-clock support in a personal Telegram chat, are serviced out of turn and enjoy the services of a personal manager. To get a VIP account, the customer must contact Papa Change's support team.


    Complaints about Papa Change

    Any user of the service will immediately notice the feedback panel on the site The reviews there are exceptionally positive. Of course, we will not 100% trust the reviews that the service itself posts on its own site and check how well, according to customers, Papa Change works.

    PapaChange customer reviews of the exchanger

    Searching through online feedback platforms suggests that Papa Change customers are happy with the exchanger. They praise the high speed of processing requests, the round-the-clock availability of the service, as well as the fast, professional and courteous response of the technical support service. Also, the set of service interaction channels deserves additional positive words - there are four of them, three of which work round the clock. In addition, clients of Papa Change can always find out the news of the exchanger on the pages of the platform in the social networks VK, Facebook and Instagram.

    If there are any complaints about Papa Change, we'll be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss a thing!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!

    Regulation and license

    Let's study the license of the project in order to make sure of its reliability.


    License and regulator

    Unfortunately, we couldn't find any information about Papa Change's license. Usually exchangers place this kind of information on the website page in the "Contact Us" or "About the Service" sections. In the case of Papa Change, this information was not found in any of the sections.

    It is known that the exchanger is registered and located in the Russian Federation. This means that the exchanger falls under the jurisdiction of the legislation of the Russian Federation. According to the information received from Papa Change technical support, the administration of the exchanger acts according to the agreement on the website


    Where to complain about "Papa Change"?

    Complaints and grievances of Papa Change users are sent to [email protected], or in chat - Facebook or on the site. Technical support responds promptly, but users may need to leave a request and enter their phone number so they can be contacted if necessary.

    The technical support staff is courteous, professional and promptly resolves all incoming requests. All the negative feedbacks found so far on the Internet were promptly closed by the technical support team due to the actual solution of the user's problem and satisfaction of his request.


    Papa Change User Agreement

    On the page any user can read the rules of currency and cryptocurrency exchange. The rules are a contract that defines the concepts of Service, User, Electronic Units and Application.

    Papa Change User Agreement

    According to the contract, information about the parameters and conditions of the application displayed by the Service is a public offer. The moment the user has made the request, the contract comes into force. Papa Change has 24 hours to transfer electronic units in accordance with the transfer (48 hours for transactions with Yandex.Money). During this time the user also undertakes to credit to his account the amount specified in the application. contract terms

    The user is also obliged to provide identification documents and a photo of the means of payment. According to the text of the document, this is necessary to prevent the legalization of illegal income. Documents are required at the stage of funds transfer. If the user does not provide such data, the service has the right to refuse the user to perform the operation and return the funds.

    Among the special conditions enshrined in the rules, it is worth noting the work with the cards of banks in the United States, Britain, Germany and Canada. According to the rules, transfers and any other operations with such cards will be delayed indefinitely until the identity of the cardholder is clarified. According to the agreement, all claims are accepted only electronically by sending a message to the email address indicated on the website.


    Is a scam?

    Papa Change is not a fraudulent resource. Service very much values its reputation, as you can judge by the special paragraph 11.1 in the rules, as well as the presence of this pop-up window when you visit the site: is a scam? Customer Reviews

    Previously, Papa Change had a bad reputation - the site, without the knowledge of the administration, was used in a fraudulent scheme offering victims to "earn" on the difference in exchange rates. The second exchanger involved in this scheme was indeed fraudulent and committed theft of e-marks.

    When Papa Change administrators discovered this scheme, they took all possible measures to restore their good name to the exchanger and cut off all contacts with the fraudulent resource. Now Papa Change suppresses all attempts to illegally enrich themselves at their own expense.

    The good intentions of Papa Change administration are also proved by the fact that the technical support is ready to contact you, solving all the problems in a timely manner and taking care of the safety of their clients' money. Therefore, we conclude: Papa Change is not a scam.



    Papa Change is a young and developing exchanger, which has all the advantages of its distinguished and quite "mature" colleagues. A high percentage of satisfied customers, constantly growing number of applications and impressive reserves clearly demonstrate that the platform has found its niche and is moving in the right direction. If you need to promptly conduct a transaction with currency or cryptocurrency, feel free to contact Papa Change - you can count on competent execution of the application, courteous service and significant profit if you are a member of the affiliate program.

    Deposit and withdrawal
    Transaction speed
    Customer Service


    • Excellent service

      Great exchange service, I have been using it for over 2 years. They have always 24/7 online support, exchanges are very fast. Also they have referral program, which is also a nice bonus

      Reply to this review
    • The scammers are hidden. I was transferred...

      The scammers are hidden. I was transferred at night. It was not the first time we used it, so we were sure. It turned out that the Owners were cheaters for negligence. At night they set the rate 30% lower than the usual. The man did not pay attention. as a result, 5000 UAH translated into 9700!!! rubles, literally after a couple of hours, the rate was normal, which corresponds to the amount 12700!

      Reply to this review
    • I wanted to leave a review that...

      I wanted to leave a review that this exchanger is a thief!
      They have a system: when you insert your wallet and they then insert their number when exchanging wallet and the money goes there. You are waiting, but the money still does not come then write to them in tech.pomozhdeniyu and they will say that sent the money where you You gave them the address. After that, prove to them that you have only one purse and you can not insert another purse in any way( they do not prove it, they know this and thus steal your money. The transaction history is saved with them and with me, but the fact that the wallet is not yours you can not them prove! They all have boilerplate answers like: (Service is not responsible for any adverse consequences or damages, resulting from this mistake).
      So before you work with them think carefully! This is not the exchanger and thieves hidden under the exchanger!

      Reply to this review
      • Administraciya Papa Change 7 November 2019 at 12:21

        Hello Alice.

        Your exchange has been successfully completed
        Funds have been delivered to your specified details, hash of the transaction
        Confirmations about details and rates have additionally been successfully delivered to your mail.

        Also, when exchanging you agree to our rules

        5.4 If the User provides erroneous data in the information about the details of the recipient of funds, Service reserves the right to refuse to provide the service and return the funds to the sender to the specified details or details provided by the sender from the electronic mailbox indicated in the application. Service is not responsible for any adverse consequences or damages resulting from this error.

        5.5 The User is sent a letter (Email) with confirmation of the date, time, details, exchange rate and the amount of the exchange before executing the request, to verify the correctness of the specified data. After the user confirms and pays for the request, the service automatically performs the application at the rate stated in the letter (Email). Incorrectly specified mail address is regulated by clause 5.4.

        We fully have fulfilled their obligations and the support service is not to blame for the fact that you incorrectly entered your wallet address.

        All the best to you.

    • Thank you!

      Thank you!

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