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The official international online store of one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of mobile gadgets ZTE.
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The official online store of one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of mobile gadgets
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      ZTE is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: 8 July 2021 Updated: February 15, 2023

      ZTE - is a Chinese company producing networking, telecommunications equipment. The company owns almost two thousand patents for various inventions in the field of communications. However, in the countries of the former Soviet Union, ZTE is better known as a manufacturer of cell phones. Let's try to find out if this is a scam. online store ZTE?


      Why ZTE Devices

      The company entered the CIS market in the early 2000s. At first ZTE produced small cell phones. At the same time, the company supplied devices for companies MTS, Beeline, Megaphone. Most of the modems sold by these operators are made by this company. Later on, the company became more involved in the growing segment of smartphones. Now it is on a par with other Asian brands. Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu.

      ZTE offers a much smaller lineup than its competitors. But this manufacturer does not spare innovation and adds maximum technological solutions to every element of the product line. Basically, the company sells products through dealers - ZTE can be found in any large electronics and mobile devices chain. But customers can still order a smartphone directly from the manufacturer at ZTE Devices.

      What you can buy at ZTE

      Catalog ztedevices.com is not large. It includes:

      • Axon 30 Ultra. This is the flagship smartphone from ZTE. Inside: Snapdragon 888 processor, 5G support, 4,600 mAh battery, fast charging. The model features a 64 megapixel wide-angle camera with four lenses. 30 Ultra is listed in a separate section of the site.
      • The Smartphone section contains the rest of the phones from ZTE. This is the Axon 20 and two versions of the Axon 11 - there are versions with or without 5G support. Also in Smartphone is the Blade series. There are two models: A51 and A71. These are relatively inexpensive devices, with a screen diagonal of more than six inches.
      • Mobile Internet. This section of the site contains devices for connecting to the Internet. There is a wireless Wi-Fi router MF286PR, a compact access point MF971R, a router MC801A.

      There is also a small "Accessories" section on the ZTE website. It sells wireless headphones Live Buds, and protective cases for the Axon series smartphones.


      How to find the right product at ztedevices.com

      The product line on the site is small, so searching is easy. All the items are presented on the main page - just click "Buy Now" to go to the product card. More information about each device can be obtained by going to the thematic section from the main menu. There is also a "Store" section in the menu. This section changes, depending on the geolocation of the client.

      Product card

      The cards are made minimalistically. This is logical, considering that for each product on the site there is a full information section with a description of the advantages and technological features. On the left side of the card there are several photos of the item. On the right - the main technical characteristics, the model name. If the product comes in several configurations, the card has buttons to select the specific specification. For example, when choosing a smartphone, the client can specify the amount of memory and the color of the body. In a small block "Bundle Up" you can add additional items - headphones or a case. Under the photos is a text description of the product. The block "What's in the Box" shows the complete package contents: smartphone, charger, adapter cables, documentation. Below there is a block with answers to frequently asked questions about the purchase or delivery, a block with customer reviews and evaluations.


      How to order from ZTE

      To order a product from ztedevices.comYou have to open the card and click on "Add to Cart". Then go to the cart menu, fill out the form, and send the application.

      How to register at ztedevices.com

      The site requires registration at the time of order placement. To speed up the procedure, we recommend opening an account in advance. To do this, click on the icon with the image of a person in the right corner. A login form will appear. At the bottom there is a link "Don't Have an Account? Click on it to proceed to registration. Two fields will appear, where the client has to enter his e-mail address and the password for his account at ZTE store. He also needs to tick the box to agree to the rules of the site. After filling out the fields, click "Create".

      Personal Cabinet

      The personal account is modestly designed. There are only two sections:

      • My Orders. History of past purchases, status of current orders.
      • Addresses. Here you can add an address for delivery of purchases.

      There is nothing else, but registration gives you the opportunity to make an order, to write to the support service in online chat on the site.

      How to place an order

      To order a device, you need to click on "Add to Cart" in the product card. Then it will be sent to the cart. If the user wants to buy only one item, he can click on "Buy Now" - then the client will be redirected to fill in the order form. If there are several items, then first go to the cart. There you need to check the order, the number of items, and then click on "Check Out".

      The order page will open, where the user is required to enter the address for delivery. If the column "Addresses" is filled in the personal account, then the information will be entered automatically. Then click "Continue to Shipping" to proceed to the selection of delivery method and payment. Customers who have a verified account in the payment system PayPal you can click on "Express Checkout" without filling in anything. Then the store will send the order to the address that was used during verification in the payment system.

      Additional features

      On the site ztedevices.com there is a "News" section. It publishes news about the company, products, information on usage, and useful tips. It also publishes discounts, possible bonuses. There is an "About Us" section, which tells about ZTE.

      In the Support section, users will find answers to popular questions about shipping, online store operation, and device operation. Addresses of all partner service centers are listed in the "Service Centers" section. In Download, customers can download the latest software for ZTE devices. Buyers will find the section "After Sales" useful. There you can find information about service, warranty coverage, the possibility to buy individual parts, replacement of smartphones and accessories.


      Mobile application

      ZTE has mobile apps for smartphone management, news feeds, and contacting customer support. They are installed in every phone by default. But there's no app for buying equipment. Visitors to ZTE Devices have access to a mobile version of the site optimized for smartphone or tablet screens.


      Payment and Shipping at ZTE Devices

      This online store provides several payment and delivery methods.

      How do I pay for my order?

      You can use to pay for items purchased from ZTE Devices:

      • Payment system PayPal. The account must be identified.
      • Credit or debit card. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, UnionPay are accepted.

      It is also possible to pay the client with a bank card linked to PayPal. It can also be a virtual card issued by another payment system.

      Shipping methods

      The store does not disclose which logistics partners it works with. The user who places an order on the Global subdomain receives a parcel by mail at home or at a convenient branch. The order is processed in about three working days, the total delivery time - no more than 25 working days.

      Ways to return merchandise

      Returns are available within fifteen business days of receipt. The customer needs to write to the support service. Operators will choose a convenient way of return, depending on the location of the buyer. The money is returned to the details used to pay for the order.


      ZTE bonuses

      This store rarely launches new promotions or bonus offers. However, in order not to miss them, we recommend to follow ZTE Devices on social networks.

      Discount at 5% for students

      International Student Beans members receive a five percent discount when they order through ztedevices.com.

      Free Shipping

      The store will deliver the product for free if the order includes a smartphone. In other cases, delivery is charged. The price depends on the order amount and the buyer's geolocation.

      Affiliate Program

      The store has an affiliate program. The participant gets 4% of the paid order. You can join the "affiliate" program through the site Admitad.


      Complaints against ZTE Devices

      ZTE products receive both negative and positive reviews. Most customers praise the company's products for their relatively low prices, powerful processor and device functionality. But sometimes smartphones are criticized for the quality of assembly, technical failures. As for the online store: its work is evaluated positively. On average, the site gets 4.3 points out of five possible. Its strengths:

      • Detailed description of all products.
      • Simple interface, the ability to quickly order.
      • Payment by bank card or PayPal.
      • Support service, the possibility of returning goods.

      Customers complain that there is no possibility to choose a shipping company. Customers from Europe, Asia or the USA can only specify the type of delivery: standard or expedited.

      If there are any reviews about ZTE online store, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you won't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Supervisory authorities

      Individual regional representative offices are responsible for the store's international operations. All of them are owned and controlled by ZTE Corporation. It is registered in Shenzhen, China, at 55 Hi-tech Road South. The chairman of the board of directors is Zixue Li, and the general manager is Ziyang Xu.

      The company at 51% is state-owned, through the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation. The remaining shares are freely traded on the Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock exchanges. The corporation has public status. This means that it undertakes to regularly publish financial information of interest to investors in the public domain. The company is controlled by the General State Tax Administration of the People's Republic of China, the Office of Local Taxation. Activities are regulated by the "Company Law" and the "Joint Stock Company Law". The license is Shen Si Zi N35868 and the registration number is 440301103852869.

      ztedevices.com User Agreement

      By ordering goods on ZTE Devices website, customers accept the user agreement. It regulates the work of the store, discloses the rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer. The first section says that only a person of legal age can become a customer. At the same time, the company does not specify a particular age - it is determined by the laws of the country of residence of the buyer. Customers undertake not to use ZTE products for illegal purposes.

      The third section states that the store is not responsible for the accuracy or relevance of the information presented on the site. All texts and photos are posted for introductory purposes. Therefore, it is recommended to check with the support service for specific details of the product. For example, firmware version in the smartphone, battery capacity or other information.

      Section 11 clarifies once again that information on the site may contain errors or inaccuracies. This applies to product descriptions, promotions, prices, and other offers.

      Customer Service

      If the customer has any questions, he can contact the support service:

      • Email. To send a message, go to the Contact Us section and click on E-Mail Us. A feedback form will appear.
      • Online chat on the site. It is located in the right corner. The processing of questions may be delayed due to time zone differences.
      • Phone: 0044-203-450-87-22 available 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. GMT, 1300-789475 takes calls from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. AEST.

      The company is represented on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. There you can ask questions about ZTE products. As for the operation of the online store itself, you should write to the support service.


      Is ZTE a scam?

      We researched this online store, customer reviews, and legal information. In our opinion, ZTE Devices is not a scam. This is the official store of a big brand doing honest business. The site is operated by one of China's largest manufacturers of telecommunications equipment. The company is partly owned by the Chinese government and regularly publishes statements and tax information. The corporation's executives, its senior managers, and executives are known.



      To sell their devices, ZTE have created a convenient online store. The ZTE appliances themselves may have problems, given that some models are in the economy segment. Nevertheless, these are workable devices with sophisticated technical solutions. They have a warranty service, the possibility of a refund, and service.


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