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As a rule, any person who has entered the world of binary trading would like to see himself as a successful professional trader as soon as possible, but fear of investing his own money and natural uncertainty often stop him. It is important for the broker not to lose potential future clients. For this purpose brokerage companies have developed different kinds of bonus programs, such as no deposit bonuses. No deposit bonus programs provide an opportunity to trade with real money, but without risk and in case of successful transactions there is even an opportunity to withdraw part of the earned funds.

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No deposit bonuses

This is one of the sought-after and popular types of bonuses that new traders are usually looking for. There is an explanation for this - it is a completely free method for trading, and even more so with no risk.

What is the essence of this proposal?

In reality, the size of such a bonus is not large, usually a couple of tens of dollars, and it will be really interesting only to inexperienced clients or people looking for any possible profit. Let's take a closer look at this type of bonus and find out why it can be dangerous.

Offers to get a no deposit bonus very often come from fraudulent companies. After all, this is the easiest way to attract new customers. So what lies beneath this seemingly good way to quickly dive into the exciting ocean of market options trading? The reality is that the so-called no deposit bonus is offered to the unsuspecting user together with a special electronic account, where the profit is already programmed into the broker's system itself. Just a little bit of manipulation with the quotes and your trades bring you winnings after winnings.

The excitement overwhelms the client so much that the embraced emotion man already deposits his personal, live money. After that the holiday is over. A very clear and simple formula. Be that as it may, there are also non-defraud-based no deposit bonuses, although they are small, and it is necessary to scroll through them 50 to 100 times. But it's obvious that free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

In essence, the no deposit bonus in binary options tradingA sign-up bonus is a gift from your broker, which can be used to make real trades and then withdrawn, but only when it has been won back. Often this type of bonus is given during various promotions, so seekers of free should follow closely the news of brokerage houses and the market in general.

A broker registration bonus is the very first type of bonus offered to a trader. It is given by the broker as an additional amount to your account balance. This bonus varies depending on the size of the deposit, on average it is about 100% of the amount already deposited into the account. The welcome bonus is charged up to a certain amount by the broker himself.

For example: a broker credits your $500 amount with a 50% bonus, if your account has more than $500, respectively, the bonus is 100%, and so on up to the maximum possible amount - $2500 offered as a bonus. Some binary options brokers offer bonuses even more than 200%. This can often be a common trap, as the conditions for working off the bonus and its withdrawal will be difficult for the trader.

A good version of this bonus: trade on the demo, earn real money

FinMAX broker offers to get real money by competing in a binary options tournament with virtual money. At the beginning of the contest, each trader will have a special demo account with an equal balance for all participants. A trader needs to maximize his deposit in order to get into the top five participants to fight for prizes. The prize for first place is 500$! Try to earn money without any risk now!

In reality, this type of bonus programs is equally attractive for beginners and experienced traders, but both face tough conditions for their provision and subsequently - problems. Binary options brokersWhen attracting clients to their trading platforms with bonuses, they usually omit the important fact that it will be possible to cash out the profit received with free bonuses only after crediting a certain amount to your account from your own funds. If such a gift is received from a not that well-known brokerage firm, you can easily lose everything and end up in the clutches of swindlers, where the withdrawal will be impossible at all.

In such a situation one recommendation would be: before responding to a bonus offer from a broker, study all the rules and conditions of its provision more thoroughly. Major client-oriented brokers also have a bonus program. In this case such concept as no deposit bonus will be expressed somewhat differently:

  • Bonus incentive for prizes in tournaments and contests on the demo account,
  • Gifts in the form of a set of options.

Olimp Trade Bonuses

One of the best brokers in the market offers traders several bonuses at once:

  • Bonus 100%

Bonus when depositing an account after registration. It is valid for new clients of the platform and allows you to increase the amount of money on your deposit by two times for a profitable start with the broker.

Particular advantages await especially active traders who subscribe to the collective of the broker Olimp Trade VK. Information about promotions, contests, promo codes, etc. is regularly posted here.

  • Bonus 50%

After depositing an account for 300,000 rubles or more, a trader can take advantage of a special bonus - 50%.

Binarium broker bonuses

  • Bonus 100%

Binarium broker offers to take advantage of the 100% deposit bonus. To get the deposit bonus you need to perform a few simple actions:

1.Complete the registration on the website of the broker Binarium by at this link.

2. to activate the bonus deposit must be made in the amount of 2000 rubles.

3.You can get the bonus after crediting the balance.

  • Welcome Bonus

This bonus is oriented to new users of the broker and is credited on the first deposit.

  • Transaction insurance

Binarium offers its clients reimbursement of losses for a certain number of trades. If the trade resulted in a loss, this money will be refunded to the trader. The offer is valid only for premium accounts.

  • Bonuses for participating in broker promotions

Additional bonus offers for the broker's most active users, who monitor its new promotions and take part in them. Binarium supports dynamic traders and gives them gifts that will make trading profitable.

Also valid are exclusive promo code - etopromocod10 on the no deposit bonus $10. To get it, you need to write to the broker's technical support chat or e-mail [email protected] the following text: "Please credit me $10 no deposit bonus, my promo code is etopromocod10".

InstaForex broker bonuses

Instaforex - the oldest broker in the market, successfully providing services to traders forex tradingThe company also offers traders profitable bonuses, as well as binary options:

  • Bonus 100%

InstaForex offers its clients a lucrative bonus on the first deposit. After a trader has opened and funded a real account, he must fill in an application for the bonus. The offer is valid for deposits up to $2000. This is a non-removable bonus, but the profit made by trading can be withdrawn without any restrictions. The bonus is available not only to new, but also to existing clients of the platform.

  • Happy deposit

An interesting offer for the company's clients. The bonus is monthly, every month the amount of the cash prize changes. Having deposited the account with $3,000 in October, a trader will get $1,000 more! All broker's clients who deposited no less than $3,000 automatically become participants of the Lucky Deposit promotion. The lucky one, who will get the prize, is determined randomly at the end of each month.

  • Bonus 30% on every deposit

Welcome bonus, which can be used by every client of the broker. Bonus 30% can be received on each account deposit. To take advantage of the special offer, you need to register at the broker's website, replenish the account, fill in the bonus request. Joining InstaForex Club - an elite broker's club - a trader can increase his bonus up to 40%!

FreshForex Bonuses

Want to get bonus 101% from Forex broker FreshForex to your account? It's as easy as that! You will need:

1.Register with FreshForex by special link;

2.Open a trading account;

3.Make a deposit and the bonus is yours!

With this bonus you can test trading strategies, customize an Expert Advisor or hone your trading skills on a real account with twice the amount of your own funds.

  • Cashback up to 100%

The broker also offers a bonus with a guaranteed spread rebate up to 100%, which allows you to profitably insure your trades and receive additional profits. To do this, just register at the broker's website, go through the procedure of personal data confirmation, connect to the "Cashback" service, trade and receive a spread return up to $20. In the personal cabinet the trader can choose only one of the three schemes of calculation of the remuneration under the program:

1.10 USD per 1 lot on closed profitable trades.

2.20 USD per 1 lot on closed losing trades.

3.5 USD per lot for all closed trades.

The offer is valid for Classic MT4, Classic MT5 and Market Pro MT4 accounts. You can connect an unlimited number of accounts to the system.

Registration Bonus

Imagine that you deposited money in a brokerage firm, you were given a bonus, you traded for a while and... you didn't like the firm. What happens in this case? You simply will not be able to withdraw your money. The broker will politely tell you: "Look, in our rules the turnover is 30 times". That is why you should always read the conditions of such bonuses carefully.

Wagering registration bonus

Always keep in mind that all no deposit bonuses are subject to strict conditions and restrictions. Brokers will not give their money to traders for nothing. You will have to put some effort in proving your identity and then make a 40-50 turnover to be able to withdraw your earnings from the bonus. And it's not a fact that you'll have money in your account after trading.

Sign-up bonuses are nothing more than the illusion of getting free cheese, which is designed to attract the customer. Even if you meet all the conditions for wagering the bonus, the brokerage company will probably point to some reason not to pay you the money. In order not to complicate your life, it is better to find a broker with a low deposit amount and put a deposit of 10-20$ into your account.

Invitation bonuses or first deposit bonus

This type of bonus is offered by most brokerage firms. After you replenish your account, the broker will add you a bonus, and its size sometimes reaches 100% of the deposit amount. More often - no more than 30-50%. Conditions for bonuses are the same as those described earlier. To withdraw the bonus, you must make a turnover of these funds 20-50 times.

All of this is not surprising at all. Let's imagine that you deposit $500 into your account, you receive $250 from your broker in the form of a bonus. What do you do the next day? Exactly! Quickly withdraw all that money and spend it at the nearest restaurant or supermarket. Then you play the scheme again, and, lo and behold, you're a bonus millionaire!

Perfect! As you can easily guess, bonus scrolling is used precisely to keep you from walking away with that amount and thinking you're smarter than everyone else. The bonus money won't settle in your pocket unless you turn it over a certain number of times, as your broker wants you to. But the main problem with the bonus is that you won't be able to make any withdrawals at all until that turnover is made.

Tournaments: how to work off the bonus?

To withdraw money from the account after receiving a bonus, you must make a turnover equal to the amount of the bonus. Turnover is the total number of all positive and negative trades. To put it simply, your bonus must be worked out. Basically, turnover is 30 to 50 times. If you received $30, the turnover can be calculated as follows: 30 x 30 = $900. Only after reaching this amount of turnover you will be allowed to withdraw the money. Not just the bonus money, but all of it.

One important thing to remember when you want to get a bonus on your account. Once you have received a bonus, all the money in your account is temporarily blocked. Until you make the turnover specified in the terms and conditions, you will not be able to withdraw any money from your account. The rules of the brokerage firms are very clear about this. A lot of newbies encounter this, "pounce" on the free money, not thinking about what really awaits them after receiving such a bonus.

What does the term "turnover" mean?

It means - if possible - not to lose money during all deals. Does a beginning trader have a chance to make a profitable trade without any significant losses? Quite a small chance. For this reason it is not the smartest decision to take bonuses for newbies. In case a trader is confident in his abilities, has a good experience in trading and actual withdrawal of money from the binary platform, then the opportunity to perform a turnover and increase the total deposit can become a reality. But if you are just starting to trade binary options, bonuses are not for you!

Gift bonuses

This type of bonus is known as a temporary or gift bonus. It is offered as part of some promotion, event or just for fun. It is also given the opportunity to win various prizes or an increased percentage on the bonus.

Usually this bonus is actively imposed on the client by managers who, with constant calls and notifications, ask him to top up his account immediately and then he will receive the bonus immediately. In addition, they claim that such an offer is only valid until tomorrow morning. Don't believe it, gift bonuses are just handed out on a regular basis.

Special bonuses

This is a type of the same gift bonuses. Let's imagine that the broker offers you to "double" your profit during the promotion period. For example, a trader makes 10 bets with the same amount, then the broker will simply double his income if the bets are successful. Bonuses of this type are offered under special conditions, you will be obliged to familiarize yourself with them. Provided, of course, if you don't want to be gifted bonuses with the need to turn them over 500 times (imagine, and such situations have happened).

Risk-free bonuses or deals (risk-free binary options)

The most popular bonus on the binary market is risk-free transactions. Such deals are as follows: "Dear Client, trade to your health, and if you lose your money in the next trades, we will give you the money back". Great, no risk! Well, yes, of course. Except for the fact that the money you "get back" is automatically converted into bonus money, and the very turnover condition for their eventual withdrawal is included. So look at such gifts as just another way to get hooked on the bonus.

The idea of this bonus is that it will be equal to the funds lost by the trader during trades. If you are "in deficit" after a certain number of trades, the broker will give you back the bonus amount covering the loss. If you made a profit from trading options, the whole amount and the bonus become yours. Brokers usually reimburse losses within a couple of days, some companies reimburse losses with live money. But mostly the losses are covered through the bonus. In terms of using such bonuses, brokers usually ask for a 40-fold turnover of the bonus amount.

Deposit insurance

The same risk-free bonus. You get your money back if your bet is unsuccessful. But all the money in your account immediately becomes a bonus. And, of course, you have to make another turnover.

Educational bonuses

Money is not thrown around here. As a gift you will be given a free book (often completely useless) or free access to some webinar. One condition is that you make a deposit.

It happens that webinars can be quite sensible and you can get the basic concepts of conducting technical analysis, but as a rule, it is priceless garbage and makes the client put money on the account. An equally popular bonus is the re-deposit bonus. To prevent the trader from simply walking away from the broker, he is offered to take an additional deposit. Often the broker's re-deposit bonus is a percentage of the re-invested money. It is smaller in amount than the welcome bonus, but if the client knows all the features of his broker, it is better than changing it.

Trade contests and competitions

It's not really a bonus, because you have to participate in a contest to get it. However, that's exactly the point. Trading contests is one example of profitable bonuses that can be used. The client trades virtual money and receives real prizes. But getting the money after the contest is no easy task.

In a contest like this, you don't trade with your own money; you open a special account with virtual funds. Then, when you win, it turns out that this won money is your bonus and you have to make a turnover. Although large firms prefer not to play too much with the client and give very realistic terms. For example, they give $30 and offer to make their turnover only 3-5 times, which is quite a feasible task for traders.

VIP bonuses

Entertainment for those who have a lot of money in principle. The bottom line is simple: having deposited 50 thousand dollars, you get a big bonus or a few options like a personal manager, or the ability to withdraw within just 10 minutes and so on. It should be noted here that investing such large sums of money in binary companies makes no sense. It is most profitable/expedient to invest such sums in forex or stock exchanges.

Bonuses: good or bad?

  • A way for a beginner to lose his money;
  • A way to increase the amount of money in the account for a trader who already has experience trading in the market, uses indicators, strategies.

Experienced traders often take bonuses because they believe they can "win them back". Beginners "pounce" on them because of their naivety and, as a result, lose everything. The purpose of the bonus for the broker is to tie a new client to his platform, while not allowing him to withdraw money, adding conditions in the form of turnover and so on. Luckily for the broker, newbies don't read the bonus terms at all and blindly believe that the money is given to them for nothing.

Please think twice and read the terms and conditions before accepting any bonus offers from brokers. Don't say later that you weren't warned.

In order to make a withdrawal, you are asked to make a "turnover", that is, to trade an amount of trades several times greater than the bonus you have already received. Most often, for this type of bonus, you need to reach a volume of 40 times or more than the bonus amount. At the same time, some brokers require to perform a minimum number of trades.

Re-deposit Bonus

The second most popular options bonus is the repeat deposit bonus. So that the trader does not leave the broker, he is offered to receive an additional deposit. Usually a binary options broker's re-deposit bonus is a percentage of the secondly invested funds. It is less than the welcome bonus, however, if you already know all the nuances of trading, it is better than changing your broker.

Although it is possible to open another account and get the same bonus again. Brokers, of course, check those who open an account, but the broker's goal is your deposit of real money and the volume of trades on it. So you can simply ask the broker to give you a bonus. It's always important to remember that a bonus is not free money, you should approach it wisely.

Cashback Bonus and risk-free trades from binary options brokers

The broker undertakes to return 100% of the lost money. The terms of the refund will be the same as for a regular bonus. But they are advantageous in that you are not tied to them from the start. This is essentially the simplest type of binary bonus. The trader gets a refund of part of his losses. The approximate percentage will be about 10%-25%. In this case, it is possible to use the bonus only if you are in a loss. If the trader is in profit, the bonus is not required. Cashback, in principle, has the difference from risk-free trades in that it will be credited at the end of trading. Risk-free trades can be presented as Cashback.

Invited friend bonus

The trader will receive the amount determined by the terms of the bonus to his account if he has brought new clients to the broker. The amount can be up to 100$. Everything is clear here: you will get a bonus if you bring your friend to the broker. As a rule, your friend has to make at least a couple of trades on the platform, otherwise the bonus will not be counted.

Why do I need a binary options bonus?

After figuring out what bonuses are, let's find out who needs them in options trading and what they are for. The options that the broker offers additionally can help both beginners and professionals:

  • It is better to study the trading platform.
  • Minimize risks by increasing the deposit.
  • Achieve profitable trading by increasing the amount of money in the account. If the trader already has experience in successful trading, he can easily increase the volume of transactions.
  • To get acquainted with a new broker. Having started with a minimal deposit and received a bonus, it is possible to get a detailed idea about the broker, to check the technical support, the features of the terminal, to test a trading strategy.
  • Overlap the negative balance.

How to use bonuses correctly?

Now I would like to discuss how it is possible to get 20-100% as a free bonus to your account. To do this you:

    • Have studied the rules for granting the bonus;
  • Taken into account what turnover to the amount of the bonus is required;
  • Ready for serious work;
  • Must familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of bonuses.

The larger the bonus amount in your account, the harder it is for you to work with it, as various psychological problems can come into play, such as deposit limits. Start with a modest bonus of no more than 20%. Make sure the amount on deposit is small, up to $100. Try to make a turnover and see how it goes.

Manipulation for bonus turnover

Money management is a set of simple rules, compliance with which allows you to minimize your risks. The simplest rule - the size of the transaction does not exceed 5% of the amount of your deposit.

Example: If the deposit is 200 dollars, the size of a single transaction should not exceed $10. Better yet, 5-7 dollars. Thus, you put a limit on your trading risks. A psychological subtype of money management is also important in trading. It is quite simple:

  • Stop trading if you have made 2-3 unsuccessful trades in a row.
  • You probably don't understand the market.
  • You don't want to double or triple your positions or try to win back. The market is telling you straightforwardly that your actions are wrong.

On that basis:

  • Let's stop this process here and now;
  • Switch to paper or go back to a demo account;
  • Come back to the real work, when the same 2-3 successful predictions are made on the schedule.
  • Confidence in your abilities will return in real money trading.

Article Conclusions

As you can see, all the rules that we introduced you to in this article are very simple and quite clear. Don't rush to get the bonus. Don't run after tempting offers and try to make a turnover on the received bonus faster. You don't think the binary market works only for you and lives according to your desires, do you? That's fine.

Start working on your system and it will be the right and correct choice. You should already know this without us if you've decided on a bonus. Don't forget - bonuses are designed for experienced traders, but not for newbies who came yesterday to look at binary options.

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