Binary Options - Indicators for 60 Seconds

Published: December 9, 2015 Updated: 11 October 2022

Among all types of binary options, turbo options are considered the most profitable, because after spending only a few hours to trade, a trader can earn as much as traders earn in a whole day of trading using standard expiry dates. Except that the secret of successful trading in turbo options lies in the use of indicators for binary options on the short-term timeframe. Only in this case, turbo trading will bring good profits.

Free indicators for binary and where to get them

You probably realize yourself that if your trades have an expiration time of 60 seconds, then their conclusion should be as accurate as possible. Otherwise, in a few hours of trading you will not increase your deposit, but on the contrary, reduce or even lose it. That's why it is necessary to use technical indicators in trading. Their task will be to show you the places where it will be better to make a deal. All that remains is to find out where to get such technical indicators.

The most suitable option

To use free trading in your trading indicators for binary optionsThe best option for trading without the use of special resources is to choose a broker whose trading platform is already equipped with these indicators. Did you think such brokers do not exist? No, they do not!

Here's a live example - a broker Intrade Barwhich added a set of technical indicators to its trading platform, using which you can create your own indicator trading system. On the platform of this broker you will see free indicators for binary options - Alligator, Bollinger Waves, moving averageI've been working on it, and soon (according to available information) this selection will be extended with other interesting indicators. However, even those indicators that are available today are already enough to make your trading profitable!

However, the availability of indicators is not the only advantage of this trading terminal! But apart from that, Intrade Bar is the only company that offers its clients gift "FRI-TRADES.which are 20 free options. This is the number of trades you will be able to make at the broker's expense by becoming a client of Intrade Bar, for which you do not even need to replenish your first deposit!


Binary options indicators for 60 seconds on live quote services

You can also use indicators in trading with the help of special services with live quotes, such as or Live ScheduleThe first one is a technical indicator that allows you to open quotes for any asset and apply technical indicators to them in order to conclude deals based on their signals.

If, for example, you put your broker's platform window next to the service window, you will receive trading signals on the service with free indicators, and on them immediately make deals on the broker's platform.

Indicators for binary options on short-term timeframe on Meta Trader 4

There is another one of the most common options for trading using technical indicators - the trading platform Meta Trader 4, which already has a mass of technical indicators included in its standard package (you can add there technical indicators that you have found and downloaded yourself). Here you can download here MT4 platform. And if you apply technical indicators to the quotes on this platform, and then place it next to the option broker's web platform, you will also be able to quickly enter into transactions based on the trading signals received.

In general, free indicators for binary options can be easily found on various special resources, and even in the trading platforms of some brokers of binary options. Regular use of indicators will provide you with the maximum efficiency of your trading. And other trading options have not been invented yet!

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  • Can this indicator be used with other indicators that are also designed for 60-second trading to see which one is the most effective?

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    • Danil 23 March 2016 в 07:40

      Yes, you can... but if you want to use indicators directly on the broker's platform, you will only have at your disposal those indicators that the broker has on the platform. If you have a meta trader on at the same time, you can load any other indicators into it and use them for 60-second trading.

  • Yesterday I tested my own strategy on a demo account, which consists only in using the analysis of past transactions. Without indicators, without auxiliary programs out of 10 open trades 9 are in the plus.

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  • One thing I can’t understand is, what is the point of binary options brokers helping clients make money when they should be interested in the return on their profits?

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    • Filip Stepanov 17 December 2015 в 11:47

      What's the reverse profit? The broker has a percentage of any bet made. It is beneficial to them that people gamble. But if someone goes bankrupt, the broker won't be sorry and will look for new sources of income (traders).

    • vanya 17 December 2015 в 19:44

      Well, the money that the trader lost if he didn't guess the price direction also goes to them, right? The commission - of course. Who knows, is there a maximum betting limit?

    • Kris Do 17 January 2016 в 10:20

      What kind of reverse profit? The broker has a percentage of each transaction, that's why they help. I wouldn't think about that, but how much you can earn yourself. And let the broker count his own, too.

  • Binary options interested me immediately, as soon as I found out that you can open transactions for 1 minute, but after testing a few strategies that were in the arsenal, I realized that it is a bit like a lottery.

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  • And it’s the quick bets that I like. Turbo. The main thing here is not to drag it out. According to the strategy of doubling the bet in case of loss, set the bar, take 3-4 winning games and leave until the next day. Do not come back again otherwise…. Lose in the end.

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  • It seems simple, go in, put your money in, and have fun, but not everything is as easy as it says. These short-term are designed for gamblers who love freebies. And they always write about how quickly they can make money on this form. Why do not they write that with the same success you can stay with zero?

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