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Wondershare is an online store of proprietary software for video, audio and graphics, parental control and mobile device management.
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Flat/Room B, 5/F Gaylord Comm Building, 114-118 Lockhart Road, Hong Kong
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Smartzen Limited, part of Wondershare Technology Co.
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+1-450-600-14-63Phone in Canada
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Online store of proprietary brand software for video, audio and graphics, parental control and mobile device management
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The whole world
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Registrationpaid order - 30%
High-quality software developed in-house by the brand
Multilingualism is implemented for each application
There is a lot of free educational content on the site
There are software demos
Profitable affiliate program
It is not always clear how to purchase a digital product
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      Flat/Room B, 5/F Gaylord Comm Building, 114-118 Lockhart Road, Hong Kong

      Wondershare is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: December 10, 2020 Updated: February 16, 2023

      Wondershare - is a Chinese corporation and one of the world leaders in software development. Active users of its products are more than 30 million people from 10 countries (and 2 million more every month, if you believe the figures on the website). The main profile of the company - business solutions for creativity, increasing the productivity of office programs, data management and work with the Internet.

      There are more than 700 people on staff from China, Canada, and Japan. Is it convenient to work with the developer's programs and how reliable are they? Wondreshare.com - a scam or a decent one online store? We'll try to find out.


      Why Wondershare?

      Let's look at what benefits the seller offers customers:

      • The company sells proprietary software and is responsible for it.
      • Each application is available in 10 language versions.
      • The site has a lot of free educational content (guides, video tutorials, etc.) plus products can be discussed in the community.
      • In the beginning, it is mandatory to offer demos (you do not pay money, you just use the product).
      • There is a profitable affiliate program with a rate of 30-50% (depending on the total cheque attracted customers).

      What can you buy on Vondersheir?

      Online store catalog wondershare.com At the moment, there are 6 digital products: Filmora (video editor), UniConverter (video and audio converter and editor), Recoverit (tool to recover lost/damaged data), Dr.Fone (toolkit for mobile device management and protection), PDFelement (PDF editor) and FamiSafe (parental control application). Let's talk about each of them separately.


      Video editor with trimming, background noise removal, picture-in-picture effect (when one video overlays another), acceleration and deceleration, scrolling backwards, creating givens, framing, audio track extraction, scene change detection (using the scanner), and other options. A total of 800+ effects are offered. The final file can be imported into almost any format. It is also possible to transfer it directly to your device: mobile HD cinema, disk, TV. Or upload it to an online service.


      This product is a converter, but not only for video, but also for audio files. The file for processing is taken from your device (downloaded from your computer, cell phone, DVD, ISO image) as well as from the "cloud". Uploading does not take much time: for example, in 5 minutes after startup you will see all clips from your smartphone in the program.

      Then it remains to set the settings (for a single file or many at once, up to 1000) and wait for the result. As in the previous case, there are editor functions, but fewer of them (compression, recording, adding a subtitle or effect, sound tuning), since the emphasis is not on this. Sold by subscription. 1 year of use for individuals costs 39.95$, perpetual use is 55.96 $. Legal entities buy 1 year for 55.95$, and the perpetual subscription is purchased on individual terms.


      A tool for recovering lost or damaged data from the disk (internal, external). Supports 1000+ file formats and any type of media. No special knowledge is required to work with it: you download the installer to your Windows/Mac device, run it, scan the selected disk and look through the detected data, which you restore or not restore at your own discretion. The software does not attempt to download ads or other unwanted content. A one-month license costs 45.95$, an annual license costs 59.95$, and an unlimited license costs 69.95$.


      A set of tools to recover and transfer data/system, unlock the screen, display it on your computer, change the GPS location on iPads or iPhones, back up, completely wipe data from your device or transfer it to your PC and back again. Both Windows and iOS are supported. The cost depends on the option.


      A program that allows you to create, edit, protect, and convert PDF files. You can work with documents from various devices, and you can even send the finished work to cloud services. It is offered in two tariff plans:

      • Standard. Only basic editing options. Costs 69 USD per year or 79 USD for a perpetual subscription.
      • Pro. With functions of character recognition, scanning graphical images, creating and editing form fields, data extraction, deleting confidential information, archiving, etc. Costs 79 USD per year, 25 USD for 3 months and 129 USD for a perpetual license.


      Allows parents to monitor their children's screen time, track their location in real time and ban unwanted content from viewing. There are notifications of visits to suspicious resources and forbidden geo-zones (walking areas) instantly to the parent's device. The price tag is 59.99$ for an annual subscription, 9.99$ for a monthly subscription, and 19.99$ for a quarterly (3 months) subscription.


      How do I find the product I want on wondershare.com?

      Since there are only 6 products on wondershare.com, there are no difficulties in searching for them. And as a navigation tool, only the catalog is used, divided into several categories (by software names, applications).

      Wanderscher product card

      Each product card on Wondershare.com is a separate selling landing page on a subdomain (for example, the Filmora app is on the subdomain filmora.wondershare.com). The top part is an offer to try it for free. Then there are the benefits, links to reviews, the company's support center, and the training center (user community, manuals, YouTube, etc.). And at the very end of the page is a jump to the news section.


      How do I order from Wondershare Com?

      Ordering from Wondershare is only done online due to the fact that the products are digital and you have to download them one way or another. There is no order button on the pages of some of them - only a demo download. But after you install the program on your device and close it, the system will automatically redirect you to a page with prices and payment buttons. On others, you'll immediately see buttons like Buy Now or See Pricing - as opposed to a free trial (Try Free, Try It Now, etc.). And by clicking on them, you'll end up on the subscription selection page. And to see all the available options at once, you can go to the cart and scroll down a little bit to the Shop block.

      How do I sign up for the VanderSher website?

      Without a profile in the system you will not be able to place an order on the site wondershare.com. You have two options: go to the checkout and wait until the system prompts you to enter your contact information to automatically create an account, or go through the procedure beforehand. In the latter case you go to the Sign In button just below the top menu of the resource and select Create an Account. And then enter your personal information: email address, first name (First Name), last name (Last Name). Think of a password. Or authorize via a profile on Facebook, Google or Twitter (you will need to provide access to personal profile data). Now all you have to do is log in.

      Personal account on Wondershare

      Despite the need to register and log in, there is no personal account on wondershare.com. Instead there is a shopping cart, which is divided into several blocks for individuals: Top Selling, Shop, Wondershare Productivity and Wondershare Utility. And offering slightly different terms for business people and project teams (Team & Business tab) or educational institutions (Schools & Universities).

      How do I place an order at Wondersheir?

      If you choose a test version of the Wondershare product, you simply download and install it on your device (if it is supported by the program). If you are ready to buy it, you need to go to the list of prices (the buttons may have different names: "Buy Now", "See Pricing", - but they lead to a table with tariffs) and choose the appropriate plan. There are annual, quarterly (for 3 months), monthly or unlimited subscriptions, but not every digital product has all 4 options available.

      Click Buy Now and proceed to checkout. If we don't have an account yet, enter your personal information. If we do, immediately check the options in the order (note that by default there will be added paid insurance, Insurance Service, which can be excluded from the list), specify a convenient method of payment and make the payment. At this stage, you can also enter a promo code for a discount, if available.

      More wondershare.com features

      To the additional features of the online store (in addition to the selection and purchase of a full-fledged license), we have included an information blog on the site, beta-testing digital products developer, training center, a program for resellers and demo versions of the software.

      Blog on the site

      News section wondershare.com is actually more like a blog than a collection of materials about current events in the life of the company. It publishes both product releases and reviews, useful tips, and stories about interesting services. A few texts are marked topical, the rest are archived. You can access them at the See More link at the bottom of the page.

      Beta testing products

      The company is interested in rapid and, most importantly, high-quality product development. That is why it attracts more and more people to participate in testing at the final stages of software development. To participate you need to leave an application on the site or contact Wondershare by one of the following phone numbers: +1-442-245-36-74 (USA), +1-450-600-14-63 (Canada).


      Demo (demo, training) versions of each product are available at wondershare.com. You download the programs for free to evaluate their functionality. And, if you are happy with them, you purchase them through the site. There is no automatic payment for software you have already installed that is available to you for more than a test period. You are simply denied access when the deadline expires. The test access buttons, as we already found out, have slightly different names depending on the particular software: Try It Free, Try Free, Free Try On PC/Mac, Try It Now.

      Reseller Program

      Wondershare is expanding its sales geography and looking for representatives in regions of different countries. Reseller (a legal entity that sells the company's software) is offered a percentage of each transaction, as well as training materials and expert advice. A downloadable PDF manual is available on the site.

      Training Center

      Contains free guides and comprehensive video tutorials for beginners and experienced editors, as well as expert advice and a link to the vendor's YouTube video channel. Lots of useful content.

      Vanderscher mobile app

      There is no downloadable mobile app for wondershare.com. But, as with most online stores today, there is a mobile adaptation of the site itself. So there are no problems with working from phones, tablets or iPods: the layout of design elements (layout) takes into account all the main resolutions and is displayed correctly on screens of all sizes. Registration, order placement, and menu browsing are also fine.


      Payment and Shipping at Wondershare Com

      Online store wondershare.com works on a prepaid basis. If you decide to buy a full version of a digital product rather than a trial (demo) version, then at the final stage of subscribing you choose the appropriate tariff, method and proceed to payment. We already told you about it above. The following methods are available for users:

      Customers from other countries can also use bank transfers, Ukash system and other options (displayed when selecting a region in the process of creating an account). When the payment is made, you receive a key to activate this subscription to the e-mail address specified in your profile. You enter it into a special field of the already downloaded program and get access to the functionality.

      How do I pay for my order at VanderMeer?

      After selecting the method of payment in the order form you only need to enter the details or log in to your account, and then confirm the transaction. Everything is displayed right on the checkout page: no going to the payment gateway.

      Wondershare delivery methods

      Since Wondershare is not a physical product, but a digital one, the delivery is electronic. The program itself you download at once, but you start using it after receiving the paid key (which comes to your e-mail address specified during registration). There is no question of any delivery - the company does not deal with boxed products.

      Wondersheir's return policy

      The site says that the buyer is given 7 days to return the digital product with a refund. But in what cases this return is possible is not specified.


      Bonuses wondershare.com

      Wondershare bonuses are, first of all, discounts: by promo codes, for certain categories of customers and on certain products. Plus drawings for valuable prizes and a fairly profitable affiliate program.

      More store promo codes

      It's not quite clear when and in what denomination the seller charges them, but wondershare.com has a system of discount promo codes. A set of symbols is entered into a special field in the cart, and then the payment amount is recalculated.

      Discount for students and teachers

      For most of the catalog wondershare.com There is a discount for representatives of educational institutions - from 20% to 60%. The offer is displayed on the rates page: you'll see the "Students & Teachers" tab, where you can select the subscription with the most favorable conditions.

      Discounts on Wondershare MirrorGo

      Due to the recent release of the product in the company's lineup, you can get a good discount on the application for mirroring a mobile device to PC monitor: up to 70% of the original price. So, a monthly license for 3 devices will cost 5.95$, annual (for the same 3 devices) - 25.95$ (at 2.5 dollars per month), quarterly - 10.95$ (at 3.65 dollars per month).

      Contests and raffles

      The seller often organizes contests and raffles off valuable prizes. For example, at the moment you can win an iPhone 12 Pro Max and other equipment, if you make a video of 1-3 minutes duration, upload it to YouTube with the title #FilmoraXmas2020 and leave a link to the contest page in the description. Before that, a similar contest was held on Halloween. An iPad Pro with a license for one of Wondershare's products was raffled off. All subscribers of the seller's instagram profile participated by liking, commenting (indicating their favorite treats for the holiday table) and sharing the contest entry.

      Vanderscher affiliate program

      Wondershare.com is a member of Admitad CPA program, offering partners to earn money by attracting new customers to the store. The rate depends on the total check of all customers who have come thanks to you:

      • 30% by default;
      • 35% if sales reach $500 for the entire cooperation period;
      • 40% - if $1,500;
      • 50% - if $2,500.

      To participate, you need to register with Admitad and apply from the program description page. You will be given advertising banners and a unique affiliate link. They can be placed on doorways, used in email newsletters, ads in social networks, teaser networks and cashback services. The statistics of conversions and accruals will be displayed in the personal cabinet of the service.


      Complaints about Wondershare Com

      Internet users for the most part speak well of the seller and the digital products he offers, noting professional support, the simplicity of the software and the implementation of the tasks that were set after their purchase. But there are still dissatisfied people (about 20% of the total mass, if you take into account serious feedback sites like Trustpilot). These are those for whom the programs did not help, and those who noted a large number of bugs in the process of using them.

      If there are any reviews about Wondershare online store, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Supervisory authorities

      The online store is owned by Smartzen Limited as part of Wondershare Technology Co. Both organizations are registered in the PRC and there is no way to check the existence of these registrations for sure. As access to the public registry of the country is not available at the moment. There is only information on paid resources like Opencorporates. Anyway, legal relations between buyers and sellers at wondershare.com are regulated by Chinese legislation.

      VanderSher User Agreement

      User Agreement wondershare.com (End User License Agreement) defines the procedure of transferring the digital product license to the buyer, as well as the obligations and rights of the parties to the transaction. Thus, already in clause 2 it is stated that the right to download, install, activate and use the software is revocable (that is, it can be revoked by the seller) and personal (granted to one user) and is provided for non-commercial purposes. It is forbidden to transfer it to other people, unless it is provided for by the tariff plan.

      It is also not allowed to use an outdated version if you have an update - apparently, this rule is set in order to combat fraud, work with old versions for free (clause 3.4).

      It is also necessary to follow the activation rules. All possible restrictions are related to violations of this rule and can be solved by contacting support (point 6).

      If you fail to comply with the terms of the license (user agreement), the company has the right to terminate your contract and deny you access to its products (clause 13).

      If the company, its partners, licensees or representatives are at fault, you must compensate them (clause 16).

      Customer Service

      Wondershare customer support is provided:

      • Call the Canadian (+1-450-600-14-63) or US (+1-442-245-36-74) offices. They are open from 06:00 to 23:00 PT on weekdays (i.e. from 17:00 to 10:00 PT, but already from Sunday evening to Friday morning).
      • Through a feedback form or chat with an online consultant on the site (already in a 24 by 7 format).
      • In the seller's communities in social networks (through administrators).
      • In physical offices in China, Japan, Canada.

      There is also a knowledge base (FAQ), divided into categories based on types of clients (individuals, legal entities, partners, representatives) and questions.


      Is Wondershare a scam?

      Online store Wondershare belongs to a Chinese corporation represented by several companies. It is possible to verify the fact of valid registration only through third-party (commercial) sources, but it is still objective data. So the seller acts legally. The site has a license agreement (remember, we are not talking about the sale in the literal sense, but about the transfer of the license, which can be revoked from you at any time), but does not spell out the conditions of return.

      The specified return period (7 days) is not spelled out in the offer, and all other sections are considered purely introductory. The reviews of wondershare.com are mostly positive. And yet not everyone is happy with the provider's programs: someone found a large number of bugs, someone they seemed useless at all. We can't say that Wondershare is a scam. But in the case of digital products, there is always the risk that you will pay money for nothing.



      Wondershare - a developer and provider of software that is used all over the world. The company's programs and applications are available in 10 language versions and are in demand by 700,000+ users around the world. People even try to find them in hacked form, which also speaks for their prevalence and popularity in the Internet community. There are many tutorials on the site that are open to all. All products are available in demo (test) versions: you have the opportunity to download and try them before you pay for a subscription.

      Several bonuses and a profitable affiliate program are offered. From the minuses - lack of clarity about the conditions of return, not always clear ordering procedure (some subscriptions can be made only after downloading the demo and closing it - the system redirects to the appropriate section, not present among the main menu categories) and complaints about the quality of software (if you believe the reviews, not always the voiced tasks are performed).

      Assortment of goods
      Easy ordering
      The work of the store delivery service
      Convenience of returning goods


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        It all started when some very important files for me that were stored on a removable hard drive refused to open. Of course, this happened in the the moment they were most needed. To understand the importance of the files and the strength of my stress, these are:
        1. an EXCEL file containing over 100… Read more

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        Assortment of goods
        Easy ordering
        The work of the store delivery service
        Convenience of returning goods
        You can find many reviews about Wondershare...

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