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ROSEGAL is a big international company, which is an online hypermarket of different women's and men's clothes, shoes, accessories and household goods.
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29 Boulevard Prince Henri 1724, Luxembourg
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Lomeway E-Commerce (Luxembourg) Limited
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[email protected]Feedback form on the siteChatFacebook
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English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, etc.
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Bank card (Visa/MC), Discover, JCB, PayPal
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Clothing, Footwear and Accessories, Furniture and Home Furnishings
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International online store of clothing, footwear and accessories, as well as products for the home
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Size Guide
Help Center
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The whole world
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Courier delivery, Transportation companies
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Own, DHL
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UPS Express
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Round the clock
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From 3 To 25 days
Mobile applications
There are mobile apps (Android / iOS)
Affiliate Program
Registration14% for a paid order
A simple and straightforward website
A wide range of products
Availability of clothing in large sizes
Regular promotions and sales
Availability of additional options
International shipping worldwide
Mobile application
Many ways to pay for goods
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      29 Boulevard Prince Henri 1724, Luxembourg

      ROSEGAL is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: 26 November 2020 Updated: February 15, 2023

      ROSEGAL - is a large international company which is an online hypermarket of various women's and men's clothing, as well as shoes and accessories. You can also find here a lot of interesting products for the home and other elements of decor. The store is better known for its wide assortment and regular discounts, which allow you to buy a variety of products at a price below the general market price. At the moment ROSEGAL does not have any retail stores worldwide and all trading activities are online only.

      Like many similar sites, ROSEGAL trades through online storeThe online shopping is extremely convenient because it allows you to get the piece of clothing you want by simply selecting it on the site. This online shopping is extremely convenient because it allows you to get the desired item of clothing simply by selecting it on the site. However, online shopping is not always safe, as a wide range of opportunities has opened up a number of fraud schemes, and many online projects are not safe. That is why in this review we will analyze in details the specifics of ROSEGAL store, look through the catalog and additional services, get acquainted with the delivery and payment rules, check the details and read the online reviews about it. After that we will be able to understand whether it is possible to trust such an online site and whether it is a scam?


      Why ROSEGAL?

      According to ROSEGAL's statement, a large number of specialists are involved in their work, regularly selecting fashionable and stylish clothes, focusing on current trends and classic vintage style. Also, the company does not forget about themed holidays, buying closet elements timed to certain events.

      However, the main emphasis is still on clothing of large sizes, and ROSEGAL distinguishes the availability of such goods as their unique selling proposition, which cannot be said about their competitors. A large number of such online hypermarkets can be found on the Internet, but in order to understand why you should choose ROSEGAL, it is worth highlighting its main advantages:

      • simple and straightforward website;
      • a wide range of goods;
      • availability of clothing in large sizes;
      • regular promotions and sales;
      • availability of additional options and services;
      • international shipping all over the world;
      • mobile application;
      • many ways to pay for goods.

      What can I buy in Rosegal?

      Since the website you can find a large number of products of various types, then for the convenience of users a large catalog has been formed, thanks to which you can quickly and easily find the necessary closet item. All the sections are designed as a solid line, which can be seen at the top of the site, and each of these sections has its own subcategories.

      Large sizes

      The main section of the general menu of the site, in which the user will be able to find different items of closet in large sizes. Hovering your cursor over this category, just below the page you will see a context menu where you can select a specific type of closet item. Among all the assortment in this section there are tops, dresses, pants and skirts, carnival costumes, underwear, sportswear, swimwear and more.


      A small menu item on the site that features women's tops, including also tank tops, blouses, t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts with buttons and zippers. Each of the sections has a number of specific filters through which you can select an item by size, color and cost. There are also several other criteria that change depending on the features of the product category.


      The subcategories of this section are similar to "Bigger Sizes," as there is almost identical assortment, except for the size grid of products. In this section the customer will also be able to choose dresses, pants and shorts, outerwear and sportswear, sweaters, cardigans, swimwear, underwear and more.


      The next section of the catalog, which contains all the men's clothing from the current range of ROSEGAL. Here the customer can get acquainted with various kinds of T-shirts, shirts, shirts, and also look at outerwear (jackets, coats, down jackets). In addition you can see a variety of sweatshirts and cardigans, find jeans, pants and underwear. Unlike women's clothing, goods of larger sizes are not allocated a separate size, but go in subcategories.

      For Home

      Another large section of the catalog, in which you can find many products for the home, garden, and accessories, like face masks, aprons, and scarves. Here you can also find toys for children, pets and some products for festive events (outfits). For more convenience, the section consists of several levels for a quicker search of the desired product category.

      Bags and shoes

      A small section of the catalog, which contains all the men's and women's bags (backpacks, clutch bags, etc.), as well as shoes (shoes, boots, sneakers, etc.).

      Accessories and Wigs

      Two small subsections where you can find various accessories and jewelry for both men and women. There are wristwatches, synthetic and natural wigs, rings, lipsticks, pendants, make-up sets, belts and much more. It is also worth noting that periodically on the site ROSEGAL added separate sections, for example, for products with a special theme. This can be both worldwide holidays (New Year) and major sales (Black Friday).


      How do I find the right product at

      As in many similar online stores, it is possible to find a product in two ways: through the catalog and the search bar. In the first case, the customer goes through sections and subcategories, selecting the desired product items and thus narrowing the search criteria for the desired product. To find a product through the search bar, you need to enter a specific item or article, and then the system automatically searches and displays a list of results on a separate page with a similar set value. The search bar on is in the site's header, next to the "Register" button.

      Product card

      In the product card of ROSEGAL online store the user can read a detailed description of the clothing, its composition and materials, as well as see additional photos. Here there are also reviews from real customers with an overall rating and evaluations. On the right side the customer will be able to choose parameters (color, size, quantity, etc.), and add the product to the cart for further checkout.


      How do I order from Rosegal?

      Since the company has no retail outlets, the whole process of ordering takes place only online. To do this, the user needs to find the desired product, add it to the cart and proceed to checkout. The process of purchasing is quite simple and does not take much time.

      How do I register at

      The registration procedure on is mandatory, as it is not possible to make a purchase without an account at this time. There are two ways to register in the online store: through social networks, or by filling out a form with contact information yourself. The first way implies an automatic authorization through Facebook and Google (on your choice), on condition that the user has an account in these social networks. Further, the system analyzes the information, transfers contacts and personal data to a new profile in ROSEGAL. The second way is to fill out a special form on the site where the client has to enter such information:

      • email;
      • password;
      • a captcha code to verify "I'm not a robot".

      Personal Cabinet

      Immediately after registration the user will have access to a personal account with a number of useful functions that simplify the process of searching for products and placing an order. In the customer account you can edit contact information, control the number of coupons and discounts on products, view old and current orders, and receive messages from the seller or other system notifications.

      How to place an order?

      The ordering procedure is carried out in a few steps and does not take much time. Since making a purchase on the site can only be done independently through an account, it is enough to find the necessary goods in any way described above and go to their cards. Then you should select the necessary parameters (color, size, quantity, etc.), and add the goods to the cart, and then you can go to the next step or continue shopping. After that the system will ask the customer to fill in contact information for delivery (if not specified initially) and select the most appropriate method of online payment. Then the buyer is directed to the payment page, after which the order is automatically processed, and the detailed information is sent to the specified email.

      Additional features

      Several additional options can be found in the online store, which can greatly simplify the process of shopping and interaction with the store as a whole. These functions will not only make the choice of the desired product quicker and easier, but will also increase the degree of customer's engagement with the company while shopping at ROSEGAL.

      Size Guide

      Virtually every product card has a special key which, when clicked, opens a side context menu for the customer with general recommendations for taking body measurements. Since many manufacturers tend to deviate from the norm, and in some countries such parameters can change, the ROSEGAL size grid will be extremely useful for anyone who wants to get clothes or an accessory in the right size.


      Another useful function on the site, thanks to which the user has the opportunity to pre-save a product so that later on he won't have to look for it again in the catalog. Each product item has a special button in the form of a heart, by clicking on which it is moved to the "Favorites" tab. After that at any time the buyer can return to the marked item simply by clicking on this tab.

      Newsletter Subscription

      At the bottom of the page, to the right of the additional sections, you can see a small block in which ROSEGAL suggests subscribing to a newsletter by entering the current e-mail address. Such a mailing list involves the regular sending of e-mails with the latest news of the site, or informing about the launch of new promotions and sales.

      Help Center

      To avoid any difficulties, the site ROSEGAL has a separate tab "Frequently Asked Questions", where the buyer can find answers to the most popular questions about the site, delivery, payment and other issues related to online shopping.


      Mobile application

      ROSEGAL has a mobile app, which is available for free download on both operating systems (Android/IOS). The app fully corresponds to the computer version of the site in terms of functionality, has a modern design and works quickly on smartphones and tablets. The user can also browse the catalog, log in to an account, shop, and use additional options.


      Payment and delivery at RoseGal

      With warehouses only in China, ROSEGAL dispatches its goods using international courier services and shipping companies, making it possible to pay for orders through many different payment systems. The average delivery time depends on the region and generally ranges from 3 to 25 days. The company also has a free shipping function for orders of $59 and more.

      How do I pay for my RoseGal order?

      At the moment, the company provides the opportunity to pay for the order in the following ways:

      • online payment by card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, etc.);
      • online services PayPalWestern Union;
      • by bank transfer (for orders over $500).

      Ways to deliver the product

      Rosegirl delivers its goods in these ways:

      • by our own courier service, DHL;
      • by UPS shipping company.

      It is important to note that when placing an order, the user is given the opportunity to select the type of delivery ("Standard", "Priority" and "Expedited"). All these types differ in the average time of arrival of the parcel to the destination point, as well as the price, where the fastest method will be more expensive than the others.

      Ways to return merchandise

      The possibility of return extends to almost all items in the online store ROSEGAL, with the exception of underwear, earrings, and disposable and personal protective equipment. At the moment, due to COVID-19, the company increased the period of possible return to 60 days from the date of receipt. It is possible to return goods in case of any defects, damages, or discrepancy with the order (wrong color, shape, size, etc.). To make the procedure, the buyer must send a request to the Support Center and indicate the reason for return and details of the problem. Operators will reply within 24 hours and send a letter back with further recommendations. Please note that the shipping costs are reimbursed by the buyer, and the funds are sent only to the payment system PayPal.


      ROSEGAL bonuses

      On the site You can see many different promotions, sales, and other bonus offers that allow you to save on almost everything - from the products themselves, to delivery. Very often the company holds themed promotions, timed to coincide with some holidays, you can also see and quick discounts, which are often referred to as "flash sales". To find out exactly how you can save money at ROSEGAL, you should study the store's bonuses in more detail.


      A separate section in the general menu of the site, which is regularly updated with promotional items, the discount on which can be up to 50%. This section also contains filters and sorting parameters, thanks to which you can narrow down the list of displayed merchandise items.


      Many discount offers can be found on the site:

      • Like most stores, RoseGal participates in the Black Friday promotional program and offers discounts up to 30%.

      • At the moment the store is running a promotion and giving discounts on the Spider-Man clothing collection.

      • To every new customer, Rosegal offers a 10% discount on the first order.

      Free Shipping

      Items on the site mostly have free shipping, depending on various conditions.


      Often ROSEGAL gives its customers special discount coupons, which can be used during checkout. These can be coupons with a discount on a purchase of a certain amount, as well as coupons that do not depend on the total value of purchases. For example, when registering the user is given 4 coupons with a total discount of 80%, the availability of which can be viewed in the personal cabinet.

      Free points

      ROSEGAL offers its customers to get free points by visiting the online store every day and checking the "Battle for R Points" tab. Starting from the first day, customers have the opportunity to receive up to 35 points each day, which can then be used as payment for certain products in the store. The current rate of points is 50R = 1$. R-points can also be received for some actions on the site (confirmation of e-mail, filling out a profile, etc.).

      Affiliate Program

      At there is a tab with the same name, which contains detailed information about the affiliate and referral programs. The company offers cooperation on different terms, depending on the type of partnership (webmasters, agencies, individuals).


      Complaints about Rosegal

      On domestic review platforms it is rare to find any comments regarding the work of this store, but on foreign resources people willingly share their opinions and experiences of shopping at ROSEGAL. On the platform Trustpilot users leave mostly positive reviews, noting fast delivery, good quality products and pleasant bonuses.

      If there are any reviews about , we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Supervisory authorities

      There is no tab with details on the site, but in the item "Contact Us" there is the name of the organization from which trading activity is conducted - Lomeway E-Commerce (Luxembourg) Limited. After checking the information in public sources, we found out that the company was registered in January 2016, and the CEO is Yuanjun Guo. The website indicates that the holding company has been assigned a special number 09937277, and the organization is currently active.

      ROSEGAL User Agreement

      The User Agreement is referred to as the "Terms and Conditions" and can be found at the bottom of the site, in the "Our Information" category. Because all of the paragraphs have been translated from Chinese, some parts are difficult to understand, but the general rules are generally clear. In the "Terms and Conditions" the user will be able to read the general provisions for the use of the site, its graphic and text content, learn about some points of complaint, copyright and disclaimer of liability.

      Of importance is the "Links" paragraph which states that the site contains links to third-party sites and that the company is not responsible for their content. This means that the user needs to be careful when accessing such resources.

      There is also a Privacy Policy posted on the site, which describes the rules for collecting, storing, processing and transmitting of personal data of the customer. According to ROSEGAL, such information is collected in order to personalize the site, to improve the customer service, to process transactions and to send periodic mailings. Customer Service

      There are the following ways to contact the support service of the ROSEGAL online store:

      • at +001-360-857-6001;
      • by e-mail: [email protected];
      • online chat;
      • via Messenger;
      • feedback form.


      Is ROSEGAL a scam?

      ROSEGAL positions itself as a leading online store that sells vintage and modern clothing for every taste and season. Relying not only on modern fashion requirements, but also on a moderate pricing policy, the company allows anyone from all over the world to buy different products in just a couple of clicks. ROSEGAL is a trading platform and does not produce the sold clothes and shoes, and the purchase of goods is made directly through the verified suppliers in the Chinese market. This online store is best known abroad, in the United States of America, having received its wide recognition thanks to the sale of most items of clothing category "plus size".

      Such online stores in most cases are loved for their wide assortment and low prices, which is what the companies appeal, providing their customers with a large catalog of products and a pleasant pricing policy. Numerous promotions and various bonuses only attract customers from all over the world to order from this store, and a wide range of delivery opens up a great opportunity to get your goods anywhere in the world. In this review we have analyzed in detail the activity of the company ROSEGAL and its website, studied the catalog and other additional options, got acquainted with the delivery and payment rules as well as looked at the availability of bonuses. In addition we checked details of the organization and online reviews. On the basis of all the information received it can be concluded that ROSEGAL is not a scam; however, due to the large number of complaints about the quality of the goods, the customer should be more careful when buying clothes in this store.



      Company website Rosegal has a convenient catalog with filters and sorting options, and thanks to additional options you can speed up and simplify the buying process. Many promotions and sales allow you to save a lot of money. The company delivers products worldwide and in case of a return is possible, and the process of ordering is quite simple and does not take much time. If you have had experience in buying products on ROSEGAL, then please share it with us below in the column "Reviews".

      Assortment of goods
      Easy ordering
      The work of the store delivery service
      Convenience of returning goods


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        Assortment of goods
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        The work of the store delivery service
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