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    Rimarkets is it a scam? Reviews and description

    18 July 2018

    Rimarkets is one of the startup Forex and CFD brokers of the market, which started its activity in 2017 an is ready to offer for a customer a number of opportunities for getting stable income from trading: quality platform, loads of assets, favorable cooperation terms etc. This new brand, which is successful already, possesses a wide base of loyal users holding high broker ratings.

    And yet, is Rimarkets a scam and a fraudulent recourse or, quite opposite, a reliable and safe project, which will let you get profit and withdraw the capital from the platform without a problem? To get these questions answered you can after studying our project latest review.

    Terms of trade with Rimarkets

    Rimarkets is a new project recently emerged on Forex market, which is ready to offer to its customers the entire complex of helpful online trading services. The greater user’s credibility to the platform is the main concern of the company, so it runs its business here clear and fair. Its most valuable assets are certainly the customers, which are provided with a whole range of unique investment tools.

    So specifically for enhancing their trading efficiency the assistance and support of the group of experts is provided in the field of investments in financial markets. The variety of assets (currencies, shares, cryptocurrencies, metals etc.) makes the trade here much more interesting. One of the main missions of the company is the provision of trading comfort and stability, its empowerment, including through the implementation of ground-breaking functionality. The safety matter is settled here with all seriousness: there are only modern techniques of information and funds protection implemented, which are securing the platform high safety and reliability.

    All the work takes place on the progressive software only. The broker’s platform is considered to be among the most strong ones for Forex and cryptocurrency trading, thousands of traders like working here online and reaching new frontiers daily. Apart from the comfortable web-platform users may apply also to the program Metatrader 4, the famous terminal, preferred by most wildcatters. It can set up a full functional workspace simple and easy, without any limitations: here are the analytics, loads of tools, signals, robots, strategies and customized indicators may be downloaded. Also the broker suggests to download the free mobile application allowing a customer to get access to the market at his convenience. The Rimarkets platform is comfortable to work with both for trading professionals and newcomers, which are just testing Forex market options (read the full truth about Forex here). All categories of users get the direct access to the international investment markets.

    For convenience customers may use the informative official website rimarkets.com, where a great number of quality training materials are available: articles, courses, e-books etc. — all this will help you understand the market operating principles. Here are also such useful tools like calculators, economic calendars, charts analysis. Due to the professional support managers, which you may apply to 24 hours 5 days a week, it’s easy to get expert reply on any questions.

    Deposit and withdrawal

    The startup broker Rimarkets, which is yet successful already, offers the different transaction ways:

    • Bank cards VISA, MasterCard (credit, debit),
    • Online banking (Promsvyazbank, Alfa bank),
    • Payment services (WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money, NETELLER, ePayments etc.),
    • Cryptocurrency accounts (Litecoin, Bitcoin),
    • SMS-payments by phone (Megafon, MTS etc.).

    Please note that the company transactions doesn’t add any commissions, so trading here is even more profitable.

    Complaints about Rimarkets

    Rimarkets is yet a very recent startup platform, so there are just a few references in Internet from customers about dealing with it. Among positive things the option of regular earnings both for professionals and newcomers is pointed, along with the quick withdrawal, user-friendly terminal, favorable terms, quality support, the variety of trading tools, assistance of professional analysts giving sound trading advises, nice range of assets including cryptocurrencies (learn the full truth about cryptocurrency here). Some traders recommend the resources to their friends and this also describes it nicely.

    The comments in Internet about the platform are mostly positive, and yet there are negative things, too, concerning the long withdrawal and verification, along with the difficulties when logging in the account and the lack of regulation.

    The regulator of the broker Rimarkets

    There is no information about the regulation on the official website rimarkets.com. We cannot but hope the matter will be settled shortly, as it will make the online trading on the platform more safe and protected.

    Is Rimarkets a scam?

    Rimarkets – is yet a recent startup company, but a promising CFD and Forex broker, which is on target today, justly holding its honorable niche on the market among the similar entities. The company looks very successful even now, advantageously differing from other brands and has no intention to rest on its laurels. The continuous growth is valuable here, along with the provision of the user just with the best and recent solutions for earnings in Internet. Please note also the priorities of the company, which it adheres at all times: these are customers – its main asset, as exactly the customers’ opinion about the platform is the broker’s main concern.

    One more priority proving the commitment of the brand is its concern about the safety. The platform is secured, operates steadily without failures, attracting here the increasing amount of new wildcatters. The disclosure and transparency of the broker’s activity, the possibility to contact the support managers quite quick and on the trader’s native language – all this is increasing the confidence level to the brand. One of the significant advantages of the company is provision of users with the best trading solution only. So there is a web-platform available, which is considered to be among the most strong ones for trading in Forex and cryptocurrency market, along with Metatrader 4, the famous terminal, the choice of the majority wildcatters all around the world. This program organizes the workspace easily, providing the customer with loads of useful things: tools, analytics, signals, robots, along with loading of indicators and strategies for the technical analysis.

    There are many useful and free materials available on the official website rimarkets.com, which will help a trader to increase the knowledge about the market: these are articles, courses, e-books etc. Also the economical calendar, calculators, charts analysis may be of use. A great number of assets, lack of commissions, variety of transaction ways – all this makes the cooperation with the broker profitable.

    Please note also the various references about the platform in Internet, the positive ones among which are the majority. So, the market players often praise the platform for the real chance to get income from trading, user-friendly terminal, a great number of assets, professional technical support and analysts of the company. At that some customers recommend the broker to their friends. Negatively pointed are usually long withdrawal and verification etc. And yet, shall the startup, rapidly developing broker Rimarkets be called a scam and a fool’s bargain? Not, because the company is successfully growing today, providing its user with favorable trading conditions, professional support and a large number of options for money making on online trading.


    Rimarkets is a recent and successful startup Forex and CFD broker with a number of strengths, advantageously standing out against other major market brands. All this is due to the adherence of the company to its priorities, properly organized strategy of cooperation with the trader. Today the users cooperating with the platform will face a number of advantages: these are quick transactions, professional technical support, earning options, no commissions, variety of assets etc.

    The customer has always been the main asset of the company and it is really concerned about his feedback on its service. The company never stops growing, enhancing the platform, eliminating failures when trading and makes its best for the earnings here to be comfortable and effective. Today we will not call a scam and a fool’s bargain. And yet we expect the feedback from the platform real traders, which could not only help to get a valuable picture about dealing with the broker, but also effect its rating in our project.

    Trading tools and assets
    Withdrawal speed
    Technical support


    • This broker no longer works, here is...

      This broker no longer works, here is a link to the current rating of forex brokers — https://revieweek.com/forex-brokers/

      Reply to this review
    • I had to deal with this horrible...

      I had to deal with this horrible company. i have never seen the worst managers. and why do they hire them. i thought it was a good company, but it turned out to be much worse. even too worse. i wanted to give one star, but alas it is only 4.5 and coming. not one star will not be given. horrible

      Reply to this review
    • So, the managers work sometimes obsessively, it...

      So, the managers work sometimes obsessively, it is necessary to change this company, because a strange impression is starting to form, but in terms of the direct work itself everything is great, good analysts, know their business, and not guys who graduated from college work with you, but already experienced traders… so the initial stage of interaction takes a back seat.

      Reply to this review
    • They often called me and still persuaded...

      They often called me and still persuaded me to make a deposit. All as promised good income so I am satisfied

      Reply to this review
    • At first it was difficult and unclear

      At first it was difficult and unclear, but my analyst Andrew explained everything to me very competently. In terms of income plus or minus $1,000 a month it turns out

      Reply to this review
    • Compared to other brokers I have worked...

      Compared to other brokers I have worked with, I like here the competent support, the variety of withdrawal methods and the ability to combine multiple accounts to simplify the work with them.

      Reply to this review
    • Today I took the first withdrawal, I...

      Today I took the first withdrawal, I am very happy that I decided to work with this broker

      Reply to this review
    • I have been working with this broker...

      I have been working with this broker for a little over a month, I liked the quick checkout and verification and the variety of platforms!

      Reply to this review
    • From the pluses - smart analysts and...

      From the pluses — smart analysts and normal spreads, otherwise quite an ordinary broker

      Reply to this review
    • Yes yes, what do not withdraw, for...

      Yes yes, what do not withdraw, for example, I withdrew but waited for 7 days. because it was done on the weekend, now I do not do this, at the beginning of the week you put on the withdrawal all ok.

      Reply to this review
    • This is a normal broker, I personally...

      This is a normal broker, I personally withdrew 3 times in a month, what nonsense…
      The verification was passed and within a day I received money on yandexdengi

      Reply to this review
    • I have no specific remarks about this...

      I have no specific remarks about this broker, the platform is fast, the analyst is always in touch and very experienced guy, I requested a withdrawal the money came in 5 days. My profit per month is about $500 +-.

      Reply to this review
    • This is a pure scam, the money...

      This is a pure scam, the money is not withdrawn, asked to verify and need all the data card credit cards and so on, you can imagine, a concrete scam.

      Reply to this review
      • Andrey burgundov 31 July 2018 at 12:27

        You are funny, what makes you think that scammers, verification is necessary for any broker. I have been working with RImarkets for a long time, I also verified and more than once withdrew my income. I do not understand what you see fraud in.

      • Nikolay 3 August 2018 at 10:14

        Where's the proufy?

      • Salavat 9 August 2018 at 17:22

        Sorry guys, the money came, but it took a long time.

    • The managers of this company have no...

      The managers of this company have no conscience! They deliberately betrayed unprofitable trades in order to force me to deposit more money into the account. I was scammed! I had to go into debt, take out child support, overstay my loan payment. They knew perfectly well that I was not working and had a small child on maternity leave. And still it didn’t stop them!

      Reply to this review
    • A quite a normal broker, more than 3...

      quite a normal broker, more than 3 months working with them, the conditions are all on par

      Reply to this review
    • I am more than satisfied. I put...

      I am more than satisfied. I put a huge plus for deposit and withdrawal methods, it is really convenient and it is immediately obvious that everything is organized correctly!

      Reply to this review
    • The platform really made me happy

      The platform really made me happy.

      Reply to this review
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