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The official online store of the brand Jaybird offers headphones and accessories for athletes. Student discounts and free shipping.
Online store
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Head Office
2700 Rasmussen Rd, Ste 100, Park City, UT, 84098
Date of foundation
The owner of the company
Logitech International S.A.
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Live ChatHelp CenterFacebookTwitterInstagram
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Social media
English, German, Spanish, French, Danish, Portuguese, etc.
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Bank card (Visa/MC), Wire transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Discover, Diners Club, JCB
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Digital and Home Appliances
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The official online store brand Jaybird offers headphones and accessories
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Information for athletes
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All countries in the world
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Courier delivery
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UPS Express
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From 1 dayDepending on the buyer's location
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Shipping is free for all orders
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No mobile apps available
Affiliate Program
Registration6.4% for a paid order
Unique headphones with a high standard of water and dust protection
Two-year warranty on all products
High quality headphones and accessories
Ability to track a parcel from warehouse to buyer's door
Clear interface of the site and convenient layout of the order
Fast shipping to different countries
There are delays in delivery
Regulatory agencies and laws
U.S. Internal Revenue Service
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
U.S. Federal Trade Commission
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      2700 Rasmussen Rd, Ste 100, Park City, UT, 84098

      Jaybird is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: 19 May 2021 Updated: February 15, 2023

      Jaybird - is a brand of wireless headphones for an active lifestyle. The company was founded in 2006, in Salt Lake City, USA. The founder, Judd Armstrong, decided to create unique wireless headphones that do not interfere with physical activity. In this review, let's try to find out, online store Is Jaybird a scam or not?


      Why Jaybird

      The primary audience for Jaybird products is athletes. All headphones are designed to be comfortable when running or at the gym. Thanks to their waterproof and dirt-resistant design, Jaybird accessories can be used in the rain, winter, and extreme conditions. In 2014, the company launched Reigh, a smart bracelet for tracking physical activity.

      But the gadget did not become a success, due to sharply increased competition from the Apple Watch and other manufacturers. In 2016, Jaybird became part of the technological corporation Logitech. After the change of ownership, the company focused on the narrow segment of headphones and Bluetooth headsets. Jaybirdsport.com is the official online store of the Jaybird brand. Unfortunately, there is no Russian language on the site. Therefore it is recommended to use a browser with automatic translation of pages.

      Jaybird is a scam? Reviews

      What you can buy at Jaybird

      This online store sells only Jaybird products. The assortment is small:

      • Vista Series. This model is the most advanced. According to the company, these headphones deliver premium sound, with a built-in equalizer. The manufacturer promises sixteen hours of uninterrupted operation on a single battery charge. The model meets the IPX7 standard. This means that the headphones are protected against moisture and salts.
      • Tarah Pro. Waterproof headphones for runners. Sold in black and yellow, silver and blue, and emerald. Capable of running for fourteen hours straight. There is a built-in microphone that allows you to answer calls. Unlike Vista, the headphones are connected with a lightweight cord.
      • Tarah. Budget version of the headphones with a cord. Available in black and yellow and gray-green colors. The battery is designed for six hours of use and communication via the built-in microphone. IPX7 protected and compatible with tracking applications.

      Jaybird product catalog

      On the site jaybirdsport.com there is an accessories section. It sells headset cases, chargers, cables and adapters, and extra batteries. Kits like the X4 allow you to adjust the headset to the size of your ear using rubber pads and holders. What's unique about Jaybird is that the "core" of the earpiece can be replaced if it breaks or gets lost. Therefore, you don't have to buy a new set - you can take one earphone for the left or right ear, put a rubber pad on it, and it will be fully compatible with the old device.


      How to find the right product at jaybirdsport.com

      Website jaybirdsport.com is made neatly and intuitively. Finding the product is easy - just open the Shop section and the drop-down list shows all the headphone models. From there you can also go to the accessories section. If you go to the Shop All tab, you can see all of Jaybird's products on one page. From there you can also go to order the product you like. There aren't many lots on the site, so the user doesn't need a search engine or a set of filters.

      Product card

      The cards are perfectly designed. In fact, each card is a full-fledged product page with a bunch of additional information. The card's main screen presents the name of the product, a few high-quality photos, and the price. Next to that is a customer rating and a link to reviews. Just below that, there's a small product description and color toggles. They are interactive, that is, the pictures on the page change, if the user wants to see a different color of headphones. The card contains a promotional video and a text block describing the benefits of the model.

      The In The Box and Tech Specs sections describe the contents of the packaging and the specifications of the headset. Here we learn that the Vista model charges in two hours, but it has a fast charging mode - one hour of work after five minutes of charging. Finally, in the cards is placed a large block with customer reviews. Here you can leave a comment after ordering a product.

      jaybirdsport.com product card


      How to order from Jaybird

      To order the headphones from the official website jaybirdsport.com, you need to go to the model card and click Add to Cart. The headset will be added to your cart.

      How to register at jaybirdsport.com

      The store recommends creating an account. A registered user can track the status of orders and receive useful information about products already purchased. To register on the site jaybridsport.comClick on My Account in the header of the site. On the page that opens, click Create an Account. You will need to fill out a small form:

      • First Name: client name
      • Last Name: his last name.
      • Email - email address. Registration confirmation will be sent there. In the future, this box will be used to log in to the site and recover lost passwords.
      • Password. It is recommended to come up with a strong password with letters and numbers, at least ten characters.

      After filling out the questionnaire, click Create. The system will send an email to the specified email address. You need to open it and click on the link by pressing Confirm Email.

      Jaybird registration

      Personal Cabinet

      In the personal cabinet users can change personal information and delivery address. The available payment methods and the status of current orders are listed here. In My Products you can download the Jaybird mobile app. Sound, equalizer, and playlist settings are available there. The Email Subscription section is responsible for email messages. And through Support, you can contact the support team.

      How to order from jaybirdsport.com

      After an item is added to cart via the Add to Cart button, the client can go to cart to proceed with the order. To do this click on the icon with the image of a cart in the right corner of the site. The selected items are shown in the cart. To the right of the lot name there is a switch for the number of items in the order. Just below there is a small Add Promo Code button. By clicking on it, the customer gets the opportunity to enter a promo code and get a discount on Jaybird products. When the order is checked out, all that is left to do is to click on the Continue to Checkout button.

      The user will be redirected to the registration page. Here you will need to fill out the form and specify the address, the buyer's first and last name, country and city, and postal code. In the Shipping Method field select the delivery method. After filling out the form click Continue to Payment. The site will direct the client to the payment gateway, where you have to specify the data of the payment card or PayPal.

      Jaybird checkout

      Additional features

      There are few additional services on the site


      The site has a Blog section with articles about recreational sports and active lifestyles. Here you will find useful materials on training and nutrition, as well as news about Jaybird.

      jaybirdsport.com blog


      The Earthproof section talks about IPX7 and MIL-STD 810G. These are military standards for device protection and operation in harsh climates. The section shows how these technologies work in the Vista Series headphones. There is also a Jobs section at jaybirdsport.com. It will come in handy for those who are looking for a job in a modern technology company.

      Jaybird Earthproof


      See Warranty & Returns for details on warranty coverage. Jaybird products are covered by a two-year warranty. If the headphones fail, they can be sent to the company for repair or replacement. The store also states that you can go to any authorized Jaybird dealer for a replacement product.


      Mobile application

      Jaybird has created a mobile app for customizing headphones and creating playlists. It is available in the App Store and Play Market. But there is no separate app for the online store itself. But it is possible to buy something with a cell phone. Just go to jaybirdsport.com with a smartphone browser and the site will show a mobile version of the site with all the features.


      Payment and Shipping at Jaybird

      The Jaybird store has several payment and delivery methods. But they depend on the country in which the buyer is located.

      How to pay for the order

      The method of payment is selected at the time of checkout from the cart. The site accepts:

      • Visa and Mastercard.
      • PayPal.
      • Payments from mobile devices Apple Pay and Google Pay.
      • Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, EuroCard.

      The store will also accept checks and direct bank transfers. But customers wishing to pay in this way, it's better to contact support first. The support team will clarify whether it is possible to make a transfer from your country and provide the details.

      Jaybird order payment

      Shipping methods

      Jaybirdsport.com specifies that it only ships within the United Kingdom and the United States. If ordering from another country, the shipment goes through Logitech's parent company and the shipping company UPS. Other shipping details are not disclosed. The buyer tracks the movement of the parcel through a personal account on the site, or using a special tracking number on findmyorder.com.

      Ways to return merchandise

      The buyer can cancel the order before the item is shipped from the warehouse. The status is checked in the personal cabinet. If the parcel has already been shipped, however, it cannot be cancelled, but the goods can be returned once received. Jaybird does not offer a single algorithm for returning purchases. Instead it is recommended to contact the support service of the company, where each application will be considered individually. The order can be returned within fourteen days of receipt. But on holidays, especially during the New Year period, the period is extended up to a month. After the parcel is returned to the store, the money will be credited back to the details used to place the order. Usually it takes three weeks to get the money back.


      Jaybird Bonuses

      Jaybirdsport.com doesn't have many promotions or bonuses.


      Promo codes can be activated at the time of checkout to get a discount. Usually such codes are sent to regular customers by email. Also, promo codes are sometimes distributed in social networks and on bonus and promotions aggregator sites.

      Student discount - 20%

      Students who sign up for Student Beans receive a twenty percent discount on purchases at Jaybirdsport.com.

      jaybirdsport.com student discount

      Affiliate Program

      The company has an affiliate program. The remuneration for participants is 10% of the amount of purchases of the referred client. To become an affiliate, you need to contact the support service. The store attaches a personal manager. Referral link, banners, graphics and other marketing materials can be requested from him. Remuneration is credited in cash, to the details specified by the partner. From the affiliate network CityAds you can receive 6.4% for a paid order.

      Jaybird Sports Affiliate Program


      Complaints about Jaybird

      Jaybird is a well-known brand among amateur athletes. The products sell well and deserve positive reviews. People like Jaybird: there is nothing superfluous in the headphones, and they work in all conditions, give a cool sound and do not cramp the movement. As for the official online store, it also has good reviews. Users praise the site for:

      • Fast shipping in the UK, USA and Europe.
      • Ability to track the parcel from the warehouse to the buyer's door.
      • Simple interface and easy shopping.

      Jaybird reviews.

      There are also negative reviews. The company gets minuses for high prices and confusion with delivery. We found stories of customers where one buyer from Russia managed to order the goods, but the other could not send the parcel to the same region. Therefore residents of Russia and the CIS countries are advised to check with the helpdesk to find out if the store can send the order to their city.

      Jaybird reviews.

      If reviews of the Jaybird online store come up, we'll be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Supervisory authorities

      Jaybird is owned by Logitech Corporation. The company is incorporated in Switzerland, with subsidiaries and representative offices around the world. Logitech International is listed on the Swiss stock exchange and the NASDAQ in the United States. Therefore, the company is supervised by both Swiss and U.S. financial authorities. The Jaybirdsport.com online store is operated from Jaybird's headquarters in Park City, Utah. The address is 2700 Rasmussen Rd, Ste 100. The company is controlled by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the IRS.

      jaybirdsport.com User Agreement

      By registering and placing orders in this online store, customers automatically accept the user agreement. Because Jaybird is owned by Logitech, the agreement is posted on Logitech's website on behalf of the parent company. Customer interactions directly with jaybirdsport.com are governed by a privacy and personal data agreement.

      jaybirdsport.com user agreement

      The How we use information section says that the company stores information about users and may use it for advertising and business purposes. It also allows information to be shared with third parties, such as logistics and marketing companies.

      Jaybird data usage

      Of interest: there is a clause in the security agreement that gives Jaybird the right to record information from the user's smartphone when the app is installed. In addition, Find my Buds captures the location of the headphones by geolocation and transmits this information to the firm's servers.

      Jaybird security agreement

      Customer Service

      Jaybird Support is available in English only. Customers can contact it:

      • Through online chat on the website. It is available under Support, Contact Us.
      • By phone: The number is 1 (866) 244-3399. Available Monday through Friday only, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time.
      • Customers get help on the brand's official social media pages. Jaybird is represented on Facebook and YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.


      Jaybird is a scam?

      We examined the online store JaybirdWe analyzed the company's legal information and documents. We came to the conclusion that Jaybird is not a scam. The brand belongs to the company Logitech, one of the largest manufacturers of electronics. The affiliated products have the necessary permits and registration with the legal authorities.

      The company is accountable to stringent American regulators at both the federal and state levels. There is no question about the product itself - Jaybird headphones have a reputation for quality products. They do meet military standards of reliability and are suitable for use in extreme environments.



      Headphones from Jaybird They are the perfect partner for jogging, working out at the gym, or cycling through the mountains. The brand is one of the pioneers in the segment of wireless communication devices. It is a brand known in the West, although not particularly popular in Russia. Unfortunately, customers from the CIS will have difficulty ordering from the official site Jaybirdsport.com. Not only is there no Russian here, but it is also not always possible to arrange delivery to Russia, Belarus or Kazakhstan. So if you choose Jaybird, it's easier to buy through another online store.


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