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Dresslily.com is an international online clothing, footwear, accessories and home goods store with worldwide shipping. Discounts up to 80%!
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Lomeway E-Commerce Limited
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International online clothing, footwear, accessories and home goods store with worldwide delivery
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Registration14% for each paid order
Large selection of products
There are all sizes of clothing
30-day money-back guarantee
Calculation in 30 types of currencies
Lots of promotions and giveaways
Loyalty program and referral program
Useful services: tag map, size guide, shipment tracking, product video reviews
Sending orders for delivery takes 3-10 business days
The company is not responsible for the goods after handing over the order for delivery
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ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
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      Suite Ff02 119 Holloway Head, Birmingham, West Midlands, England, B1 1QP

      Dresslily is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: September 17, 2020 Updated: February 14, 2023

      Store History Dresslily started in 2013, when it began working with one area - women's clothing of all sizes. Today it is an international platform for ordering women's, men's and children's closet items and home goods. User audience online store reaches 12 million people, if you count not only the site, but also Dresslily's social communities.

      How reliable is the seller and is it worth it to make an advance payment for an order that will not arrive soon (given that shipping is international)? Dresslily.com - a scam or a serious project? Let's try to find out.


      Why Dresslily?

      The positive aspects of the online store are:

      • Large catalog. All (or almost all) of the size range (including the so-called Size Plus), all sorts of styles and attributes, lots of accessories. Plus everything you need to furnish and decorate your home.
      • A 30-day, not 7-day (like most online stores) return guarantee. It's worth noting here that it does not cover underwear, bathing suits, and hosiery - that is, anything that is considered intimate, personal.
      • Calculation in 30 types of currencies. No conversion is required, which means no extra charge for it.
      • Many promotions and gifts, VIP-club, loyalty program, referral program.
      • Useful services. Tag map, size guide, online shipment tracking, product video reviews, ratings, Q&A right in the cards, favorites, etc.
      • Ordering on the site and in the mobile app (quick access to a personal account, customizable notifications of all changes in the "curtain" of the device and other advantages of the format).

      What can I buy at Dresslily?

      The Dresslily catalog includes women's, men's, and children's clothing, as well as accessories and home decorations. We use grouping (breakdown into headings) not only by age and gender. The main menu also includes popular categories: dresses, bathing suits, novelties, and Halloween clothes (as we understand it, this is a temporary category that will disappear after the holiday).

      Women's Clothing (Women)

      Dresses (casual, holiday, evening, cocktail, sports and business, dress-sweater, a combination of two elements, summer, Chiffon, lace, bohemian, printed or monochrome), T-shirts and shirts, blouses, sweaters, cardigans, jumpsuits, bathing suits and separate elements (swimwear, bikinis, tankinis), pareos and capes, pants, pants, leggings, jeggings, skirts, outerwear (sweatshirts, hoodies, coats, jackets) and clothing for sports. A total of about 5,400 models of varying cost.

      Men's Clothing (Men)

      Short and long sleeve shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts, pants, jeans, shorts, underwear and swimming trunks, sweatshirts, cardigans and sweaters, jackets and coats, vests, suits, blazers, as well as sportswear.

      Plus Size

      Larger clothes, from XL to 5XL, are placed in a separate category. And it contains all the same things as the section for women: tops and bottoms (skirts, shorts, pants, etc.), dresses, bathing suits, outerwear, sweaters, underwear, sports sets, sweatshirts and hoodies. Nearly 8,000 products are available to order.

      Goods for moms and babies (Kids & Mam)

      Clothing for infants, toddlers and teens - from onesies and bibs to overalls, pants, shirts, dresses and suits. And in addition - strollers, blankets, special spoons, diapers, etc. There aren't many items (just over 50).

      Home Goods

      In this section you can buy:

      • wall decor (tapestries, paintings on canvas, stickers on walls, stairs and doors);
      • covers for chairs and sofas, artificial flowers, elements of window design (blinds, insect screens and mosquito nets, window blinds with patterns and fixings for them);
      • bathroom products (shower curtains, mats, toilet lid covers, bath towels, hair drying caps, faucets, electric toothbrushes, disinfectants);
      • kitchen utensils (dishes, tablecloths, aprons, room decorations);
      • LED nightlights, bedding, toys and hobby products, accessories for Smart Home systems (holders, power supplies, hard drives, etc.);
      • Holiday items (clothing, decor), toys and houses for animals, as well as clothing for them.


      Headwear, scarves, gloves, bags, socks and belts for men and women, various jewelry (sets, neck jewelry, bracelets, rings, body jewelry), elastic bands, hairpins and rims, tools for makeup, manicure and pedicure, shaving supplies and hair removal products (depilation), skin care products (creams, serums, masks and sets for their application, pads, powders, sponges, etc.).) - 1660 items.


      How do I find the right item at dresslily.com?

      To search for products on the site are used:

      • The search bar on the top menu.
      • Rubricator (catalog) with a breakdown by product type.
      • Filters (by size, color, style, silhouette, decorative elements, and other characteristics of clothing, by destination for home decor items and accessories), sorting (by price, popularity, seller recommendations, newness, user reviews), popular tags and settings of the number of items displayed on the page in sections.

      Product card

      Product cards in Dresslily, in addition to photo gallery and general information (name, article, price, characteristics), contain:

      • The terms of the shares, delivery and payment, warranty (protection).
      • Size Guide (opened by clicking on the Size Guide link or scrolling below, given in cm and inches).
      • Buttons to add items to cart or favorite, Share.
      • Reviews with photos and rating of the product.
      • Recommendations (things you may also be interested in).
      • The history of your internet session views.
      • The function of adding questions (unlike reviews, it implies the seller's answer, which is published directly on the page).


      How to order at Dresslily?

      Forming an order for dresslily.com is carried out through the cart - applications are not accepted by phone. Click Add to Cart in the card on the product page or Add to Bag in the product card in the section list (the button appears when you hover over the image) and proceed to checkout by clicking View Cart in the window that opens.

      How do I register at dresslily.com?

      Registration on the site is not required to place orders. But creating a personal account opens up many useful features: faster than through notifications, tracking the history of purchases and bonus accrual, work in the mobile app (login and password to enter it are used from the desktop version), setting up mailing lists, etc.

      To register, click on the user icon in the top right menu of the desktop version or on Log in|Sign in the mobile menu and fill out the form: e-mail, password, code from the picture (a simple check that you are not a robot). And then you find yourself in your personal account.

      Personal Cabinet

      Personal account of the user of the online store contains the following sections:

      • My Message. Received notifications from the administration of the resource.
      • My Reviews. Your reviews of products and sellers.
      • Address Book. Address Book - it stores delivery addresses for subsequent autofilling when generating orders (you don't have to enter everything manually, less risk of making a mistake).
      • My Gift Cards. Active Gift Cards.
      • My Tickets. Create requests (tickets) for the support service and view the status of already created ones.
      • Affiliates Program. Referral program link and your statistics.
      • Change Password. Change Password.
      • Invite History. Invite a Friend history.
      • Survey. An online survey measuring customer satisfaction with the online store.

      When you open any of the sections, the menu expands. It contains a grouping of menu items and new categories - for example, Settings: editing, adding and deleting personal information (Personal Info), changing addresses (Address Book). Or My Focus: My Favorites, My Questions, My Tickets and Affiliate Program. Among other things, recommendations appear in My Account, which are formed based on your actions: views, adding products to favorites, and orders.

      How to place an order?

      After adding an item to the cart and going to it, we need to choose the items that we are going to order and pay for at the moment (there may be old additions to the list that we need to save, but not in the plans to buy). Check the box next to them, specify the amount and click on Checkout to recalculate the amount, or go to the payment - you will see all the available methods (in our case it is only PayPal). Here you can also find information about shipping terms, taking into account the destination country, and enter a coupon (promo code) for a discount.

      More Dresslily features

      Additional functionality of the online store (in addition to a personal account, product search, checkout and payment) includes a newsletter, YouTube channel, a gallery of images, online shipment tracking, a tag map and a size guide.


      To be notified not only about changes in the status of orders, but also about company news, promotions, bonuses and coupons, it makes sense to sign up for email newsletter notifications. To do this, fill out the short form at the bottom of the site. All you have to do is enter your e-mail address, to which you will receive e-mails.

      The subscription is also automatic as soon as you register on the site (this right of the seller is spelled out in the user agreement). Subscribing on your own initiative gives you an additional 15% discount per order.

      Image Gallery

      Stylish images and combinations are presented in the Dresslily gallery. The photos published there are taken by the store's customers, but often look almost like the covers of glossy magazines.

      YouTube channel

      The seller has its own YouTube channel, where video reviews of products, video reviews, funny and informative materials are published. The selection contains about 30 videos, but their number is gradually increasing.

      Size Guide

      It is important to choose the size of the thing so that it fits well. The difficulty is that different manufacturers may have different sizing guides. The seller's guide helps to understand what and how to measure in order to get an accurate idea.

      Online shipment tracking

      The site provides links to online tracking forms for shipments. To get information about the status of delivery you need to enter an individual track code, which will be specified in the details of the order - in the personal account and email notification from Dresslily.

      Tag page

      The search for products on the site is done not only in the catalog, but also with the help of a separate page with tags. Keywords are organized into groups by product category (the same ones found in the rubricator). Clicking on any of them brings up cards with things that match the query. The tag card is located in the Top Searches section of the bottom menu.

      Gift cards

      For those who constantly make orders, a nice gift will be a card with a cash balance on it to pay for any goods at dresslily.com. Available options are reflected in a personal account (section My Gift Cards).

      Online survey

      There's also a user survey in the DL. Its purpose is to understand whether the client is satisfied with the online store and what he would like to improve. The questionnaire is opened by going to the Servey section of the personal menu.

      Product reviews and ratings

      In the product cards of the Dresslily catalog you can see reviews of products by users who have already bought things. They not only help you to understand how things will fit and how well they will fit the image, but also form a kind of rating, which helps to sort search results when selecting products.


      Mobile application

      The online store has a downloadable mobile app for smartphones and tablets running Android OS versions no older than 5.0 and IOS versions from 10.0. It allows you to make orders, collect bonus points, use coupons and promotions, and manage your personal account from narrow-format devices.

      The software was not rated too well: 3 points out of 5 among Android device owners and 4/5 - among Apple devices. However, most users evaluated not the technical capabilities and usability of the mobile, but the quality of the seller's work and complained about undelivered orders.


      Payment and Shipping at Dresslily

      On the whole, the dresslily.com many ways to pay:

      • VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, American Express cards.
      • System PayPal.
      • Dresslily Wallet.
      • Gift coupons (those given out when certain seller conditions are met and as rewards for activity).

      But the list of available ones is determined by the buyer's country of residence/location. A 100% prepayment is required in all cases to submit the order for delivery. After that, it takes 3 to 10 business days for the seller to do all the paperwork, and the parcel will be shipped.

      How do I pay for my order at dresslily.com?

      Since the site is prepaid, after confirming the order the system will redirect you to the available payment gateway (payment from a bank card with the possibility of revoking the payment). You need to create an account in the system, if you don't have one, and log in. And then enter the card details (or choose the one already linked to your account) and confirm the transaction.

      After successful completion of the procedure, you will appear on the confirmation page. Payment status is also displayed in your personal cabinet. To pay for your order with coupons, simply enter the symbols in a special field in the shopping cart and recalculate the total amount by clicking Checkout.

      Shipping methods Dresslily

      Dresslily delivers orders by water transport (with subsequent transfer to EMS), as well as by transport companies DHL and UPS. In the first case the stated terms are 10-25 days from the date of transfer to the carrier, in the second - 7-15 days.

      Return Policy at Dresslily

      If you are not satisfied with the product you bought in the store, you can return it within 30 days of receipt (it does not matter if it is a defect or an item that did not fit properly). To apply for a refund, you must leave a ticket for technical support (recall that this is done through a personal account) and send the product back to the seller. As soon as the latter receives the parcel, he will, at your choice, compensate the money for his purchase, or send a similar product.

      Transportation costs are paid by the seller only when you return defective goods. Important point: the warranty does not apply to items you have damaged, as well as to certain categories (underwear, swimwear, earrings, personal protective equipment, disposable products, protective gear, promotional items).


      Dresslily bonuses

      The dresslily.com bonus program, unlike the majority of similar online stores, is not limited to discounts during sales, seasonal promotions and coupon activations. There is also an accumulative loyalty system, VIP club and affiliate program.

      Discounts up to 80% on mega sale

      The online store often arranges the so-called "mega-sales" with discounts up to 80%. You just can't miss such a promotion, because thanks to it you can save a lot of money.

      Subscription discount

      By agreeing to receive informational (e-mail) notifications from the seller, you get a 15% discount on any items on your next purchase. The promotion has no expiration date, but will only be activated once - if you cancel the order with the discount, you won't be able to use it again.

      Discount coupons

      They are something similar to AliExpress coupons, which allow you to offset a certain portion of the cost in your shopping cart. Each coupon has its own conditions for activation (e.g., reaching a minimum amount in the cart or checkout and payment within a set time frame), but you must register on the site to receive any of them.

      Discount if you buy more than one item

      As part of this promotion, the customer gets a discount if he buys several items from the section at once:

      • 10% if there are 2 items in the cart;
      • 15% if 3 items;
      • 20% if 4 items.

      The bonus is not cumulative with the others. Exception: coupons and the registration gift we talked about above.

      Up to -50% on sale

      Sales are a constant phenomenon in the Dresslily. The selection of promotional products is updated with enviable frequency, the conditions of bonus provision also change. At the moment it is -30% for 1 item from the section, -40% for two items from the section and -50% for 3 items from the section.

      Discounts on home goods

      The online store offers customers discounts on a variety of home goods. The site has a large selection of products that will improve your home decor.

      Student discount for orders of $49 or more

      Dresslily is a member of the international student discount program StudentBeans. Its organizers register students, checking their status, and offer their partners, online stores, to provide a discount on the products of this category of customers. Vendors "cut" prices for 20% if a student makes a one-time purchase of more than $49.

      Invite a Friend" promotion

      Available only in your personal cabinet. Unlike affiliate programs, it doesn't require you to have a website, a blog or a developed community on Facebook - you simply share the link with your friends through your social network page or via e-mail. And for 5 people who sign up at dresslily.com using your invitation, you'll get 15$ to your balance. Invited people get 10$ for their first order. You have to go to Invite History in the Personal Area to see the details of the promotion.

      Loyalty Program

      You earn D-points (loyalty points) by doing things on the site. You get 10 D-points for registering, 450 D-points for confirming your e-mail, 20 to 40 D-points for a product review, 100 to 150 D-points for uploading a video review to the seller's YouTube channel, etc. In addition, points are given for orders.

      50 bonus units are convertible to $1. This money can be used to pay up to 20% of the cost of purchases in the online store (excluding the price of shipping). Points can be combined with discount coupons - they do not exclude each other. Important point: no bonuses are awarded for orders using D-points.

      VIP Club

      Membership with benefits for customers whose average transaction amount exceeds $5,000 per month (one-year subscription) or $2,000 per month (five-month subscription). Becomes available:

      • Reduced prices on Dresslily products.
      • Personal support through a dedicated number.
      • Special discount coupons.

      Applications for inclusion in the club should be submitted to [email protected]

      Referral program

      The affiliate program is extremely profitable. From each transaction of a referral you will receive from 14% commissions.


      Complaints at dresslily.com

      Dresslily mobile app users, as we wrote above, rated the online store average: we found many complaints about undelivered goods and ignoring open disputes, as well as order cancellations.

      There are also many positive comments. Their authors like both the app and the desktop version, they note the good choice of products and the speed of delivery.

      On serious review sites like Trustpilot rating dresslily.com not the best. The reasons for dissatisfaction are the same: cheating on delivery and items in the order.

      Although there are satisfied customers.

      If there are any reviews about Dresslily's online store, we'll be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Dresslily's supervisory authorities

      According to the information in the user agreement, the online store is operated by Lomeway E-Commerce Limited, registered in the UK (registration number - 09937277). This is confirmed by the open official register of the jurisdiction - the link to it is given by the Federal Tax Service of the RF.

      A legal entity carries out a non-specialized wholesale trade. Due to the fact that legal disputes between the buyer and the seller are conducted on the territory of the latter, in case of a claim you can turn to ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

      User Agreement

      The User Agreement of the online store (Terms and Conditions) sets out the rules for working with the site, as well as the obligations of the buyer and the seller to each other. Thus, it is forbidden to register and make orders on the site for minors, if there is no parent or guardian. As well as for the purpose of commercial use of the company's products.

      You are solely responsible for the consequences (including financial losses) of hacking your account at dresslily.com.

      Only 1 account per person is allowed. Duplicates will be deleted and their owners may be blocked.

      It is necessary to provide accurate and reliable data about yourself. If you violate this rule, the company is not responsible for possible problems with customs and subsequent losses and expenses.

      The seller is free to cancel any order at his discretion. This may be due to error, fraud, lack of product, or other reasons.

      The logistics company, not the seller, is responsible for orders submitted for delivery, their safety and reaching their destination.

      Dresslily has formulated a code of conduct for customers. Violators are sent a warning, and if they ignore it they end up in the "black" list - orders received from them will not be accepted. Violations include: rudeness and abusive behavior towards representatives of the store, threats, constant complaints (in cases where the issue has already been resolved or the number of orders is disproportionately smaller than the amount of negativity), demands to violate the rules of the service.

      Customer Service

      To contact Dresslily's support team, use:

      • The telephone number for the U.S. office is +1-360-973-7001 and the international number is +001-360-973-7001. Operators are available daily from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm EST (-5 hours from MSC).
      • E-mail [email protected]
      • Online chat 24/7 on the site.
      • Feedback form (tickets) in the personal cabinet.
      • Social networks (community administrators and widgets with online consultants).

      In addition, the site has a good FAQ section ("Frequently Asked Questions").


      Is Dresslily a scam?

      Dresslily - officially registered online store, but operating under the laws of Great Britain. Therefore, in the case of claims (and the inability to settle them at the company level) to resolve them will have to go abroad. Few people are willing to go to such expense. The user agreement is drawn up reasonably enough by the seller, but there are still clauses that make it difficult to hold him liable for anything, such as transferring all obligations for the goods to the logistics company after they are handed over for delivery or a code for buyers, which allows the latter to refuse to provide services if the behavior is unacceptable, in the opinion of the company's representatives.

      Reviews of the Internet resource on serious resources demonstrate that not all customers manage to get their orders and assert their rights. Nevertheless, we cannot say that dresslily.com is a scam. It's just that the policy of the service provider is built in such a way as to maximize security, first and foremost for themselves. And there are flaws (sometimes very serious ones) that need fixing. And the company is working on this: in particular, it conducts user surveys and has introduced a system of ratings and reviews.



      In terms of functionality Dresslily shows what they call top class: convenient search with many settings and filters, detailed cards, ratings and reviews with photos, video reviews on the seller's YouTube channel, size guides, questions and answers right in the product cards, tag card, online shipment tracking, etc. And then there's the 30-day money-back guarantee, lots of promotions and gifts, VIP club, loyalty program, and referral program. The calculation here is done in your currency, so you know in advance how much you will pay.

      But with the level of service, according to numerous reviews, Dresslily is not all smooth. Customers complain that their orders were not delivered, and attempts to file a complaint were not successful. And the rating of the store on serious sites and in the mobile app is not the best. Although positive comments are also present. Unpleasant moments, in addition to the above, can be considered a long processing of orders: it takes from 3 to 10 working days. And the company's lack of responsibility for the goods delivered.


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