Acceleration of deposit on binary options - safe strategies

Published: 5 October 2021 Updated: September 13, 2022

Trading in the market binary optionsBut at some point you may want to do something more. To bet more or to try something else. For example, to take maximum risks and see what happens, that is, to overclock the deposit, increasing the balance by means of strict money management. Overclocking the deposit is not just a spontaneous action when you want to bet everything on red and either hit the jackpot or lose everything, but it is quite a conscious strategy and it has its own mechanisms of operation.

Deposit acceleration

Rules of deposit acceleration

Remember that ups and downs happen in the digital options market too, luck is an asset too. Even though you can't buy it, you can get lucky in the flow, and most importantly, then get out of it in time and take out the profit. The strategy of acceleration of deposit is an aggressive action on the stock exchange, which is not recommended to use all the time. There are risky moments when such management of funds can completely nullify the deposit. The game requires maximum concentration and constant monitoring of the situation, which can lead to financial and moral stress.

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Terms for Beginners

Simple rules for beginners:

  • you need a clear goal, after which you have to stop for a while, for example, you want to increase the balance of the deposit by 10 times, after receiving the funds it is better to withdraw the profit;
  • For acceleration, it is best to choose an asset with high volatility and maximum profitability, respectively;
  • It is best to follow one strategy, not to use several at once or not to trade multiple assets, so as not to miss market changes;
  • Experienced traders do not advise to win back, if the deposit is zeroed, it is better to step back for a while and give yourself the opportunity to analyze the course of trade.

In principle, these same tips or rules will be useful in any game on the stock exchange: Forex or binary options, it doesn't matter. Now you need to choose a reliable broker and an asset to trade with. Each broker has its own trading conditions and, roughly speaking, specialization. For example, the Binarium (go online) is cryptocurrency. Today almost everyone has BO broker Automated trading services with the help of bots or purchases have been launched trading signals for strategies. You will not need them when you run up the deposit. You can also use the platforms of other well-known binary options brokers: Pocket Option (online), Intrade.Bar (go online).

Binarium registration

In an aggressive money-management strategy, the choice of asset is not of key importance, what matters is the percentage of payout on the option for a given period of time (timeframe). The main selection criterion: the maximum probability of winning. It should be remembered that each asset has its own period of maximum effective trading - volatility. It will not be possible to earn on those lots, where the price stands in one place or changes very slowly. As a rule, traders do not advise to play with one asset for a long time, it is better to exit immediately after gaining profit and move to the next lot, otherwise, after a while you can start working at a loss. Many markets have volatile periods: forex (watch when currency pairs can maximally jump up or down in price), the securities and natural resources markets on Fridays (advice from brokers: at the beginning of the week many exchanges receive reports on the economy and resource analysis and this leads to a sharp increase in the amplitude of fluctuations).

Withdrawal of earnings

Immediately after a big win, you don't have to play any more. This is not a card game, where if you're lucky, you might get lucky again. In trading, you need to remember about risk diversification and separation of funds. This does not mean that you have to immediately withdraw all the money you received. Set a time limit, a schedule, for example once a week, when you will withdraw funds earned in excess of the balance set for the deposit. Having gained experience in deposit acceleration, the trader will be able to form his own rules and strategies and follow them in the future.

Strategies for binary options

When running up a deposit in binary options trading, trading strategy - is a system by which you will enter and exit the market, a method of deposit management, not to be confused with analytics or compiling binary options game statistics. These are different things. For example, a strategy "Martingale." - is the doubling of the bet after each failure. Sooner or later a successfully launched contract will bring profit, with which the trader will cover all losses. It seems logical. But this system requires initial capital and readiness to withstand the doubling of the deposit approximately ten times. As the multiplication factor increases, so does the risk, you need to choose a broker with high option yields. There are sites where the yield on contracts Above/Lower is more than 100%.

One well-known strategy is. "Pyramid." (forward and backward): the mechanism of increasing investments, if the previous position is closed with a profit. In the first transaction is usually invested no more than 10% of the deposit, the next contract increases because you put the same 10%, but already from the amount of a larger balance. This strategy is rightfully considered as an option for safe deposit acceleration on digital options, because the trader is not risking the entire capital, but only a certain percentage.

A similar strategy is. "Stairs.". But it differs in the fact that in the next transaction, after making a profit, the trader invests not a stable percentage, but the entire profit received from the previous contract.

"Averaging.": The system is suitable when planning a trade with an expiration time of one hour or more. It is necessary to find a trend and open several deals, it is possible at different times, but with one ExpiracyBut all options are closed at the same time. With an accurate forecast and calibrated actions, you can get a good profit at one time.

"Entry of a series of orders". The mechanism of this type of deposit acceleration is to simultaneously open several positions with the same investment and the same expiration period. If the forecasts are correct, the income can be multiplied many times in a short time interval. Positions for trading are opened both on one asset and on the mirror ones, such as currency pairs

"Trading on the news". To make a profit with this kind of run-up of the deposit it is necessary to predict the reaction of the market to any news. Such a game requires experience and economic instincts, you can look at statistics of asset behavior, which event influenced the rise or fall of the price and try to repeat or select important news and assume how they will influence the price. Trades are opened at the moment of news release.

When using the strategy, one should keep in mind the risks and not forget about the precautions. It is desirable to accept the fact that at some point, any trader has a chance to lose the deposit. For this reason, it is better to trade with sums, the loss of which will not be significant. It is better not to go all-in on risky strategies. Even in case of risky strategies it is not necessary to open transactions at random. Every order at any broker and on any contract is opened after the technical or economic analysis.


Is there a completely safe strategy to run up the deposit on binary options? No. But strategies with minimal risk work. When running up a deposit on digital options, it's important to set yourself an initial and an ultimate goal. Know exactly how much money you can spend and how much you would like to get. Don't risk more than you're entitled to. If you manage your risks competently and withdraw your profits on time, you can make good money by running up your deposit.

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