Binary Options 60 Second Strategy

Published:13 May 2016 Updated:4 January 2024

Binary options 60 seconds are options with an expiry time of one minute. So, you buy an option and in one minute you get the result of the trade.

Trading 60 second turbo options has become very popular – both experienced traders and novice players work with them. It is these options that allow making super-fast profits and their size is limited only by the size of the bet made. In a minute, it’s possible to win up to 90% of the invested amount.

Minute binary options have their undeniable advantages: it is possible to trade at any time (session), to conduct a large number of transactions in a short time (respectively, increasing the chance of winning), incredibly large selection of platform brokers that provide very favorable conditions (bonuses, extended range of assets, no commissions).

There are many strategies used in trading binary options 60 seconds, most of the known methods are suitable for them. But the approach is still different: it requires making very quick decisions, reacting instantly to the market situation.

Speed trading will not only be profitable for the trader, but also risky, when embarking on express options trading, you need to understand this. 60 second binary options trading strategies are a great option to see the current market sentiment more accurately and minimize risk of loss.

Turbotrading will bring income in 60 seconds, but such intensive work must be accompanied by special training, not always suitable for a market newcomer. Before real trading, it is worth taking the time to practice trading on a broker’s demo account to get used to the market and learn the terminal’s capabilities. One of the reliable solutions for the trader here is the strategy of trading on binary options 60 seconds, the reviews of which are positive. Trying your hand at high-speed trading, take a sober approach to such work, then you will achieve the best results.

Speed trading is very interesting, even extreme, and therefore attracts those who have no experience in the market. It is understandable at first sight – who would not like the opportunity to get money for “doing nothing”: after all, you have to press a few buttons and that’s it, the account will increase, and there can be an unlimited number of such transactions per session. And psychologically it is easier for an inexperienced user to start working with optionsThe best way to make a bet is to use the platform, which will bring funds immediately, and not later, when, after a long wait, the bet may close with the opposite result. Professionals recommend not to play “lucky games” on the platform, but to take the time to learn, because there are enough materials on the Internet: Binary Options Strategies 60 seconds, videos, webinars, reference articles. If you’re serious about working with the market, it’s worth taking courses and reading books. Trading can be a source of income, but you need to know that learning, understanding theory will increase your chances of getting closer to your desired other life.

Please also note that the brokerage firms usually have their own training materials, so an impressive training base are famous, for example, brokers Olymptrade, Binarium, Alpari and PocketOption. This valuable information was prepared by specialists of brokerage companies, is of quality, simple in its presentation, also in case of questions you can write or call a support manager, who will definitely help you. Why binary options? 60 second strategiesThe following are some of the most important tools for trading options, videos and simple instructions for trading medium-term and more effective long-term options, seminars, webinars and much more online material that can easily immerse you in trading and improve your performance.

Binary options 60 second strategy using indicators

One of the most commonly used indicators in 60 second binary options strategies is RSI (relative strength index). This tool technical analysis has a leading character and shows a possible trend change. The indicator has two clearly demarcated areas (overbought and oversold). If the curve of the chart confidently leaves the oversold area in the upward direction – it is possible to trade on buying “Increase” (Call). If the situation is the opposite (i.e. the curve leaves the overbought zone), options are traded on “Down” (Put).

Another interesting indicator for 60 second strategies Ishimoku. It is also compared to clouds, which show key areas (resistance and support). If the curve comes out of the cloud downwards twice, it is worth buying a Put option. The price will surely continue to fall and the trader is guaranteed a profit. When the curve leaves the cloud from bottom to top – all attention to Call options (up).

When working with the indicator BollingerBands (in other words, Bollinger Bands or Waves, BB) do not apply a constant increase in bets after losing (unlike Martingale). Profit is provided by a large number of winning bets. The Bollinger Band Indicator allows you to catch a break in the price movement. Most often “Trading on the breakdown” is used. When the chart breaks through the channel boundary, in most cases the price retreats to the middle of the channel (on the next Candle). The transactions are opened only at the moment of the Bollinger Bands convergence (sideways trend). The number of profitable transactions can reach 70%.

Another indicator “Moving Average” for binary options 60 sec appears as a line in red.

Binary Options 60 Second Strategy

Moving averages for binary options can be used for options with an expiry time of up to 5 minutes, but this indicator also works great when applied to “turbo” options 60 seconds.

Binary options 60 second strategy without indicators

Although many traders prefer indicator cues, there are also strategies where they become optional. The player only needs to draw the so-called trend line, and as soon as the line rebounds three times – trading begins.

The figure is a very clear case where a trade is executed to buy Put.

Binary options "60 seconds"

A very interesting variant is adding a lower trend line to the same chart. This is called a wedge (graphical) pattern. This situation is not common in the market, so it should definitely be used. Waiting for the final formation of the wedge (about 3 waves) and when the curve breaks through the upper or lower trend line, open a deal.

Other strategies for binary options 60 seconds

Many strategies are quite suitable for ultra-short-term options whose expiration time (expiration) is one minute. But there are some methods that will not be justified. For example, the method of hedging (insurance). Its essence is to buy a “safety” option on another exchange in order to minimize losses. But this is for Forex, not for binary options. Here the price can fluctuate very sharply within a minute, bringing losses on both trades.

The strategy is based on support/resistance levels. These levels provide the most accurate signals of price movement. These are the lines within which the price moves. The levels are placed on the tops of the candles. The option is bought on a bounce from the level – and only on the third candle (first candle signal, second confirmation, third command to buy option 60 seconds).

A little about the shortcomings

60 second binary options are considered to be the riskiest. Even based on a competent strategy, armed with indicators, it is very difficult to guess the exact movement of the market, too many factors affect it. The chance of ending up in a loss is extremely high.

The positive aspects of 60 second binary options

  • Easy trade
  • Indeed, minute options can be traded in almost any session
  • To analyze it is enough to take an hourly chart, identify the main trend and trade on the M5-M15 signals
  • A large number of transactions
  • If when working with a 30-minute or an hour expiry time you will make from 5 to 10 trades a day, in binary options 60 seconds you can make 40-50 per hour!
  • Using the Martingale method increases profitability by several dozen times!
  • Huge selection of tools and platforms for trading
  • Trading minute options now provides almost everyone broker. In addition, traders trading short-term binary options are often provided with favorable conditions, such as increased bonus, no commission and assets that may be unavailable on regular options.

As an example, here are some working strategies for 60 second binary options:

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