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Published: December 9, 2015 Updated: March 27, 2020

Trading turbo options has become very popular - both experienced traders and barely novice players work with them. It's these options that allow you to make super-fast profits and their size is limited only by the size of the bet made. In a minute, it's possible to win up to 90% of the invested amount.

Minute binary options have their undeniable advantages. It is possible to trade at any time (session), conduct a large number of transactions in a short time (thus increasing the chance of winning), an incredibly large selection of platform brokersThe company is a member of the International Finance Corporation, which offers very favorable conditions (bonuses, extended range of assets, no commissions).

In trading minute options use multiple strategies, most of the known methods are suitable for them. But the approach is still different: you need to make very fast decisions, to react instantly to the situation on the market.


Using indicators

One of the most commonly used indicators for 60 second options Credited to RSI (Relative Strength Index). This technical analysis tool has a leading character and shows a possible trend change. У indicator there are two clearly delineated areas (overbought and oversold). If the curve of the chart confidently leaves the oversold area in the upward direction - you can trade to buy "Increase" (Call).

Trading with the RSI indicator

If the situation is reversed (i.e., the curve leaves the overbought zone), binary trades on the "Down" (Put).

Another interesting indicator is Ishimoku. It is also compared to clouds, which show key areas (resistance and support). If the curve comes out of the cloud downwards twice, it is worth buying a Put option. The price will surely continue to fall and the trader is assured of a profit.

Trading using the Ishimoku indicator

When the curve leaves the cloud from the bottom to the top - all attention to Call (up) options.

In the process of working with the indicators Bollinger Bands (in other words, Bollinger Bands, BB) do not apply a constant increase in bets after losing (unlike Martingale). Profit is provided by a large number of winning bets. Bollinger indicator allows you to catch a break in the price movement. Most often "Trading on the breakdown" is used. When the chart "breaks through" the borders of the channel, in most cases, the price rolls back to the middle (on the next candle). Deals are opened only at the moment of Bollinger Bands convergence (sideways trend). Profits can reach 70%.


Trading without indicators

Although many traders prefer indicator cues, a strategy has been developed where they become optional. The player only needs to draw the so-called trend line and as soon as the line rebounds three times - the trade begins. The figure is a very illustrative case where a trade is made to buy Put.

Drawing the trend line

A very interesting variant is adding a lower trend line to the same chart. This is called a wedge (graphical) pattern. This situation is not uncommon in the market, so it should definitely be used. Waiting for the final formation of the wedge (about 3 waves) and when the curve breaks through the upper or lower trend line, open a deal.


Pattern wedge

Others strategies for 60 second options

Many strategies are quite suitable for ultra-short-term options. But there are a few methods that will not be justified. For example, the method of hedging (insurance). Its essence is to buy a "hedge" option on another exchange in order to minimize losses. But it is suitable for Forex, not for binary. Here the price can fluctuate very sharply within a minute, bringing losses on both trades.

The strategy is based on support/resistance levels. These levels provide the most accurate signals of price movement. These are the lines within which the price moves. The levels are placed on the tops of the candles. The option is bought on a bounce from the level - and only on the third candle (first candle signal, second confirmation, third command to buy option 60 seconds).

Resistance levels


A little about the shortcomings

The 60 second options are considered to be the riskiest options. Even based on a competent strategy, armed with indicators, it is impossible to guess the exact market movement, too many factors influence it. The chance of ending up in the red is extremely high.

60 second options are not always related to the asset market. Brokers prefer to keep quiet about the fact that price levels and fluctuations do not reflect real-time performance on the exchange. Brokers play against traders, and the charts are often simply programmed. So, the resemblance to roulette, noted by everyone, is quite justified. The only rule left to follow, working with the options 60 seconds - play against all the rules, imposed by the broker. And hope for luck.

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  • And how can you play against the rules? I never go for that, because this rule, if it works, is temporary. Even losing my money, I followed all the recommendations on opening trades and on time management.

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  • Betting on minute intervals on your own is roulette, you’ll never guess. But there are Sites that provide technical analysis in 1-minute intervals. I think to find it on the Internet not a problem. All for free. You can work with this tipster, but not on your own.

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  • I already had the experience of trading without indicators and auxiliary tools. The result — I lost more than 400 c.u. in one day. Therefore it is possible to draw a conclusion that it is necessary to use them.

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  • The words about luck are very right. And in principle the whole article comes down to this final word. And one more nuance to which I want to draw attention is the number of digits after the decimal point in the exchange rate. Not 4, but 6 — can you imagine how you can shake the rate at these numbers!

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