"Breaking the Average" as the Best Strategy for Turbo Options

Published: April 20, 2016 Updated: 26 March 2020

If you happen to know about a financial platform INTRADE.BAR and its trading platform from the ads, then you will find this trading strategy useful. I will now tell you about this simple technique for earning income through option trading, which is mainly suitable for beginners in the futures market. In spite of the fact that The strategy for binary options "Breaking the average" can be applied without any special set of knowledge, skills and experience in the process of option trading, it is capable of giving high trading results. Thanks to its application in practice, working with binary options turns into a simple and profitable business.

intrade.bar binary options trading


Exchange company and trading methodology specifications

We begin by looking at the financial company and its trading terminal. First of all, it should be noted that when choosing a brokerFirst of all, it is necessary to pay attention to trading conditions offered by the platform to its clients. So, the exchange company INTRADE.BAR, which we are talking about in this article, attracts its users exactly with trading conditions, which are perfect for new private traders, who have just come to the futures market and started to learn the basics of exchange trading. Of course, it is very important for a beginner on the options market to be able to enter the market with minimal investments at the broker INTRADE.BAR can start trading by depositing only ten dollars) and to manage the deposit account correctly by applying the minimum trading lot, which at INTRADE.BAR is one dollar. In addition, this exchange company withdraws funds from the deposit very quickly, which indicates the reliability of the company and its trustworthy relationship with its clients.

Now let's talk about the trading terminal of the financial company we are considering. Let's note right away that the broker's trading software is unique and is one of the most advanced trading terminals on the futures market. I also use it for binary options trading, so I can confirm this fact. Intrade.Bar trading platform includes a huge quotation "window" where you can change the scale and view the history of the price movement of the exchange commodity on the quotations. It also includes a set of indicators technical analysis, very profitable options, price mapping changes. In addition, all these advantages are coupled with professional and high-quality additional services, contributing to a significant increase in the growth of a private trader's deposit account.

Now I will tell you how I put into practice moving averages on binary options. First of all it is necessary to choose a financial instrument for option trading and choose the following indicator from the set of technical indicators of the trading terminal of the exchange company technical analysis "Moving Average", which should be set on the price chart of the traded asset. In the "window" with the settings of the indicator for the analysis of quotations the construction period should be changed to "100". After such changes the following red line should appear on the quotation chart of the financial instrument:

Moving Average Technical Analysis Indicator

You will agree that so far everything in this methodology is quite simple. Practice shows that thanks to such a line on the price chart of a financial asset, it is possible to earn over 150 percent of profit from the deposit account amount within one trading week. Any beginning trader can increase the size of his trading account in a short period of time.


The best trading strategy for binary options - get trading signals and make deals

To start working with binary options and execute trades upwards is necessary when the technical indicator line on the quote chart of the exchange instrument is broken Moving Average in the upper direction, and the quote candle closes above this line:

Moving Average

As for the execution of trades with DOWN direction, the trading signal for them is a mirror reflection of the above trading signal. The trades in this case are executed when a breakdown of the Moving Average technical indicator line in the lower direction occurs on the quotation chart of the exchange instrument, and the quotation candle closes below this line:

Breakdown of the Moving Average technical indicator line

The binary options tactic we describe works according to such a simple algorithm. Let us dwell on the consideration of the moment concerning the large period of construction of the technical indicator line for the price analysis of the exchange instrument. This is due to the fact that the trend indicator Moving Average was originally designed to determine the direction of the trend on the market of exchange-traded assets. However, we use a fast tick chart for the analysis, where there is no possibility to determine the older trends. In addition, at the standard "default" settings, the technical indicator will always move behind the price direction, as a result we will not be able to get a forecast.


Deposit account management + terms

Since we are now talking about the application of our binary options tactics for the minimum trading accounts of $10, which are available at the broker INTRADE.BAR (go online), then to properly manage a deposit account you need to apply trade bets of 1 dollar. In the future, after increasing the size of the depo, the amount of transactions can be added, but do not bet more than 2 percent of the total size of the trading account at the conclusion of each trading position.

Moving averages for binary options in this approach to trading are best used with the use of "turbo" options and with the setting of the execution period of trading positions from 1 to 5 minutes. When applying such a range, according to statistics, you can almost without trading and financial risks receive weekly more than 150 percent of profits. You will agree that this is quite a high figure for such a simple trading method.

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  • cool strategy about very skillful use of sliding…. I’ve never seen a greater mockery of beginners…. the straight line across the screen is just as good as…. period 100 is something… try two slides with a period of 8 and 14 or 4 and 8 maybe even 12 and 21 whichever suits you

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  • You can’t limit yourself to one trading system because it can’t always work out and you’ll only waste your time waiting for it to work.

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    • eršov miša 22 May 2016 at 10:43

      This system will only work well on turbo options, so I don't think you will have to wait too long.

  • It’s a cool strategy. I am generally very glad that I got to know this broker, because it gives a lot of useful free information, with which you can make more money, and this is very important.

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    • Nikolay Anatolyevič 24 April 2016 at 13:54

      Yes, they also have a lot of promotions. So it's a good time to sign up and trade there, because I don't think they will always be so generous.

    • Svitovenko Slava 19 June 2016 at 18:02

      Now in general seems to be an action, at the top-up of 100 c.u., give as much as a gift, but I understand that this only applies to new customers.