Binary options strategies for 15 minutes

There is a common opinion among traders that the 15-minute timeframe is the best option for binary options. Besides, a lot has been written under it. trading strategieswhich is convenient to implement with a minimum deposit.

Binary options strategies for 15 minutes

Below will be a detailed review of the specified timeframe. You will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the fifteen-minute charts, get acquainted with the features of strategies developed for this period, as well as get a lot of useful recommendations to improve the quality of your transactions.

What are 15 minute strategies (M 15)?

Before we look at the nuances of strategies for binary options for 15 minutes, let's understand what they are. There are two standard interpretations:

  • all transactions are conducted on a five-minute chart, and the expiration time is 15 minutes (3 candles);
  • The trades are executed on M 15 and the expiration is set depending on the conditions of the strategies (most often from 3 to 6 candles (from 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes)).

These are two equally valid approaches, so you shouldn't wonder which one is more correct. Focus on the option that fits more closely into your work schedule.

nuances of strategies for binary options for 15 minutes

To make it easier to decide, think about the reason that prompted you to work specifically with M 15. If you don't consider popularity, there are only two goals that can influence your decision:

  • increase of earnings by means of intensive trading;
  • trade in a temporary shortage

Warning! If you are just getting acquainted with the possibilities binary options trading or has less than a year of regular practice, then choosing the fifteen-minute timeframe to implement the first task (increase the intensity) is extremely dangerous.

This is a complex segment that requires consideration of many auxiliary factors. Therefore, only experienced traders can successfully increase the frequency of trades in it. Below, you will understand why this is the case.


Relationship of M 15 with other timeframes

As a reminder, binary options strategies for 15 minutes are techniques for professionals and those traders who have a limited number of minutes to spare. Once you have accepted this concept, we can proceed.

Regardless of whether you set a 15-minute expiry or choose this time interval, you need to reckon with the movement on higher timeframes. The recommendations here are as follows:

  • If you are working on M 5, you should use H 1;
  • If on M 15, use H 4.

Impulse movements occurring on M 5 and M 15 are too unstable. Since the basic rule of tehanalysis forbids opening trades against the trend, with the help of the hour and 4-hour chart this can be avoided. This will happen as follows:

  • The trader determines the entry point for the chosen earning strategy;
  • a few seconds before the activation of the trade he opens the H1 or H4 charts of the same asset and looks at what state they are in. If an entry to buy is supposed and the older charts confirm this signal with their uptrend, the deal is executed. Otherwise it is better to stay out of the market (for sales everything is similar).

strategies for binary options for 15 minutes

Senior timeframes is one of the filters that allows to smooth out the so-called "market noise", to which all strategies for binary options for 15 minutes are subjected. It is not necessary to use it, but it is worth including in a working system, if possible.


Similarity of strategies for M 15 with other systems

We will not describe this point in detail, but only list the tools and concepts that persist for this type of strategy.

You can work with all available indicators (in any number of variations). In other words, you can use any tools that are required by the selected trading algorithm.

The outcome may be influenced by the release of fundamental events published in The economic calendar. If news is expected, try not to enter the market 2-4 hours before and after its appearance. Now let's talk about the nuances.

Similarity of strategies for 15 minutes

Technical features of M 15 strategies

Significant levels

It's worth starting with an action support/resistance levels. On a fifteen-minute chart, they will play a secondary role. Any level is a price zone, which starts from one value and ends with another. Suppose the trader sees the support at 1.1500. He can assess it approximately as follows:

  • The level of 1.1500 is equivalent to the 1.1500 line (wrong option);
  • The level of 1.1500 is equivalent to the zone 1.4950 - 1.5050 (correct variant).

That is, the price can freely break through any technical level for a short period. Such a drawdown is quite acceptable and painless for traders working with hourly and older charts. As for strategies for M 15, too short an expiration period will not allow the level to affect the price.

Technical features of M 15 strategies

Conclusion: the presence of any level must be confirmed by two (or more) auxiliary signals. Without this we do not make any trading decisions.

Graphic formations

It is inappropriate to use candlestick analysis in strategies for binary options for 15 minutes. That is, enter into a trade after the appearance of patterns: "Absorption", "Harami", "Cloud Curtain", "Hammer/Hung", etc. Formations formed are too unstable. To get a reliable signal suitable for prediction, it is necessary to use a timeframe not lower than H 4.

For a similar reason, do not look for meaningful graphical shapes ("Triangles", "Flags", "Troughs/Tops", etc.).

Weekend deals

Some brokerage companies provide a service that allows not to stop trading on weekends. It is possible due to the fact that the broker creates a visual trajectory of quotations at his discretion and users undertake to forecast it.

For fifteen-minute strategies, momentum is important. It can be obtained only on weekdays, when there are big players. Hence the conclusion: we do not trade on weekends.

Consider volatility

This term should be understood as the average number of pips that the selected asset passes per day. It is worth knowing that this indicator mainly depends on the popularity of the trading instrument and the current session.

Since for fifteen-minute systems, the volatility level must have a medium or high value (the expiry time is short, so the market must move quickly in the chosen direction), we will determine it by the following plan:

  • Look at the table of trading sessions;

Table of trading sessions

  • Look at the table of volatility of popular assets during each session;

Table of volatility of popular assets

  • Allocate a time when it is convenient for you to work with the instrument that has the necessary volatility.

If you do not know which asset is better to work with, focus on the following recommendations:

  • it is not desirable that the number of instruments was more than three (the quality of the transactions suffers greatly from this);
  • The selected asset must be popular, otherwise it will be difficult to find appropriate signals;
  • Study all the features your instrument has, from historical highs to a list of news that could affect the movement.

As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done. So don't spread your energies too thin. The more information you have, the better your deals will be.


The logic of action while working with binary options on 15 minute strategies

There are many articles on the Internet devoted to binary trading, in which the following ideas are described:

  • The advantage of intraday trading is that you can open a large number of trades;
  • Small timeframes force you to be near the monitor all the time.

These judgments are so entrenched that they are rarely questioned.

Let's think about it.

You have some time during the day that you want to spend on the binary market (as mentioned above, otherwise there is no point in working on M 15). Consequently, the number of profitable trades, which is realistic to get, should not be too high (on average, they will be from 1 to 3).

Suppose you decide to stick to the plan: 1 day = 1 hour = 1 quality signal = 1 profitable trade (of course, if there is a loss, you will do things differently). Let's assume everything worked out, and you make a result after the first 15 minutes.

The question arises: Will you continue for the remaining 45 minutes or go to rest?

Response: Professionals will stop, and amateurs will continue.

The logic of action while working with binary options on 15 minute strategies

If you don't overcome your inner feeling of excitement and greed, if you don't learn to take your profits calmly, then you will soon be disappointed. Perhaps, the awareness of this feature draws the line between the leaders and losers of the binary market.

P.S. Strategies for binary options for 15 minutes belong to the group of techniques, where every second is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, take care beforehand that you are served by a reliable broker.

It is important to understand that only having a positive experience in trading long term options, you can switch to 15 minute trading without much trouble. The binary options strategy will be simple and comfortable for a prepared market player and will bring him good results. The trader already has experience with basic indicators, uses technical analysisThe advantage of such strategies is that they are usually easy. The advantage of such strategies is that they are usually easy and do not require a lot of preparation and long waiting for the outcome of the deal, which is what long term options are so famous for. At the same time they are less nerve-racking than express optionsThe market is characterized by increased risks and the presence of extraneous market noise that interfere with determining the correct movement of quotations.

Sometimes traders get lost in forecasts of 15-minute options, afraid of not having enough time to determine the behavior of the asset. But trading here is quieter than in scalpingYou have time to think carefully, connect additional sources of information, study the information background; in addition, you can increase the chart tamframe by half an hour/hour and watch the global market trends. Switching over to trading 15-minute options, it is worth choosing the right binary options strategies. So, it's better to start with simple and proven techniques that use uncomplicated indicators, for example, Bollinger Bands, RSI, MACD, Alligator; it is possible to trade counter-trendWith figures Price Action.

We already pointed out in this article that the choice of broker is essential in this kind of trading and that's because, when working with such options, it's important to avoid slippage and inaccurate quotes. So study your broker carefully and if it doesn't meet your requirements for work, it's better to use a current rating of binary brokers and go to work with a serious organization.

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