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Uniplaces is an online service for long-term accommodation booking in Europe and the USA. Promo codes and referral program.
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United Kingdom, 107-111 Fleet Street London, EC4A 2AB
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Uniplaces Limited
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English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Dutch
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Home Reservations, Accommodation Search, Rental Housing
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A wide range of accommodation for long-term reservations in Europe and the United States
Registry of Legal Entities of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Bank card (Visa/MC)
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No mobile apps
Mode of operation of the company
24 hours a day
Availability of online payment
Personal account
The need to register on the site
Convenient service portal. For each accommodation object there is a detailed description
Service allows you to find housing in all major cities in Europe and the U.S.
Payments through the site are completely secure
All apartments have been checked
It is possible to rent your place as a student with the help of an affiliate program
Advantageous promo codes and referral program
Rather high service fee
Affiliate Program
Registration14.61% for a paid reservation
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      United Kingdom, 107-111 Fleet Street London, EC4A 2AB

      Uniplaces is it a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: 26 March 2020 Updated: September 19, 2022

      Company Service Uniplaces was created for those who are in need of long-term rental housing (the terms of many reservations specified period of 1 year), for example, if you go to study at one of the universities in Europe. With the help of the service you find housing for every taste and budget. If you want to rent your place to students for a long term you can also use the service.

      In order to find out if the Uniplaces service is a scam, let's get to know them better.

      uniplaces.com reviews


      Why Uniplaces

      Uniplaces is designed for those who need a proven accommodation for the long term at an adequate price and with a guarantee.

      uniplaces.com customer reviews

      The benefits of Uniplaces Limited's service:

      • Convenient service portal. For each accommodation object there is a detailed description, photos and more;
      • You can rent your place to students by becoming a service partner;
      • All the apartments posted on the site are checked;
      • Payments through the site are completely secure;
      • If the apartment you rented does not match the description or does not suit you for some other reason, you can contact the Support Service of the company within 24 hours of your arrival, and you will be offered another accommodation;
      • You can rent a studio or a room, contact the owner and find out about the neighbors who already live in the apartment or move in together;
      • A wide geography of presence in major cities in Europe and the U.S., where you can rent with the help of the service.

      uniplaces.com rentals


      How do I sign up for Uniplaces?

      Register on the service site uniplaces.com you can see on the main page. You can verify the account you create through social networks or by e-mail. Registration will not take you more than 10-15 minutes. The most important thing is to fill out the profile in as much detail as possible.

      uniplaces.com registration

      Personal account of the uniplaces.com service

      Your personal profile on the service site will help you find your ideal accommodation. There you can save the options you've already seen, and if you fill out your profile completely, the service will be able to recommend you some options for housing according to your needs. Again, having a complete profile in your personal profile increases your credibility as a tenant.

      Mobile application

      Uniplaces does not have a mobile app.


      How do I book on Uniplaces?

      You can choose and book on the service site uniplaces.com not only an apartment, but also a room for the period you need. The site has an excellent search engine. You can pick up accommodation by searching for an object of accommodation for many parameters: city, neighborhood, price, number of rooms, number of tenants, furnishing, neighbors in the apartment, living in the same apartment, and so on. Given that the service is designed as a service that helps find housing for students, in great demand is the room in the apartment, where there are already other students.

      uniplaces.com find lodging

      How do I book lodging through Uniplaces?

      After selecting a city and time, you can begin to view the accommodation offered. After choosing an accommodation on the page of the object of accommodation you can read all the conditions of the reservation: rules of accommodation, the deposit to be paid and other information. After checking the availability of accommodation at the desired time, you can book it and send a message to the owner through the service site.

      uniplaces.com to book lodging

      Confirmation of reservation

      After booking an accommodation facility, you receive a confirmation email. The final confirmation of your reservation with all the data you get after the first month's payment and the commission, which you transfer to the service.

      Commission for the services of uniplaces.com

      The service takes a commission for its services. The amount of commission for each accommodation facility is listed on the booking page. Usually it ranges from 80 to 200 euros.

      More Uniplaces site features

      Through the service site uniplaces.com you can rent out your apartment to students. To do this, you need to register on the site of the service, fill out the form, wait for confirmation and then follow the instructions of the system.

      uniplaces.com rentals


      Payment for reservations on the Uniplaces website

      You pay the commission, one month's rent and, if the terms of the reservation say so, the deposit. Monthly fee and deposit will be transferred to the landlord within 1-2 working days.

      How do I pay online?

      When booking an accommodation you will need to enter your bank card details and then follow the instructions of the payment system.


      Bonuses uniplaces.com

      The company does not have a bonus program as such, but there are additional bonuses for those who use the service. These can be additional promo codes that give a discount on reservations, which you can pass on to your friends, and a referral program that helps you become a web partner of the company.

      Invite a Friend" promotion

      You can get extra income for each client referred to the service by registering as an affiliate of the service.

      uniplaces.com become an affiliate

      Referral program

      You can read the rules of the service's referral program in the corresponding section of the User Agreement. To participate in the referral program of the company you have to be over 18 years old, and those participants you invite must not be clients of the service.

      uniplaces.com affiliate program


      Complaints about Uniplaces

      Most of the feedback on the service uniplaces.com in English. The service is quite popular among those who go to study in Europe. There are different reviews, both positive and negative. We have collected the most frequently repeated. Among the positive reviews, customers note that with the help of the portal of the company they quickly found exactly the accommodation they were looking for and the process of registration was very convenient, and the housing was exactly as they expected. In the negative feedback, customers reported that the support service isn't always prompt, and many apartments don't match what they were written about on the website. But there are more positive reviews.

      uniplaces.com reviews

      If there are any reviews about the Uniplaces hotel reservation service, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!

      Controlling bodies of Uniplaces

      Uniplaces Limited is registered in the UK Register of Legal Entities. The certificate of incorporation is 08674633. Further legal information about the company is available on the UK registered company websites. On the website with official information on companies in the United Kingdom you can see the company's main activity code: 63120 - Web portals (Web services). The company is not registered in Russia.

      uniplaces.com registration information

      Uniplaces.com User Agreement

      The user agreement with the service is posted in the basement of the company's site. The agreement is available in many languages of the site, but there is no Russian translation. You can go straight to the section of the rules that interests you without having to scroll through the whole document. You enter this agreement with the service at the moment when you register on the service.

      uniplaces.com user agreement

      When you book an accommodation, in addition to the commission, you pay in full for 1 month of your stay. After you move in, the service transfers this fee to the landlord within 1-2 working days.

      uniplaces.com prepaid

      You can cancel your reservation, but depending on the date you cancel your reservation, a certain fee will be taken from the fee you paid for the 1 month stay. The fee can be up to 100%.

      uniplaces.com cancellation

      By registering with the reservation service, you agree that you will not attempt to book directly with those hosts who have posted their accommodations on the site.

      uniplaces.com booking conditions

      Also on the website of the service you can see the Consent to process personal data.

      Uniplaces site security

      The Uniplaces site has a strong web security certificate, the kind of certificate banks usually install on their sites. Accordingly, your data and your payment data are safe.

      Uniplaces Help Desk

      The site's support service is available via email and a contact form from the site. In the same section you can find the traditional FAQ: answers to the most frequently asked questions.

      uniplaces.com customer service


      Is Uniplaces a scam?

      Uniplaces - is a long-term rental service for students. Through this service you can rent a room or studio in a student dormitory, an apartment, learn more about your neighbors from your landlord, or rent your own place. We have studied how this service works, its pros, cons, customer feedback, rules of interaction with customers and more, and we can say for sure that the service Uniplaces - this is not a scam. Service can really help you find accommodation. But its main specialization is exactly the housing for students. Most apartments are rented to several tenants, most often 3-4 people, students. This is negotiated separately to ensure the most comfortable environment in the rented housing.

      Despite the fact that the service works to help students, the commission is quite high, and you have to immediately lay out a fairly large amount - the commission, which can be about 200 euros + payment for 1 month stay + deposit for the apartment. The deposit amount is divided between all tenants. If you need a long-term rental apartment without neighbors, you can also find it on the website of the service. Over time, the company has managed to collect an impressive database of reliable landlords and comfortable accommodation.



      When you come to study in another country, it is always important how you get into the student rhythm, whether there will be friends or colleagues of interest around, who will show you what and where, and so on. Service Uniplaces specializes in housing so that you can find a room or apartment where other students will already be living, with whom you will be comfortable.

      Immediately after booking, you can write to the owner of the apartment, learn about the people who live there. A lot of necessary information is listed on the reservation page, starting with the rules of living in the apartment, which are usually standard: no smoking in the room, no bringing guests after a certain time, and so on. In case you do not like the place or the environment, you will have 24 hours to contact the representatives of the company, so that they could find you another accommodation. This service has already found its customers and will find more. All you need to be careful when booking reading all the terms and conditions. The service gives you as much information as possible to find your ideal accommodation for the period of study.



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