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International tour operator with a wide choice of holiday destinations offers convenient booking conditions, promotions and discounts.
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      Boesendorferstrasse, 1/1/19, A-1010, Wien, Austria

      Tez Tour is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: 27 March 2020 Updated: January 30, 2023

      Tez Tour - is a tour operator that organizes travel for tourists from different countries since 1994. The company specializes in different segments of the travel market. It is not only mass tourism, but also group events, trips for corporations and companies, hotel and flight reservations, holidays with children and wedding trips, VIP tours.

      Tez Tour has a reputation as one of the most reliable and high-tech companies in the Russian market. This is evidenced by the positive reviews, which can be found on the website of the tour operator, and on third-party resources. But there are also negative comments from dissatisfied customers. If you doubt the honesty and safety of the project, study this review. It will help you to understand whether Tez Tour is a scam and fraudulent scheme.


      Why Tez Tour

      Today the tour operator offers beach vacations, trips for families with children, corporate services, ski and sightseeing tours, themed trips. Individual services are also available, including non-standard programs, plane tickets, excursions in any country, travel insurance for travelers abroad, and visa support.

      Tez Tour is a scam? Reviews

      The main advantages of the tour operator:

      • convenient online booking;
      • own offices, the list of which can be found in the "Partners in Regions" section;
      • working with trusted partners;
      • a wide range of directions;
      • qualified employees;
      • 24/7 technical support for any questions.

      At the top of the home page tez-tour.com you can select your region. Although it is not easy to choose the right option from the list. Some of the names are closed by a button with a phone receiver, which can be used to order a callback. For convenience it is necessary to zoom out the page to click on the appropriate city. There is also a form for selecting tours, searching hotels, airline tickets and excursions. You can view the catalog with all the countries and their offers.

      Tez Tour tour selection

      In addition, you can check the time of departure in the appropriate form, familiarize yourself with the main menu items, news and informative articles. Also, the customer should be sure to study the tourist memo and information about the issuance of documents.

      Tez Tour Tour Tourist Information


      How to register at tez-tour.com

      When booking a tour, you can choose to do so without registering. In this case the account will be created automatically. A link with the password to activate the account will be sent to the specified email address. To be able to track the status of your order and print travel documents, you can register on the site tez-tour.com yourself. The procedure is standard: you need to enter your personal data and activate your personal account using the link that will be sent to your email.

      tez-tour.com registration

      Tez Tour Personal Cabinet

      After registration, the client will have access to a personal account. It consists of three sections: "Profile" with personal data and password, "Favorites" and "My bookings" with statistics on all bookings and tours.

      Mobile application

      So far, the tour operator does not have its own mobile app.


      How to buy tours on the Tez Tour website

      To get acquainted with all the offers a tourist can in the section "Holiday Types". They are conveniently divided into categories:

      • VIP vacation;
      • beaches;
      • excursions and cruises;
      • ski vacation;
      • tours for families with children;
      • islands;
      • packages for weddings;
      • Spas and thermae.

      Each group has a list of countries with all the tours that match the search parameters. In the "Select Tours" section the client can select the departure city and destination, the date and duration of the holiday, the composition of the trip (full package, accommodation, accommodation + transfer), the number of people. If desired, you can choose a hotel and sort the offers by price, specifying the appropriate currency. In the "Flights" section, the user can find out what is offered on sale, see flight schedules, availability and cost of tickets in different countries, changes in the schedule.

      Tez Tour flight schedule

      The rules for obtaining visas, the list of visa-free countries and information on obtaining a passport are described in the "Visas and passports" section. They depend on the selected region.

      Tez Tour information about visas and passports

      How to book a tour

      By setting the required parameters in the "Select Tours" form, the client will see all the offers. Tours that can be purchased online will be marked with the "Buy" button. Administration warns that when booking tours online, the user must have a valid visa or open it independently.

      tez-tour.com tour selection

      After selecting the tour, you can click on the price and select "Buy online". There is also a button "Buy in agency". Selecting the method of authorization, you can explore the options, flight options and see the final price including all services. If necessary, you can leave a note. After that it is necessary to fill in personal information. If the tourist chooses "Continue without registration," a personal account will be automatically created for him. A link to activate the account and a password to log in will be sent to the specified email address.

      After filling in the personal data, you need to read the contract and select the method of payment. From the moment of payment and until the flight the client will be aware of all the information on the reservation. Messages about payment and confirmation, change of departure or transfer time, readiness of documents will be sent to the e-mail. The issuance of documents for online bookings should be done by the customer. The service provides the contract, voucher, insurance policy and tickets (for charters 24 hours before departure, for regular fares after confirmation). All documents can be printed before the flight and within 20 days after the trip. If the tourist has printed out the documents, he does not need to get their originals from the representative at the airport.

      Tez Tour ordering information

      How to buy cheap tours?

      To save on buying a tour, you can see the section "Promotions and special offers" on the company's website tez-tour.com. There are also pages offering sold-out tours, budget travel, and early booking discounts.

      Tour refunds

      If it was necessary to cancel the tour, the client must write an application. It must be filled out by the holder of the card from which the tour was paid for. Refunds are made to the same card. You can fill out a separate application if you need to transfer funds from one application to another. If only the ticket only needs to be cancelled, you can write a free-form letter to [email protected] The request will be processed within 1 day. The refund will be issued according to the airline rules.

      Additional Tez Tour features

      Additionally, the service offers to buy gift cards for their friends and relatives with free denomination. The tour operator has also recently developed an online aggregator TEZPlus for the convenience of travelers and the work of travel agencies offering Tez Tour tour products.

      Gift cards

      The company offers its customers the opportunity to buy gift cards for their relatives and friends. They can be used for full or partial payment of any trip when booking it online. The difference in price will be deducted from the bank card. At the moment the tour operator has three card designs with free denomination. Its validity period is 1 year. The recipient can book any tour and pay for it with this presentation. This is done using a unique promotional code, which is placed on the back of the card. The card can be delivered by any courier service in Russia. Gifts cannot be returned or exchanged. It is also impossible to return them.

      Tez Tour gift card


      Last year, the company developed a new online aggregator, TEZPlus. On the site, every tourist can log in to a personal account using the username and password he used to register on the Tez Tour site. This office allows you to quickly book tickets, hotels, tours, and transfers. Also with it you can combine all selected travel products into one trip. The proposal contains 600,000 hotels and apartments with instant confirmation, 690 airlines, including charters with the installation of their own service fee. In addition, you can choose from thousands of Russian-language excursions. If you want, you can find non-standard transfer options and rent a car anywhere in the world. TEZPlus advantages:

      • convenient search adapted to any mobile device;
      • selection of an individual trip with any parameters;
      • the ability to create your own collections;
      • solving all problems online;
      • no commission for paying by card, which allows you to save up to 2% of the price of the tour;
      • free insurance when booking hotels or individual tours.

      There are advantages for travel agencies as well. For example, a personal account gives the ability to create sales posts and Facebook banners from the selection results, send links to their clients for online payment. Other tools for tour operators include automatic notifications in Viber for events that concern applications, branded interface using company logo and its corporate colors, autofill personal data of tourists through passport photo recognition, screen view with the client with hidden mark-ups and comments, instant formation of contracts and invoices. Features of selecting tours with the help of an aggregator:

      tez-tour.com advantages of the aggregator

      Corporate tourism

      The tour operator offers outbound events, congresses and conferences for various companies. As part of this program Tez Tour offers:

      • hotel reservations;
      • Organization of events with the provision of conference rooms, necessary equipment and special tour guides;
      • promotional products;
      • site design;
      • the organization of catering;
      • technical support for events;
      • entertainment programs;
      • tours;
      • delivery to the venue by regular and charter flights;
      • transfers of different levels.

      On the site tez-tour.com There are examples of programs for corporate vacations. To make a request for an individual tour development or to ask your questions, you can contact our technical support service by e-mail [email protected] or by phone +7 (495) 980-57-81.

      tez-tour.com tours


      Payment and receipt of tours at tez-tour.com

      The following payment methods are offered:

      • Bank cards, including Visa/MasterCard, МИР. In this case the commission is not charged. After the payment is made the reservation will be registered in the system. In this case the specified amount will be "frozen" on the card. It means that you won't be able to use this money until the confirmation of services. After that they will be written off the account, about what the message will come on the e-mail. If any of the services are not confirmed, the entire amount will return to the card automatically.
      • Sberbank. There are two options available here. You can pay in cash through the branches on the invoice, which is provided in the personal account of the tourist (it is valid for 2 days), and through Sberbank online.
      • Terminals.
      • Euroset, Svyaznoy and Megafon.
      • The money transfer system CONTACT.

      In addition, the company offers the use of partial payment. It is possible for charter flights to Bulgaria, Andorra, Dominica, Italy, UAE, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, Thailand, Georgia, and Spain. 30% is payable immediately, and the remaining balance must be paid at least 15 days before the flight. A partial payment of at least 25% of the trip price is offered for tours that were booked through early booking. The remaining amount must be paid no later than 15 days before departure (before 18:00 MSK). Also now the service works with instant installment payment from Yandex. This option is available for tours with charter flights. It is possible to obtain from 3 to 150 thousand rubles in installments. It is available to Russians 18-65 years of age with a steady income.

      Another option is a loan from Sberbank. Choosing this method when making a reservation, you need to go to the Sberbank Online page, log in and fill out an application. Upon receiving approval, the client must confirm agreement with the terms and conditions. The money will be credited to the travel agent's account, as with a card payment. This loan is given without a down payment and overpayments. It may be taken from 3 to 300 thousand rubles for up to 6 months. The cost of the spa fee and other services that are listed in the notes to the hotel is not included in the full packages in the STR. It must be paid additionally.

      If there is a note "Mandatory fee (payment on site or at the resort)", the funds are paid at check-in/check-out. If there is no such note, the payment is automatically included in the application as an additional service and paid at the time of booking. In the section "Additional payments for tours" you can see the services that require an additional payment. For example, you have to pay extra for business and first class flights, fuel surcharges, individual transfers, non-departure insurance, nights and non-standards.

      How to pay for tours online?

      You can use bank cards and Sberbank Online to pay for the tour operator's services online. When booking tours on the website, you can take advantage of installments and partial payment online.


      Tez Tour bonuses

      The tour operator offers many bonuses to its customers, including regular promotions, discounts for early booking, promo codes, budget tours. Using the cards of some banks to pay for the tour, you can get a cashback. Additional specials are provided for travel agencies that sell Tez Tour products. The company's website tez-tour.com has a section with promotions, which is constantly updated with special offers from Tez Tour.

      Tez Tour promotions


      The company and its partners distribute promo codes as part of various marketing campaigns. They entitle you to a discount when you buy tours online. At the third step of booking, a box is offered in which you need to enter a promo code. The administration warns that such discounts do not add up to other bonuses. In addition, promo codes are not available when purchasing tours by installments. It is not possible to save on regular flights, flight insurance, visas and fuel surcharges.

      If the value of the promo code is more than the price of the tour, the difference is not refundable. It is also impossible to use it further. Each code has its own validity period. It must be found out in the company, which provided this offer. If the tour is not confirmed or the payment is not made within 20 minutes, the application is cancelled, and the promo code becomes valid. This means that it can be used again.

      Thanks from Sberbank program

      Members of the program from sberbank, when paying for a tour with a bank card on the Tez Tour website, receive 5% of the amount of each purchase. Bonuses do not add up with promo codes and discounts, and are not credited for trips marked with a promotional rate icon. Any tourist with a Sberbank card can participate in the program. To do this, you need to register at an ATM or Sberbank.Online. The client will receive bonuses with each purchase, and they can be exchanged for discounts in stores and partner companies.

      Tez Tour thanks from Sberbank


      Alfa Bank and Tinkoff offer their own bonuses for Tez Tour customers. So, booking online and paying by card of these financial institutions, you can get 5% of the cost of travel back to your account. Refunds are made within 45 days from the date of booking services. Home Credit Bank offers a cashback of 4.2% from the tour. The reward is provided only when you buy a trip online and does not apply to its order in the office. There is also a special offer from the bank Russian Standard. Here it is mandatory to register in the cashback program. To do this in a mobile app or in the office on the bank's website you need to select the category "5%", the Tez Tour website name and register on the RS cashback page under your card. After registration when you pay for travel with bank card you can get 5% from the cost of the tour.

      Gifts from hotels

      The Gifts page on tez-tour.com offers lists of gifts from hotels in different cities. Also listed are gifts for honeymooners, people over 60, and children.

      tez-tour.com hotel gifts


      The company's website has a separate section with tour sales. The list of offers specifies the city, hotels, period and cost per person.

      Tez Tour sale

      Budget Tours

      Tez Tour offers budget travel with discounts as low as 10-15%.

      Tez Tour budget tours


      A bonus program TEZ BONUS is offered for agencies. Managers of travel agencies, which have an agreement on sales of tourist products from Tez Tour operator, can participate in it. To do this it is necessary to sign an agreement with the management of the agency and send it to [email protected] The text should specify the full name of the participant, name and number of any application. Registration takes no more than 2 days. After that the login and password for booking will be sent to the e-mail. Bonuses are credited only if you book online under the registered username and password on the day of departure of the tourist.

      tez-tour.com TEZ BONUS

      You can check the number of bonuses in your account or with a supervisor. The program has 5 bonus tiers, which depend on the number of bonuses for the current year. When you move to a new tier, more options and services are available. The deductions are made in the following ratio:

      • 10 bonuses = $1.
      • 11 bonuses = 1 euro.

      Rewards can be used for bonus payment. To do this, you must select the application number in the cabinet and go to the section with bonuses. After reading the amount of bonus payment, you can choose the appropriate option. It is not possible to pay with bonuses:

      • fuel surcharge;
      • insurance policy;
      • visual;
      • wedding ceremony;
      • tours.

      Early booking

      On a regular basis, the tour operator offers discounts on tours with early booking. Depending on the season the offers and discounts change, which range from 15 to 55%. Prices in the list of tours available through early booking are marked with a clock icon. After the promotion ends, changes to reservations will be recalculated at the rates in effect on the date the new data is entered. It is possible to make changes without prior request (the cost of the early booking is saved) in such cases:

      • Correcting names or surnames that have been entered in error;
      • change of dates of birth, in case the change of age does not affect the price per room.

      You cannot make changes (the value of the early reservation will not be saved) in such cases:

      • replacement of travelers on the voucher;
      • change of dates, except for the new time for charter programs.

      If the booking is not paid on time, the tour will be recalculated at current prices. Discounts cannot be combined with other special offers and do not apply to holiday dinners and group arrivals. Payment schemes for some countries are described in the section "Early booking" on the tour operator's website.


      Complaints about Tez Tour

      You can complain about the service by e-mail or phone number. There are offices in many countries, so you will be able to call the number of your place of residence. The site also has a list of offices where you can contact with any questions. In addition, on the page "Reviews and suggestions" there is a form that you can fill out by leaving a comment about the service and rest on the chosen destination. You can also leave a comment on this page. The "They write to us" section of the company's website contains tourists' comments about the service and gratitude to the employees of various Tez Tour offices and online workers.

      Tez Tour reviews

      There are also positive reviews on third-party resources. But there are also negative comments. Often customers complain about the fact that travel is denied, offering options at a higher price, making changes without warning tourists, promising conditions that in fact may differ from those stated. Clients also note not always competent technical support, poor organization of holidays and the inability to refund money in problematic situations.

      Tez Tour reviews tez-tour.com reviews

      If there are any reviews about Tez Tour service, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!

      Supervisory authorities

      TEZ INTERNATIONAL GMBH (license number 103839R02) sells a product under the brand name TEZ TOUR. Address: Boesendorferstrasse, 1/1/19, A-1010, Vienna, Austria. Company registration number: 353514z. In Russia, the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators "Rosturizm" has registered LLC "Company TEZ TOUR" under the number RTO 001661.

      tez-tour.com User Agreement

      The terms of use of the travel agency's services are described on the tez-tour.com website. In the document you can read the rules of work, obligations of the parties and the term of the contract.

      Tez Tour User Agreement

      Site security

      The Sberbank of Russia payment system uses 3DSecure technology to protect against fraudulent use of bank cards. The cardholder must confirm the payment by entering either a permanent or a temporary password issued by the bank. As a rule, such passwords are sent to the cardholder via SMS.

      Customer Service

      By selecting your region on the homepage, you can find support phone numbers and e-mail addresses. There is also a post office of the company's main office in Vienna - [email protected] In addition, you can contact the tour operator's staff via ICQ 44482460, social networks VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram.


      Is Tez Tour a scam?

      Tez Tour - is an experienced company, which has earned a reputation as a reliable tour operator. Although recently there have been many complaints about various problems arising from tourists. The tour operator offers a choice of suitable tour, including flight, accommodation, meals, sightseeing and entertainment programs.

      Promotions, special offers, cashback and early booking discounts help users save money, and credit and installment plans split the price of a tour across multiple payments. This speaks in favor of the project, which cares about its customers. But given the complaints of tourists, it is worth noting that you need to be careful when ordering tours from Tez Tour and be prepared for all kinds of changes and failures. Tez Tour company cannot be called a fraud. Perhaps, the problems are related to the work of local offices of the tour operator.



      Tez Tour has been offering its services on the travel market since 1994. During this time, the company has opened many offices around the world, developed an informative website and online aggregator TEZPlus. Other advantages of the tour operator include:

      • convenient online booking;
      • offices around the world;
      • a large selection of tours and destinations;
      • Many promotions and special offers;
      • many related services, giving you the opportunity to organize a vacation with one company.

      If you have booked tours with Tez Tour, tell us about the work of the company's employees and the vacation itself on this page. It will help other tourists to evaluate the reliability and honesty of the service. Also from the comments depends on the rating of the project, which allows you to compare different tour operators.

      Variety of tours
      Quality of services
      Customer Service


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        Variety of tours
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        You have misleading information, the company Tez Tour Ltd. refuses any representation of interests of Tez International and positions itself as one of the many travel agencies, the court was presented with the information of Teztur Ltd. that Tez International has no representative offices on the territory… Read more

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