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A well-known international brand in the market of online investments and trading, the company has opened more than 100 offices in different countries of the world.
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The Financial Services Center, P.O. Box 1823, Stoney Ground, Kingstown, VC0100, St. Vincent & the Grenadines
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Forex Club International Limited
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Feedback form on the site
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Russian, English, Spanish, Chinese, Malaysian, etc.
MetaTrader 4, WebTrader, Libertex, MetaTrader 5, Rumus
Min. first deposit
From 1 USD
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$0.2 for each 1000 transaction volume
To 1:500
From 0 points
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CySEC№ 164/12
NB RB№ 192580558
Types of accounts
Transaction volume
0.01 lot
Execution of orders
Instant Execution (exact execution), Market Execution (at market price)
Methods of replenishment, Neteller, Qiwi, Webmoney, Alfa-Clik, Bank Transfer, Beeline, Promsvyazbank, Bank Card (Visa/MC), Mobile Payments, UMoneu
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Neteller, Qiwi, Skrill, Webmoney, Wire transfer, Mobile transfer, Bank card (Visa/MC), JuMoneu
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Currency pairs
Precious metals
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Barclays, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Commerzbank, HSBC, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Nomura Bank, Lucid Markets
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    Forex Club is it a scam? Reviews and description

    8 November 2015

    The FOREX CLUB is one of the oldest Forex brokers in the world, a group of companies providing online trading services on the Forex market. Founded in 1997, the company has evolved into an international Forex corporation, working with clients from over 130 countries worldwide.

    In 2010 the FOREX CLUB began the development of an investment platform based on Akmos Trade subsidiary. In early 2013, the platform was merged into the FOREX CLUB parent company; this significant change was convenient and understandable for investors and traders. Today, the FOREX CLUB includes a large number of executives with a significant amount of investment.

    The FOREX CLUB offers services of Internet trading on the Forex market, as well as CFD (contracts for difference in stock prices, commodities, indices and so forth.), as well as programs to educate customers in more than 130 countries.

    The structure of the FOREX CLUB includes a number of financial companies and educational institutions, including the International Academy of Investment and Trading and FOREX CLUB International Ltd. In 2010, the FOREX CLUB acquired Akmos Trade, the oldest Russian broker.

    The company is quite different from the majority of Forex brokers due to its extensive branch of networks on the basis of which it offers basic and advanced training for traders. The company is characterized by the presence of its own trading terminals and RUMUS2 StartFX; apart from this, it offers the possibility to trade through the standard Forex terminal, the MetaTrader terminal.

    Reviews of FOREX CLUB

    Looking online for any serious claims about the FOREX CLUB, we found a few negative reviews from novice traders that were trying to shift responsibility for their deposit loss to the broker.

    Quite a lot of positive feedback comes from those who completed training on the Forex market at the FOREX CLUB.

    The company’s competitors don’t have many negative things to say about it; we think this is due to the fact that most of the company’s customers trade in the FOREX CLUB proprietary trading company terminals, rather than in MetaTrader. The majority of people come here to learn and only then becomes traders. If ones talks to investors, the FOREX CLUB receives positive reviews.


    The company FOREX CLUB is registered in the British Virgin Islands at the following address: INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, Road Town, Tortola,British Virgin Islands, I.B.C. Number: 597332.

    Regulatory Organizations: KROUFR, CySEC and CRFIN

    Investing in the FOREX CLUB

    The main income of the FOREX CLUB company comes from traders. Besides the PAMM system at the FOREX CLUB there are other interesting investment instruments. The official website of the FOREX CLUB offers the investor the ability to invest in such instruments:

    • Metals: Gold, Silver
    • Currency
    • Managing trader
    • Stock indices
    • Equities
    • Managing Trader – these are PAMM accounts of the FOREX CLUB
    • Minimum deposit is $100 to any manager, but the minimum replenishment in the FOREX CLUB is $200.

    The FOREX CLUB PAMM account:

    1) Distribution of remuneration on investment income – 90% of investors and 10% of control. The losses are completely on the inverter.

    2) Multipliers help manage the risk of PAMM accounts in the FOREX CLUB.

    3) It is possible to put an automatic stop when the investment you have entered reaches the set percent of loss or interest income.

    4) You can detach investment in the PAMM account at any time. That is, you can withdraw money from the PAMM account at any time.

    Deposit and withdrawals

    Deposit into/Withdrawal from the FOREX CLUB can be done in the following ways:

    • Bank transfers
    • Qiwi
    • Payment terminals
    • Yandex money
    • WebMoney
    • Skrill (Moneybookers)
    • Mobile payments MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele2

    We also found Skrill as an option on the list of methods to deposit funds into the FOREX CLUB. This can be considered a good sign for the reputation of the FOREX CLUB.

    When you enter assets there is an automatic «compensation payment systems commissions». That is, if you enter funds via RBK Money with a commission of 3%, in this case, the company will add an additional 3% onto your bill.


    According to the information found, and after a complete analysis of users’ feedback, facts and the long-term performance of the FOREX CLUB , we can confidently say that the Forex broker is the founder and oldest representative of the Forex brokers in the world. Maintaining a good reputation for decades, the FOREX CLUB deservedly has become one of the main options for investors in the Forex market, and the company offers excellent conditions for study and work and a great experience that’s useful for everyone.

    Trading tools and assets
    Withdrawal speed
    Broker fee
    Technical support


    • Eternal problems with the withdrawal of funds

      Eternal problems with the withdrawal of funds. Two or three times a day they block requests for withdrawal, allegedly SB found my transaction suspicious! Now they have some kind of crazy withdrawal, they only left bank transfer. But you can deposit by any method)

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    • Hello all! I do not know where...

      Hello all! I do not know where to write for help. the company forexclub or libertex acted with me as scammers. my balance was adjusted on the basis that supposedly i had an account opened earlier and the contract was terminated, they say i opened it again and therefore adjusted the balance. i received an email
      «Dear Client,
      We would like to inform you that your account was found to be affiliated with the account of a client with whom the Company terminated the Agreement earlier.
      In this connection, the Company has decided to terminate the Contract with you, as well as to adjust the balance of your account.
      You need to withdraw available funds as soon as possible, after which your accounts will be closed.»»
      So what should I do? I have never opened any account with them before and no one has terminated any contracts with me! I wrote to their support service that I can submit passports, selfies with my passport, bank statements, as well as record a video… So far no one has answered me … my email [email protected], my accounts 1809799484, 710187443 and 710189433. all have a detailed report!

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    • I will start with the fact that...

      I will start with the fact that this kitchen has nothing to do with the stock exchange and in particular to direct trade!!! Quotes fake or as they say approximate!!!

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    • Forex Club was kicked out of Russia...

      Forex Club was kicked out of Russia and a number of other countries for criminal actions. In spite of this it accepts and has clients from Russia. I am from Russia. The Forex Club company deceived me by giving me false information. And robbed me of a large sum of money. If you need proof, I can provide it. The situation is presented on facebook, LZ, VK and other places. Refutation by Forex Club substantive and paragraphs I have not received. Because everything I said is true. And Forex Club has no proof. I am not anonymous. Forex Club knows me well. If I lied, it would sue me. And so he keeps silent. Because he is a thief and a crook.

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    • All the money was paid to me...

      All the money was paid to me today. Both entered and earned. The accounts were blocked.
      The situation was resolved safely, of course, only a small negative residue was left by the fact that it took a long time and my profile was instantly blocked in the FC communities of all social networks.
      But my «epic» with forex club is over safely. Thank God.

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    • Hello! I still haven't received my money!!!

      Hello! I still haven’t received my money!!! This is a nightmare! It’s an outrage!!! Since February 18, I have been asked for one document a week and they are supposedly «checking» it!!! A whole week they are checking one document!!! The money is tied up in forex club! Do not mess with these guys: You won’t see your money later! They have a lot of money. For me it’s a lot of money.
      I have a favor to all concerned, who read this thread: please help! This situation may be any of us, traders. Please tell me what I can do to help them withdraw my money from the Forex club! Please help me.
      Do you think that a charge-back will help in this case? Please help me with advice!!!

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    • On Tuesday I made a request to...

      On Tuesday I made a request to withdraw part of the funds from the account. The application is canceled and immediately comes a request for documents (the most interesting thing is that I have already provided these documents when registering, several months ago). I submitted the documents immediately, on Tuesday evening. I was told that the documents were being reviewed within 1-2 business days. So far, silence. No results of the document check, no money. Their support service did not answer me anything clear and mumbled some trumpeted phrases. I’m already starting to get nervous: don’t these guys want to steal my money? In any case, I will keep you informed of the situation and write in this thread about the results of their interaction with FC to withdraw money. If anyone needs more information, screenshots, etc., you can write to my e-mail: [email protected]

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    • Who had problems with Finam broker (transactions...

      Who had problems with Finam broker (transactions you did not make and other violations) There is a lawsuit and gross violations on clients’ accounts were revealed. Finam is providing incorrect reports to clients. Here I have experienced broker fraud as well. So if anyone would like to get their money back, then it can be done through this website I was able to get my money back in 2-3 months. These people are the best in the business.

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    • They come up with quotes that didn't...

      They come up with quotes that didn’t exist. No arguments, commissions, etc. helped. I presented them quotes from Bloomberg and other brokerage companies, including banks, the snot forex club differed by 5 rubles!!!!! and they cheekily plundered the deposit, the story I posted with screenshots on various sites, including on their forum. All safely hushed up, they said — who cares, there was no such quotation anywhere, and we were ))))).

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    • How many good reviews have been bought))

      How many good reviews have been bought)) The fact that not everyone gets screwed, or you haven’t been screwed yet, is not a good experience of working with them. «FOREX CLUB is registered at The Financial Services Center, P.O. Box 1823, Stoney Ground, Kingstown, VC0100, St. Vincent & the Grenadines.» — How will you sue them in case of problems?) It’s offshore. And as a result they were disbarred by the Central Bank today 🙂

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      • Kirill 25 July 2019 at 14:32

        psst... so everyone is registered

      • Dmitriy 19 April 2020 at 16:03

        And do they have the power to continue contracts and attract new clients from Russia after that? Please write to [email protected]

    • Today without warning changed the positive swap...

      Today without warning changed the positive swap of short positions XAUUSD to negative, now every day I will unpleasantly pay 3 bucks, I did not count on it

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    • I am still thinking, I read reviews...

      I am still thinking, I read reviews and everything is different for everyone. I read somewhere, do not invest or transfer money if you do not know people or have not seen them in reality. I have experienced it firsthand, I just do not know.

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      • Egor V 24 September 2019 at 21:48

        REAL SCAM,,,,

    • I have been working with the company...

      I have been working with the company since 2015. To be honest, the first deposit was lost because of my own stupidity. After that I took the question more seriously. I was trained by the company, both full-time and distant. Fortunately, FC has a lot of means for educating traders. Worked on a demo account for almost a year while I was studying. The level of education is very high.
      I have never had any problems with deposit/withdrawal of funds.
      I have never had any problems with deposit/withdrawal. They are very professional and very fast. Any question was solved right on the spot. They will always help with information and services package and help to contact consultant on narrow questions.
      In general, the campaign respect and highest marks

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    • The main thing is that the money...

      The main thing is that the money is withdrawn in time and without unnecessary questions! So that’s 5 +.

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    • I work with this company since 2016...

      I work with this company since 2016 and there has never been a fraud! The money is withdrawn quickly and without deception at the rate of the company.If there are plums, then only by their own mistakes! You can always train on the demo before you work for real!

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    • FC definitely can't be called a scam

      FC definitely can’t be called a scam, the company is really old. Not just drawn, as many have, like blah-blah-blah we have been in the market for 10+ years. And in FC 10 years ago was the first Rumus and everyone traded with this broker. There were no metaquotes back then! And Rumus was an advanced platform.

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    • Cheaters and swindlers! They simulate stock quotes

      Cheaters and swindlers! They simulate stock quotes, drawing so that sooner or later you will sell your deposit! Scoundrels!

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      • Anna Orlova 26 February 2018 at 08:05

        In my opinion, they do not draw anything, and it is technically impossible. You seem to be shifting the responsibility for your plunge to the DC.

      • Sergey Koršun 20 September 2018 at 20:01

        How? If you can look up charts and prices on other sites. If you yourself are a sucker, then don't give a shit about others.

    • The license of some financial commission does...

      The license of some financial commission does not add any solidity to the broker.

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    • I have been working with FC for...

      I have been working with FC for a long time. Svetlana writes about the deposit of $200, but now it is no longer there. I have been working with FK for a long time. I liked the execution of stop orders in the company, at the time I was comparing, I thought that there was too much slippage in FC. My withdrawal is not the fastest, but I will wait two days for my card, I do not care. I do not want to pay any profit on it, I just do not want to withdraw. In general, the company is worthy of attention.

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    • What's good about them is the minimum...

      What’s good about them is the minimum deposit of 200 North American rubles. Most people now want 300, ideally, and they don’t want anything less. And so the company has been in business for a long time, which means that everything should be even.

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