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One of the successful crypto exchanges offers the trader a secure platform and a variety of tokens for profitable investments.
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    Bleutrade is it a scam? Reviews and description

    July 19, 2018

    Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange - one of the many marketplaces providing services for buying and selling electronic coins. Experienced traders and novices in the field cryptocurrency trading usually look for a convenient and practical service with a pleasant interface, diverse functionality and technical support. This platform has everything necessary to ensure a high level of profitability, helps to improve token trading skills, including tokens rarely found in listings of similar resources.

    Still, is Bleutrade a scam, or a reliable exchange where you can trust your money and trade digital assets without worrying about withdrawal at all? The answers to all these questions can be found in a detailed review of the exchange.

    Is Bleutrade a scam or not? Review of Bleutrade crypto exchange, reviews of traders

    Bleutrade crypto exchange prioritizes its work by offering a variety of tokens to trade with. Immediately we should note that the resource supports only English (as well as Portuguese), but we can assume that in the near future this situation will change. Those customers who have already worked with similar projects in English, it will be easy to understand the functionality of the site Another advantage of the site is the availability of a convenient calculator, which can easily and quickly track the rate of electronic currency to the most popular fiat currencies (Brazilian real, U.S. dollars, Russian rubles or Euro currency).

    In addition to trading operations, there is another good option for gaining stable profits - the affiliate program. It is launched by placing a link in the profile of any of the social networks. So, for each user attracted to crypto exchange and making exchange transactions, you can receive up to 10% of income. The money comes to the client's internal wallet automatically and without delay, to get it, you will have to register on the platform.

    This procedure at Bleutrade is quick and uncomplicated - you need to specify your email address, personal password, name, and confirm acceptance of the terms of the user agreement. Registration is completed by pressing the "Create my account now" button, after which you will receive an email with a link to activate your account. Everyone who is 16 or older can trade at the service. However, customers who are under 18 must find a guarantor who is willing to take responsibility for all transactions. Legal entities can also be users of the crypto exchange, but in this case the registration procedure is carried out by their legal representative.

    The next step is the verification of the account. Here everything is very simple: the "Settings" section opens in the personal account, where there is a form for sending personal data. You enter your first and last name, date of birth, and country. Now you need to upload copies of documents confirming the identity and registration address, your own picture of the trader, where you can see the face and documents in his hands. It is worth noting that if the client is verified only through email, he can trade cryptocurrency for an amount equivalent to $2 thousand. If, in addition to confirming the email, he indicates the phone, the limit increases by 10 times, up to $20 thousand. And finally, all those who passed the verification, it is possible to operate with an amount of $100 thousand.

    At its discretion, the exchange may request screenshots of the user's documents at any time, moreover, the client must be prepared to refuse registration on the platform without giving any reasons. Registration can be cancelled or suspended: if a speculator violates the "Terms of Use of Bleutrade", engages in fraud or violates the law in any other way, as well as if there is no possibility to check the validity of the data about the trader. In case of cancellation or suspension of registration all active applications are cancelled. Blocking of the cabinet is possible at loss of the password, and also repeated attempt to exceed the top threshold of the admissible sums for work.

    If the user forgets his password, it can be restored through the internal account settings. Due to the loss of other data for access, it will be necessary to contact the support service. The platform's specialists will help restore the account using the client's phone, or the exchange will request information for identity verification via e-mail. Such verification takes seven days. After the registration and verification processes are completed, nothing prevents you from freely proceeding to trading in cryptocurrency (read information about how to earn on cryptocurrency, here). By the way, if you do not want to perform verification for whatever reason, you can do without it. This waiver does not limit the trader's opportunities at the site, but if you want to increase the volume of tokens set for traders, you will need to pass it.

    Different coins are available to the client. Dogecoin is not very popular here lately, while Bitcoin is gaining momentum, offering high earnings. The choice between tokens is made in the section of the site "Exchange. The site uses convenient infographics - the trading history of the currency pair is offered in any time interval: from six hours to two weeks. Analytical data can be saved so that it is convenient to study them later. There is also an opportunity to review the information on the bids and the history of the trades of the system participants. After analyzing the charts, you can go to the purchase or sale of tokens, the amount of selected currency must be specified in a special form. Next, the equivalent of the amount to be exchanged in cryptocurrency will appear: if you trade a pair of Bitcoin/Mooncoin and Mooncoin for sale, the automatic calculator will recalculate its equivalent in Bitcoin (how to earn on bitcoin rate? here). By the way, for all transactions in the system you have to pay 0.25% of the transaction amount.

    The average daily trading volume on Bleutrade is constantly growing - according to the latest data, it is from $600,000, and most of it falls on the most popular pairs: Ethereum/Bitcoin, Litecoin/Bitcoin, BitConnect/Bitcoin. The exchange is not a participant of trades, it takes only intermediary functions, helping the buyer and seller of cryptocurrency to find each other. At the slightest difficulty with the transfer of money, it is desirable to immediately contact the technical support. In social networks the exchange has its official pages, where you can follow the latest news of the organization.


    Deposit and withdrawal

    Bleutrade Exchange works with cryptocurrency, it is not possible to use fiat money for trading transactions. Using exchange officetokens can be converted into digital assets. To conduct transactions without difficulty, you should know that:

    • Cryptocurrencies are deposited in the "My Balances" section, where a detailed list of all coins is offered. There is a button "AST" in front of each one, when you click on it, it opens the options for deposit and withdrawal,
    • First, the participant chooses a currency to trade, then clicks the "Deposit" button in the window opposite its name. The exchange independently generates a link to which the coin is transferred,
    • Depositing an account is commission-free, but for the withdrawal you have to pay a percentage of the amount, and the fee is taken in favor of the site, depending on the type of cryptocurrency. For example, to withdraw one Bitcoin - 0,001%, Litecoin - 0,01%. A full list of fees can be found on the page "Fees and Deadlines",
    • Users who refuse to be verified cannot withdraw more than $2000 in 24 hours,
    • Sometimes the withdrawal is delayed for reasons unrelated to the work of the exchange - network instability, overload due to the large number of requests for transactions, depletion of Notwallet. If the financial reserves drop to a critical level and the money has to be transferred from the "cold storage", the procedure will be delayed for 72 hours.


    Complaints about Bleutrade

    Bleutrade has a lot to praise for, and that's exactly what those who have been working with it for a long time do. First of all, it is worth noting a large choice of cryptocurrencies, which is very much liked by regular customers who prefer to use a variety of tokens for trading operations. Users from different countries note the quick buying and selling of currencies without any additional requirements, and the commission, though not the lowest, does not exceed the average market level. Many traders like the convenient calculator, and almost every second client uses the profitable affiliate program.

    However, the service also has disadvantages. For example, it is impossible to buy electronic coins for fiat money. At the same time, the exchange cooperates with exchangers, so the translation of fiat money into cryptocurrency is not a serious problem. While there is no margin trading, but the exchange is constantly increasing the daily turnover. It is worth noting that the administration is trying to improve the service in accordance with the expectations of users, complaints are always taken into account by the site.

    According to the reviews of traders willing to cooperate with Bleutrade, the platform developers should speed up the improvement of a number of its functions, otherwise it will not be able to compete with similar services. There are complaints on cryptocurrency forums about difficulties with logging into their accounts, but tech support promptly responds to them. In this case, quite often the exchange is singled out as an option, ideal for beginners. Many seek to conduct transactions here because of the great variety of little-known tokens, most of which are missing from the listings of other resources.

    If there are any complaints about Bleutrade, we will be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything.

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    Regulation of Bleutrade crypto exchange

    Cryptocurrency exchange Bleutrade is registered as a legal entity BLEU DIGITAL Developments Ltd. with license number 132/0001-32 (South America, Brazil). Despite the lack of regulation there are clear rules - customers have to act within the laws of the country of registration of the site, as well as the country of residence of the user. All finances circulating within the site or displayed outside of it, must not be used to support terrorism, commit fraud, etc. If any of the information specified by the user is subject to change, the client must enter the new data in the personal account. If a mistake is made when adding them to the account, except for the phone number and email address, you will have to delete it and do the registration procedure all over again.

    The client should be ready that rules of work with a platform can change at the discretion of administration. By clicking on the "I agree to the terms" button after registration, each trader automatically assumes responsibility for following the information about the rules of the resource. The speculator can use the cryptocurrency stored in the accounts to purchase goods or services on online venues. Tokens that are not in demand for a certain period of time will be removed from the resource's listing. Customers will be notified 15 days prior to cancelling all transactions with the coin. In some cases, the warning may appear 50 days in advance so that the trader has time to prepare for it.

    The developers of the site paid special attention to security. The first stage of protection is two-factor verification, which is easy to activate with the help of Google Authenticator. All data, which the client leaves when registering, verifying or conducting financial transactions, is subject to complex encryption using cryptographic technology and is stored on servers with a high degree of protection. 97% of currency reserves are located in "cold vaults", the remaining 3% are placed on Hotwallet, where funds are received for quick transactions. In order to prevent fraudulent transactions there is a system "Know Your Client" (KYC). Within its framework each client can view the history of transactions of the second party of the trade and make his conclusions, also it is offered to get acquainted with opinions of other clients about the trader.

    It is not allowed to use the service to store any information, nor is it allowed to hold stocks, bonds and other assets. It is forbidden to trade with third parties, and only the registered user is allowed to do so. If the administration decides to stop the exchange, the user will be notified three months in advance. In this case, as well as at the termination of registration he will have to specify the address of his e-wallet, to which the system will withdraw his money. If the client does not do it in 60 days, all the funds in the account will be moved to the "cold storage". If the user does not appear on the site more than 180 days, managers will deactivate his account without warning. If you want to refund the deposit balances, you need to contact support.

    Read the "Terms of Use" of Bleutrade on the exchange site


    Is Bleutrade a scam?

    Crypto Exchange Bleutrade - one of the active platforms for profitable investments in digital assets. It is suitable for those who begin to learn cryptocurrency trading (learn the whole truth about cryptocurrency here). The service is famous for a wide choice of rare electronic coins, during operations with which it is very convenient to train the skills necessary for a speculator. On the site there are no difficulties with registration, which does not differ from the similar procedure on other exchanges. Whether to verify the account or not - the user decides for himself. If he passes the two-factor authentication, he will be able to increase the limits on withdrawals, sale and purchase of tokens.

    Trading here is only in cryptocurrency pairs, fiat money is used in exchangers, and then, after their conversion into digital assets, you can work with the exchange. On the first call, the support service responds to requests for help. All transactions in the system are also fast. When depositing money to the internal wallet, in case of withdrawal they can be transferred to an electronic wallet outside the exchange, successfully exchanged into fiat money, or deposited to a bank card. The site has a convenient infographic on all digital assets, the trading history of each market player is saved, making it much easier to select a participant for a transaction.

    The developers have tried to secure the personal information of the client, as well as his finances, so 97% of all exchange funds are stored in "cold vaults", inaccessible to cyber-fraudsters. The service values its reputation and monitors all traders' actions, starting with their registration. In this case, for serious errors the account is blocked. Working on the site is allowed not only to individual, but also to corporate clients. And yet, should one define Bleutrade, which is actively and successfully functioning on the market, as a scam, a scam? No, because the exchange has been operating for more than a year, gradually increasing daily turnover of funds, is rightly considered convenient for investors, offers a variety of opportunities to get a decent income.



    Crypto Exchange BleutradeThe platform is undoubtedly worthy of traders' attention due to its simple functionality, serious data protection, and fast withdrawal of funds. The developers promptly respond to customer complaints and suggestions, gradually adding new tokens and improving the service of the platform, and traders often praise it for its stability and reliability.

    Project Editorial It's a Divorce™. At the moment Bleutrade will not be regarded as a scam. With the emergence of real user reviews the site rating will change, but so far there are no prerequisites for a clear rejection of cooperation with the exchange.

    Exchange Commission
    Transaction speed
    Technical support


    • Real freaks, first zeroed the account with...

      Real freaks, first zeroed the account with PEEP COIN, then dumped on 0.5 BCH, no contact, how to get through to them do not know. Bastards with their identification, in the end dumped all the money !!!!!!!!!!. Do not contact them in any case !!!!!!!!! Run away from them !!!!!!!!!

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    • Real bastards. First they stole all the...

      Real bastards. First they stole all the ReherCon, then they ditched me for 0.5 VSN. They do not get in touch. How to get through to them do not know. Bastards, they screwed up this identification and eventually cheated on all the dough. Do not get involved in any way !!!!!!!!!!.

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