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The first decentralized DeFi platform in the open TON network with a referral program and low transaction fees
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121087, Moscow, Bolshaya Filievskaya St., Bld. 3, Bld. 1, pov. 66
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[email protected][email protected]TelegramVkontaktehttps://coincodex.com/exchange/tegro-finance/https://tokeninsight.com/en/exchanges/tegrohttps://coinpaprika.com/exchanges/tegrofinance/https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/tegro-finance/
Company owner
OOO Tegro
Gusev Svyatoslav Olegovich
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Transfer fees: 0.4 %
Affiliate program commission: 0.05 %
Commission of liquidity providers: 0.25 %
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From 18 years
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No mobile apps available
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Law of the Russian Federation "On Digital Financial Assets" dated January 1, 2021
Law of the Russian Federation of 07.08.2001 No. 115-FZ "On Combating Legalization (Laundering) of Proceeds of Crime and Financing of Terrorism"
Affiliate Program
Registration12.5% from referral exchanges
A simple platform for cryptocurrency exchange
Low commission for operations
Availability of a referral program
Passive income opportunity
Lack of centralized regulation
Fast connection of the wallet for the exchange without the need to register at the exchange
A small amount of cryptocurrency to exchange
Lack of popular currencies in the exchange listing
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March 1, 2023
    121087, Moscow, Bolshaya Filievskaya St., Bld. 3, Bld. 1, pov. 66

    Tegro.Finance is this a scam? Review and Customers Reviews

    Published: 25 February 2023 Updated: 1 March 2023

    Tegro.Finance – cryptocurrency exchange on the TON blockchain, which is constantly evolving to attract new users, increasing DEX’s liquidity. Now the crypto exchange is at the beginning of its development. The Tegro team is constantly supplementing the functionality of the exchange so that the service’s clients can use different tools. So far, on the service’s website you can exchange different cryptocurrencies, add liquidity and use other products of the team. So, in addition to the exchange, the company has developed a mobile cryptocurrency wallet, the payment system Tegro.Money and the NFT marketplace. To find out how convenient, safe and effective the company’s tools are, we made a review of the cryptocurrency exchange Tegro.finance. It will help to find out if this company is not a scam.


    Why Tegro.finance?

    The Tegro team began its work with the creation of the TON blockchain tool in 2021. New tools are constantly being introduced and different products are being developed. The company integrates all its projects with Telegram. This makes it possible to increase the number of users who need access to a payment system or a cryptocurrency wallet. Also, all solutions are synchronized with each other, which gives an opportunity to build a full-fledged ecosystem, which is what the administration of the company strives for. The last of the team’s products is a crypto exchange. Tegro.Finance – DeFi service in the open TON network. This is the first decentralized platform with a referral program and low transaction fee (0.4%). The service differs from other DEX exchanges in that it operates in an open network. This means that it uses high bandwidth, asynchronous execution and guarantees fast completion of transactions.

    Now the crypto exchange is gradually developing to offer its clients convenient features for working with cryptocurrency. On the company’s website, you can explore its future plans and roadmap. The exchange offers tools with which you can earn with or without investing money. Part of the income can be sold and the remaining amount can be reinvested. Through this, income can be significantly increased. In the future, the exchange will offer other mechanics that will help increase the influence of the currency in the ecosystem and, accordingly, the value of the token. Tegro.Finance customers who have connected a wallet to DEX have the right to use all the functions of the platform: add liquidity to pools or exchange different tokens. The website has information about the different services of the company. You can explore such sections:

    • Main page. Information about the company, its development, different products, the team, the project’s white book. There are links to Tegro groups on Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, Medium, Linkedin, lists of partners and major clients.
    • DEX. Opens a form in which you can choose one of the possibilities of exchanging cryptocurrency, adding to the liquidity pool or referral program.
    • Wallet. There are several tabs available: web wallet, extension for Android and Chrome and Edge browsers. When you open the first of them, you can study detailed information about the wallet Tegro.Money. It offers a simple way to store, send and receive Toncoin coins online. It is a powerful blockchain that provides the highest possible transaction speed.
    • Marketplace. This section also has several tabs. One of them is the payment acceptance system. This tool from the Tegro team allows you to connect payment systems and banks to receive payments without fees. This is a convenient payment solution for everyday business tasks. The service implements all the functions of a payment gateway and integrates directly with banks. By connecting to Tegro payment system, you can accept money from clients via websites, messengers or other convenient ways. It also allows you to pay out funds to counterparties in bulk in automatic mode. For convenience, a simple form builder has been developed, which can be installed on the site to receive payments. Also from this section you can go to the pages with the description of the affiliate program, security principles and documentation for developers.
    • NFT. The section includes a link to the new modern Libermall Marketplace. This is a growing marketplace where unusual NFTs can be discovered, collected, and sold. There is also a link to a collection catalog where you can see all the offerings.


    How to exchange cryptocurrency on the Tegro platform?

    You can buy currency on the Tegro.Finance exchange TGR. Before you can buy a token, you have to buy TON cryptocurrency. To buy TGR, you have to transfer TON to a wallet. You can use Tegro Wallet, Tonkeeper as such a tool. You can also use Tonhub. To transfer to Tonkeeper you need to do the following:

    • Download the mobile app on your smartphone. There are versions for iOS and Android.
    • Login to the wallet and transfer coins from the exchange. To do this, click on the “Get” button and copy your TON address.
    • Click on “Browser” and select Tegro.Finance.
    • In the window that appears, select “Connect Wallet”.
    • After authorization, in the input field specify the amount of TON you want to exchange. On the account must remain not less than 0.5 TON, which are needed for the commission of the network.
    • In the new window, click on “Confirm Offer”. After that, tokens will be credited to the wallet/

    Also in the “Exchange” form on the exchange site you can choose other Cryptocurrencies for conversion. The following options are now available: oUSDC, VIRUS, GGR, LAVE, oUSDT, SNEG, BOLT, SCALE, IDU, FNZ, AMBR, DDAO, KOTE, GRBS, TNX, IVS, DHD, HEDGE, FCK. After selecting currencies, information about price, allowable slippage, impact of price and route will appear below the form. At the top of the form there is a settings button on the right. There you can change the allowable slippage – the difference between the expected price of the token and its value at the time of the transaction. You can change this parameter by setting the maximum slippage when making a conversion. The allowable slippage will not allow the transaction to complete if the coin price at the time of completion changes by more than the specified percentage. After examining these data, you need to click on the button “Connect purse” and select the desired option. Then it is necessary to open the wallet on the smartphone and scan the QR code, which will appear on the screen of the computer. It will automatically connect to the exchange and give an opportunity to finish the transaction.

    Adding liquidity

    Cryptocurrency exchange gives an opportunity to earn from liquidity pools. This is the name of a kind of reservoir that holds tokens in pairs. For example, when buying TON coins for TGR, the user gets TGR from the liquidity pool, and TON will be added to it. The suppliers become those who provide it to the pools. They get rewarded for that from commissions which were spent on conversion in cryptocurrency pair on exchange. To become a provider, one has to create a 50:50 LP liquidity pair, for example, TGR-TON. He will receive a liquidity token in his wallet, confirming that the client has become a provider. Such user will receive 0.25% of the amount for each transaction from the pool. The liquidity token can be exchanged for cryptocurrency at any time.

    It is worth keeping in mind that in the case of adding to the liquidity pools, there are intermittent losses. They appear because of the volatility and changes in the price of one currency in relation to the value of the coins for which the purchase was made. So, if the TON rate increases by 50%, the TGR currency pair will decrease by the same 50%. To create a TGR-TON liquidity pair, you need to go through several steps:

    • Go to Tegro.finance and click on “Connect Wallet”.
    • Choose a wallet to use, such as Tonkeeper.
    • Open the “Liquidity” tab, select the amounts that will be sent to the pool. Click on the “Add Liquidity” button. To start earning tokens in the TON network, you must have the same amount of TGR and TON cryptocurrencies in your wallet balance.
    • Click on “Confirm Offer”, wait and confirm again.


    Verification on the tegro.finance platform

    To use the functionality of the exchange, it is necessary to connect a cryptocurrency wallet installed on your smartphone by scanning a QR code. The site does not allow to create a separate crypto-exchange account and to be verified.


    Deposit and withdrawal

    The functionality of the exchange provides for the exchange of cryptocurrency. Coins can be converted through one of the cryptocurrency wallets with which the platform is integrated. It is also possible to withdraw funds earned on the affiliate program and adding liquidity to the pool to a cryptocurrency wallet in TGR coins.

    Cryptoexchange Commission

    Users pay fees when making exchanges on the exchange. First, there are TON blockchain fees, which are charged when interacting with network contracts. Commissions are a way of rewarding validators for their work. Fees from all transactions included in the created blocks are shared between participating validators. Network commissions are minimal, limited to a few cents on cryptocurrencies. Fees of 0.25% of the transaction amount are also paid to the providers that provide liquidity to the pool of tokens that the user exchanges. The amount of the fee is distributed among all the providers depending on their participation in the pool. They can charge these fees by withdrawing liquidity. Exchange commissions:

    • The total commission is 0.4%.
    • Affiliate program – 0.05%.
    • Exchange rewards (cacheback TGR) – 0.05%.
    • Liquidity providers – 0.25%.
    • DEX net profit is 0.05% (0.15%).


    Tegro.finance bonuses

    The company offers its users to participate in a referral program and earn money by attracting acquaintances. The Tegro team has also developed the Bug Bounty program, which provides a reward for those who find a bug or security vulnerability on a site.

    Affiliate Program

    Decentralized exchange Tegro.finance offers participation in an affiliate program, for which you can receive the exchange’s cryptocurrency. Users can invite their acquaintances to the DEX exchange by sending a referral link. First, you need to go to the Tegro.finance website by connecting a cryptocurrency wallet, or to the TON-wallet application. On the platform, you need to select the “Refferal” tab, which will display a link to attract users. By clicking on it and making at least 1 exchange, an exchange client becomes a partner’s referral. For each transaction performed by such user, you can receive 12.5%. Remuneration is credited in TGR tokens. You can withdraw the currency, received for the exchanges of the attracted clients, after the minimum amount is reached. It amounts to 100 TGR. Prior to the withdrawal tokens are stored on Tegro.finance smart contract. When the minimum amount is accumulated, there will be a function to transfer to the cryptocurrency wallet. Statistics on attracted users and information about the amount of remuneration is on the exchange site in the “Referrals” section. There is no limit on the number of referrals. In the future the company plans to develop an affiliate program and offer several levels for participants.

    TegroFinance Bug Bounty

    Exchange users can be rewarded for discovering vulnerabilities in its operation. For this purpose, the TegroFinance Bug Bounty program was developed, under the terms of which it is possible to receive TGR tokens and gratitude from the team of tegro.finance for reporting bugs, security vulnerabilities, which gives an opportunity to prevent problems and optimize the product. The exchange administration asks users to report such bugs:

    • Inability to add liquidity to the pool.
    • Problems with authorization.
    • Typos in the texts on the site.
    • Unable to convert.
    • Impossibility to withdraw funds to the wallet.
    • Errors in the code, etc.

    If a vulnerability or bug has been found, you should report it to the Tegro team using a special form. In it you should describe the problem in detail and provide evidence – screenshots or screen recordings. Specialists will study the message and contact the user within 2 days to discuss the vulnerability. They may clarify under what circumstances the problem was detected. Next steps will also be discussed if the report is still relevant or was found for the first time. The reward is paid in tokens. The amount depends on the severity of the vulnerability and the damage that was prevented. The reward is calculated according to the criticality:

    • Low level (errors in the words on the site or in the UI/UX) – up to 100 dollars in TGR.
    • The average level (problems with authorization, errors in the logic and mechanics of the site) – up to $ 1,000.
    • High level (problems related to security vulnerabilities or financial losses) – up to $10,000.


    Complaints about Tegro

    Because the exchange has been operating relatively recently, there are few reviews about it online. Those who have already managed to use the service note the convenience of the exchange transaction and the absence of centralized regulation. The opportunity to make money by adding liquidity to pools is considered a plus. If we talk about disadvantages, among them they name only a small number of tokens for conversion. About other disadvantages or their absence it will be possible to say later, when more users will leave their comments about the work of the crypto exchange.

    If there are any new reviews about Tegro.Finance exchange, we will definitely publish the information in social networks. Sign up so you won’t miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    The regulation of the crypto exchange tegro.finance

    Before you start exchanging on a crypto exchange website, you need to study the documentation that it publishes on its website. Among other things, there should be texts of privacy policy and public offer. These documents contain legal information about the company:

    • Read the “Public Offer” on the Tegro.Money website (See).
    • Read the Privacy Policy on the company website (See).


    The development of ecosystem products is handled by OOO “Tegro”. This company is officially registered on the territory of Russia and is subject to its legislation.

    User Agreement tegro.finance

    The tegro.finanas website does not have the text of the user agreement. To read this document, you need to go to tegro.money. On the site of the company’s payment system there are the texts of the offer and privacy policy. The terms apply more to Tegro.Money project, but there are general provisions that apply to users of the exchange as well. For example, the administration may block the client’s operations in case of an enforcement document by the decision of the authorized state body, if it is suspected that the funds are intended for committing a crime, if there are suspicions that the money is connected with illegal activities.

    It is possible to study the rights and obligations of the parties. It is indicated that the Tegro team is obliged to take measures to prevent illegal access to customer data, to keep secrecy about transactions using the services, to take all measures to ensure that the sites work smoothly and without errors. There is also information that if disputes arise, the parties must make every effort to resolve them through negotiation. If this cannot be done within 30 days, the dispute will be referred to the competent court for resolution.

    Customer Service

    You can contact the service administration for help at [email protected] and [email protected]. The site of the exchange has links to pages on social networks and other sites:

    • Telegram.
    • Twitter.
    • VKontakte.
    • Reddit.
    • Medium.
    • Linkedin.
    • Github.


    Is Tegro.finance a scam?

    Crypto Exchange Tegro.Finance has not appeared very long ago, but it has already become popular, and not only in the TON ecosystem. The developers are constantly working on all the details and adding new tools to keep users happy with the service. In the future, it is planned to improve the conditions of the affiliate program, add cashback payments, cryptocurrency stacking. The team is engaged in the development of not only the exchange. It has other projects – a payment system and a cryptocurrency wallet. Reviews about them, mostly positive. The company’s services are easy to work with and safe to use. The website of the payment system has texts of the public offer and privacy policy, from which one can learn legal information about Tegro LLC. The official registration of the company indicates that it operates within the law. Taking into account users’ reviews and other facts, we can conclude that Tegro.finance is not a scam, but a convenient decentralized platform for cryptocurrency exchange and passive income.



    Tegro.finance – a new crypto exchange created by a team that deals with cryptocurrency projects. The company has already created a cryptocurrency wallet and payment system, now you can use the exchange functionality to exchange coins, add liquidity to the pool and participate in the referral program. The site of the exchange is simple and convenient, without unnecessary information. To make an exchange, it is enough to connect one of the cryptocurrencies, registration and verification are not required. If you have used the service, leave a comment below this review.


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