The Best Binary Options Strategies

Published:26 September 2016 Updated:4 January 2024

For a highly effective trading on the binary market A huge number of systems. All of them use various principles of analysis and allow to receive a certain amount of profit. But it’s hard enough for beginners to understand complex trading systems, which require deep knowledge in finance and subtleties of stock trading. To remedy the situation and allow private beginning traders to receive stable income, we offer a list of the best binary options strategies, which have high performance, ease of use and excellent versatility.

So, let’s start with simple systems based on the principles of technical analysis, which apply graphical ways of forming profitable forecasts for contracts binary options.


Trading by trend levels

The system of this type will not require any specific knowledge from the trader and will bring sufficiently high trading results – up to 200% of profit during an active trading week. The system is characterized by a low level of trading risks and allows to dynamically increase the working capital, which is very necessary for market participants at the initial stage of trading.

Here the classical principle of technical analysis is applied – the use of price levels of trend fluctuations to form an effective forecast. The market of any asset during the movement along the trend performs non-uniform fluctuations and forms levels of asset value, from which quotations perform cyclic reversals. This allows you to build a strategy with accurate signals and high performance. All a trader needs to do is carefully analyze the market and use the graphical line to determine Support or resistance levels trend, from which contracts can be executed.

In practice, it looks like this:

We take a technological platform, on which graphical market analysis services are available. For example, a broker PocketOption, a company that offers the highest quality and most effective services for trading and minimum trading conditions.

The Best Binary Options Strategies

In the list of graphical tools select “Line” and use it to connect the highs (to build resistance) or lows (to form trend support). Thus, you immediately get a graphic template of the strategy and you can start trading.

Contracts are executed on the rebound from the trend level in the direction of its main movement. Here is a practical example of this trading mode:

The Best Binary Options Strategies

When using the trend resistance level, the trade follows the same rules, but in the opposite direction.


Trading system in consolidation zones

This method of formation of forecasts also belongs to the technical analysis, but applies in its basis another pattern of fluctuations in the market. Consolidation zone is a period of market price movement, which is characterized by a narrow range of change in the value of the asset. Formation of such zones takes place when the activity of market participants decreases – near significant price levels, after an impulse increase in market volatility or before release of statistics. In any case, consolidation zones allow making forecasts with high accuracy and efficiency.

How to apply the strategy in practice?

We select on the PocketOption terminal another graphic tool “Rectangle”, and with its help we outline a zone with a narrow range of market volatility. The signal for registration of the contract will be the moment of breakdown of the zone outlined by you – open the contract in the direction of the breakdown of the graphical figure:

Trading system in consolidation zones

For DOWN contracts we use this signal:

Trading system in consolidation zones

This type of trading strategy has 95% efficiency and allows for maximum efficiency in binary trading.


Indicator strategy

The use of automatic indicators – is probably the easiest way of trading for beginners. This direction of analysis uses specialized programs that analyze the current market situation and form forecasts for the development of market trends in the price of the underlying asset.

An example of a simple but very effective strategy

It uses a classic indicator developed by the recognized financial trading guru Bill Williams – Alligator. On the chart, this indicator is a combination of three colored lines with different settings. The advantage of this indicator is its simplicity of work and accurate formation of forecasts. The signal for binary option trading on this indicator looks like a crossing of lines in a certain direction:

Indicator strategy

Just by following the Alligator’s signals, you can make at least 80% profitable contracts in the options market, which will give a high growth rate of trading profits.

The next example of the best binary options strategies would be a combined indicator strategy that uses a combination of different types of indicators. This approach maximizes the amount of information available to make a contract and form an accurate prediction.

So, on the PocketOption platform from the set of indicators, we set such standard means of analysis on the chart:

We do not change the indicator settings – we use the analysis tools in the standard configuration.

The system of signals of this type of indicator strategy looks as follows:

  • Quotes broke through the MA indicator line upwards
  • Trend line on the RSI indicator is pointing up
  • On the MACD indicator the oscillator lines have crossed upwards

Such a list of signals allows you to make an option on the market UP:
Indicator strategy
Signals for trading the DOWN contract have the opposite direction of construction. The combined indicator strategy allows you to trade contracts with a wide range of maturity – from 60 seconds to 15 minutes. This approach will be an excellent option for active beginners who seek to make quick profits in the market.

We have presented you with a list of the best binary options strategies that are effective to use in everyday intraday trading. These systems have the highest performance and allow you to maximize your profits in the market with simple signals and minimal trading risks.

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