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The company specializes in promoting pages in popular social networks through automatic scheduled posting.
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      Pur Ninja is a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: 22 June 2020 Updated: 27 November 2022

      Pur Ninja specializes in page promotion in social networks by means of scheduled posting. The service provides services in Europe and the CIS countries. Pur has two official pages in VKontakte and Facebook, where you can subscribe to a newsletter and receive notifications about new promotions and changes in the company.

      In this review, we will tell you the details of the rates, the nuances of depositing and the quality of technical support. We will also study the regulatory documents and lay out the unbiased opinions of the service users. Read the article to find out if Pur Ninja is a scam or not.


      Why Pur Ninja

      The service has made a bias of its work on the planned placement of posts, and this, as we know, nowadays is one of the most effective ways of promotion. With Pur you will be able to post simultaneously in several social networks, namely:

      • Facebook.
      • VKontakte.
      • Instagram.
      • Linkedin.
      • Telegram.
      • Twitter.
      • Classmates.

      Support for Pinterest and Viber is currently being developed. Other advantages of working with this company include simple interface management, easy and clear scheduling, detailed statistics on posts, and a content plan with headings that will conveniently divide published content into separate categories.


      Project Promotion Tools at Pur Ninja

      Some companies offer a whole range of promotion services at once, while Pur Ninja, in turn, focuses only on planned publication, which allows the team of managers and developers of the service to make this service as effective as possible.

      Scheduled posting

      To get the results you want from the posts, you need to follow a few simple steps:

      • Add social media pages to the Pur Ninja system.
      • Create a high-quality, eye-catching post, preferably with a video or image, because most people are visual.
      • Schedule it for a specific time and date.
      • Wait for the result. Service itself will put your post and will calculate the statistics of the results.

      And in order not to guess how the publication will look like in different networks, in a personal account on the site pur.ninja has a preview option, thanks to which you can analyze the potential interest in the post.


      Rates at pur.ninja

      To begin with, to test the quality of the service, everyone is given a free test period of seven days. With its help, you can achieve certain results and understand for yourself whether it is worth spending money on pur.ninja or not. The company offers four pricing plans with monthly or annual fees. If you pay one year in advance, the cost per month is reduced. Here are the monthly/monthly prices for the annual plan.

      For all rates, there are additional automation, analytics, teamwork, and publishing features. This is quite a long list, so it would be better if you explore it yourself on the site pur.ninja.


      The main ways of earning in Pur Ninja

      Pur Ninja does not provide users with opportunities to make money as a freelancer or remote manager. Most business processes are automated, so you can make money by advertising your products and services, and pur.ninja will help you do that by publishing posts to all the social networks that you attach to your personal account.


      How to get started at pur.ninja

      First, create a new account on the site pur.ninja. You can do this by clicking on the button "Login" or "Start Free" - both have a form for registration. You can create an account with your existing Facebook or VKontakte page, as well as by email. If you choose the latter, you do not have to wait for an email with a confirmation link. Creating an account is elementary simple. In the window that appears you need to enter your name, select the time zone and enter some more data. At the bottom right there is a "Skip" button, allowing you to postpone this step for later. Next, we are asked to attach social networks to the system and come up with a name for the project (advertising campaign). This can also be skipped at the initial stage and go straight to the personal cabinet.

      Verification in the Pur Ninja system

      There is no special verification on pur.ninja, but because posts are published by the service, each post is subject to mandatory review by the moderation department to avoid negative consequences. Posts must not contain illegal or abusive information, misappropriation of copyrights, pyramid schemes, or any other nonsense. Details on this are spelled out in the user agreement.

      Personal Cabinet

      There are several sections in the office that are convenient to work with. So, in "Schedule" you can set the day of the week and choose the time, placing in the free cells your publications, in "Drafts" are stored blanks, which are planned to finalize, and "Repeated" can be placed posts that you want to use often, to quickly find them, in other words this section with the favorite material. On the left side of the cabinet is a control panel (menu), where you select the desired item for further work with it.

      Mobile application

      pur.ninja has not developed its own mobile application. The management of the resource thought that it was much more practical to manage the personal account, come up with posts, and include multimedia elements from the desktop version of the site than from the phone.


      Deposit and withdrawal

      The service works with payment systems: PayPal, Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Amex and others accepted by paddle.com (the service partner through which transactions are made).

      How to transfer money to pur.ninja

      Choose "Payment" in your personal cabinet, specify the desired rate and enter the card details or number in PayPal. Transactions are almost instantaneous.

      How to withdraw money from the site

      It is not possible to withdraw money from the company. There is also no information about the refund policy in the user agreement. Therefore, if you are not sure that you will use the services for a year or more, then choose monthly billing.


      Pur Ninja Bonuses

      Pur Ninja has its own affiliate program and promo code system. These bonuses allow you to save or earn extra money. Let's take a closer look at them.

      Promo code

      Promo codes are provided by the company at its discretion, during marketing campaigns. In order not to miss the chance to get your promo code, it is recommended to follow the news of the service in social networks. The promo code gives you a discount on your fare payment.

      Affiliate Program

      If you already have a registered personal account, you can also create an affiliate account with a referral link. This program allows you to earn 20% from the amount of referrals you attracted. Obligatory conditions for the withdrawal of profits: the presence of a minimum of three active referrals who have made a payment on the site and the minimum threshold for withdrawal is $50. Having $5 on your affiliate account, you can pay for services from your personal account.


      Complaints about Pur Ninja

      From what we were able to find on independent review sites, we learned that many people like using the promotion service pur.ninja. Many are happy with the value for money, the set of only the necessary functions for autoposting, without any frills, and the quality of support. Trying to find people's complaints, we have not been able to do so. At the moment, there are no negative comments about Pur Ninja on popular portals on Runet.

      If there are any reviews about Pur Ninja service, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Regulatory agencies and laws

      The only information regarding the regulation of the site gives a link to the address: 20 Yanhel Street, Kiev, Ukraine. Let's assume that the site is regulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

      Pur.ninja User Agreement

      This document is presented only in English, nevertheless, it is recommended to study it carefully even before registration in order to avoid misunderstandings in the future. The service has a function of communication between users, where you can leave your opinion or ask questions. At the same time, Pur.ninja reserves the right to monitor all comments and remove any comments that it deems inappropriate, offensive or otherwise in violation of these terms and conditions in its absolute discretion.

      Service is not responsible for the content that appears on users' sites. The user also agrees to compensate for any material damages, if any are caused to the service through the fault of the user.

      Customer Service

      For advice or help, you can use the frequently asked questions block or write to the online chat room. Note that this is a chatbot. You can post your questions there, but the answers will only come to the email address you specified during registration.


      Is Pur Ninja a scam?

      Pur Ninja has fairly modest prices for rates, offers a free week-long trial to study the quality of service, and has a positive reputation on the Internet. From the shortcomings of the company we can highlight, perhaps, only a not very convenient way to contact the support. Nevertheless, we concluded that Pur Ninja is not a scam, but an honest necessary service for automatic posting services in social networks.



      Pur Ninja can post your posts on seven social networks simultaneously (and soon, nine). In your personal cabinet you can conveniently arrange your publications by headings and blocks. Set several publications per day at once. For large projects requiring human resources, the service has added the ability to connect to the system managers, giving them a certain amount of job functions. We definitely recommend that you try the pur.ninja service for yourself as a way to promote pages in social networks.

      Variety of tools
      Customer Service


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