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An experienced US-based domain name registrar and hosting provider that serves more than 19 million customers and manages more than 78 million domains worldwide.
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4455 N. Hayden Rd., Ste. 226 Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA
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SSL Certificates / From 4367 To 9493 RUB per annum
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Backup / From 119 RUB per month
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GoDaddy Pro
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    4455 N. Hayden Rd., Ste. 226 Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA

    GoDaddy is this a scam? Reviews and description

    Published: February 21, 2020 Updated: 6 March 2023

    The company GoDaddy offers a large cloud platform for small, independent companies. It serves more than 19 million customers worldwide and manages 78 million domains. Hosting provider helps implement users' ideas, create professional sites, attract visitors to them, and set up business management. The service has 14 centers in the U.S., India, Europe, and Asia.

    GoDeddy offers privacy protection and a high level of security, as well as many additional services, which allows you to build a business with one company rather than having to deal with different ones. Other pluses of the provider include stability of operation. But there are also many complaints about cooperating with the project. Therefore, some customers are afraid of encountering a fraudulent scheme. To find out if GoDaddy is not a scam, study this review.


    Why GoDaddy

    GoDaddy is a large domain registrar, along with which it sells a large set of shared hosting services. On the site It is immediately obvious that there are several tariffs, which is unusual for U.S. providers. It is also nice that there are versions in many languages, which is also rare for U.S. companies.

    The Internet resource seems slightly overloaded with information, and it is often repeated in different formats. The interface is complicated, in different sections there are transitions to additional pages that are not found in the menu, which is not very convenient if you need to get acquainted with certain information about the services. On the site you can get acquainted with the answers to technical support questions, tariff packages and characteristics of services, information about the company, affiliate program and promotions.

    Registration at

    To register, you need to enter your email, name, and password. You can also use logging in via Facebook and Google. After that you will receive an email with a promo code for a 30% discount, which is valid for 1 day after registration.

    GoDeddy's Personal Office

    GoDaddy's panel is reliable and simple, but you can find complaints that it often slows down. The PU has the following sections.


    GoDaddy Services

    The main services of the provider - hosting, including for popular CMS, VPS, dedicated servers and mail.


    All hosting provider plans include the ability to buy additional resources, continuous monitoring and counteraction to DDoS attacks, a simple control panel, 1 GB of storage for the database and quick setup for domains.

    You can add applications to your site in just one click. By ordering cPanel/Linux hosting, more than 125 applications are offered.

    Each Linux tariff includes:

    • cPanel. Convenient PU with access to the necessary functionality and hosting settings.
    • CloudLinux. Ability to provide stable site operation with limitations for CPU, RAM and other operations.
    • Resources with augmentation;
    • Cage FS. Guarantees reliable content protection with a virtual file system.

    Linux Plan Specifications.

    Separately, we offer business hosting, which combines the capabilities of a virtual server and a convenient control panel. It has the same power and performance as a virtual server, but there is no need to administer it. The client gets the right amount of RAM, processors and bandwidth, but there is no need to hire an expert to manage it.

    This option is needed for those who need the maximum number of visitors, because with it the pages load much faster. With this plan you do not have to share resources (CPU and RAM). They all belong to the same client. This is suitable for those who post videos, photos or files for downloading. By choosing business hosting, the client gets cPanel email service with the ability to create any number of accounts for free. You can also choose Office 365. This option is offered for free during the year. The cost of renewal is 3,348 rubles.

    The company offers simple and efficient hosting using the WordPress content management system. It features easy setup, auto-updating programs, and a pre-installed SSL certificate. The provider has four pricing plans to choose from.

    The basic plan has 30GB of storage, free business email for one year, backups, a free domain name and automatic virus scans that are done daily. This is a good option for sites with fewer than 25,000 monthly visitors. The Lux tariff plan has more disk space - 75 GB. In addition, with this plan, the client receives an automatic plugin Yoast for optimization in search engines and the ability to test the work of the site with a test version, which fully repeats the main.

    The optimal plan for 629 rubles per month also includes an SSL certificate for the duration of hosting (free of charge), unlimited traffic, and storage capacity. As long as the selected hosting plan is valid, you can use the Site Security service, which includes daily scanning and damage removal from hacker attacks. It also provides access to many premium extensions: Advanced Notifications, WooCommerce Brands, etc. The benefits of WordPress hosting from GoDaddy:

    • money-back guarantee;
    • uninterrupted operation;
    • speeding up the CDN for maximum download speed;
    • auto-update the base software;
    • annual free mail for business;
    • thousands of themes and plugins that are provided free of charge;
    • templates and a drag-and-drop website editor;
    • SFTP-access for Lux, Optimal and E-commerce tariffs);
    • one-click transfer of information;
    • temporary domain.

    Speed assurance is provided by a platform optimized for this shell and load balancing for optimal performance. The cluster environment ensures that the site is always ready for an influx of large numbers of visitors. Hosting packages for Drupal, Joomla and Magento can also be ordered separately. Hosting plugins.

    Additional paid components.


    In the "Domains" section, you can use the search box and select the appropriate zone by examining the prices on the site

    You can manage your social networking account with your own domain. It is free to redirect to Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. For .xyz, .online, .club, .life, .shop, .store, .today, .solutions, .live, .world domains a discount of 30% is available. The benefits of GoDeddy:

    • easy setup;
    • monitoring the work online;
    • creating a custom address with subdomains (up to 100 subdomains);
    • tools for redirecting domain names to an existing site;
    • support from professionals.

    When a domain is registered, personal information is added to a public directory. Hackers often use this data for mailings or theft. If Privacy Protection is enabled for domains.

    It is also possible to protect against third-party access and transfer of the domain to them. It is called Business Protection and works for the entire term (up to one year). Features of Business Protection.

    On the company's website there is a section to search for domain data in the WHOIS system. To buy a particular domain, you have to check if it is in this database using the search box on the GoDaddy website. By entering the desired name, you can get all the basic information about it: availability, owner, time of creation and expiration date. When choosing a domain name, you should pay attention to the term of its registration. Often the owners decide to sell the domain near the end of their validity period. In addition, there are cases where they do not renew the registration and the domain can go to the customer for free.

    GoDaddy makes it possible to get information about the availability and registration of names from WHOIS, owner and administrator, contact information. Even if the domain is busy, the user can still get it. GoDaddy can negotiate with the owner to sell the name. If the domain name is registered with GoDaddy or another registrar, some of the information will appear in the WHOIS database. To hide such information, you need to turn on privacy protection.


    VPS hosting with SSD drives from GoDaddy offers:

    • Full root access for full control;
    • using the OpenStack platform to increase download speeds by three times and support unlimited traffic volume;
    • Ability to install cPanel/WHM Installatron or Plesk Obsidian Web Host control panels (with WordPress tools);
    • Advanced attack protection and an SSL certificate with a dedicated IP;
    • creating backups, monitoring performance, and running smoothly;
    • unlimited traffic.

    Plans for a self-managed VPS.

    The main ways to use VPS with self-management.

    Using VPS, CPU, RAM and storage are at the disposal of one client, it does not share them with other sites and applications. This ensures high performance and reliability compared to conventional hosting and gives more management options. VPS is also characterized by higher bandwidth and more resources, which ensures faster loading of pages and unlimited traffic. In case of hacking a resource with regular hosting packages, all other sites are at risk. When ordering a VPS, this is excluded because all machines are isolated.


    Dedicated server rental provides:

    • exceptional power, controllability and flexibility;
    • capabilities for resource-intensive applications and projects;
    • no resource limitations;
    • full root access;
    • 5000 SMTP relay service;
    • paid backup;
    • Linux with cPanel.

    Server characteristics:

    • Xeon E3-1220-v3 processor;
    • RAM: 32 GB, 1600 MHz (4 x 8 GB);
    • cache memory of 15 and 8 MB;
    • Two 2TB hard drives.


    Professional Business Mail differs from regular offerings with GoDaddy's expert customer service, 99.9% uptime guarantee, robust data protection and junk email filtering, and the availability of the Outlook web app. The provider offers 3 plans that differ in the amount of storage space for mail. As part of all packages, you can create free alias addresses with the name of the company or a specific department, although all messages will arrive in one box.

    Additional services GoDeddy

    Additionally, you can use the website builder, buy a SSL certificate, order the "Site Security" service and backup. The GoDaddy Pro program and the option to work with resellers are also available.

    Site Builder

    Website builder from GoDaddy is an online tool with which you can quickly create and customize a website without any technical skills. After creating an account, you have to choose a suitable design and add images and text in the editor.

    To familiarize yourself with the service, it offers a 30-day free period. If you like working with GoDeddy, after the test month you can choose a suitable tariff package. The provider allows you to link your client's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, as well as Pinterest and YouTube pages to the site. With multiple platforms, you can reach a wider audience by publishing separate content for each social network. Some of the designer's rates include SEO tools. A step-by-step optimization guide is available to customers, with tips to help them get higher rankings. Also available:

    • drag and drop partitions;
    • backup;
    • drop-down menus;
    • customizable themes;
    • banners;
    • feedback forms;
    • general image library.

    To promote the resources of its customers GoDaddy offers:

    • search engine optimization;
    • email marketing;
    • syncing with Facebook;
    • Instagram Connect;
    • Google My Business;
    • feedback widget.

    Also, the designer has all the tools you need for reporting. For example, you can track your Google ranking, Google and Facebook messages in one window, and the results of email newsletters.

    SSL Certificates

    The provider offers an SSL certificate management service. This service protects site traffic without the need to manage certificates yourself. Installation and setup is done automatically. The GoDaddy team also takes care of their maintenance and fixes errors. Once installed, the administration monitors the certificate's performance and updates it for ongoing protection.

    Universal SSL certificates provide:

    • SHA-2 algorithm and 2048-bit encryption;
    • maximum servers and unlimited number of reissues;
    • security lock in the browser;
    • The seal of trust, which gives you the opportunity to win the favor of customers;
    • a one-month money-back guarantee;
    • support for most browsers and mobile gadgets;
    • easy access to the certificate validation tool and the anti-malware tool;
    • removing "Unprotected" from the browser bar.

    Website Security

    GoDaddy offers a unique "Site Security" service. All of its plans include:

    • protection of the unlimited number of pages on one site;
    • troubleshooting complex problems;
    • Analysis of Google blacklists and removal from them;
    • advanced security monitoring;
    • monitoring brand reputation;
    • malware removal and recovery after a hack;
    • a complete cleanup of the site;
    • a one-month money-back guarantee;
    • extended protection;
    • CDN gas pedal and countering DDoS attacks.


    In addition, you can order a daily backup with the possibility of instant recovery. First month costs 119 rubles. Further extensions will cost 179 rubles.

    It provides:

    • automatic copying to a secure cloud;
    • protection against hacking and ransomware;
    • protection against system errors;
    • one-click restore (if you have problems, you can always get a clean version of the site or restore files and folders);
    • the ability to store copies in local storage if you need to access or transfer files;
    • full control.

    Office 365

    As part of the Business Premium mail plan, the client gets the latest version of the classic applications Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access (for PC) and Publisher. The offer includes an automatic upgrade to the latest version. Unlike Office, which is normally used, Business Premium allows you to share and work on documents together using OneDrive and Office Online. It also provides the ability to hold meetings over the network and provide screen access online using Skype (PC) and Lync (Mac).

    Office Online offers Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint, which are easy to work with through a browser. Office Online is accessed through the cloud, allowing you to create documents or edit files, give access, and work together. This requires a link to the files. You can also see all users' edits. The applications included in the packages depend on whether the client uses Windows or Mac. Windows users can download Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote and Microsoft Teams. Mac users can install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Teams as part of Business Premium.

    Reseller programs

    The reseller program offers you to sell your provider's products to your customers. You can resell services under your personal brand name.

    The team's experts are ready to help resellers succeed by presenting tech support in a convenient language. There is also White Label support, but it is only available in English. The Basic Reseller Package is an optimal option for up to 25 clients at the price of 701 rubles per month. It includes:

    • White Label e-commerce platform (the ability to use your brand in the name);
    • support;
    • reports;
    • standard rates with up to 20% discount on retail sales.

    The Pro plan is suitable for an unlimited number of clients and costs from 1,169 rubles per month. It provides a discount of up to 40% on retail sales. While other reseller programs often offer only commissions, this is not the case with GoDeddy. Members can set their own prices for products. The provider offers access to customer accounts and organizes their management. Every time a user creates an account in a reseller's store, the latter gets access to that account automatically. He can also sell and manage products on behalf of the customer. The service provides tools while the reseller finds an understanding with users and builds relationships.

    GoDaddy also gives the reseller's customers a fresh selection of services and rates through various product promotions. It is possible to select any promotion from the mass of options and determine its duration. The administration will provide detailed reports so that you can expand services and increase sales. All plans include a built-in and customizable platform with the name of the reseller. The company name will be on all company products.

    GoDaddy Pro

    If you want the ability to manage your customers' websites with a single dashboard and integrated tools, you can join the GoDaddy Pro program. It provides developers with the tools they need to manage clients and sites for free. The program gives you the opportunity to automate your service and get a 30% discount on the purchase of new provider products and a 5% discount on your account with each new purchase.

    GoDaddy Pro includes tools that include Sites Pro, Clients Pro, and Rewards Pro. Sites Pro gives you the ability to update and administer all your WordPress sites with one control panel. With PU Pro members can install updates, run reports, and maintain any number of WordPress sites, regardless of location. You can also use the Pro Plus program. The difference between Pro and Pro Plus is this.


    Data privacy protection and anti-DDoS attacks are offered with every service package. Business Protection against unauthorized access to the domain by third parties is also available. The Website Security service can be ordered as an option.


    Payment for GoDaddy services

    As with most U.S. companies, you can pay for the provider's services with a bank card or through PayPal.

    How do I pay for my order online?

    To make a payment online, you can use the service PayPal.


    GoDeddy bonuses

    As a bonus, GoDaddy offers its customers to take advantage of promotions. On the page with the same name on the website there is detailed information about it. You can also take advantage of the 30% discount within 1 day after registration, the promo code for which will come in the mail.

    Referral program

    By advertising GoDaddy on your site, you can get money for sales. A large selection of banners and ads for the site will allow you to find the right option to attract users. Being a GoDaddy partner is beneficial both for the client and his referrals. Visitors get good discounts on products from the world's largest domain registrar, and partner rewards for relevant purchases that visitors make through a link. About the percentage of remuneration and other conditions on the site no. You can check it with the administration of the project.


    Complaints about GoDaddy

    To report a problematic situation, you can contact the project administration by phone, email, and the company's Facebook and Instagram communities. You can also write your complaint on this page. Reviews about the project can be found online, which is not often seen in the case of American providers. Despite the fact that the company has been operating for a long time and has an extensive customer base, there are many negative comments about working with it. There are complaints about expensive extension of services, incompetence of technical support and lack of ability to communicate with operators online, loss of domains.

    If there are any reviews about GoDaddy, we'll be sure to post on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


    GoDaddy's supervisory authorities

    As with most U.S. providers, there is no information on about regulatory agencies. User Agreement

    The legal information section of provides the text of agreements, policies, and other documents.

    Customer Service

    The following channels are provided for communication with the administration:

    • phones;
    • email: [email protected];
    • Facebook community:;
    • Instagram page:


    Is GoDaddy a Scam?

    GoDaddy - is an American provider with offices in many countries. This makes it possible for users to contact technical support operators by phone, as well as to study information and use the control panel. The company offers a set of basic hosting services, as well as many additional features, allowing the client to develop his business on the servers of one service.

    Although the provider has been on the hosting services market for many years and services many websites, there are also complaints about the project. Along with high download speed and stability of the sites, they note the high price for the renewal of services, the complicated interface of the site, delays in the control panel. Despite these disadvantages, we cannot call GoDaddy a scam. This is an experienced provider, which at this stage has shortcomings. They are worth paying attention to the administration of the service.



    GoDaddy - a provider from the U.S., which serves many clients and has a lot of experience. The pluses of the service include stability and high site loading speed, a lot of additional services, assistance in site creation. But now there are many complaints about cooperation with the project, which relate to prices, problems with domains, delays in the control panel.

    If you, too, have used a basic or optional service provider, write a comment on this page. The more reviews there are, the easier it will be for other users to choose a company to host their own site. Also, customers' opinions influence the rating of the project, by which you can quickly assess its work and compare it with similar services.

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