Trading Strategy for 15 Minutes “Lizard”

Published:18 June 2019 Updated:3 June 2024

Short-term trading is attractive because it saves time. If you trade on the seconds chart, it is realistic to make up to 15-30 profitable trades per hour. The situation with the one-minute interval in this regard is worse. But the accuracy of signals on the M1 charts is higher than on the seconds charts.

In this article we will review the Lizard strategy. This is a system focused on contracts with 15-minute expiration time.


A brief overview of the indicators

The system is based on two custom indicator for binary optionspresented in the catalog TradingView. One of them is in the top 100 best developments, the other is not so popular, but it is no less effective tool of tehanalysis.

  • CM_RSI_2_HB_MA Plus ema36. Combination Relative Strength Index (RSI) and exponential Moving Average (EMA) with periods of 5 and 200. One of the key criteria for the formation of the reversal signal of the instrument is the recognition of the phenomenon of divergence.
  • FX Sniper: T3-CCI. Modification of the classic Merchandise channel index with double confirmation of reversal oscillator signals. Part of the FX Sniper formula is used, as well as the Moving Average T3.


Rules of the strategy

  • Trading assets. Any currency pairs or stocks that are present in the catalog of the web terminal and have a sufficiently large profit will do. In most cases, EUR/USD is suitable. The optimal time to trade this pair – from 16 to 21 hours, Moscow time.
  • Timeframe and expiration. Trading is conducted on the interval M1, the duration of contracts – 15 minutes. It is also possible to trade on the 5-minute chart using the 1-hour expiration.
  • Money Management. In order not to violate the rules of money management, you should strive to invest the smallest possible amount in one transaction. Optimally – less than 1% of balance, maximum – up to 5%.


Preparing to trade on the strategy

The Lizard system requires the use of 2 services – a web terminal for trading and TradingView platform with technical analysis tools. If you open them simultaneously in two browser tabs, you can quickly switch between them.

Setting up sites for trading – step by step:

  • Choose a profitable asset and open it in the web terminal ( and TradingView (;
  • set the 1-minute candlestick interval on the chart;
  • add two indicators: “CM_RSI_2_HB_MA Plus ema36” and “FX Sniper: T3-CCI”;
  • in the parameters of the indicator increase the period of the base line of the CCI to 40.

You should use the built-in search to add tools. If after copying the full name the result is null, you should only enter keywords, selecting the desired instrument from the list. At the beginning of the article there is a screenshot showing the names of indicators and logins of their developers.

The recommended trading platform for trading on the system is PocketOption broker. It is one of the leaders in our rating. The company’s terminal supports 15-minute expirations. After formation signal to trade you should manually set the appropriate length of the trade (see the screenshot above). This is the sixth option in the drop-down list, since the first 5 refer to turbo contracts for a period of 1 minute To 5 minutes.


Trading signals

Despite the rather complex structure of the indicators used, trading on the strategy “Lizard” is very simple. The developers paid attention to the appearance of the instruments, which facilitates the visual perception of the chart.

A signal to go up – First, CM_RSI_HB_MA should show the beginning of an uptrend when the color of the elements changes from red to green; second, a confirmation by the FX Sniper CCI is necessary. The curve should break through the 0.0000 boundary and move to the positive plane, the upper half of the window.

Down signal – reverse situation. The curve and CM_RSI_HB_MA points should change the fill tone from green to red, and in the FX Sniper CCI window the line should go to the bottom of the window, the negative plane.



To conclude the review, let us emphasize a few key nuances that allow trade binary options by the strategy is more effective. First, one should buy a contract only after all elements of the indicator change color, not one of its lines. Secondly, too frequent formation of reversal signals (more than 1 time in 20-30 minutes) should alert the trader. In most cases it means that the market moves into a horizontal trend phase.

Confirmation of the beginning of a flat is a significant decrease in the distance between the price and the indicator. During low market volatility you should not trade, it is better to switch Live-charts to another currency. Indicator and chart parameters are not reset in this case.

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