Classic "Iron Signal" System

Published: February 1, 2018 Updated: 14 May 2023

By analyzing the study of trends on the trading chart, most investors in the futures market aims to find for themselves trading systemwhich will unmistakably determine the motion vectors price trends. Of course there are no perfect systems and Grails, but some systems allow you to work in the most profitable modes. Such a strategy is the classic "Iron Signal" system. Its algorithm of market evaluation allows to get the most formalized trading signalsThe system can be the most important weapon in a trader's arsenal to maximize profits. Thus, a simple system can be the most important weapon in a trader's arsenal for getting the highest profits. Remember also that the choice of a trading platform is important. Only register an account with a reputable company, for example, PocketOption (go online), Binarium (go online), Binomo (bonus 100% to deposit by promo code REVIEWEEK100 - Activate).


System operation rules

The study of the strategy should begin with determining the technical conditions that are optimal for its application. So, the first thing we will need is trading terminal The system uses quite classical and standard for many platforms. The system uses quite classical and standard for many platforms set of indicatorsThe system can be used on the services of different operators. For those players, whose platforms do not have such technical resources, we suggest using the classical MT4 resource or a specialized online service

To configure the chart you need to carry out the following manipulations: switch the timeframe of the liquidity of the asset for trading in the M1 mode and apply to its indicators such standard indicators:

  • Stochastic Oscillator - indicator with the fastest and most accurate response to the smallest market fluctuations in the value of an asset. Its muwings are able to give the necessary information on the future development of the trend movement trend.
  • RSI - we will need this service in two projections of market period estimation at once: for the first trend muving set the period to 30, and for the second, more rapid one - 15. Thus, we will be able to expand the range of indicators estimation and get more accurate forecasts
  • MACD - histogram of this type we propose to use as a service to sift out false points for betting.

As a result of adjusting the chart, the installation of strategy indicators on it, it will get this kind of markup:

Classic "Iron Signal" System


System signals

To place bets UP:

  • On the combined indicator RSI muvings crossed upwards
  • Stochastic Oscillator MoVing shows ascending dynamics of building from oversold level
  • On the MACD histogram draws bars above the level of the median

System signals

To place bets DOWN:

  • On the combined indicator RSI muvings crossed downwards
  • Stochastic Oscillator Muvings show the downward trend of building from the overbought level
  • On the MACD histogram draws bars below the level of the median

System signals for binary options


Eligible Options

All known types of futures contracts are suitable for trading with the "Iron Signal" strategy. Usually traders use in their daily work either standard bets with a long repayment period, or turbo options with minimum repayment. These types of bets give the highest rates of trading profitability during the day. In addition, the signal system makes it possible to identify relatively long trends, which allows you to combine types of bets in one trading package, thereby increasing the possible level of profit.


Expiration dates

The most optimal and comfortable for working out signals of the strategy is the betting period range: for the classic contracts it is 5 minutes or 15 minutesfor turbo options betting - 240 - 300 seconds.


Money Management

The issue of managing risks, trading losses and capital when working with the system is solved by using standard techniques money management. The main condition for safe trading in this case is the application of bets with the value limitation of not more than 5% of the trading capital volume. Thus we reduce losses and can steadily increase trading funds.

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