Binary Options - How to Earn a Beginner?

Published: 11 January 2017 Updated: 14 May 2023

Given the overall simplicity of the work architecture binary optionThe financial affordability of this instrument for the private investor makes it the most attractive as a means of generating profits (watch video). However, binary betting when used by investors has several critical indicators that often prevent beginners from options trading make profit. Against this background, we offer you a list of professional recommendations, which can change in the positive side all the indicators of newcomers in the binary market.

So, the factors of influence on the performance of the investor in binary trading should include:

  • The level of trader's professional knowledge
  • Technical parameters of the broker and its trading terminal
  • Indicators of trading conditions of the brokerage company
  • The effectiveness of the trading strategy
  • Discipline of investor in the issue of risk management

In this list we have presented the areas of investor's work on the binary market, in which market participants make the maximum number of mistakes and thereby reduce their own efficiency. Let's consider in detail each indicator separately.


Binary options training

Undoubtedly, a beginner is not able to work effectively in the market without professional knowledge. However, most novice investors start trading only having studied the algorithm of binary betting itself, not knowing the forms and principles of analysis, having no idea in the question of application trading strategies and the rules of risk-management. As a result they lose investment and psychological confidence in the performance of binary options. In this plan, we recommend taking an in-depth training in binary trading on effective systems of broker companies, which are offered free of charge. For an example of a professional, simple, but effective training system, we recommend the list of broker's educational materials Binomo (bonus 100% to deposit by promo code REVIEWEEK100 - Activate), which are offered in the following format:

Such a set of systematized training materials allows in the most accelerated mode to get the full set of professional knowledge on working with binary options and leads to the stability of trading results in the future.


Trade terminal broker and market conditions

In this matter, the main mistake binary market beginners make is choosing an inefficient trading platform with a low level of technical equipment and a platform with exaggerated trading conditions parameters. The aggregate of such indicators significantly reduces the performance of the investor and the level of safety for the trader's investments. For this reason we recommend to perform trading processes only on platforms professional brokersThe trading platform of the broker Binomo where the effective terminals and trading conditions with the minimum indicators are offered. An example of such a trading terminal is the platform of the broker Binomo, where a novice investor receives such a set of services and technical tools:

  • Chart with a wide range of professional settings
  • Set of graphical analysis tools
  • Integrated indicators for market forecasting
  • Bets with a wide expiry period - from a minute to a day
  • More than 80 high-yield assets
  • Market, high-precision quotes
  • Non-stop trading mode
  • Ability to view market history and own trading operations

In addition, the parameters for access to the market on this trading platform have minimum values - the amount of trading capital to start working in the market from 10 dollars, the amount of the minimum available binary option bets from $1.

Given the technical parameters, the capabilities of the broker's trading terminal and market conditions, a novice investor can increase his efficiency by at least 30% already at the initial stage.


Trading strategy

At first glance there are no problems with the choice of strategy for trading, but beginners make serious mistakes here as well - they choose systems with low efficiency level and use approaches to forecasting without preliminary testing. Thus, they have led their trading deposits to critical losses. Recommendations in this question are simple - use simple systems (the optimal strategy in this plan is indicator) with coefficient of efficiency not less than 80%. Such indicators will allow a very stable increase in trading deposit funds and, accordingly, the overall result of trading. In addition, you should not trust the performance of the strategy, presented in their description - an independent strategy testing will allow you not only to study their work, but will enable you to accurately assess the working capacity and efficiency of the strategy. As an additional tip we recommend a set of strategies of the broker Binomo - here are offered simple and effective forms of market forecasting, which are available to understand the beginners investors.


Risk management and discipline

Trading binary options is accompanied by risks, but novice investors do not consider these indicators in their work, and again and again lose money, despite the effectiveness of trading strategies. It is related to psychology and irrepressible striving for quick big profit. The whole problem is in trader's discipline in risk management. Risk management is a quite simple process and, in brief, can be reduced to a simple limitation of trade bets' value and selection of optimal ratio between the trading account amount and the volume of trading funds involved in the trading position. Classical restrictions money management have these indicators:

  • For the minimum amount of trading funds it is recommended to use bets with the initial value
  • For large investments ($100 or more), the limit on the value of bets should not exceed 5% of the total amount of operating capital

By strictly following the presented restrictions, a beginner will get a safe trading mode for their own investments and stable growth of funds on the deposit account.

Applying our practical recommendations for binary trading correctly, any beginner will reach the peaks of professional financial trading and maximum results.

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