Binary Trading for Beginners - Brief Instruction for Effective Trading

Published: December 12, 2016 Updated: 14 May 2023

Advertisement binary options seems to many to be a scam, but meanwhile it may be their only real chance for a life free of poverty. Of course, for many people binary options look like nuclear physics for the humanities, and Binary Options Trading stands along with large schemes of financial frauds. In order to debunk these stereotypes, we have created a simple instruction with the help of which a beginner can not only understand the principle of binary market trading, but also be able to successfully start trading binary options.

So, first of all, let's understand the principle of binary options. The trick is that binary options are much simpler than their name sounds. They represent an exchange contract, the conditions of getting profit on which are adapted for a private trader. That is, a person does not need to use the classic schemes of financial trading - to make a physical purchase or sale of assets. Concluding a deal with binary option, the trader only needs to predict the direction of its value movement on the graphicby selecting one of the two conditions - UP or DOWN. That is, to make a profit, the trader only needs to choose correctly one of these two options:

In addition, if we compare binary contracts with the classical types of financial trading, in this case, binary options significantly win the yield to 90% on one transaction. Also an important indicator is the speed of obtaining this income, which the trader can set independently within the 1 minute - 24 hours. That is, the actual income on the transaction can be received every minute.


How to earn a beginner?

Undoubtedly, in financial trading, as in any other sphere, it is impossible to achieve success without special knowledge. But the point is that it is possible to learn how to trade binary options in a very short time, because training binary options is given in a very simple and accessible format. For example, at the broker Binomo (bonus 100% to deposit by promo code REVIEWEEK100 - Activate) at his website you can get the necessary education on a free system, with the help of which you can be guaranteed to turn from a "dummy" into a professional. To do this, the broker offers:

  • Step-by-step trading instructions
  • Interactive tutorial for beginners
  • Knowledge Base
  • Webinars by professional traders
  • Video lessons

In addition, this broker also offers one of the best simulators for trading - on demo account Binomo broker it is possible to get the necessary practical experience in real market conditions without the risk of losing your own funds. As a result, a beginner will start real trading already with thorough preparation.


The initial stage of binary trading

So, first of all, a beginner needs to open a trading account A broker is an obligatory component of binary options trading. In this respect, it is better to follow our simple recommendation - to open an account only with a large broker that provides professional level services, has a good reputation and is licensed by the financial regulator. Binomo, a broker that is not only licensed .but also offers its customers a professional set of services:

  • In-house developed platform with professional technical tools for market analysis
  • Minimum trading conditions - starting deposit from 10$, the minimum option - from 1$
  • Level of payouts on options up to 90%
  • Over 80 assets in the trade arsenal
  • Free training and excellent analytics
  • Profit withdrawal for 24 hours

Thus, after registering an account with a broker and investing a little capital, you can start trading and making money.


How to earn consistently?

Of course, the simple mechanism of binary options does not mean that you can make trading bets at random - such an approach always ends in a loss of capital. It is possible to make a profit only by applying trading strategiesThe trading strategies are a set of certain rules for predicting the market and making deals. There are trading strategies themselves so muchbut all of them can be classified into several types:

We will not go deep into the maze of each type today, but simply show you an example of an indicator trading strategy, which allows you to finish with profits over 90%. The work of the strategy is based on standard technical means, which can be chosen from the indicator set of the platform of the broker Binomo:

Trade signal on the deal:

  • From the MACD indicator - the crossing of its muwings with each other in a certain direction
  • From the RSI indicator - change of direction of the line
  • From the MA indicator - crossing of the muving indicator by the quotes of the asset

It is from which direction all these parts of the signal occurred and is set in the concluded transaction forecast. That is, a trader can receive a stable profit, just using automatic indicators - this approach provides more than 200% weekly capital gain.
So, as you can see, binary options are not super complicated and with their help, you can earn a decent profit, ensuring your financial well-being.

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