What is the Difference between Forex and Binary Options 2023

Published:18 November 2022 Updated:4 January 2024

Newcomers often do not know which option to choose for trading – Forex or binary options. First, let’s understand the specifics of each method. Options are contracts in which traders can buy or sell an asset at a fixed or non-fixed cost.

Forex or binary options

Binary options are purchased at a fixed price and can only generate income if the condition specified in the placement is met. They come in several varieties:

  • Up and Down. The trader chooses where the price will go for a certain amount of time. If he guesses, he gets the value of the option and profit, if not – nothing.
  • Touching. In this case it is necessary to predict not the price movement, but its achievement of a certain level. When buying an option, the trader chooses a level. Regardless of the rise or fall, when this level is touched he makes a profit.
  • Range. It is necessary to predict in what range the price of the asset will be at a given time. A trader makes a profit only by making a correct prediction.

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Forex is a market in which currencies, securities and other resources are traded. Since an individual cannot be a participant in the market, a broker is needed. It becomes an intermediary between the trader and forex, withdrawing the user’s trades. This option offers many more instruments, including currencies, stocks, indices, and natural resources. Types of transactions in the market vary from exchanging to buying/selling directly between users, trading with leverage, etc. Investing, stacking and lending are also available Cryptocurrencies. The number of ways to make money can vary among brokers.

Let’s compare the two types of trading – binary options and the Forex market – according to simple criteria. These criteria make the reason for the popularity of binary options among beginners obvious.

The first is the size of the initial investment. On average, the amount of the first deposit for traders on binary options is lower than that of Forex brokers.

The second is knowledge. In order to start trading with binary options, you only need the option amount, direction and expiration time. Trade according to a simple scheme: learn only two buttons in the terminal.

Much more features are needed for Forex. A high entry threshold discourages novice traders.

Viktor Viktorovich Pogodin Expert of Binarium company, Head of Financial Platform, creator of the educational program “Finance is not higher mathematics” based on the Academy. 12 years of experience in trading.

Both trading options are popular among traders, but each has pros and cons. These methods have differences that often become decisive when choosing a trading method. Therefore, before you start trading, it is important to carefully study the features of Forex and BO to choose your type. Let’s consider the pros and cons of trading Forex and binary options. The benefits of BO:

  • high profits;
  • simple operation, making trading accessible even to beginners;
  • several options.

The disadvantages of trading securities include:

  • high risk;
  • the loss of the entire bet in case of a loss;
  • lack of regulation;
  • inability to diversify risk.

The pros of the Forex market are:

  • a large selection of tools;
  • passive income;
  • the availability of regulation of brokers;
  • risk diversification;
  • demo accounts to test different strategies.

The only disadvantages are that the user must be willing to spend time studying the market, new strategies, and constant work on modifications of the investment portfolio. Considering these features of trading methods, it is impossible to make a definite conclusion what is better. It is possible to earn both on options and Forex. The difference is that Bonds are technically easier, so it is easier to start trading with them even for a beginner. But it must be remembered that trading binary options involves a lot of risk, so you need to be careful with your bets. Forex offers more instruments and diversification of risks, so often traders who want to get a stable income choose this option.

Forex or BOO for beginners

BOO or Forex: what to choose for a beginner in 2023

If with the advantages of binary options and Forex everything is clear, then many people wonder what is more profitable to choose for a beginner. Is it profitable to be engaged in binary options or it’s better to study the theory and strategies for trading on the Forex market? To understand this question, let’s consider the following points.


Considering the prospects of making a profit within a short time frame, it can be noted that a BO offers the opportunity to earn faster. For example, it is possible to open a deal that will be completed in 5 minutes and, if the forecast is correct, will bring income. For the same time it will not be possible to make a profit on Forex. In this market it is necessary to wait for the price change by dozens of points. In case of options the number of points does not matter, the main thing is the right forecast.


Forex often uses leverage. Traders can earn income from an amount that is several times higher than the deposit. The broker gives credit to the user until the loss exceeds the amount of leverage. Trading on credit is a risky method, which often leads to mistakes due to excessive worries of the trader. In the case of binary options, leverage is not used. You only have to invest your own money in trades, which gives you more control over the situation.


Working with binary options is faster than forex. The trader doesn’t have to spend time calculating pips changes and placing orders. To earn income, one only needs to choose an option, set the time frame and the amount. It will take no more than 15 minutes. You can make money on binary options by making a deposit as early as $10. If on Forex you won’t manage to increase this sum up to $30 sooner than in 10-15 trades, with BOO you can do it in 2-3 closed trades. Considering that you can get income even from $10. USD, an investor with minimal experience can grow on binary trading. Trading comes down to opening a trade and making the right prediction. There is virtually no need to invest money. This means that the risks of losing money if the forecast is successful are minimal.


Another difference of trading binary options is simplicity. This is an important nuance for beginners who only need to learn the principles of technical analysis and choose a strategy on the platform to start making their first profit. In Forex it’s more complicated. In addition to the basic principles, it is also necessary to learn the tactics of placing orders and so forth. Beginner traders can spend several months for training, while with БО you can trade practically from the first day.


An important choice to work with is the trading platform. With binary trading it is easier to set up work with trades than in the Forex market. For example, Binarium (go online) offers a platform with all the tools with which it is easy to start trading, even for a beginner. The pluses of this platform include:

  • small minimum deposit;
  • bonuses for the first deposit;
  • ready-made strategies;
  • deposit and withdraw without commission;
  • A demo account where you can practice and gain experience;
  • tournaments, promotions;
  • ready-made signals from the best traders.


Another important point is profitability. If trading with БО with a successful forecast can bring up to 80% on a deal, at Forex there are practically no such indicators. To get such an income, you must predict not only the price direction, but also the number of pips. It is very difficult to do. Even experienced traders can increase their capital by no more than 50% in 7-10 days.

Choosing a BO broker

How to choose a BO 2023 broker

If a trader has decided to trade binary options, it is necessary to start with finding a reliable broker. To begin with, study our rating of such companies. There you will find information about the broker, reviews and feedback from other users about them. What else should you look out for?

  • Number of trading instruments. Compare companies in terms of functionality, study what tools they offer, whether they allow you to work with cryptocurrencies and other assets.
  • The simplicity of the platform. Study how easy and intuitive it is to work with the selected site, whether there is a mobile application or all work is done only through the browser.
  • Fees and financial terms. Take into account brokers’ commissions, deposit and withdrawal methods, minimum amounts, speed of money transfer and other peculiarities.
  • Bonuses. Can become additional capital to increase the amount of the transaction. They can offer welcome bonuses and deposits. Each company has different conditions for receiving and withdrawing these funds. Sometimes bonuses can be used only for trading after using up your own investments. There are companies that offer to withdraw the bonus and profit, but only if the minimum turnover is tens of times greater than the amount of accruals.
  • Training and analytics. Many companies publish training materials on their websites. They help beginners to understand the work of the terminal, opening transactions, strategies and tools. There are also brokers who hold webinars and offer training courses. It is important for the company’s website to have a section with analytical articles, news and events. Such materials will help you understand the topic of binary options faster and keep up to date with the latest news for successful work. Some brokers offer the assistance of a personal manager, who will advise you which strategy to choose and how to trade to make more profit. If you’re ready for the extra expense, you can pay for such a mentor to help you get up to speed on the BO trading.
  • Demo account. Many sites offer demo accounts with no deposit and no time limit. On such an account, you can trade with virtual funds to test different strategies. Such money cannot be withdrawn, but you can learn to trade with it. Study what kind of demo account offers the chosen broker, whether it has restrictions.
  • Reviews. Read the comments of users who have already traded on the platform.

Basic trading strategies for beginners

There is no universal strategy that can be used in binary options trading. Each trader has to choose his or her own variant. To do this, one has to test several strategies in order to determine which suits one’s trading style best. Beginners are advised to try several basic options in order to choose their own.

Trading Binary Options is the prediction of the price movement of the asset selected for the transaction. Essentially, the trader must guess whether the price will rise or fall by the expiration of the contract. There are many ways to predict the price movement. Many of them require research into the market and analysis of the factors that can change the price of an asset.

After making a decision, the trader makes a bet and specifies the amount he is willing to spend. If his prediction turns out to be correct, he makes a profit, which includes the bet amount and interest. If the prediction is wrong, the user will lose all the money he has bet. With this kind of trading, the risk of losing everything is real, so it is hard to do without a strategy. Because the binary options market is unstable, beginners who often bet at random lose money. Therefore, experienced participants advise using proven strategies to succeed. A proper strategy should implement one or all 4 principles of trading. These are signals, risk management strings, and emotion control.


Not every BOO strategy includes signals. Therefore, it is advised to choose a signal provider yourself. This is what they call notifications from providers, brokers or intraday traders with tips on how to enter a trade. Signals are said to be useful for those who will be engaged in day trading. They help save time tracking trends, but only if they are accurate. Beginners are advised to do their research first. This is necessary in order to pick up market performance, after which you can look for a signal provider.

Risk management

Trading in SW involves high risk, so experienced traders try to invest no more than 5% of the total capital in a deal. Beginners are advised to risk no more than 1% of the total amount. Using such strategy gives an opportunity to minimize risk not to lose all money. At the beginning of work it is necessary to calculate the size of a position for all transactions. When the trader gains experience, he will be able not to do it every time. He will determine a fixed amount which can be involved in trading.


This is the price at which the contract is executed. For a reliable strategy, it is worth outlining the choice of certain criteria for a strike. If the trader is confident that the option will not reach the target price level, he sells strikes above the target price with the same types of BOs.

Emotional Control

This point is important for any investment, but it is especially necessary for trading BOO. Because of the high volatility of this market, the user can make a prediction that leads to a loss of money. A proper trading strategy must include emotional control. A trader must learn to control his emotions, especially at the beginning of trading with a demo account.

Experienced traders name 7 proven binary options strategies. But even with the right strategy, you can incur losses, so you should remember not to risk more than 5% of your total capital. Investments should be small, because there is a high risk of losing the whole amount when trading in BO.

Following the trend

Regardless of which asset you choose to trade, the optimal strategy is to follow trends in the market. The price of any instrument depends on the situation, and trends reflect the movement of quotations over a certain period of time. Before opening a trade, it is worth studying the trend line of the desired instrument. If it is flat, it is best to look for another asset. If the line is moving upward, there is a chance that the price will rise.

Following the news

Keeping track of the news that is related to the asset you have chosen to work with can help predict changes in its price. Watching the news is easier than analyzing it, so this strategy is suitable even for beginners. You can read the news on the Internet, watch TV, listen to the radio or buy newspapers. There are also announcements on the websites of technology companies. This way you can find out in advance about the launch of new products and be the first to get income from trading option contracts.


This strategy can be used together with the news. According to it, a trade should be opened before the announcement, which is mentioned above. The value of the asset can rise for a short period of time after the news, but it is necessary to choose an option whose price can fall again. When that price starts to go down, you need to buy another option with a possible increase in value. This strategy is built on trend fluctuations. With it, it is possible to earn income, despite the change in the prices of the selected contracts.


This strategy is similar to the previous one in that it requires betting against the trend. When an asset shows an upward trend in value, then the trader places an option that is likely to fall in value. Thus, it is necessary to choose an option with the expectation of an increase in the price of the asset if it is in a downtrend. To do this, one has to look at the candlestick chart: the dark one means that the market at this moment is bearish, the light one is bullish. If the wick is going down, it is better to place an option CALL, if up – PUT.

Candlestick patterns

This is an option for those who have learned to read asset charts. Candlesticks show how the value of an asset has changed over time. The bottom of the candle is the minimum price of the asset, the top is the maximum. Opening/closing prices are shown on the chart. Studying the history will allow you to see a pattern and find out at what time the value increases or decreases. Historical data will help to place CALL or PUT options.

Fundamental analysis

This is not a classic strategy, but this kind of analysis is often used by day traders. This is a tool that helps to analyze the asset. Its use will give an opportunity to get all the information about the asset and use it to generate income in the future. If the trader is not familiar with the asset, and the market is unstable and there is the potential to win, you can make a small bet. In this way, it is possible to test the strategy that the user thinks is profitable. If it works, it is possible to invest large sums for profit.

Hedging strategy

This is a simple strategy that can be tried by beginners, but it is important to keep in mind that it is not always accurate. Hedging is the simultaneous placement of CALL and PUT options. Regardless of the price changes, the trader will earn anyway. Nevertheless, it is necessary to accurately calculate the risks and opportunities to lose this option. This will help to make sure that the user will not lose money at the end of the term of the transactions.

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