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Commissions and bets on OKX Crypto Exchange

Principle of forming the size of trading commissions on the platform OKX depends on several parameters:

  • The class of trading pairs.
  • The status of the trader.
  • Trader’s level of balance and trade turnover.

On the site okx.com the amount of fees charged depends on the status of the client: “Regular user” or VIP. The latter are categorized according to the balance of assets per day and the turnover of trades for 30 days. The category is changed daily. At cryptocurrency exchange There is a system of discounts, the amount of which is determined by the volume of trade for 30 days and the total amount of funds on the balance and calculated individually.

The principle of the formation of deductions can be considered on the example of spot trading. The amount of the charge depends on the classes of trading pairs, A, B and C, depending on which crypto is the base in the pair. Group A has 12 leading cryptocurrencies In particular, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and a few less common but stable currencies with good reputations. Group B and C have 40 less well-known cryptocurrencies each, with smaller capitalizations, but that does not mean they are less interesting for trading.

Further, the deductions depend on whether the trader is “Regular” or VIP. Ordinary traders depending on the amount of coins held on their balance OKB are divided into 5 degrees (Lv). For all of them, the balance must be less than 100 thousand USD or the turnover of less than 10 million USD in 30 days. Withdrawal limit is also the same for all, 500 BTC in 24 hours. The difference in withdrawals for taker and maker is determined by how much OKB the crypto trader has in his account (from less than 500 OKB to more than 2 thousand OKB). Recall, a maker generates liquidity and a taker takes it away. The liquidity provider is more valuable for the exchange, that’s why charges from 0.080 to 0.060%, depending on the level, and charges from liquidity picker from 0.100 to 0.080%, in trading pairs group A. In group B, charges for taker from 0.060 to 0.040%, and charges from taker from 0.100% to 0.080%.


There are more requirements for VIP merchants, but there are also fewer withdrawals. “VIPs” are divided into eight degrees. Up to the fourth degree takes into account the balance of assets (from 100 thousand and up to $ 5 million or more, from 1 to 8 levels) or turnover in dollars (respectively, from 10 million to 100 million). From VIP 5 only the turnover is taken into account, from $200 million to $10 billion. Also each category has its own withdrawal limit: from 600 BTC to 2 thousand BTC within 24 hours.

In Class A, the volume provider charge, from level one to level eight, respectively, is 0.060 to -0.010%. The charge for the supplier, respectively, from 0.080 to 0.025%. In class B for VIP, the volume provider will be charged 0.035 to -0.012%. And from the one who selects liquidity, from 0.045 to 0.020%. For Class B, the provider fee is from 0.025% to -0.025%. Taker commission from 0.060 to 0.030%.

Amounts in dollars and bitcoins are considered as equivalent, that is, these currencies may not be on the account specifically, but the calculation of commissions will be carried out in these currencies, at the average value during the trading day. But for ordinary crypto traders OKB is not an equivalent, but exactly OKB. But this token is not useful at all, and it cannot be considered as an imposition of its token by the exchange. On the contrary, it is used to conduct transactions on the platform and reduce transaction fees. The principles described above also apply to futures and swap traders’ fees. For options, the system differs in that there are no groups of cryptoassets, only BTC and ETH. The amount of fees is specified in the “My Commissions” tab of the “Assets” section.

Withdrawal commission

On average, OKX charges the equivalent of 0.0005 BTC for withdrawals. But the exact amount of the fee is calculated for a transaction on a case-by-case basis. You need to go to the withdrawal service through the drop-down menu, from the “Assets” tab at the top right of the site. On the withdrawal page you need to select the type of currency, enter the amount of output currency. After the withdrawal, the commissions can be viewed in the table “History of all withdrawals”, in the column “Commission”. There are no commissions for the deposit on OKX crypto-platform.

Market rates

The interest rates for instant loans on the OKX crypto platform are also, like trading fees, fixed and carefully distributed by tiers and even by specific cryptocurrencies. The rates are listed in the “Fees” section of the account. These rates are for users with a single account. For customers with a classic account, the rates are 30% of the single account limit. For a regular user, the suggested rate is for four levels plus the base level, and for VIP, the rate is for five levels.

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