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Netpeak Software is a set of SEO-optimization tools based on in-depth internal analysis and competitor analytics on 400+ parameters with a large number of discounts and promotions.
The company
Official website
Head Office
Unit 2000, 2nd Floor, 6 Market Place, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 8AF, UK
Date of foundation
Artem Borodatyuk
The owner of the company
Owner of Netpeak Limited as part of the Netpeak Group
Artem Borodatyuk
Types of support
Support by phone
+1-302-319-94-43Phone in the U.S.
+44-20-8089-09-51Phone in the UK
+7-495-877-55-50Phone in Moscow
+380-44-299-22-22Phone in Ukraine
Social media
Netspeak Spider Standard / 19 USD per month
Netspeak Checker Standard / 19 USD per month
Netspeak Spider Pro / 39 USD per month
Netspeak Checker Pro / 39 USD per month
Netspeak Spider Business / 149 USD per month
Netspeak Checker Business / 149 USD per month
Owlymate Standard / 49 USD per month
Owlymate Pro / 99 USD per month
Free trial
Free Freemium package for all tariffs
Payment methods
Bank card (Visa/MC), JCB, American Express, Discover
Site Evaluation
Netpeak Spider analyzes the source code of the site, HTTP headers, metadata, map, page link weight distribution, internal optimization errors and other indicators that affect its promotion
Promotion plan
Based on site analysis and competitor parsing, Netpeak offers recommendations for scanning and optimization
Position tracking
Even the free versions of Netpeak are available to track page positions in Yandex and Google
Selecting keywords
Working with adverts
Backlink analysis
A/B testing
KPI monitoring
Netpeak Spider downloads data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Yandex.Metrics, Owlymate compares the results of audits, tracks the dynamics of various parameters, including KPIs
On free plans - reporting in the Launcher, on paid plans - 1-click download, segmentation, filters, online display on a secure page, sending by e-mail and Telegram / the list of settings depends on the program and package
Traffic analysis
Uses Google and Yandex data
Analysis of visitors
Uses Google and Yandex data
Conversion analysis
Uses Google and Yandex data
Competitor analysis
Netpeak Checker compiles a summary based on 400+ parameters of third-party SEO services and analyzes 50+ On-Page parameters. To get more data, it automatically solves captchas
Project Features
A set of SEO-optimization tools based on in-depth internal analysis and competitor analytics on 400+ parameters
Who it's good for
SEO Specialists, Webmasters, Linkbuilders, Marketing and Content Teams, Web Developers, Sales, PPC Specialists, Bloggers
User-friendly interface
User-friendly interface for beginners
Integration with services
Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Drive, Sheets, Yandex.Metrika
Additional services
The AcademyFree, training platform on SEO audit and competitor analysis for Internet marketers
Netpeak LauncherFree, desktop program to manage the developer's products
BlogFree manuals, cases and updates
Mobile applications
No mobile apps
Affiliate Program
RegistrationFrom 10 to 30% of the amount of payments attracted users
Work experience
11 years.
Regulatory agencies and laws
Regulatory framework of England and Wales
U.K. Companies House
local laws
Audit your own and competitors' sites by 400+ parameters, including sitemap validation
Comprehensive analysis of site structure with a breakdown by segments in the URL
Checks with Netpeak consume 12 times less RAM than competitors' services (according to research)
You can configure the scanning of certain parameters, not the entire site
Convenient data segmentation in the report, custom filtering and option to copy arrays from console tabs in 1 click
Export reports to PDF, display on a secure online page, send by e-mail and Telegram
Developer discounts and partner offers, lucrative referral program
Free versions of all tools - only limited by functionality, you can use as many as you like
To work with the tools you need to download the Launcher on your PC, which automatically binds your computer to your account
High subscription prices
Company requisites
Overall assessment
Date of update
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      The address is
      Unit 2000, 2nd Floor, 6 Market Place, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 8AF, UK

      Netpeak Software is a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: 31 May 2021 Updated: 27 November 2022

      Netpeak Software - part of the global infrastructure, which includes 9 other projects: Serpstat, Inweb, Ringostat, etc. They are aimed at optimizing business processes when working in the Internet space. In addition, the developer holds training conferences and supports fledgling projects.

      Do the company's tools solve clients' problems or is Netpeak Software a scam with no guarantee of results? Let's find out.


      Why Netpeak Software?

      Netpeak Software audits the client's site and the sites of its key competitors on 400+ parameters, including sitemap validation. The latter software developer can also generate in several formats: TXT, XML and HTML. To work you only need a Launcher, from which the tools are installed and managed. You do not need to prescribe access to the CRM - you specify the URL of the resource, and the system itself collects all the data. So administrative skills are not required.

      Benefits of Netpeak Softwar

      Netpeak Software conducts comprehensive analysis of sites by segment in URLs. And, according to a study conducted by the company, its tools consume 12 times less RAM than the auditing of competing services. Among the advantages of the developer's products are:

      • Configuring the scanning of individual parameters, not the entire site
      • Convenient data segmentation in the report, custom filtering and the option to copy arrays from the console tabs in 1 click.
      • Export reports to PDF, display on a secure online page, send by e-mail and Telegram.
      • Discounts on subscriptions from 1 year and partner offers, lucrative referral program with a rate of 10-30%.
      • Free versions of all the tools - only limited by functionality, you can use as much as you like.


      SEO promotion tools

      SEO service Netpeak Software offers optimizers, marketers, auditors, sales offices and other Internet promotion specialists two tools whose capabilities overlap in many ways: Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker. Let's pay attention to each.

      Netpeak Spider

      Desktop (for PC) tool for system analysis, SEO and SEO audit of your site and parsing competitors' web resources. Basic features are provided when you connect the free package (Freemium):

      • Analysis of source code and HTTP headers.
      • Search for internal optimization errors - finds more than 100 varieties.
      • Check the server response code.
      • Check redirects.
      • Recommendations for scanning and indexing.
      • Calculation of internal page rank to estimate the distribution of link weight across the site.
      • Uploading data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Yandex.Metrics (clicks, displays, CTR, average page position in Google search results) and adding them to scan results.
      • Custom parsing. Customize up to 100 conditions and 4 types of searches to extract data from competitors' sites. You can collect contacts, monitor prices and study micro markup - attributes like hreflang. Everything is collected in a spreadsheet.

      Rendering JavaScript

      Netpeak Spider has three paid packages:

      • Standard for 19 USD/month, 182.40 USD/year, 410.40 USD/3 years. Additionally included parsing data segmentation and evaluation, copying full table from "Errors", "Summary", "Parsing", "Site structure" tabs in 1 click, generating new XML, HTML, TXT sitemap and validating existing one with validator, basic technical SEO audit in PDF, saving project and report uploading in 1 click. Support is provided by online chat and e-mail only.
      • Pro for 39 USD/month, 374.40 USD/year, 842.40 USD/3 years. Features Standard plus multimedia crawl by URL list, SEO audit with customer logo, unloading from Google and Yandex all the queries on which pages are ranked, as well as priority when contacting the helpdesk.
      • Business for 149 USD/month, 1430.40 USD/year, 3218.40 USD/3 years. Assumes special treatment - personal manager, support by all means of communication (by phone, messengers, video calls), work with technical CEO-experts of the company, access to private chat with developers. Plus priority in requesting new features, early access to new products and a souvenir from the company - a plush owl (the symbol of Netpeak Software).

      Netpeak Checker

      Parses search results and systematizes data from the top optimization services, on the basis of which generates a report with recommendations for your site. It costs the same as Netpeak Spider. The list of functions is determined by the tariff:

      • Freemium allows you to make a summary based on more than 400 parameters of third-party SEO-services (domain age, rank, trust, quality / quantity of link mass Similar Web, Alexa, Moz, LinkPad, etc., UKC from Yandex), analyze 50+ parameters On-Page (download and server response speed, metadata, redirects, etc.), automatically "solve" captures to parse data more efficiently. Support is provided by online chat and email only.
      • Standard. It differs only in the ability to configure and export tables with reports (on Freemium you work with them only in the console). Filtering, display settings, copying arrays in 1 click, saving projects are available.
      • Pro. Among other things, it includes custom parsing, evaluation of competitor sites' traffic - potential donors, exporting reports to cloud drives like Google Drive or Sheets, and priority support service.
      • Business. Like Netpeak Spider Business, it offers premium service in addition to all the features of less expensive packages.

      Other Netpeak tools

      Recently has released a new product: a SEO-verification scheduler that finds errors in the analysis and sends notifications (reports) in the way specified by the profile owner: by mail, messenger, etc. We'll tell you more about it.


      This is the Netpeak Spider and Checker assistant, whose feature list includes:

      • Technical audit - detection of "broken" links, indexing errors, duplicate pages and metadata, etc.
      • Store project history and analyze optimization dynamics.
      • Comparison of audits according to different parameters.
      • Creation of interactive tables, charts and summaries based on comparison, recommendations for improvement.
      • Global (project-wide) filters and other segmentation.
      • Parsing from specified HTML pages.
      • Integration and export to Google services (Analytics, Search Console, Drive) and cloud storages.
      • Manual and automatic (scheduled) inspections, visual display of inspection history in the calendar.
      • Notifications and reports in the program itself, as well as online viewing on a secure page and sending to an e-mail address, in Telegram.

      Owlymate does not limit the owner in the number of connected projects and analyzed pages. Subscription is available in two tariffs, which differ from each other by limitations on the number of checks, which forms the basis of their price:

      • The Standard fare is for 49 USD/month, 470.40 USD/year, and 1058.40 USD/3 years.
      • Pro plan (with priority support) for 99 USD/month, 950.40 USD/year, 2138.40 USD/3 years.


      How do I get started at Netpeak?

      Any action on the developer's site: downloading the free version of the product, subscribing, signing up for training - requires registration. After creating a profile, you can purchase any of the Netpeak Spider, Checker or Owlymate plans. The first two are controlled from the Netpeak Launcher console - it's downloadable to your computer. At the moment, the Launcher is only compatible with Windows OS no older than 7, but the developer promises to launch new versions, of which he will notify customers who set up a notification. The assistant exists only in beta version and does not provide work in the downloadable console.

      How do I sign up for Netpeak?

      Registration form opens when you try to pay the fare or to sign up for training at the academy. To access it yourself, you need to click on the "Sign In" button in the upper right corner of the site, and then click on the link below the sign-in form. There are three registration options available: Google, Facebook, and email. By choosing any of the first two, you authorize in your system/social network account and give Netpeak Software access to your personal page data. The third way involves e-mail confirmation: you enter it in the window that appears and activate it by entering the 4-digit code from the developer's email.

      After that you will be able to set a password to enter your personal account. The next step of registration is to enter your phone number (you do not need to confirm it) and data about yourself, your company: field of activity, general description, name, website, number of employees, etc. After the data is processed, the system prompts you to go to your personal cabinet or download Netpeak Launcher to start working with optimization tools.

      Personal Cabinet

      The Netpeak Software tool user profile includes 9 sections:

      • "Dashboard. A summary of all user data - personal information, license subscriptions. And instructions on how to get started with Spider and Checker.
      • "Profile". Filling data about the account owner, public information about the organization and its representative who manages the project, as well as private information that the helpdesk may need.
      • "Subscriptions. Subscriptions to the developer's products.
      • "Licenses. Manage paid subscriptions - bind accounts, differentiate access between other users, and add new products shared by other customers of the company.
      • "Affiliate Program. Referral links, a description of the conditions and partner statistics.
      • "Payment Cards. Adding and saving details for charging subscriptions.
      • "Email Notifications. Setting up notifications about news, actions of partner's subscribers (as part of participation in the referral program), expiration of the trial and paid subscription period, incomplete payments and comments on the blog.
      • "Devices. List of tethered user devices - tethering is done automatically as soon as you log in to Netpeak Launcher.
      • "All Downloads.

      There are also buttons to download the Launcher (to manage Netpeak Software services) and to activate promo codes to get a discount when you subscribe.

      Mobile app

      The developer does not have a mobile app for working with the tools. The functionality offered by Netpeak tools is too massive to display on narrow-format devices. That is why the work is carried out only on the desktop.


      Additional services Netpeak Soft

      Customers pay for tools only: Spider, Checker and Owlymate. All other services are free after registration and authorization. You can read the blog, get training in the online academy, or download a luncher to manage your audit.

      Netpeak Software Com Blog

      Contains instructions on how to use Netpeak Software, interesting case studies, optimization tips from the company's experts and fun tests like "What kind of SEO expert are you? Materials are grouped into categories, and you can mark your favorites to save them in the "Important" folder. There are separate video reviews.

      The Academy

      This is a training platform on SEO audit and competitor analysis for Internet marketers who work with Netpeak products. The blocks of lessons are accessed sequentially: after learning the first four, you can move on to the next ones. At the end of each lesson, there is a knowledge test. If you answer the questions, you receive a personal e-certificate.

      Netpeak Launcher

      A desktop program for managing the developer's products. It is installed on Windows 7 or later. Other formats are not available yet, but the developer promises to send release notifications to those who have set up notifications.


      Bonuses Netpeak Software

      Netpeak Software offers many discounts: for subscription payments longer than a year, purchase of several licenses, Owlmate presale, etc. In addition, subscribers of its services get access to special offers from its partners. In addition, subscribers to the developer's services get access to special offers from its partners. And they can earn money by participating in the referral program.

      20% discount when you pay for an annual license

      If you buy a Netpeak Software tool for one year instead of one month, the developer reduces the subscription price for 20%. And the Standard package will cost $182.40, not $228. The savings with Pro will be $93.60 USD, and Business will be $357.60 USD for the whole time.

      40% discount when you pay for a 3-year license

      For a three-year license, Netpeak already offers a 40% discount. As a result, Standard is $273.60 cheaper than monthly renewals. Pro - by 561.60 USD, and Business - by more than 2 thousand U.S. dollars.


      Promo code 1664da3e, which allows you to buy software from Netpeak at a discount of 25%, is currently in effect.

      Discounts for 5 or more licenses

      Bonuses are also available for large customers. The size of the discount depends on the number of licenses issued within one order:

      • From 5 to 14 - minus 5% of the normal cost.
      • From 15 to 29 - minus 10%.
      • From 30 to 50 - minus 15%.

      For large volumes, a special price is formed, which the company representatives will send on request.

      Free access for review

      Bloggers and community owners on social networks can use Netpeak Software tools for free if they publish a review about them that meets the developer's criteria:

      • A minimum of 2,000 characters dedicated to the program.
      • From 3 or more screenshots showing the functionality of Spider and/or Checker.
      • Link to the supplier's website.
      • The video reviews are subject to the following requirements:
      • The duration of the review of the product features is at least 5 minutes.
      • Links to the site in the description.
      • A supporting post on a themed social networking page or blog containing a link to
      • The application for cooperation should be sent to [email protected]

      25% discount for educational institutions

      Education schools, centers, and course owners, becoming partners, receive special bonuses: free access to the tools for 1 year of training. Lecturers also get a 25% discount on private use of the developer's software.

      40% pre-sale Owlymate discount

      The assistant product is in beta testing. And Netpeak Software is inviting customers to take a moment to subscribe to it at a 40% discount. The program will be more expensive at the release stage.

      Partner bonuses

      More than 50 special offers for Netpeak subscribers from Ecommerce service owners. The developer's partners offer discount coupons and cashback when placing orders on their site. For example, SendPulse is discounting the first payment on its 50% e-mail newsletter service. And gives +15% to your balance.


      In its Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn communities, the company periodically raffles off discounts and provides coupons to activate bonuses. Most often they are timed to coincide with holidays or conferences organized by Netpeak Software.

      Netpeak Software referral program

      After registering on the site, the user receives unique referral links: to Netpeak Spider, Netpeak Checker, Owlymate, account creation page and 25% discount subscription. These links can be published on any publicly available resource, where it does not violate the rules and laws. Everyone who follows the link is considered a subscriber of the partner. Remuneration is calculated on the amount of subscribers' payments:

      • 10% if the partner has attracted less than 10 customers.
      • 20%, - if from 10 to 30.
      • 30%, - if more than 30%.

      Statistics and current status are displayed in the "Referral Program" section of your personal cabinet.


      Complaints about Netpik Softwar

      Dozens of reviews have been published about Netpeak Software, but for the most part they are positive. Subscribers write that the company's tools do their job: increase attendance and conversions. And they praise the well-coordinated work of the support team. Only some reviews complain that Netpeak did not meet expectations: more money was spent and sales fell.

      If there are any reviews about Netpeak Software's SEO service, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Regulatory agencies and laws

      In the user agreement It says that in its relations with clients (licensees) the developer is guided by the legal and regulatory framework of England and Wales. Its activities are under the control of the Government (in particular - the Registration Chamber) of the country.

      Legal information about Netpeak

      The legal name of the developer is Netpeak Limited. The company is registered in the United Kingdom. The public company registry number of the country's Registrar of Companies is 08991979. Its ID is 204617887. The business name listed in the document is Professional, Scientific, and Technical Work, not included in the major categories.

      Netpeak license

      Software development is not an activity subject to compulsory licensing. However, developers have the right to obtain licenses to own the software they have created to protect themselves from fraudsters and plagiarists. However, we found no licenses for Netpeak Software services and no mention of them on User Agreement

      The User Agreement, "Terms of Use", states the rules for working with the Netpeak services as well as the developer's and users' obligations to each other. Clause 3.2 states that content may only be used for non-commercial purposes: not for resale, subletting or distribution for commercial gain.

      The provider does not guarantee that its tools and services are free of viruses and other malware. And are fit for your purposes. You use all tools "as is" (item 5).

      The company and its representatives are not obligated to compensate you for any losses incurred as a result of using Netpeak services (clause 6).

      You must compensate them for any costs and losses they incurred by cooperating with you (clause 7).

      Netpeak Soft support service

      Support for Netpeak users is provided:

      Depending on the tariff, certain communication channels are open. Answers to popular questions are published in the FAQ and Knowledge Center.


      Is Netpeak Software a scam?

      Netpeak Software - the brand of an officially operating company registered in the UK. There are not enough reviews of the developer's products yet to get a clear idea of its reputation, but there are almost no negative comments among those published by users. Subscribers are happy with both the sales figures and the work of the support team. The company's user agreement and other documentation are publicly available. There are no bonded clauses in them - all the conditions are standard. There is no reason to believe that Netpeak is a scam. It remains to wait until more statements about the developer's services appear online.



      Netpeak Software offers site and competitor site audits on more than 4,000 parameters. The developer is one of the few that has combined all (or nearly) all analytics and optimization tools in several services. Research shows that Netpeak checks "consume" up to 12 times less RAM than those of competitors. Training is available for new users, not only in the interface, but also in the basics of optimization. The only inconvenience: program management is carried out via the Launcher that is installed only on PCs with Windows 7 or higher. But already in the process of beta-testing assistant that works on macOS and Linux. So, we can also expect a refinement of Spider, Checker.

      There are discounts for long-term subscriptions, multiple license purchases, bonuses for educational institutions, Owlymate pre-orders, and other offers from both the company and its partners. It is possible to earn on participation in the referral program: the rate from 10% to 30% of the attracted client's check. Of the disadvantages - high subscription prices. And too few reviews to get an idea of Netpeak's reputation.

      Variety of tools
      Customer Service


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        Variety of tools
        Customer Service
        The company has taken the position of Thief!

        Good afternoon everyone!
        Due to the fact that Netpeak Software (Netpeak Group) has decided to punish its users.
        I ask everyone who has paid subscription to this program and lost money to write a statement about fraud.
        In this way we together we can punish… Read more

        • Thieves and crooks!
      • 1
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        Variety of tools
        Customer Service
        The rotten office has shown itself in all its glory

        Since the start of the operation to end the war in Ukraine, this rotten company just stole all the money on paid accounts by blocking access of users from Russia and Belarus to personal paid accounts. Moreover, as before (without user’s consent) includes auto-renewal for all services and continues to… Read more

        • They steal money from the account
      • 1
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        Variety of tools
        Customer Service
        failed to fulfill their obligations

        failed to fulfill their obligations and sent the customers straight out

        • no
      • 1
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        Variety of tools
        Customer Service
        The owners are inadequate

        The people or the person are not professional. Can’t separate politics from work. For them it means losing dough and clients. If you do not need the money — go with the woods as they say. And don’t spam clients how poor we are.

        • No
        • Inadequate
      • 1
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        Variety of tools
        Customer Service
        Money Scam

        I bought a month’s subscription in November, turned off auto-renewal because I had already had an incident with automatic debits a couple of years ago. At the end of December. It turns out that there was an auto-renewal, the money was written off at 11 pm, from my online banking no notification came… Read more

      • 1
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        Variety of tools
        Customer Service
        Unfortunately, unknowingly write off funds without my...

        Unfortunately, unknowingly write off funds without my knowledge, justified by the fact that they have a default auto-renewal. The fact that I did not order it — they do not care. I think this is not very adequate behavior for such a company. I wish you all the best.

        • Yaroslav Berezhytskyi Dmitry Prusov 26 November 2021 в 14:15
          Evaluate the answer. 0

          Hello, Dimitri.

          My name is Yaroslav, I am from Netpeak Software technical support.

          According to our terms of use, the auto-renewal option subscriptions is enabled by default.

          We notify users that auto-subscription is enabled BEFORE they make a payment on the site (see screenshot):, where you can immediately disable it by going to the «Control Panel» of your personal account.

          You can also you can disable autopay at any time later in the «Subscriptions and payments» section in your personal cabinet (see screenshot:

          Auto-subscription is used everywhere by many companies, as far as SEO is concerned, you can name companies such as Moz, Ahrefs and others.

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