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Semrush is an international platform with digital marketing tools and a training academy for SEO professionals with discounts for an annual subscription.
The company
Official website
Head Office
800 Boylston Street, Suite 2475, Boston, MA 02199, USA
Date of foundation
Dmitry Melnikov, Oleg Shchegolev
The owner of the company
Semrush Inc.
Oleg Schegolev
Types of support
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] ChatFeedback form on the siteHelp Center+55-11-3197-5966OfficeFAQTwitterFacebookInstagram
Support by phone
+7 (812) 717-57-45 Distributor in Russia
+1 (800) 815-99-59In the U.S. and Canada
+61 (1800) 934-242In Australia.
Social media
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese
Tariff Pro / Until 119940 USD per annum
Tariff Guru / Until 2299.44 USD per annum
Business fare / Until 4499.4 USD per annum
Semrush.Trends / 200 USD per month
Agency Kit / 100 USD per month
Listing Management / From 20 To 40 USD per month
Free trial
7-day trial version with full tools package for registered users
Payment methods
Bank card (Visa/MC), Discover, American Express, UnionPay, Wire Transfer, Check (for US citizens)
Site Evaluation
Technical and SEO website audit, traffic assessment, search ranking, conversions, competitive analysis, content marketing reports
Promotion plan
Forms a pool of recommendations for promotion based on statistics
Position tracking
Monitors the dynamics of the positions of urls and keys in the output (price per click in the context, the coefficient of competitiveness, the number of URLs with a given phrase, etc.), sends notifications in case of significant changes (triggers are set by the user)
Selecting keywords
Creates a semantic core (keys, tails, cues) for search and context, based on data from the developer's database, analyzes the dynamics of the positions of the phrases by which the user promotes himself and his competitors
Working with adverts
Collects statistics on the effectiveness of user and competitor ads
Backlink analysis
A/B testing
Split-testing projects for customers who have subscribed to Sharp business tools on Amazon
KPI monitoring
Evaluates the KPI of the phrases on which the user is promoted in the organic and advertising output, comparing it to the performance of competitors
Customizable PDF reports (SEO, competitor analysis, technical audit, search engine analysis) with the ability to upload and export
Traffic analysis
Collects statistics on personal traffic (which URLs bring more visitors, conversion rates and KPIs for active keywords, etc.) and competitor traffic
Analysis of visitors
Collects user statistics (total number, number of unique visitors, session duration, viewing depth, and other parameters of behavioral analysis), compares it with competitor statistics
Conversion analysis
Evaluates the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and internal optimization of the user site, comparing it to competitors
Competitor analysis
Evaluates the overall performance of top competitors in the ranking (domain overview), analyzes domain-specific traffic (visits, unique visitors, average session duration, behavioral factors, overlap with competitors' audience), mass analysis of up to 200 domains
Project Features
International platform with digital marketing tools and training academy for SEO specialists
Who it's good for
Marketers, Optimizers, Copywriters, Web Developers, Startups, Promotion Agencies, Small Business, Medium Business, Large Business
User-friendly interface
User-friendly interface for beginners
Support for widgets
No information
Integration with services
Wordstat, Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords, Google Data Studio
Read morePaid API package with 120 million keys, 427 million domains, 135 databases in 118 countries, 45937 billion backlinks and 16 language packages for Business rate customers
Additional services
Electronic Marketing AcademyFree, short video tutorials, text materials, practical advice, and learning tests
Training webinarsFree, access to online events with engaged experts
E-booksFree, PDF digital marketing guides
Content Exchange / From 22 USD per monthArticles, product descriptions, optimized content for the website, emails, press releases, photostock access and graphics (banners, infographics), brandbooks and custom e-books
SEOQuakeFree, plugin for SEO page auditing, real-time comparison of domains and URLs, traffic evaluation
Semrush SensorFree, analysis of the dynamics of the popularity of sites in search, personal rankings, deviations from the average monthly volatility, ups and downs of popular sites positions
Sharp Business Tools on AmazonOn-demand pricing, keyword wizard, check listing quality for content errors, incomplete lists and matching marketplace style, analytics and split testing tools
Semrush App CenterFree, selection center and subscriptions and tools
Prowly / From 189 USD per monthHelps you gather an audience from the journalist's database, post on prominent resources, put together an attractive press release, and compose an email newsletter that won't go to spam
Mobile applications
No mobile apps
Affiliate Program
Registration200 USD from each sale of the tariff, 10 USD for each trial connection, 0.01 USD for each subscription to the advertising newsletter of the attracted user
Work experience
13 years
Regulatory agencies and laws
Regulatory framework of Ireland
Economic Commission for Europe
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
local laws
Covers all areas of Internet marketing: search engine promotion, external and internal optimization, context, SMM, content marketing, competitive analysis
Database of 20 billion keywords in the languages of 130 countries
In-depth technical audit of 130+ factors and optimization recommendations
Standard rates and customized solutions
Ready-made packages of 40 tools - you pay a fixed price per month, per year
Multilingual support and different currencies.
Free webinars, courses and e-books on digital marketing
7 days to cancel a paid subscription to the tariff (subject to the rules of service)
Access to analytics tools like the stability counter for search queries and changes in the top 20 rankings in 25 categories
High prices
Service is provided "as is", without guarantees of safety, continuity of operation, compliance with customer goals
Auto-renewal: if you don't unsubscribe, the free trial version turns into a paid subscription
Company requisites
Overall assessment
Date of update
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      The address is
      800 Boylston Street, Suite 2475, Boston, MA 02199, USA

      Semrush is a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: 2 July 2021 Updated: 27 November 2022

      Semrush - is a project of Russian SEO specialists Dmitry Melnikov and Oleg Shchegolev, launched in 2008. Now the company works in 130 countries, its specialists speak more than 10 languages and are ready to offer package options and individual terms of cooperation.

      Are SEO tools worth their money or is Semrush a scam? How profitable are the package options offered by the developer? And do the users of the service have rights, or is everything provided "as is"? Let's find out.

      Semrash reviews


      Why Semrush?

      SEO service Semrush covers all areas of work for Internet marketers, SEO specialists, analysts, content managers, and SMM specialists: it has tools for search engine promotion, external and internal optimization, context, targeting, content marketing, and competitive analysis. You can buy a basic package (and optionally supplement it with highly specialized options) or leave an application for a personalized offer.

      Advantages of Semrash

      What else is good about Semrush, other than its comprehensive approach to optimization issues:

      • Developer database - 20 billion keywords in the languages of 130 countries.
      • An in-depth technical audit takes into account 130+ factors, on the basis of which a pool of recommendations is formed.
      • In ready-to-use packages, you already have all 40 tools - you spend a fixed amount per month/year. And only for the functionality above this amount you pay extra.
      • Multilingual support is provided.
      • Free webinars, courses and e-books on digital marketing are publicly available on the site.
      • The company gives 7 days to cancel a paid subscription to the tariff (subject to the rules of service).
      • There are analytics tools that do not require payment (for example, the stability counter for search queries and changes in the top 20 rankings for 25 categories)


      SEO promotion tools - These are 40 tools organized into 5 groups according to their purpose: SEO, content marketing, market research, contextual advertising and SMM/SERM. All (or almost all) are included in packages (tariffs). Depending on the required set and volume, you can choose one of the three:

      • Pro for $119.95 per month or $1,199.40 per year. Focuses on small projects: startups, companies with small advertising coverage, freelancers. All tools are available, one report can contain up to 10,000 lines, up to 100,000 pages are analyzed per month, up to 3,000 reports per day. Provides 250 keyword indicator updates per month, up to 50 social media profiles for tracking, and up to 10 profiles for publications. Up to 5 projects can be created.
      • Guru for $229.95 per month or $2,299.44 per year. Up to 30,000 rows per report, a maximum of 5,000 reports per day, 300,000 pages to scan per month, 1,000 key indicator updates per month, up to 100 social profiles to track, up to 30 profiles to publish, plus access to historical analytics data from 2012. Google Data Studio integration included. Up to 15 projects can be created.
      • Business for $449.95 per month or $4,499.40 per year. Up to 50,000 rows per report, a maximum of 10,000 reports per day, 1,000,000 pages to scan per month, 5,000 keyword indicator updates per month, up to 300 profiles to track, up to 50 profiles to publish, access to historical analytics data since 2012 and data for product ad analytics. This plan also includes a paid API and a "Share of ad exposure" indicator in the report. Up to 40 projects can be created. customer reviews

      These prices are for a one-user account. If you need to connect more, you pay $45 per month for Pro, $80 per month for Guru, and $100 per month for Business. Optionally, 3 more sets of options are available for an additional fee:

      • Semrush.Trends. Market analytics (key players, CA and its behavior, seasonal activity peaks, etc.), traffic analysis of any site (traffic sources, engagement, etc.), competitive analysis (comparison of up to 5 sites), mass traffic analysis (up to 200 domains in 1 click) and information about the most popular (top) pages. It costs $200 per month.
      • Agencies kit. Advanced reporting settings, White Label, partner agency certificate, advertising on Semrush resources, unlimited work with the client (management platform). Costs $100 a month.
      • Listing Management (local SEO). Auto-posting company data in business directories, removing duplicates in 1 click, tracking local rankings, managing placements in Facebook and Google My Business. Basic location costs $20/month, premium location (with a user activity map and responses to reviews through the platform) costs $40/month.


      Semrush has 26 SEO audit tools. Some are responsible for competitive analysis:

      • Evaluates the overall performance of the top competitors' pages in the output (domain overview).
      • Analyzes domain-specific traffic (visits, unique visitors, average session duration, competitor audience behavior and overlap with yours, traffic flow - social, referral, advertising, commercial, search, top pages, subdirectories and subdomains layout, geo-distribution) and mass analysis up to 200 urls.
      • Collects search engine statistics (top organic keywords, position changes, traffic distribution between top search pages and domains). You can set up notifications that will come in the mail in case of significant dynamics.
      • Creates a semantic core based on the data of 5 selected competitors and taking into account the specified types of keys.
      • Generates a list of target domains for backlinks based on competitors' campaigns.

      Semrash SEO tools

      Keyword Manager helps to collect and group the semantic core. You can also gather statistics on personal traffic: which urls bring more unique visitors, how effective the active queries are in terms of conversion, KPIs.

      The third is for backlinks: their collection from a database with 43 trillion domains from 130 countries (irrelevant and repetitive ones are deleted), quality assessment and distribution by type, comparison of the link profile of the site with competitors' data. The fourth is for tracking Google ranking/ranking (internationally and locally) and visibility of pages, directories, domains and subdomains.

      Content Marketing

      Basic tool in this segment is Topic Research's content generator. It selects headlines, topics, questions, and other elements based on content from popular sites. And it offers recommendations for creating unique content that the audience will love. content marketing

      SEO Content Template works in a similar way, but with elements of optimization (keys, meta tags), analyzing the top 10 Google search results for the phrases the client uses. SEO Writing Assistant checks the finished text for compliance with the recommendations. Brand Monitoring works with brand mentions and reviews. Content Audit looks at the statistics for the sections of the site and makes a list of "subsiding" sections in terms of CA activity.

      Marketing research

      Semrush analyzes the market and the position of the client's site, its competitors, and offers recommendations on marketing strategies, search engine optimization, advertising, content, and PR. The developer's social media tracker allows you to monitor the activity of community users and the actions of top companies, taking creative ideas and promotional moves from them. And brand activity monitoring allows you to keep track of popularity and mentions online.

      Semrash market research

      Contextual advertising

      The same evaluation of domain indicators, but in the context of advertising rather than search results: visibility indicators, position dynamics, top keys, effectiveness of the advertising budget (in comparison with competitors' indicators), etc. Context (Google AdWords, Bing Ads), media advertising (banners, ad texts) and product ads (Google Shopping) are considered separately. And Keyword Magic supplements the semantic core with new keys, tails and cues to improve PPC performance, gets fresh metrics (up to 1000 key phrases can be analyzed in 1 click). contextual advertising

      SMM and SERM

      Platform allows you to manage your social media posts: schedule, edit, import from CVS files and back, add UTM tags to track conversions. And collect statistics: audience growth, their portrait, time of surfing the web, activity period (the best time to post). And if you run targeted ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram, reach statistics and comparisons with competitors are available.

      Semrash SMM and SERM

      Other Semrush tools

      In addition to the package options presented on the site, the developer company offers a free plugin SEO-audit, a counter of fluctuations in the popularity of search queries, as well as several related projects - affiliate and partner projects.


      Free plugin for SEO page auditing, real-time comparison of domains and URLs, traffic evaluation. Compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera. Analyzes Google search. Yahoo, Yandex, Bing. Allows you to configure individual parameters for specific pages and domain. SeoQuake

      Semrush Sensor

      Another free tool available to registered users. Analyzes the dynamics of the popularity of sites in search, personal rankings, deviations from the average monthly volatility, ups and downs of the positions of popular sites. Evaluates the top 20 in 25 categories: Sports, News, Internet & Telephony, Careers & Education, Games, Online Communities, etc. Shows both desktop and mobile data.


      A tool for media and public relations professionals. Helps you gather an audience from a journalist's million-plus contacts database, post on prominent resources, write an attractive press release, and compose an e-mail newsletter that won't get spammed. The project, created in conjunction with Located at There is a 7-day trial version and paid packages starting at $189 per month.

      Semrash Tool Prowly

      Sharp Business Tools on Amazon

      Subsidiary SaaS developer project designed to help you sell on Amazon. Includes a keyword wizard, listing quality checking for content errors, incomplete listings and marketplace style matching, analytics and split testing tools. It is linked from the main domain. You need a separate account created at to work with the functionality.


      How do I get started on the Semrash website?

      To work with Semrush tools, you need to create an account on the site. You can use the test version or pay for one of the packages. Work on projects is done through the profile, where the control panel is located. The first thing to do is to add a new project in the "Projects" section of the "Management" block of the left menu. Enter the URL of the site and the name.

      Now you can select any of the paid tools, customize it and analyze the content of pages, competitive environment, query dynamics, etc. Saving payment details (card, wallet, current account) is done in one of the tabs of the "Plan Overview" section of the user menu.

      How do I register at

      To register for Click on any of the buttons ("Get a free trial", "Try for free", "Buy", etc.) or on the profile icon in the upper right corner and follow the appropriate link below the form. Fill out the form, provide an email address, come up with a password, and accept the terms of service. Or authorize through Google, giving the system access to personal data of the page. to create an account

      We enter the 6-digit confirmation code that the provider sent to our email, and choose a tariff or the free version. You can agree or close the window and then authorize in the system of the developer itself.

      Personal Cabinet

      The user account includes two modules: the profile and the control panel. We described the panel above, and the user menu consists of 7 sections:

      • "My Profile." Stores personal information (name, e-mail, phone number, company name, country and time zone) and password. All this can be edited. Two-factor authentication is also set up here to protect the account.
      • "Tariff Description". An overview of the basic features with buttons to buy additional options or switch to a more expensive package.
      • "Users. Adding new team members (you will have to pay a monthly fee for each).
      • "Payments. History of transfers, adding details and billing for legal entities.
      • "Requests". A list of requests sent ("Request Log") and actions with the account such as logging in or registering ("Transaction Log").
      • "Public Profile. For clients who have paid for the agency set. Saving the organization card in the system.
      • API. Switching to settings. Again, not available for all, but only on the Business package. mobile app

      Semrush does not have a downloadable application for smartphones and tablets. It is replaced by a mobile adaptation of the web version, which takes into account the requirements of all major operating systems, screen resolutions, and browsers.


      Additional Semrush services

      The company provides access not only to promotion tools, but also to training materials, programs, content exchanges and service management platforms.

      Electronic Marketing Academy

      An online site with courses consisting of short (10-15 minute) video lessons, text materials, practical advice, and tests on mastering the material at the end of each information block. Semrush certification is also available here: you can take an exam for SEO audits, competitive analysis and semantic surfing, content marketing, and other areas.

      Semrash Academy of Electronic Marketing

      Training webinars

      The developer community opens up access to online meetings with the participation of Semrush experts involved. Webinars there are quite a few in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. For example, on June 24 starts "Effective Keyword Research for Beginners - Going Back to Basics. Enrollment is free. webinars


      In the company's electronic database - 147 digital marketing e-guides in 7 languages, including Chinese. The books are downloaded in PDF format. Unfortunately.

      Content Exchange

      Here you can order texts in various formats: articles, product descriptions, optimized content for the site, letters for electronic mailings, press releases - and graphic materials (banners, infographics), brand books, e-books. The cost is negotiated individually with the performer. If there is a subscription to the service ($33 a month, $480 a year), there is a discount. As a bonus - free access to photostock with 25 million original images (vector and raster), videos and icons in high resolution.

      Semrush App Center

      This is the center of choices and subscriptions and tools. Everything Semrush has to offer is collected and structured there: apps, extensions, desktop formats. To make a purchase, you need to register and buy a subscription. With it, the prices of the software will be more favorable.


      Semrash Bonuses

      The Semrush bonus system is a discount on option packages and an affiliate program with rewards for attracting new people to the company's client network. We'll tell you more about it.

      17% discount for the purchase of an annual subscription

      If you subscribe to any of the Semrush packages for 1 year, the company gives you a 17% discount. And the Pro plan will cost you $99.95 a month instead of $119.95, the Guru plan $191.62 instead of $229.95, and the Business plan $374.95 instead of $229.95.

      Affiliate Program

      The developer offers partners several stakes when making money by attracting new customers to the network

      • 200 dollars are credited to an affiliate account if the attracted user bought one of the rates.
      • 10 dollars, - if you registered and used the trial version.
      • 0.01 dollars, - if you signed up for a free subscription to the newsletter.

      To participate in the program, you need to register and get your unique link. You can place it on any public resources, without violating human rights and legal norms. Statistics of transitions and accruals is also given in a profile. There is also a request for the withdrawal of remuneration.


      Complaints at

      On international reviews like Trustpilot Semrush has a good average score of 4.4/5. Clients praise the functionality, which solves all problems and for the most part does not require in-depth knowledge of SEO. And the support that explains the intricacies where serious analytics are needed. But the subscription price does not satisfy many people: it seems too high.

      Is Semrash a divorce?

      They also do not like auto-renewal: after the free trial version is over, a paid subscription is automatically connected, which must be cancelled by contacting the support team. real review

      If there are any reviews about the Semrush SEO service, we'll be sure to post them on social media. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Regulatory agencies and laws

      The user agreement states that the company applies Irish regulatory requirements to European clients. Compliance with them, as well as the financial activities of the legal entity, is monitored by the Economic Commission for Europe. The requirements of the UN convention are not applicable.

      Legal information about the company

      The developer's legal name is Semrush Inc. The company is registered in the United States, as evidenced by the entry in the register of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC for short), the federal body supervising the American market. CIK number - 0001831840. By it or by its name, the company can be found in the lists of the regulator.

      Semrash registration information

      View legal details Semrush Inc.

      Semrush license

      Providing information services and selling software are activities that do not require licensing. But it is possible to obtain a license for intellectual rights (to protect against plagiarists). There is no information about this on the site, but the user agreement prohibits copying, distributing and reselling Semrush software that you use by subscription.

      Semrush User Agreement

      The User Agreement (Terms of Service) sets out the rules for working with the developer's tools, as well as the mutual rights and obligations of the parties. For example, clause 1.3 states that the license includes all updates, improvements and modifications to the paid services, unless otherwise specified by the developer. user agreement

      It is allowed to use the tools only for internal business purposes and not for commercial distribution. The client guarantees that he provided true, accurate and complete information about himself, has legal capacity and reached the age of 18 years (clause 2.2).

      Semrash rules for the use of tools

      With the exception of those that fall under the legal requirements, the services are provided "as is", the bases of guarantees regarding compliance with customer requirements, the absence of viruses and other dangers, smooth operation (paragraph 7.1).

      Customer Service

      Semrush customer support is provided:

      • By phone.
      • By e-mail - [email protected] (service, unsubscribe), [email protected] (advertising), [email protected] (intellectual property).
      • Through online chat on the website. There are separate consultants for the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, and Brazil.
      • Through the feedback form.
      • On WhatsApp, it's a Spanish account linked to +55-11-3197-5966.
      • In the physical offices of the company and distributors in St. Petersburg, Prague, Wroclaw, Limassol, Boston, Dallas and Trevose.

      Answers to common questions are given in the knowledge base (FAQ).


      Is Semrush a scam? The company is officially registered in the U.S. (this is confirmed by an extract from the registry of the federal regulator). But the legal relationship with users from European countries is decided on the basis of Irish law. All the policies are publicly available on the website. And, except for the disclaimer of responsibility for smooth operation and quality of content (everything is provided "as is"), there are no unpleasant for the customer clauses in them. The wording is standard and found in almost every software provider.

      User reviews of SEO tools are good. You cannot call a scam. It is a useful resource, which, if used skillfully, can bring profits. All you need to remember is that the free trial version, if you don't give it up, will turn into a paid subscription.



      Semrush covers all areas of digital marketing, from search analytics to social media. The developer's keyword database contains over 20 billion phrases and words in 130 languages, and he has collected over 43 trillions of backlinks. Not only in-depth auditing is provided, but also recommendations, customizable reporting, consultations, access to free tools and affiliate/partner services.

      The company even has its own content exchange, where you can order text and design development. For SEO specialists, ready-made packages and individual terms are available (on request). Semrush Academy offers webinars and online lessons with certification upon completion. The developer's support speaks all major languages, and he (and his distributors) have offices in 7 locations around the world. Of the minuses - auto-renewal of subscription.

      Variety of tools
      Customer Service


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