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The SEO service provides access to 30+ marketing and SEO tools, free keyword, competitor and backlink analysis.
The company
Official website
Head Office
22 Andropova Avenue, Moscow, 115533, tel. 19
Date of foundation
Oleg Salamakha, Artem Borodatyuk
The owner of the company
Serpstat Limited, Promotions and Development Group Corp.
Oleg Salamaha (vice president)
Types of support
[email protected]Live ChatFeedback form on the siteFAQTwitterFacebook
Social media
English, Russian, Ukrainian
Lite / 69 USD per monthUp to 4,000 domain analysis queries
Standard / 149 USD per monthUp to 5000 domain analysis queries
Advanced / 299 USD per monthUp to 8000 domain analysis queries
Enterprise / 499 USD per monthUp to 12,000 domain analysis queries
Free trial
Free rate with small limits for registered users and a personal demonstration of project-specific features on request
Payment methods
Bank card (Visa/MC),
Site Evaluation
Conducts technical audits of factors affecting optimization and visibility in Yandex and Google (meta tags, redirects, headers, multimedia, https certificates, markup, etc.), generates a report taking into account the priority of errors
Promotion plan
Creates task lists (checklists) for promotion, thehaudit, building a link profile, sends automatic notifications of the results
Position tracking
Checks the position of keys, pages and domains in the search and pay-per-view Yandex and Google, taking into account the geo (accuracy - to a city), automatically generates reports on the dynamics in accordance with a predetermined schedule
Selecting keywords
Finds all keyword variations, similar phrases, cues, makes a content plan based on search queries
Working with adverts
Studies competitors' ads, collects a group of the most relevant, generates a report on the competitiveness of advertising requests and their cost per click, analyzes trend landing pages ads and product groups that are promoted through PPC, offers headline options for ads
Backlink analysis
A/B testing
KPI monitoring
Customizable reports with printing, exporting, uploading to CVS Open Office, Libre Office, XLS/XLSX Excel, Google Sheets, PDF
Traffic analysis
Evaluates the visibility of the site and individual pages in search results and attendance (the number of visits from the context and organic)
Analysis of visitors
Conversion analysis
Collects statistics on the conversion of ads, generates a report with recommendations
Competitor analysis
Finds competitors in SEO and PPC, monitors the visibility and traffic of their domains, lists keywords (including intersections by keywords of several competitors) for which URLs are ranked, compiles rankings of top pages of domains, collects data on advertisements
Project Features
Service provides access to 30+ marketing and SEO tools, free analysis of keys, competitors and backlinks
Who it's good for
Digital Marketing Agencies, Webmasters, Copywriters, Marketers, Optimizers
User-friendly interface
Convenient and understandable for beginners
Integration with services
Yandex.Direct, Yandex Wordstat, Google Search Console, Google AdWords, etc.
Read moreAPI search analytics, link analytics, event monitoring and auditing / feature set depends on the package
Additional services
Browser Plugin / FreeQuick audit of positions in search and context
Blog / FreeProduct releases, feature reviews, company and industry news
Knowledge Base / FreeFAQ, tutorials, case studies on solving basic problems with developer tools and parsing of API features
The Academy / FreeKeyword and Search Engine Optimization Training Center, 3 levels of complexity
Webinars / FreeFor digital marketing professionals and business leaders
Mobile applications
No mobile apps
Affiliate Program
RegistrationUp to 30% on the amount of referral payments
Work experience
8 years
Regulatory agencies and laws
Cyprus regulatory framework
EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Semantic kernel clustering
Automatically groups a large package of keys, taking into account the structure of the site and types of pages, and provides a breakdown of keys for PPC (to improve the quality of advertising)
Working with texts
Detects optimization quality and length of text on the page, checks for overspam, finds duplicates in titles
Working with metadata
Finds duplicates, checks for overspam, finds missing keys
Over 5 billion keys in the database and 200+TB of data in the SERP repository
Complex packages, each - the whole set of tools, the only difference is the limits
Ability to work through an online platform or API
Free access to classes, webinars, case studies, tool walkthroughs, and the knowledge base
Free extension for Chrome, Opera, Firefox
Free rate with limits for registered users and personal demonstration (project-specific) on request
Good user reviews
Subscription auto-renewal (money is deducted from the linked details without warning)
Limitations on working with the API
Company requisites
Overall assessment
Date of update
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      The address is
      115533, Moskva, pr. Andropova, d. 22, et. 19

      Serpstat is a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: July 15, 2021 Updated: 27 November 2022

      Serpstat - is part of the Netpeak Group, an international group of companies specializing in Internet marketing. The platform was launched in 2013, and in 2016 it expanded its portfolio of SEO tools to 5 areas. Now the developer's client base exceeds 200 thousand active users, and there are 30 000+ projects from 5000 regions in operation every day.

      Are the products effective or SEO service Is a scam? Is it worth buying a subscription for a year at once or is it better to start with a monthly period? Does the project "cover" all of the optimizer's tasks? Let's find out.


      Why Serpstat

      The Serpstat database contains about 5 billion keyword phrases and words, and the SERP repository of the developer, which you get access to by subscription, contains 200+TB of data. You work with the full set of features, limited only by the daily limit per day - it depends on the selected package.

      Advantages of Serpstat

      Serpstat offers the following features:

      • Work through an online platform or API (the set of features depends on the tariff) to choose from.
      • Free access to classes, webinars, case studies, breakdowns of tools and options, and the knowledge base. You don't even have to have an account at
      • Free extensions (plugins) for Chrome, Opera, Firefox - checks download speed, collects statistics of meta tags, ranked keys (and their density on the page), index parameters of the domain for search engines, etc.
      • Test (unpaid) rate for registered users and personal (project-specific) demonstration on request.
      • Good user reviews. The average rating of the service on reviewers is above 4 points out of 5.


      SEO promotion tools

      Serpstat works in 5 main areas: technical audit (includes evaluation of SEO indicators), competitive analysis, backlinks, semantics and search engine results. In total, not counting the free one, 4 packages are available:

      • Lite - 69 USD/month. Allows up to 4,000 requests for analysis of domains, URLs, keys per day (up to 10,000 results per report). up to 500 requests for link analysis per day (up to 5000 results in a single report), access to all API options, except position monitoring, up to 10 projects in the audit and setting up to 100 accesses per project, up to 15 000 position checks (competitor monitoring, SEO, PPC - data updated daily), limit on clustering and text analytics in 1500 lines, up to 10 000 key phrase quality checks, up to 10 000 semantic quality checks, only standard reports (up to three), online and email support. One account is created without the right to manage additional users.
      • Standard - 149 USD/month. It includes up to 5000 requests for analysis of domains, URLs, keys per day (up to 30 000 results in 1 report), up to 1000 requests for link analysis per day (up to 25 000 results in 1 report), access to all API options, up to 50 projects in audit and set up to 500 accesses per project, up to 60 000 position checks, limit on clustering and text analytics of 6000 lines, standard and branded reports, up to 10 000 semantic quality checks, online and email support. Up to 3 additional users are allowed.
      • Advanced - 299 USD/month. That's up to 8000 requests for analysis of domains, URLs and keys per day (up to 50 000 results in one report), up to 1500 requests for link analysis per day (up to 30 000 results in one report), access to all API options, up to 75 projects in audit and setting up to 1000 accesses per project, up to 150 000 position checking, limit on clustering and text analytics in 15 000 lines, standard and branded reports, White Label, up to 15 000 semantic quality checks, telephone, online and email support. Up to 5 additional users are allowed.
      • Enterprise - 499 USD/month / up to 12000 requests for analysis of domains, URLs, keys per day (up to 75 000 results in one report), up to 2000 requests for link analysis per day (up to 50 000 results in one report), access to all API options, up to 100 projects in audit and setup up to 10 thousand up to 300,000 position checks, limit on clustering and text analytics to 30,000 lines, standard and branded reports, White Label, up to 20,000 semantic quality checks, telephone, online and email support. Up to 7 additional users are allowed.

      Position monitoring

      Serpstat checks the pages of the site (body, snippets, meta tags). And generates a report on the positions of the project on a given list of keys and their dynamics (which dropped out of the distribution, appeared, went out of the top, hit the top). Search regions, categories (topics), frequency, availability of special elements and other parameters can be configured. You can track the visibility of your resource and finding in the top 100 for specific requests. You can also set a check-up schedule to get automatic reports. Database Storm allows you to monitor the general fluctuations in the positions of the site. There are three levels of intensity "storm": low (changes up/down within 20%), medium (from 20 to 25%) and high (more than 25%). Each corresponds to its own color: green, yellow, red.

      Backlink analysis

      A tool for collecting domains from the top competitors' database and analyzing existing/new URLs for quality, security (whether there is unwanted content in the anchors or on domain pages), duplicates, and other characteristics. It is useful for monitoring traffic (where it comes from most) and finding unique donors, which are hard to find with normal surfing.

      Technical Audit

      Serpstat checks for technical optimization errors, each of which is assigned a priority (low, medium or high):

      • Long wait for server response.
      • Indexing and redirect problems.
      • Duplicate meta tags (same description, title or h1 on different pages) and incorrect length.
      • Lack of meta tags (attributes) in images.
      • Overspam.
      • No HTTPS certificate.
      • Lack of mobile adaptation, AMP
      • Incorrect markup.
      • Other problems affecting visibility and ranking.
      • Verification can be run for an entire site or a single page.

      Competitor analysis

      Conducted in order to obtain recommendations for optimizing and adjusting advertising campaigns in Yandex and Google, based on the success of the top sites from the niche. As part of the in-depth analysis, the robot makes a list of the most popular URLs from organic and PPC ads, monitors their growth dynamics, and identifies sources of traffic. As a result, it offers clues to expand the semantic core, ready-made material for a content plan and advertising strategies. There is also a tool called Domain Comparison, which displays the keyword overlaps of several (up to three) top competitors.

      Parsing the top of the issue and the keys

      Serpstat pairs data from Wordstat, Google Search Console, Direct and AdWords, helping you build a semantic core based on your queries. The robot takes into account frequency, competition, geo, types of devices, profitability (conversion rate), and other factors depending on the settings. The developer's database contains over 6 billion queries collected over 8 years. Batch analysis is available. You can supplement the core with word forms and search cues. Serpstat will offer headlines to compose ads or articles on a landing page (for example, on a blog).

      Key query clustering

      Serpstat's semantic kernel helps categorize (cluster) the content into groups in order to distribute it across the site, building the right hierarchy. It takes into account the depth and types of pages, the relevance of their content to the key, and their content.

      Text analytics

      The tool makes recommendations for writing text for a specific page, using input data: keys, topics. The TOR will specify the occurrences, density, required volume of material, and submission requirements. The finished work (or just content that has already been posted) can be checked for quality optimization and errors. In addition, you can analyze the metadata and anchors of links.

      Other Serpstat tools

      The basic version of Serpstat is available as a plugin (extension) for browsers. Let's tell in a nutshell what opportunities they open to the user.

      Browser Plugin

      Installed in Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. Checks SEO indicators of the site and individual pages (registration date and age of the domain, download and server response speed, elements of the ranking and position in extradition, Alexa rating, etc.), analyzes competitors and semantics. Some functions work without API-requests to developer's servers and are available even if you do not have an account at


      How to get started at

      Serpstat tools are managed from the profile, so first you register (how to do this, we described below) and log in, and then create a new project on the start page of the LC. To do this, you need to enter the address of the site you plan to analyze, the name (free) and create a group, if you plan many projects (to easily navigate in them).

      You will also be offered training or expert advice in the online chat. In addition, before you start, the system will once again ask you to enter your mobile number. But if you don't do this, no one will prohibit you from using the service. Available tools are located in the left menu. There is also a section for generating reports and statistics. Balance replenishment, billing request for legal entities and reference information are located in the user menu (falls out when you click on the logo icon).

      How to register at

      To create a profile on the developer site serpstat.comClick "Register" in the upper right corner of any page and fill out the registration form: enter your e-mail address, phone number (optional), create a password, and accept the terms of the policy. To activate it, follow the link in the letter that the provider will send to the e-mail indicated in the form. Authorization via Facebook or Google is also possible, but you will need to provide access to personal profile data.

      Personal Cabinet

      In my personal profile at two types of menus: user menu and work menu. The first has eight sections:

      • "My Profile." Here you can see the current limits (available number of requests, lines in the report, pages to audit, etc.), personal data (mail, photo, ID) and activate trial access.
      • "Settings. Allows you to add, change and delete contact information (full name, company name, site, phone number), set up notifications and consent/unconsent to advertising mailing, link social networks profiles and change password.
      • "Team Management". In this section, you set up access to your account for other users (subject to the restrictions imposed by the tariff).
      • "Bills. Payment history and package selection.
      • "Referral Statistics. Access to referral link and promotional materials, as well as payment history and withdrawal request form.
      • "Recent Reports. Materials for the last 60 days.
      • FAQ. Go to the knowledge base.
      • "Guide." Instructions for working with options.

      The second is a set of tools: site analysis, keyword analysis, link analysis, position monitoring, site audit. In addition, in the left menu is an analogue of CRM, through which you can create and distribute tasks in the form of checklists.

      Mobile application

      There is no downloadable mobile version of Serpstat - the web version is used to work with narrow-format devices. It is adapted to different screen resolutions, operating systems and browsers. You won't feel any difference: the layout is neatly done.


      Additional services

      In addition to paid and free tools, Serpstat offers training at its academy, participate in webinars (the schedule is published on the site) or get knowledge from the blog, knowledge base with guides, cases, analysis of features and FAQ. Everything is freely available.


      It publishes product releases, tool option reviews, company and industry news. There are many materials, so categories and tags are used for easy navigation. There is an opportunity to post your own publication. You won't get paid for it, but if the topic is relevant and the content meets the site's requirements, the text will be posted.

      Knowledge Base

      Includes several tabs:

      • FAQ (knowledge base).
      • Manuals (step-by-step instructions for working with Serpstat tools).
      • Cases (solutions of the main tasks of the developer's tools on specific examples).
      • The Serpstat API features parsing.

      Some of the material is in video format, and some is in text format.

      The Academy

      A training center for keywords and search engine optimization. Contains courses of 3 levels of complexity: for beginners, advanced professionals, and professionals. The program usually has 9 or 10 lessons, which you can access for free after registering.

      Educational webinars

      In addition to this, the company holds webinars for digital marketing specialists and business project managers. A calendar of events is published on the website. Those that have already been completed are stored in the history - they can be reviewed at any time.


      Serpstat bonuses

      Serpstat has an interesting bonus program. There are standard discounts for long-term subscriptions, gifts from partners, and rewards for discovering bugs (Bag Bounty),

      Discounts up to 20% on packages

      The more months of subscription you buy, the cheaper the subscription fee will be. The amount of the discount for paying for 3-12 months ranges from 5%-20%. And, for example, a Lite subscription will cost 55 USD/month instead of 69% for a year at a time.

      Gifts from company partners

      Serpstat users also get access to the developer partners' bonuses. These are digital services for business automation, financial and management accounting, advertising optimization, etc. Usually they offer discount coupons (in cash or percentage equivalent) and free test access.

      Bag Bounty

      For each bug and/or vulnerability detected in the service that meets the program's criteria, the company gives $100 US dollars. Bug reports should be sent to: [email protected] The bonus does not cover spam, denial-of-service attacks, problems with third-party applications integrated into Serpstat, and erroneous audit results.

      Promotions in social networks

      Some promos are published only in Serpstat's social communities. For example, recently participants in the company's VKontakte community were asked to take a test called "How well do you know the basics of SEO" in order to get promo code for 5 days access to the service.

      Referral program

      Allows you to earn money by attracting new users to To do this, the registered client of the site is given a unique referral link, which he is free to place on any public resources, as long as it does not violate the rules and laws. There are also banners (promo materials) where these links can be "stitched". Each person who goes by the link is considered as a partner's referral. The latter receives a bonus from the amount of money paid to the company:

      • 10% if a total of 1-5 payments were made.
      • 20%, - if 6-20 payments.
      • 30%, - if more.

      Statistics of transitions and accruals is available in the Personal Area. To receive payment you fill in the form at the bottom of the section "Referral statistics". Money is withdrawn on a WMZ purse WebMoney every 30 days. The minimum amount is $50.

      Partner program for educational centers

      There are special conditions for them. In addition to referral payments, these are student accounts with access to one of the rates without API, a special account for the lecturer, thematic webinars (only for students and teachers), personal support and mutual advertising.


      Complaints about Serpstat

      Clients are happy with the interface of the platform, which allows them to work with the tools centrally, without "jumping" from site to site, and with regular updates and updates of features. For the most part, they believe that the prices of the packages justify themselves. Among the reasons for criticism - automatic renewal of subscriptions with charges without warning, not as rich as some competitors, reference profile, as well as limitations on the work with API.

      If there are any reviews about Serpstat SEO service, we will definitely publish the information on social networks. Sign up so you don't miss anything!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Regulatory agencies and laws

      According to the site policy, the service provider is guided by the legal framework of Cyprus in its relations with consumers. Personal user information is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR).

      Legal information about the company

      The license agreement specifies several legal owners on the developer's side: Serpstat Limited, Serpstat Global Limited, Promotions and Development Group Corp. and Netpeak Limited (part of Netpeak Group Limited). In Europe the interests are represented by Netpeak Group Limited. The organizations details are mentioned in the documentation on the site, but we didn't find any information about the developer in the public registries of Cyprus (where the services are provided), Bulgaria or Seychelles (legal addresses of the organizations).

      View the license agreement on the service site


      Information services (even for a fee) and software development are activities that do not require licensing. But the owner has the right to certify the digital products themselves by claiming intellectual property rights. This right is stated by the company in the agreement at User Agreement

      The User (License) Agreement establishes the rules for registering clients, working with SEO tools, payment terms and obligations of the parties to each other. Clause 2.2 states that the rights to non-exclusive (when the same functionality is made available to different people) license without the right to sublicense - transfer to others. The right to use the license implies the right to use updates, changes and additions to digital services, unless otherwise stipulated by the developer (clause 2.3).

      Limits (requests) not used within the subscription validity period are not transferred to the next period. Money for them is not refunded (clause 3.4).

      The company gives no guarantees of error-free and uninterrupted service. Everything is provided "as is" (clause 4.2.8).

      Customer Service

      Support for customers of the service is carried out:

      • By phone (the number is known to Advanced and Enterprise package owners).
      • By e-mail: [email protected]
      • Through online chat or the feedback form on the site.
      • In the company's social networking groups.

      The basic questions are answered in the knowledge base (FAQ) and manuals, and the most interesting mechanisms are in the cases.


      Is Serpstat a scam?

      Serpstat - is a registered brand, but we were unable to confirm the registration of its legal owner, Serpstat Global Limited. In the public government registers of Cyprus, whose laws regulate legal relations with customers, and Seychelles, which are specified in the address, there is no mention of the organization. Nevertheless, the number of mentions of the developer in reputable media leaves no doubt that it operates legally.

      The service's policies are in the public domain; anyone can read them. For the most part, the terms are typical (even providing services "as is" is a common phenomenon). The unpleasant thing is the auto-renewal, when the subscription fee is deducted without agreement with the client, as soon as the prepaid period is over. This is also pointed out by the authors of critical reviews. And yet most consumers like the developer's SEO tools. It is doubtful that Serpstat is a scam. We only recommend that you carefully study the policies of the resource before subscribing.



      Serpstat - is a tool and option-rich platform for optimizers, webmasters, copywriters, optimization agents and business executives of all sizes. The developer's database contains about 5 billion keywords. You can work through a profile or customizable API. The latter, however, is forbidden to use for commercial purposes, which greatly narrows the range of its possibilities.

      The site has many cases, guides, and other infomaterials. In addition, the company conducts free seminars and has launched an academy with a set of lessons of 3 levels of complexity. Reviews about Serpstat are mostly positive. What customers do not like is primarily the auto-renewal of subscriptions, when at the end of the prepaid period, money is debited from the card without permission for future subscriptions. The option can only be disabled by requesting the support team, and this takes time.

      Variety of tools
      Customer Service


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        Variety of tools
        Customer Service
        Attention! Scammers!

        They charged us money even though we hadn’t used the service for a long time. They refused to make a refund, and a week or two later they blocked the account!

        • Used to be a convenient service
        • Terrible tech support, they charge money, blocked paid accounts
      • 1
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        Variety of tools
        Customer Service
        They embezzled money and cut off access

        I paid for a year’s rate. At the beginning of the year they blocked my account, they didn’t even let me upload my data, not to mention the money. For a second, the Serpstat service stole more than 100,000 rubles from me. Which I transferred back at the beginning of the year. Their manager blocked my… Read more

      • 1
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        Variety of tools
        Customer Service
        Swine attitude, I don't recommend it to anyone

        They just blocked my account with all my money. I think that’s just porky. Yes, you may have your own opinion on what’s going on in the world, but that doesn’t give you the right to steal my money.

        I do not advise anyone to use this service, tomorrow they will not like something else, they will block… Read more

      • 1
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        Variety of tools
        Customer Service
        Worst product on the market

        The key is not crooked software. Serpstat is unique because of its absolutely defective support. Experts"specialists" are unable to deal with elementary problems, feeding them breakfasts and empty promises. Moreover — they just took and blocked hundreds of accounts from Russia, refusing to… Read more

      • 1
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        Variety of tools
        Customer Service
        Cock service. They try to screw you from the first minute

        When you buy any package, your card is automatically linked to auto-pay and used as your own, even if you don’t use the service anymore. When you contact them with a request for a refund, they throw some reference to the contract, which says that you will not get anything back and you yourself with I… Read more

        • There aren't any. Everything is raw. Servers hang and you can't download reports.
        • Money launderers
        • No loyalty program
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