Get Your Money Back from Your Broker? Chargeback Instructions

Trading in Financial Markets The risks are associated with the peculiarities of these markets, the difficulty of predicting the price movements of various assets. But apart from these quite understandable risks, which are undertaken by every trader starting to work on the market, there are also risks related to the fact that a trader can run into a fraudulent broker.

This is a kind of SCAM, sites created with only one goal - to get money from gullible people who register at such sites, enter here payment details, usually their bank cards and transfer funds. However, when the trader makes a profit and wants to withdraw his honestly earned money, he is refused, hiding behind various excuses. You can read more about such cases in in the complaints section of our website. Here we publish the real stories of people who fell into the trap of such scam projects, scam brokers.

Is it realistic to get money back from a fraud broker?

This is real. But only if you deposited money into your account with Visa and Mastercard (Yandex.Money, Qiwi, WebMoney services do not participate in refunds). Besides, not more than 540 days must pass from the moment of transaction. Such procedures are called chargeback and are gaining popularity online today. In addition, it is important to prepare properly for this procedure, for this you can use proven companies, for example, Unicorn Chargeback.

When is it impossible to get money back from a scammer?

There are situations when, unfortunately, you will not be able to get back the money you transferred to the scammer:

  • When a trader does not know how to properly do the chargeback procedure.
  • When there is not enough capital on the account to return to the card (that is, the speculator has spent all the capital on trading). However, even here you can get your money back, especially in cases where the analyst is intentionally dictating losing trades to you in order to "drain" everything.
  • When there are problems in the system. Here it is enough to wait for the platform to work properly and contact the support team.

What should you do if you still have to pay for a chargeback and what is this procedure? We'll find out in our material.

Get Your Money Back from Your Broker? Chargeback Instructions

What is a chargeback?

Chargeback is a procedure of protesting transactions by the issuing bank, when the money is debited from the recipient (acquiring bank) and returned to the payer, and then the obligation to prove the truth of the transaction rests with the recipient (Wikipedia). You can say that this is the procedure for the bank to cancel the transaction on the card and return the money to it. When you can use the service:

  • If payments were made using Visa and Mastercard (and up to 540 days have passed since the payment was made),
  • In case of double debit,
  • When paying for goods in an amount that differs from the purchase price,
  • When the date and time of the transaction do not match,
  • In cases where money has been charged for services you did not use,
  • When a service or service is not of proper quality, etc.

Typical problems with withdrawal

The main refund problems are related to the fact that you deposited your money at the broker yourself, you entered your card details yourself and no one forced you to do it. The bank will ask you a lot of questions, without having prepared the answers to which you increase the probability of refusing your money back several times.

You must be able to prove to the bank that you have fulfilled all the conditions of work on the site, have verification confirmed by the broker's manager, have worked off the bonuses that the broker has provided you with. You need to prepare a solid proof base for that: an agreement with the broker, screenshots of correspondence, account movements, etc. In this case, a professional lawyer with experience of negotiations with the bank and successfully completed refund operations will help you.

Get your money back from a binary options broker

There are a lot of Binary options brokersand, to be honest, only some of them can be called as such. A lot of company sites appear almost every day, they have no reputation or regulation. There are resources created simply to collect money and do not pay clients anything. Here I would like to advise traders not to transfer money to cards of individuals and personal wallets of brokers, as even the police will throw up their hands here.

If your broker is a reliable company that values its reputation, it will not deceive you, impose bonuses and promotions on you in case of withdrawal of capital from the platform, which you did not use. You should also remember that even if you work with a seemingly strong company, situations might arise (the broker withdraws from the market, has financial problems, etc.) and they will not be able to pay you back your capital. This also happens. Therefore, to find a really proven and leading market organization on the Internet, you will have to devote a lot of time to it, to study the rating of binary brokers, reviews of companies.

To get money back from a forex broker

In Russia right now, the services trading in the forex market not many companies can offer. They have to be licensed, to work in accordance with the law. There are also brokers that do not have a license, registration (or it is registration in the offshore zone), but they are actively advertised, attract traders too tempting offers, bonuses, promotions.

If in the case of a regulated organization you only have to write a letter to the regulator of the broker, with unregulated companies it is much more complicated and there is a high probability of being left with the problem "one-on-one". To avoid this happening, choose the company you want to work with carefully, use the current forex brokers rating, read user reviews platforms. It is more reliable to work with organizations that have a license to carry out activities in the field of finance. Such brokers watch their reputation, the opinion of each client is important to them, because in the case of complaints they can lose their license.

Get money back from another fraudulent organization on the Internet

In addition to forex brokers and brokers of binary options in the network, there are many financial institutions, which require the transfer of money from the bank card (ico , HYIPs, cryptocurrency exchanges etc.). Here again, you are not immune to fraudsters who seem to have competently ico-projectBut in the end it will all turn out to be just a trap, a bait, which was created to collect your money. To avoid this, it is worth carefully studying the project, the registration of the organization, the availability of licenses. The news background of the project and the opinion of industry leaders about it (for example, the opinion of the leaders of the cryptocurrency community about the exchange, about the project for collecting investments) will also help here. If you have used the services of a company on the Internet and have not received the goods, or they are of poor quality, it is worth to apply for a chargeback as soon as possible.

How do I get my money back from a fraudulent broker?

In fact, there are not many ways to get your money back and they all boil down to the chargeback procedure. There are a lot of ads on the Internet now, which are literally waiting for us everywhere. If you type "How can I get my money back if my broker cheated?" into your Google or Yandex browser, you will see a lot of these sites ready to help you get your money back, among which there are honest companies, such as Unicorn Chargeback (go online), and scammers, but more about that below. So how do you get your money back from a scam broker?

First, as soon as possible understand that you are being cheated. We always advise after registering with a broker to deposit a minimum deposit, make a few minimum bets and then try to withdraw your money. In case of any incomprehensible bounces from the broker's side, you should make a decision about withdrawing your money immediately. The sooner you do it, the more chances for the bank to approve the return of your money.

There is also a nuance to be noted: after depositing money into your account, look either in the online bank or in the incoming SMS confirmation, where exactly your money went: it is important that it went exactly to where you transferred it. It often happens that the client registered on the site, but the statement indicated a different company name (that is, at least 2 kitchens use the same bank account), or the money goes through an intermediary. So, if the money is just going to another company, you can get it back, if through an intermediary - here it is more difficult to do something, everything will depend on the intermediary. An adequate broker will accept your money into his account, he does not need unnecessary commissions for the processing of the payment, if the platform can not credit itself - this is already suspicious and should alert you.

Second, don't tell the broker that you intend to make a chargeback. On the contrary, keep quiet for as long as possible and pretend that you are looking for money for your account. Otherwise you will not scare the broker, on the contrary, his manager will either "dump your deposit" or you will be given some paper, which will then turn out to be a waiver on your part. Further, the broker only has to show it to the bank and conclude that you are the cheater. This is one of the common scenarios of fraudulent companies.

Choose a lawyer or apply for a refund yourself to the bank. Why do we say "choose a lawyer"? It's simple. The bank is not very much interested in the refund, the problem is that your money was not stolen from the card, you deposited it yourself and with your own hands made bets on the trading platform. Now, according to Russian law, you can appeal any payment within 24 hours and you have to get it back. You can also send a claim to the bank for this within a month.

But, if the term of the payment is more than 540 days, it is unlikely that you can do something on your own. However, if your payment is still being processed, or has already passed 2 years, there is an opportunity to return the money, especially if it is a large amount, here everything is individual and you need to work properly with your situation. Remember also that the bank will ask you various tricky questions, by answering them incorrectly, you can only make the whole refund process worse. Therefore, we recommend that you contact proven lawyers who have been working in this field for more than a year.

What is a chargeback? How can I get my money back from a fraudulent broker?

List of chargeback companies

The companyBonusesRegistration

How to properly apply for a chargeback?

You have decided to conduct a refund through your own efforts. In order for the chargeback to be successful for you, keep the following rules in mind:

1. Check, Is the capital refund procedure even possible in your case?:

  • Funds were deposited from Visa/Mastercard to the brokerage company itself or to a payment intermediary, but in no case to the cards of individuals, private wallets and cryptocurrencies (read the whole truth about cryptocurrency here).
  • No more than 540 days have passed since you deposited the money.
  • The brokerage company must have the money to pay you back. But even if the company has already closed down and its website is no longer working, the bank must withhold money from it as a reserve for customer claims, which the bank itself will pay from a special frozen account.

2. If you apply for a refund quickly, the chance that the process will end in your favor will be more realistic. You'll be able to gather all the documents, get advice from a professional lawyer, and send the documents to the bank and wait for their letter.

3. Prepare screenshots of the personal account, the step-by-step deposit, operations on the account (bets in the platform, etc.), correspondence with the manager of the broker, those facts that will prove that the services were not provided or provided poorly.

4. 4. enclose a copy of the contract with your broker, from which you can learn the list of services of the company. Instead of the contract, it can be the rules of the project, which are usually presented on the company's website at the very bottom ("footer"). It is important to keep them as of the moment of the first deposit into the account, since companies change them all the time without notifying users.

5. Then send your refund application to the broker as soon as possible, and if he is silent, it is better to contact the bank where you received the card. You have to be careful here, because banks can deliberately drag out the deadlines and postpone answering dates. This is where you can easily lose your time.

6. You will need to properly draw up a claim, and you do not need to specify its reason as fraud, because the bank will send you to the police. Then the process of investigation will drag on for a long time. It is better to indicate the reason: "failure to provide services by the broker", "services provided in insufficient quality".

If you have decided to process and apply for a refund yourself, remember, first of all, that it is a complicated procedure that requires preparation. Even if you correctly collect all the necessary documents, take screenshots of your personal account, and confirm transactions, all of this data you have to pass on to the bank for work and it is not easy either. Most often the bank is not interested in you getting the money, in addition, not all employees of the institution know about the correct refund procedure, so you will have to spend time to find such a specialist.

When you finally give your documents to an officer, you may have questions waiting for you, and unprepared answers to those questions can only make things worse. All this only delays the consideration of your application, and time in this case plays against you and, if the process of consideration of your application becomes more complicated, most likely you will not see the money at all. Here we would like to advise you to contact either a professional lawyer who has experience in dealing with these situations, or to work with companies that provide refund assistance services. This way you will speed up the process of the claim, it will increase the chance of still seeing your money on the card.

How to properly apply for a chargeback?

Scammers offering a chargeback service, how do they work?

There are now many companies on the Internet offering legal services to recover money from dishonest brokers and other companies. Strange as it may sound, but among such intermediaries there are many swindlers (about 99% such companies are engaged only in increasing the number of applications at best, usually they take the money and immediately disappear). Let's talk about how they work:

  • They will find out your contact information and the details of your situation.
  • They can advise you another broker, i.e. tell you: "yes, you are unlucky, you chose a bad broker, but we can advise you a good one". Don't believe that.
  • They can charge you an upfront fee and do nothing.
  • They draw you in with a one-page site that contains supposedly reliable material about their extensive experience with chargebacks; however, there is no practical information about the company's price list for its services, or about the procedure for conducting a chargeback.
  • They draw you in with a test to estimate the likelihood of getting your money back on the site. Do not rely on its results, which will always be positive.
  • Scammers immediately promise a 100% guarantee of your money back. Don't believe it, because a serious company knows for sure that you can't predict how much money you'll get back in the end.
  • They find out your phone number in the broker databases and call you wanting to help you get justice, and their services are not free.
  • They can operate simultaneously on several sites with different names, attracting you with contextual advertising, promising headlines; clicking on the links, you get to the site of the same fraudulent organization.
  • They insist on prepaying for services, because it will improve the result of work, "your application will be considered first," etc.; at the same time, serious companies offer several rates for work, ready to help you even if you intend to conduct your own chargeback.
  • Scammers promise to help you, even if you yourself have lost your deposit and the broker does not really owe you anything. Then, after getting your money, they disappear, and you are left with nothing and only lose precious time.
  • They present themselves as foreign lawyers (e.g. Heinrich Miller, Alexander Winner, etc.), but they speak excellent Russian, may even try to speak in Ukrainian, ready to help you in your situation. In fact, a European lawyer definitely does not need to work with defrauded Russian traders, he cannot help the trader either physically or legally.
  • They promise to help you through their "connections" with the broker, the commission. Often such "assistants" are even paid by traders for business trips, flights to different countries, hotel accommodation, etc.
  • They promise to work without prepayment for a commission of about 10% - as a result, they allegedly withdraw the money to European banks, the clients are given poorly processed in Photoshop bank documents. In this case, the bank may even call you "employees" or write to your e-mail that the money taken from the broker is already in their account and you only need to pay a fee for the transfer to a Russian account (for the unblocking / bribe due to sanctions / insurance account) and tax and only then the money will come to your card. Such scams of customers today are the most common, you should be careful and keep in mind that:

1. No European or any bank will ever be able to open an account without the participation of the client, because it requires a notarial power of attorney.

2. All commissions and taxes, if suddenly your money comes to your card, are deducted from this amount, so at any broker, even those with a license from the Central Bank, you can't pay anything extra.

How do you choose a company that will give you your money back?

  • It must be registered in the RF, its details must be on the website. You can check the company's details on the only official website of the Federal Tax Service, (go online), where you have to enter the TIN. This will tell you whether the company exists and who it was registered with. If you know the details of the head of the company, you can find out on the Internet what he does.
  • It is worth tracking down and information that the company not only has an official registration, but also responsible for his words, if he says he is working for 15 years, you should check how long the site, you can use a special service SiteSpy (view site).
  • It is important to understand that real lawyers and attorneys do not do chargebacks at all, because they take care of their reputations. An ordinary lawyer does not have the knowledge and capabilities to understand banking and electronic payments. If anyone can help you, only lawyers-experts in the field of administrative process, and such in our country only a few people. What do lawyers do when they "help" you with a chargeback? They write a statement of claim to the bank and thereby deprive you of your last hope of getting your money back, and there are many such stories too.
  • Cases involving fraudulent resellers are so complex that it is impossible to deal with divorce, inheritance, and chargebacks all at the same time. It is worth going to a specialist who deals only with chargebacks, because in this area you always have to "keep your hand on the pulse": scammers change every day, "re-shoe" (that is, the same people open and close kitchens several times, etc.), improve their websites and offers for you.

How do you choose a company that will give you your money back?


You can get back the money you transferred to a fraudulent broker, but not always. Choose your broker carefully. Be careful about the money you transfer to the broker. If you do have to resort to a chargeback service, it is better to use the help of professionals to speed up the process and get your capital back.

Remember that it is possible to withdraw capital, but not when an illiterate trader makes mistakes already at the stage of registering an account with the broker. For the most part, the money is lost through the trader's own fault. Therefore, study the conditions of work with the broker, keep all screenshots of correspondence, work with the account, etc. If you encounter a fraudster, use the chargeback procedure by contacting a trusted company, such as Unicorn Chargeback (go online).

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  • Refunds can be done by yourself. Do not rush to run to the money-laundering companies, about which there is a lot of negativity on the Internet, at least check it. The procedure according to the MPS regulations, nothing else can be done there, so read the VISA MASTERCARD DISPUTE and it says it all. You have done it, you have submitted it to the bank and are waiting. Just sit down and read. I have done everything myself everything is possible!

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