Pocket Option: Trading Conditions for Binary Options Traders

Published:8 June 2024 Updated:14 June 2024

Pocket Option is one of the leading binary options brokers, gaining popularity among traders worldwide. The platform offers a simple and intuitive interface for binary options trading. Before starting with any broker, it is important to thoroughly review the trading conditions. These include minimum trades and deposits, spreads and commissions, account types, and bonus offers. Understanding these aspects will help traders make an informed decision on whether Pocket Option meets their investment goals and requirements. Knowing the platform’s rules in advance will help avoid disappointments and losses in the future. Let’s examine the key trading conditions so you can assess how well this broker suits you.

Minimum Trade Sizes and Deposits

One of the crucial criteria when choosing a broker is the size of minimum trades and deposits. Pocket Option offers a low entry threshold, making it accessible for traders with varying financial capabilities. The minimum amount to open a trade on Pocket Option is $1. This allows beginners to start trading with small investments and gain experience without risking large amounts.

The minimum initial deposit ranges from $5 to $50 depending on the funding method. For comparison, popular brokers such as IQ Option (go to site) have a minimum deposit of $10, and Binomo (go to site) – $5-10. Low minimum trade sizes and deposits are one of Pocket Option’s main advantages over competitors. This enables even traders with limited starting capital to trade binary options.

With the right approach and risk strategy adherence, they can gradually increase their deposit. However, due to the low minimum, small account balances can quickly deplete with unsuccessful trades. Therefore, experienced traders recommend having a certain starting capital for comfortable trading.

Spreads and Commissions

The spread for binary options is the difference between the purchase price (call option) and the sale price (put option) of the same asset. Essentially, the spread represents the broker’s commission for providing the opportunity to trade binaries. The smaller the spread, the more favorable the conditions for the trader.

At Pocket Option, spreads vary depending on the type of asset. For popular currency pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, the spread is usually 1-3 points. For less liquid currency pairs, the spread can be wider – up to 5-10 points.

For indices, stocks, and commodity assets, Pocket Option spreads are also relatively low – within 0.5-5% of the asset’s current price. For example, the spread on gold is usually around 0.5-1.5%, and on oil – 1-3%.

It is important to note that Pocket Option does not charge additional fees for account funding and withdrawals. You transfer exactly the amount you plan to use for trading, without any hidden charges. Thanks to moderate spreads and no fees for deposits/withdrawals, Pocket Option’s trading conditions can be considered very favorable for traders compared to some other binary options brokers on the market.

Available Account Types

Pocket Option offers traders seven different types of trading accounts to choose from. This allows traders to select the most suitable option depending on deposit size, experience, and preferences. The basic Wanderer account is available to all new clients without any minimum deposit requirements. It has the standard functionality of the platform and is suitable for getting acquainted with binary options.

The Beginner and Experienced accounts require deposits of $50 and $500, respectively. They provide access to additional options such as participation in tournaments, trading on MT5, and personal discounts in the marketplace. Higher-tier accounts like Master ($5,000), Professional ($20,000), and Guru ($50,000+) are intended for advanced traders with substantial capital. Their main advantages include increased trade profitability, a personal manager, priority withdrawal processing, and an extended set of indicators.

Thus, the higher the account type, the more privileges and favorable conditions Pocket Option offers its clients. The only criterion for opening a particular account is the size of the initial deposit. The multi-level account system is one of the broker’s strong points, allowing both beginners and experienced investors to select the most comfortable trading conditions based on their goals and capabilities.

Bonus Program

One of the key features of Pocket Option that attracts new traders is the diverse bonus and promotions program. The broker offers several types of incentives:

  • A welcome bonus of 50% of the first account deposit. It is available to new clients after activating a promo code when making a deposit of $100 or more. The maximum bonus amount is $5,000.
  • A reload bonus of up to 20% is available to all clients when topping up their trading account. The bonus amount depends on the deposit size.

Risk-free trades allow traders to compensate for a certain number of unsuccessful trades at the broker’s expense in case of losses. Additionally, clients can earn interest on the trading deposit amount up to 20% per annum and participate in regular trading contests with valuable prizes.

To receive most bonuses, a trading turnover condition must be met – making trades amounting to several times the size of the bonus itself. After this, the bonus funds can be withdrawn from the system. Many trader reviews indicate that Pocket Option’s bonus program provides an excellent opportunity to increase the initial deposit and gain additional advantages for successful trading. When following the rules, bonuses are a good support for both beginners and experienced investors.


We have reviewed the key trading conditions that the binary options broker Pocket Option offers its clients. In summary, the key points are:

  • Low minimum trade sizes ($1) and deposits (from $5) make the platform accessible for traders with varying levels of capital.
  • Moderate spreads within 0.5-5% and no fees for deposits/withdrawals ensure favorable trading conditions.
  • A multi-level account system allows selecting the most convenient option based on experience and deposit size.
  • A diverse bonus program provides an opportunity to increase initial capital and gain additional advantages.

Pocket Option’s trading conditions can be considered very attractive for both novice traders and experienced investors with substantial capital. They set the company apart from many other binary options brokers. However, the final decision on cooperation should be made after familiarizing oneself with other key aspects of the company’s operations – licensing, trading platform, and reviews Pocket Option from real traders.

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