The best indicator strategies for binary options - three variants of effective systems

Published: 27 July 2016 Updated: April 8, 2022

Specialists binary trading and professionals at the highest level believe that to trade in the market options The most effective variety of systems are indicator systems strategies. It is difficult to disagree with such a statement. With the help of automatic programs, which use a large amount of information on market fluctuations, it is possible to form the most accurate forecast for the option contract. Of course, there are a lot of indicator strategies, all of them are attractive in their own way, but there are systems with the highest efficiency and accuracy of signals, a selection of which we would like to present to you.


Indicator strategy "Crowford"

This type of indicator strategy uses a set of 4 automatic indicators whose task is to detect trend reversals and filter out false signals. Such an approach leads to formation of a clear forecast for the mid-term market movement which allows getting the highest results in binary trading. So, we set such system indicators on the chart:

  • Indicator RSI 55 with level 50
  • Indicator MACD (standard)
  • Indicator MA 100
  • Indicator Alligator (standard)

It is necessary to execute contracts in the market by binary option UP on such signals of the trading system:

  • The RSI indicator and the MACD indicator crossed their trend change levels of 50 and 0, respectively, upwards.
  • Alligator muvings crossed the MA indicator line upwards

Indicator strategy "Crowford"

Ordering a binary option down should be done by signals in reverse interpretation. The system allows trading options with a fairly wide range of expirations. The most effective is the period from 180 seconds to 15 minutes. In such trading mode on the binary market you will get more than 80% trades with positive results.

It is worth emphasizing that when using indicator strategies in trading, it is necessary to use the broker's terminal, which has a specialized indicator service (set). Nowadays it is rather problematic, only a limited number of companies offer such binary trading platforms on the market. The terminal of the broker Binomo, equipped with all the professional analysis tools, is the most optimal one according to all the indicators.


Indicator strategy "Clapper"

This trading strategy is a slightly modified interpretation of the previous system. It uses the same indicators - MACD and RSI, as well as the MA indicator with different setting periods. Such a combination of indicator settings and their list allows for trading in narrow time ranges, in other words, turbo options with expiration time up to 300 seconds. Such time range of contracts requires more accurate setting of technical means, but it allows making up to 85% contracts with profitable results. So, it is necessary to set the chart of quotations:

  • RSI indicator with level 50 and period of dynamic line 35
  • MACD indicator (standard)
  • Indicator MA 50
  • MA 25 indicator

UP contracts are executed according to the following signals of the trading system indicators:

  • Indicators RSI and MACD indicated a change in the trend by crossing upward their central levels
  • MA indicator lines have crossed in the upward direction

Indicator strategy "Clapper"

The system of signals for binary trading option DOWN has this view on the trading chart:

Indicator strategy "Clapper"

In this interpretation of the indicator settings and the construction of their system we will get a higher dynamics of signal formation for trading, which will help to use in binary trading turbo options.

For this trading system it is necessary to apply stricter rules of risk management - money management. In trading it is necessary to use only the minimum amount of funds, the broker Binomo for these purposes provides contracts with an initial value of 1 USD.


Indicator strategy "Frost Channel"

The application of the trading algorithm as an indicator strategy in dynamic market fluctuation channels constructed by the Bollinger Waves indicator has always been considered as one of the most effective approaches of binary trading. However, the classic strategy based on this channel indicator has given a rather large number of failures, thereby reducing its effectiveness. We have developed a system of indicators that very clearly identifies market reversals and generates signals for 15 minute options. To make the system work, we set the following trading system indicators on the chart:

  • Indicator EMA 15
  • EMA 10 indicator
  • EMA 5 indicator
  • Indicator Bollinger Waves (standard)
  • RSI 21 indicator

We carry out the execution of the contract up when the middle line of the Bollinger Wave indicator breaks the bundle of lines of the EMA indicator and the growth of the muving indicator RSI above the scale level of 50:

Indicator strategy "Frost Channel"

Accordingly, the signal to trade DOWN will be the formation of the inverse indicators of the trading system:

Indicator strategy "Frost Channel"

The statistical efficiency of this indicator strategy, obtained during testing and practical use, is 87% contracts with a profitable result, which makes this system an optimally profitable trading strategy option.

We have presented you with indicator strategies for binary options, the efficiency level of which exceeds 80%. Any of the presented trading systems will be an excellent tool for market analysis and will bring high results in binary trading.

It is worth recalling the rules of money management, which should be used in conjunction with these indicator systems - use the minimum volumes for contracts, with the growth of funds on the deposit set the limit value of the transaction at a level no higher than 3% of the total capital. The minimum parameters of trading conditions will help you Binomo broker.

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