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Registration on the site of Pocket Option broker

On the front page of the binary options broker’s website Pocket Option (https://pocketoption.com). There is also a registration console on the right side.

Bonus 50% when topping up from $50 – code 50START (Use)
Bonus 50% when depositing from $100 – code WELCOME50 (Use)

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You can sign up through a Facebook or Google account. When registering via Facebook, Pocket Option requests access to your profile name and photo and email address.

pocketoption.com registration on the site

Next, you need to click the “Continue as…” button, after which a demo mode opens up and three actions to choose from.

pocketoption.com demo mode

When registering via email, the address and password are entered. The user, of course, must read and, if he agrees, accept the Service Agreement and click “Register”. After this, the user immediately enters the demo mode. But the email will come with a request to confirm (verify) the address. If the client clicks the button in the letter, he will go to his online account at Pocket Option where he will be asked to verify his personality instead of the address. It is necessary to specify the real name and surname, attach a scan of the document proving identity, specify the country and other information.

In case of registration via Facebook or Google account, later the service will still require to verify the email address and then the identity. An email from Pocket Option with a login and password to enter the site will be sent to the email to which the Facebook account is registered. Identity verification is actually obligatory, because without it it will be impossible to withdraw money from this exchange. After registration you can choose the following actions:

  • “continue demo trading” (if in the English interface, “continue demo trading”);
  • go to a real account with the “how to earn real money with us” button;
  • to read the instructions on how to use the “video tutorial” button (video tutorial).

What is available immediately after registration?

When entering demo mode, the user will find in the upper right part of the interface the entrance to his profile through the avatar with the designation of the original status “Wanderer”. To the left of the avatar there is an offer to activate a bonus. It will be available after you make your first deposit. If you click on the blue arrow, a drop-down menu with profile settings will appear. On the left side of the drop-down menu is the name (if no name, then Unknown Client), ID, email, demo account status, and IP location of the user.

Pocket Option trading platform

The lower part of the drop-down menu contains the statistics of the real account on the trading day and the status of the mail and personality. In the right part of the drop-down menu there are general functions of the service: profile, deposit, withdrawal, notifications and so on. Notifications are marked with a red dot, but they are opened in the section on the left side of the interface, before the trading terminal in the section where there are also “Chats”, “Channels”, search line of the chat and channel and transition to the support service. When registering and logging in to the site for the first time, the user receives three messages. The notifications open in a new tab of the browser, in the “Support Service” section.

Bonus 50% when topping up from $50 – code 50START (Use)
Bonus 50% when depositing from $100 – code WELCOME50 (Use)


Chats, Support, Channels

The system of support of clients on Pocket Option is a little confused, but let’s try to understand it. In the notification section, in the letter from “Support service” (it is necessary to click on it), the client gets acquainted with the personal manager, it is possible to ask questions and ask for help at once. The support has a window for questions, you can write in it, the message can be accompanied by attachments, one or two, in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .pdf formats. Also, the personal manager offers to read the User’s Guide at the active link.

For a user who has just registered, only this “Helpdesk” is available. If you click on the appropriate button at the top, you can view the requests already sent or create a new request. The request is assigned a number. On the same page, on the left, in the list of chats, there is “Chat Support”. There is also a “Chat Support” button at the top right. If you click on “Support Chat” on the left, the customer will see an announcement that the chat is only available to customers with a Beginner profile level.

If you click on “Chat support” at the top, the client will be offered to go to a real Live account or stay in the demo mode. The transition to the real account is possible after depositing, accordingly, if you click “Deposit now”, then a page with a choice of methods of deposit will open. If “Continue Demo Trading”, the client returns to the terminal in demo mode.

You can see what customer levels are if you click on the active link in the announcement in the “Support Chat” on the left side of the interface. “Wanderer” is the status of the user immediately after registration, if the deposit is still zero. Status “Beginner” is assigned when the balance is less than $100. And only after the deposit of $100 and above, the user receives the status of “Beginner”. As for the “Channels” section, which is placed after the list of Chats, it contains analytical information, news and Promos. The “Promos” subsection contains bonus announcements, promo codes, and more.

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