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Gshopper is an online store selling famous brands. Fast delivery from warehouses in Europe, low prices, favorable discounts and buyer protection.
Online store
Official website
Head Office
160 Robinson Road, #06-01, SBF Center Singapore, 068914
Date of foundation
The owner of the company
Gshopper International Private Limited
Types of support
Feedback form on the site[email protected]FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedin
Social media
English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, German, Japanese
Payment methods
Bank card (Visa/MC), PayPal, American Express
Buying on credit
Store category
Digital and household appliances, Furniture and household goods, Beauty and health, Goods for children, Hypermarkets
Project Features
Online store of famous brands at low prices
Additional services
Knowledge Base
Order Tracking
Project regions
The whole world
Shipping methods
Transportation companies, self-delivery
Delivery mode
Round the clockDepending on the chosen shipping company
Delivery time
From 2 days
Free shipping terms
Free Shipping
Mobile applications
There are mobile apps (iOS / Android)
Affiliate Program
RegistrationCommission 3-8% for a paid order
Low prices
Wide assortment
Easy ordering
Fast delivery anywhere in the world
Good deals and discounts
There are delays in delivery
No warranty service
Order Tracking Failures
Regulatory agencies and laws
Singapore Revenue Service
Company requisites
Overall assessment
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      160 Robinson Road, #06-01, SBF Center Singapore, 068914

      Gshopper is this a scam? Reviews and description

      Published: February 16, 2021 Updated: February 15, 2023

      Gshopper offers products from manufacturers in Japan, France, Korea, USA and other countries. The company has offices in many cities around the world, particularly Pasadena, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Melbourne, Moscow and Seoul.
      Gshopper International Private Limited was founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Yogirl Yoon. Let's find out if it's a scam online store Gshopper.


      Why Gshopper?

      The company has 136 warehouses from which it delivers goods within 2-7 days after shipment. The online store supports 14 currencies and is translated into 8 languages. Pros of Gshopper:

          • Fast shipping.
          • Products of popular brands: Apple, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Meizu, etc.
          • Convenient return and exchange procedure.
          • Large assortment.
          • Responsive customer service.

      What can I buy at

      The Gshopper catalog has eight categories:

          • Electronics. It sells smartphones, smart watches, robot vacuum cleaners, humidifiers and other electronics from China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Italy and other countries.
          • Cosmetics. This category contains perfumes and cosmetics, nourishing creams, decorative cosmetics, etc.
          • Health. In this category you can buy vitamin complexes, dietary supplements, children's vitamins, etc.
          • Goods for home. This category contains home, kitchen and bath products. Here you can buy water filters, wallpaper, dishes, home textiles, air fresheners, etc.
          • Baby Products. This category is represented by such baby products as baby clothes, baby diapers, toys, baby textiles, baby food, baby transport, etc.
          • Equipment. Here you can find massagers, electronic scales, medical masks, tonometers, thermometers and other medical devices.
          • Outdoor. Backpacks, leather lanyards, watch straps, sunglasses, wallets and belts, jewelry, travel bags, hosiery, leggings for weight loss, handbags, etc. are represented here.
          • Clothing. This category is represented by various accessories, as well as men's and women's clothing and shoes. Here you will find clothes and shoes from manufacturers in China, Japan, South Korea, USA, Italy, and Germany.


      How do I find what I want in Gshopper?

      You can search for products in Gshopper in the catalog categories as well as in the storefront. The storefront includes such selections as "Best Brands", "Favorite Categories", "Xiaomi", "Smart Home", and "Recommendations".

      Product card

      Information about the product is presented in the product card. In the product card you will find a brief description, technical specifications, customer reviews and information about the manufacturer. From the product card you can add it to your cart, buy it in one click or add it to your wish list.


      How do I order from Gshopper?

      Order goods from you can do after registering. Registration on the site is available to users from any country in the world. Registration is free and takes 5 minutes.

      How do I register at

      To register, click the "Sign In" button at the top center of the page. Then click on the "Register" button. Registration on the site is available by email or cell phone. After selecting the option, fill in the registration information and click on the "Register" button.

      After that, a verification code will be sent to your e-mail or phone. It must be entered in the appropriate field to confirm the account. The verification code is valid for 30 minutes from the time of its request. After entering the verification code, click on the button "Verify", after verification an account will be created for you.

      Personal Cabinet

      The Gshopper account is simple and straightforward. Here you will find the following sections:

          • Profile. This page contains your profile information. Here you can additionally fill in data such as phone number, gender and date of birth. In this tab you can also change your password.
          • Orders. Here you can find complete information about all your orders.
          • Addresses. For quick ordering, specify the country, city and delivery address here. When all the data is filled in, click "Save" and the delivery address will be filled in automatically.

      How to place an order?

      After filling in all the data in the personal cabinet it will take you no more than 10 minutes to place your order. To place your order, select a product on the site and put it in the cart. Go to the cart and check the list of purchases. Click on the "Checkout" button. After that, fill in the missing data for delivery, enter the promo code number and write in the comments of the order. After filling in all the details, click on the "Place Order" button. After your order is confirmed by a manager, you can pay for it in any convenient way.

      Additional features

      From additional features of the online store the purchaser is available:

      Knowledge Base

      If there's something you don't understand about the site, ordering, payment, or receiving your order, visit our FAQs page. Here you'll find answers to frequent customer questions. Here you'll find out how you can return the product, how to pay for it, how much the delivery costs, how to find out when the product will be in stock, etc.

      Order Tracking

      After the order is placed and paid for, the buyer receives an e-mail or phone notification of the shipment. A tracking number is available in the notification for tracking.


      Mobile application

      The Gshopper mobile app offers thousands of products. Here you can keep track of new products and create your list of favorites. The mobile app offers order tracking, customer support feedback and fast checkout. The Gshopper mobile app is available on Google Play and AppStore.


      Payment and Shipping at Gshopper

      Cooperating with the leading shipping companies the Gshopper online store offers fast delivery to any part of the world, as well as various methods of payment.

      How do I pay for my order at Gshopper?

      For international orders on the Gshopper website payment is available by Visa, Mastercard and American Express bank cards. You can also pay for your order using the payment center PayPal. To avoid unpleasant situations, we recommend that readers pay for their orders using PayPal. This payment option will allow you to get a quick refund if your order doesn't arrive or arrives damaged.

      Ways to deliver the product

      The online store Gshopper delivers goods anywhere in the world. Delivery is made by transportation companies. The choice of shipping company depends on the country of shipment and the country of the recipient. When ordering you will see an estimated delivery time and receive a tracking number.

      Ways to return merchandise

      In accordance with the return policy you may return items purchased from Gshopper within 14 days of receipt. At the same time, you may return goods of both proper and improper quality. To return a product you must file a written request to our customer support service. Support operators will give detailed instructions on how to return the product. Returned merchandise must be in the original packaging. The online store will refund the money spent within 7 working days after receiving the product back to the warehouse. Money will be returned in the same way as it was paid.



      The Gshopper online store has no "Promotions" or "Sale" pages. You can find out about new promotions in the service mailing list or on the main page, where discounted products are shown. To subscribe you need to enter your e-mail address and click on the "Subscribe" button.


      If you want to get even more discount coupons, subscribe to the official Facebook and Twitter pages of the online store. By subscribing to the company's social networks, you will receive individual promo codes, be able to participate in various contests and receive additional gifts.

      Affiliate Program

      Gshopper collaborates with a CPA network Admitad. The company offers its partners to earn money by attracting new customers to their online store. The amount of commission is 3-8% of the order amount of the attracted customers.


      Complaints about Gshopper

      In the English-speaking segment of the Internet there are many reviews of the online store Gshopper. Most of these reviews are positive, but there are also complaints.

      So some customers write serious delays in delivery, equipment failure after the end of the warranty period, the lack of warranty service and a long procedure for returning goods. On the same site we found positive feedback about the store Most customers are satisfied with their purchases, claiming that they bought quality products with a European warranty. Satisfied customers note round-the-clock order tracking, fast delivery, and low prices.

      If there are any reviews about the Gshopper online store, we'll be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up so you don't miss a thing!

      Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!


      Supervisory authorities

      The Gshopper store is owned by Gshopper International Private Limited, which was officially registered on July 9, 2020 in Singapore. The main activity of the company is online retailing. The company is private and its owner is entrepreneur Yogirl Yoon. The company is regulated by the authorized tax authorities of Singapore and the "E-commerce Law of the People's Republic of China".

      Gshopper User Agreement

      The relationship between the seller and the buyer on the Gshopper website is regulated by a document called "Terms and Conditions". The document was updated on September 30, 2020. The agreement is between the registered buyer and Gshopper International Private Limited. Under this agreement, the company provides the following services:

          • Search and browse products and services.
          • Adding goods and services to your wish list.
          • Purchase of goods and services.
          • Other services developed by Gshopper.

      When registering on the site, you must agree to the terms of use. According to the document, the company may reject the buyer's application under the following circumstances:

          • Incorrect data or incomplete registration.
          • Violation of applicable law.
          • Other circumstances that the company considers unacceptable.

      All disputes arising between the seller and the buyer in connection with non-performance or improper performance of this agreement shall be resolved through negotiations. If the dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation, the case will be referred to the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. The place of arbitration is Hong Kong. The number of arbitrators shall be 3. The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in Chinese.

      Customer Service

      To contact Gshopper customer support please go to contact page, fill in the feedback form and write a message. If you're contacting support about receiving goods of improper quality, attach files proving this fact. You can also contact customer support by e-mailing [email protected] To have your message considered quickly, it is recommended to write it in English. The support service of Gshopper online store is available 24/7.


      Is Gshopper a scam?

      Online store Gshopper appeared on the market only a year ago. Many customers who have already managed to order goods here complain about long delivery times and receiving goods of inadequate quality. They claim that Gshopper is a scam. But having analyzed the legal information about the company owner, as well as customer reviews on foreign resources and customer service, we can say that Gshopper is not a scam.



      Gshopper - is a hypermarket of home goods, cosmetics and electronics. The company owns more than 100 warehouses in different countries around the world, which allows it to organize fast delivery to any country. But taking into consideration the young age of the website and the negative feedback we advise our customers to be careful when shopping with Gshopper. If you have a PayPal wallet please use it to pay for your purchases. This method will help you get a quick refund if the goods are not of appropriate quality. Also, when shopping at Gshopper, please note that the company does not offer post-warranty service.

      Assortment of goods
      Easy ordering
      The work of the store delivery service
      Convenience of returning goods


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        Assortment of goods
        Easy ordering
        The work of the store delivery service
        Convenience of returning goods

        they do not have a phone number anywhere in their portal, application and the emails are never answered, if your order does not appear in the application and they have an order number and a successfully completed payment, where do you claim if there is no means of contact, they always refer you to orders… Read more

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        Assortment of goods
        Easy ordering
        The work of the store delivery service
        Convenience of returning goods
        If you study the comments in other...

        If you study the comments in other languages, you can understand that most customers are satisfied with the service and quality of the products. There are a small number of complaints that concern problems with return of goods and funds, failures in delivery time, failure of equipment immediately after… Read more

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